Emma Watson On Rupert Grint's Ice Cream Truck - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

(Original airdate: 07/12/07) Emma Watson talks about making a short "Harry Potter" film for the Queen’s 80th birthday, Americans doing British accents, and Rupert Grint's ice cream truck. Watch more classic clips @ https://conanclassic.com.

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Damn, she's gorgeous (and seems genuinely nice)
Good to have a host that doesn't interrupt you and don't have fake laughter.
I like how Conan makes fun of himself to reduce her nervousness and help her ease into the situation.
Simply the best talkshow host!
Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei:
Looks at Conan.
"Red hair, freckles, pale complexion, womanly figure. Must be a Weasley!"
National Sarcastic Society
National Sarcastic Society:
"The Queen's 80th Birthday".

That's how you know this is an old recording.
Renard Odrick
Renard Odrick:
She started the interview literally at the edge of her seat. By the time she finished she's sitting back and relaxed. This man just ran a masterclass on conversation.
Ed Mathews
Ed Mathews:
She’s so cute, and Conan did a great job being funny but not creepy.
I love how Conan doesn't ask Emma any rude, gendered questions and keeps his questions polite and respectful. It used to irritate me whenever interview hosts would only ask her questions about what kind of boys she'd date or what her hair/makeup routines on the Harry Potter set were like.
i saw someone from rupert grint’s town say that he used to just drive around for hours and hand out tons of ice cream for free because he didn’t actually have a license to sell it which i think is adorable
Megachicken 123
Megachicken 123:
The fact that Rupert Grint has an ice cream truck makes me chuckle
Areesha Hasan
Areesha Hasan:
I cant put into words how great of an interviewer conan is. I love how professional he is in this, glad there wasn't a weird tension that other talk show hosts used to show to their female guests.
Anouk Klunder
Anouk Klunder:
You can just tell she was a bit nervous. That's so cute actually.
Shea Hastings
Shea Hastings:
It's crazy to think that she's 30 now. It feels like Deathly Hallows part 2 just came out
Goodness gracious! What a beauty! Emma's not bad either.
Jacques du Plessis
Jacques du Plessis:
Oh my god, the queen is turning 95 next month, she'll probably hit some sort of midlife crisis soon and buy a sportscar😂
subscribe thanks
subscribe thanks:
I've always had a crush on Emma Watson she's so beautiful.
Nana Hachi9
Nana Hachi9:
He makes her laugh about insecurities and THAT is a prize winning personality
Awesome Conan!!!
Phoebe Ahn
Phoebe Ahn:
That is such a Ron Weasley thing to do buying an ice cream truck
Dude Longcouch
Dude Longcouch:
When they casted her in the first movie, they couldn't have known that she would grow up to be wayyyyyy too hot to accurately portray Hermione Granger.
Kevin Zachary Walker
Kevin Zachary Walker:
Imagine Rupert Grint in front of a couple kids saying: "You wanna come see the inside of my truck? I got ice cream and a magic wand."
Alex Blackfield
Alex Blackfield:
I'm guessing I'm not the only one who randomly got this in their recomended considering the amount of recent comments
Oliver Holmes-Gunning
Oliver Holmes-Gunning:
Conan's neutral reply to the phrase "Hermione's magic muffins" proves he has a lot better self-restraint than me
Maxime Tanti
Maxime Tanti:
Emma Watson on Rubert Grint's Ice Cream Truck!
Emma Watson: "He has one"
Somewhere, Daniel Radcliffe is off making a great movie that will get him an Oscar...and he'll go home thinking "Still not an ice cream truck, though."
Hermione is talking to one of Ron's uncle.
she is so dang beautiful... and her voice and accent is so charming
She has always seemed so genuine, so down-to-earth. I love her voice, her accent, her look.
David Turner
David Turner:
The secret of Conan's interview technique is that he genuinely likes people and is sincerely interested in what they have to say. He is also willing to let the conversation go where it wants and doesn't try to force it. His willingness to be the butt of the joke is also a plus.
She's not retiring. Also, I can't believe she's 30 now. I feel even more old. :/
Marcos Paiva
Marcos Paiva:
Conan is so genuine the way he interviews people as if they’d actually be having that convo irl
I hope she's not retiring. It's strange hearing the rumors of her leaving acting this early.
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos:
I'm acting like a little girl nervously giggling at her crush while I'm watching Emma, she's cute in a illegal level.
Daevyd Jae
Daevyd Jae:
Ron's face as he's flying backwards puts the cherry on top of the dessert.
BTW, the scene in this movie when Harry's telling his mates about the kiss, after Hermione says "Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon", they actually broke character when they all started laughing, but it was such a good moment they left it in.
Ярослав Курганский
Ярослав Курганский:
Conan ages so well, this was 13 years ago and he still looks and sounds almost the same
I realize everyone is clicking for Emma watson.. But holy cow Conan is an incredible interviewer! He really puts Emma at ease, puts her in the spotlight (as he should in this case). He really carries the conversation very wel, keeps it light, applies self-mochery(on occasional) to give the environment some air and give Emma the chance to let lose and be herself...

wel impressed!
Daniel Son
Daniel Son:
Oh this was like 14 yrs ago wtf. She's only 18 here but I was like "oh yeah, she's like 30ish".
Iron 44
Iron 44:
She’s grown up very smart and sweet The Queen should have honored to meet her Conan did I great job
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet:
Problem with children actors: whether they like their own far-past performances or not, they're preserved for all eternity for all to see.
Artsy Endeavors with Rina
Artsy Endeavors with Rina:
He’s hilarious. I adore her obviously, but he does a great job balancing his humor without taking away from the interview.
Prof Sprout's Pots
Prof Sprout's Pots:
Wow, talk about well adjusted to the life she found herself living. She was only 17 here and she is wonderfully composed and natural. She doesn’t seem to be playing up to the cameras or saying anything because she thinks it’ll make her sound good/funny.
Conan out loud: I hate my voice
Conan's inner voice: But I like to hear myself talk.
Emma is a crush. She is so beautiful. She lowers my stress level when I see her.
I was 9 when the 1st movie came out and I loved it,wish I could rewatch this series for the first time again,Hermione was definitely one of my favorites
Payton Klein
Payton Klein:
This is a great example of Conan’s natural ability to make people laugh. You can tell she likes to be around him because he’s so funny
Chongma Allen Chang
Chongma Allen Chang:
She seems to be authentic and genuine. Hope she always stays the same.
Fayaz Karim
Fayaz Karim:
You know you’re early to the video when all the comments creepy as hell lmao .
Karthik Sankaran
Karthik Sankaran:
Conan is great at making her feel comfortable with slapstick comedy & giving her various talking points.
Conan is such a great host. Hilarious and easygoing. No weird awkwardness
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito:
"Did you get etiquette lessons to meet the queen?" This made me laugh, Emma Watson is such a refined young Lady I honestly can't think of anyone who would need those less 😂
Don't Care
Don't Care:
I love how he called out Madonna. You don't develop a full on accent in your 50s.
Kobi HAB
Kobi HAB:
Peak “have to make conversation with your friend’s dad but then he’s actually super cool”
I just once again realized that Conan is a great talk show host, that makes guest feel relaxing...
Zylle Abejero
Zylle Abejero:
I cant imagine her turning into a grandma cause we literally watch her grow
Wasting Time Inc.
Wasting Time Inc.:
I'm so mad I thought this was from the current year, 2021. Sitting here like "Damn she looks good at 31!"
The speed of this interview is matching my anxiety in an unpleasant way
Rich Lopez
Rich Lopez:
It is amazing to me how you can see the difference in Conan when he is asking the mandatory questions to help her promote the film and then what the conversation and questions that are just him. He is more relaxed and incredibly funny without being self deprecating, which he is through the first half of the video. It is almost like I have to get through these questions because it is what the station expects, but you have answered these a million times so I need to take away from your boredom by making fun of myself. SO GLAD he left NBC and was able to do his own thing when he got to TBS.
Georgine Verano
Georgine Verano:
Probably the only celebrity around my age group that I wished I could be friends with since I was a kid!!
Conan's legal adviser is screaming into his earpiece "don't comment on the magic muffins...she's only 17!"
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean:
She's a doll !
That company totally missed an opportunity to call them Hermione's Muggle Muffins
Eric B Gordon
Eric B Gordon:
So, this goes up 14 years after it took place - and I wouldn't have noted that if Conan hadn't announced that Order of the Phoenix was in theaters. Emma looks exactly the same as I write this comment in 2021.
Wow those lips, beautiful eyes, gorgeous long hair. We love u Conan!
"You're describing me perfectly" - Conan didn't miss a beat!
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson:
Emma Watson is absolutely gorgeous. She is also very intelligent & has a very personable attitude towards others. This is what I gave read unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to personally know. I hope continued success for her & may she be extremely happy throughout life.
Instead of the clip from the film, YouTube decided I needed to see an ad. It was perfect timing."Let's take a look at this." ad starts playing
Aman Jain
Aman Jain:
how can someone talk so smooth in front of crowd. I will be sweating all over and probably stutter before a word comes out of my disgusting mouth
That's so true about Hugh Laurie. Everyone in Britain knows Hugh Laurie as the British actor from Jeeves & Wooster and Black Adder, and everyone in the US knows Hugh Laurie as the American actor from Dr. House 😂
a peaceful world
a peaceful world:
Me : mmm.. interesting
My brain : just look at her! She can't even move her legs freely. Why do you think she chose to make herself suffer wearing that??
Emma was the cutest one out of the trio in the first film.
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright:
Conan’s brand of interviewing has aged so well. Class act and always hilarious.
James Howlett
James Howlett:
A lot of us have watched her grow up along with us. She was my first crush.
I can't believe it's been so much time since the first movie...
Sarah CM
Sarah CM:
Don't know if he still has the truck but I read he used to give out free ice cream to kids. Rupert's such a sweetheart
matsiko isaac
matsiko isaac:
She's still cute, adorable and just beautiful...... OMG
Murtaza Haider
Murtaza Haider:
Conan is by far the most hilarious night show host 😂👌
404 Alex
404 Alex:
The actors who play Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco all seem lovely.
Nipun Aggarwal
Nipun Aggarwal:
Rupert became an ice-cream man, he is a man of his words 🤣
Conan is such a legend, honestly he is the best
"What is the strangest thing you've seen your face associated with?"

Clearly this interview was done before deepfakes.
james perry
james perry:
Emma is _sweet adorable cute brilliant. ....I could go on and on and on._
What's great is that after the finally Harry Potter filmed wrapped Emma and Rupert served this entire cast and crew ice cream from his truck at the wrap party.
Zac McLaughlin
Zac McLaughlin:
Emma Watson is seriously one of the most beautiful women ever. Just gorgeous. She seems like such a genuine, sweet, and kind human being. It’s so cute and charming seeing how she’s so nervous here. Just makes her feel so relatable and real. Conan does such a great job making her feel so comfortable and at ease. He’s such a natural people person and it really shows.
The White Recluse
The White Recluse:
Rupert also served the ice cream for free in his neighborhood with his truck.
Cipriana Castillo
Cipriana Castillo:
Her smile and laugh bring me joy ❤️
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma:
Conan is the perfect combination of old style letterman interviews and millennial humour maybe thats what made him one of the greatests of today's time.
Liheng Wang
Liheng Wang:
she is very nervous, lol the laughing, very smart, hollywood is terrible for pretty girls (just the dynamics), can't imagine the fun, but also the lonely diffcult times she had
arjun rane
arjun rane:
Emma Watson is so Beautiful ❤️
Brian Marty
Brian Marty:
Such a lovely young lady. Smart and pretty and seems like a genuinely good person.
Trey Beerbower
Trey Beerbower:
Loved her in every film since I was a kid Harry Potter all her films love the accent she’s such a beautiful girl
Sazm G
Sazm G:
Now I gotta go rewatch HP 5
She is literally the most beautyfull human beeing in the world. <3 :)
Anthony McWilliams
Anthony McWilliams:
She is just so beautiful.
J Cloutier
J Cloutier:
Love her gentle spirit, her sense of humor and her understated make-up. Class. Conan is a great interviewer because he makes his guests laugh.
She just too beautiful. She has such unique face structure and eyes. Even from her very first Harry Potter movie as a child she is already so uniquely gorgeous :)
Music Channel
Music Channel:
What a beautiful Emma today! I loved her so much in the "Harry Potter" movies. Since the first film she has been amazing, beautiful and smart. She looks so young and keeps herself really and what fun to see her. I wish her a lot of success in the future and that we will see her in other movies like in "Harry Potter" and more .. She is so cool and funny.
Séverin Official
Séverin Official:
i love how smart and genuine she is.
This makes me wanna re read the book for the third time, around this time last year I finished reading the last three books for the first time in quarantine :,)
She’s such a great actress and person in general. Why did they have to title this interview centering around her male costar? Unnecessary.
Blakky 2212
Blakky 2212:
She’s adorable!!!!!
Still Groovin
Still Groovin:
2 things - 1) Late night TV sucks today, 2) OMG Emma is ADORABLE here
Krutarth Mankar
Krutarth Mankar:
Ah! the good old fun days of the entertainment industry and the society in general :)