Emma Watson QUITS Acting After Engagement?!

Just weeks after her rumored engagement, Emma Watson is reportedly stepping away from acting to focus on more private matters. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-3EX317fhk&list=PLGiKo5lTqUGRGOIH8wmyc8MQFR2u5tOtS&index=101

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100+ comentarios:

Chinmayee P
Chinmayee P:
She is not taking any roles for some time doesn't mean that she is retiring. She is just taking a break for some time.
GOD!! You people are soo dramatic!!!😒😑
Amber Silva
Amber Silva:
She deserves to have rest and relaxation. If she doesn't want to do any more acting it is her choice, not ours.
She’s been acting since she was a little girl and I don’t blame her if she wants to take some time for herself. A break doesn’t mean she’s done acting forever.
She deserves a break. She’s been acting non stop since she was 9.. meaning she’s been doing it for 20+ years. I’m glad she’s doing what’s best for her
sophia isabelle
sophia isabelle:
All my best wishes go to Emma Watson and her fiancé. I hope she isn’t actually retiring and is just taking a break from acting.
Abijit dikshith
Abijit dikshith:
Amber Murray
Amber Murray:
It's heartbreaking to see Emma go but as long as she's happy so are we. Wishing you the best of luck Emma. Stay strong, happy and healthy. We love you and your incredible work!!
Barbie Tingzz
Barbie Tingzz:
Tom Felton right now: *l feel like I'm dead,l'm dead and alive* Y'all do realise that Tom Felton rejected Emma Watson💀💔in public so his finna be single lol😂
Elio Zenith
Elio Zenith:
I'm sad that Emma and Tom didn't get the chance to happen, they're my OP ship in the HP cast, but still happy for Emma for her engagement. If she’s happy then I should be happy for her too.
“anytime soon” doesn’t mean that she’s retiring. she might make a great return in the next few years, perhaps after her supposed “wedding”.
Tatiana Ragland
Tatiana Ragland:
Honesty i haven't cared about her acting since Beauty and the Beast. After that I pretty much cared LESS
Chloe Sousa
Chloe Sousa:
Someone on tiktok said “she had her childhood taken away so we can have hers, it’s time for her to take some rest if she wants it” and that’s so true. Gonna miss her as she’s one of my favourite actors but glad she’s not gonna be forcing herself to continue if she doesn’t want to anymore
jimijuu omastar
jimijuu omastar:
Not quiting ...more like I will make a comeback once the marriage falls apart..which I hope it does....

Yeah I know I am terrible person...
Zerina Bajrami
Zerina Bajrami:
Wejdene Hammami
Wejdene Hammami:
My heart goes to my single friends 😂😂
I’m sorry... his life’s work is selling weed? Emma, girl, you’re an educated, accomplished, socially conscious woman. Dafuq?
princess consuela bananna hammic
princess consuela bananna hammic:
i love her so much though i dont want to see her go
Justsome spacelol
Justsome spacelol:
Happy for Emma she's Engaged,I guess Imma focused on Tom Felton for now😏
Michi MJ
Michi MJ:
She’s been acting since her childhood I think this is OK she needs a space now
Draco’s Apple
Draco’s Apple:
I am so sad.. I rlly thought her and Tom would be together and she won’t be acting anymore .. but acting is in her blood. We can’t do anything but support. We will miss u emma
Idk who I am
Idk who I am:
If she gets married then I will be like 🥺🥺🥺 😭😭😭 😢😢😢
Omm Biswal
Omm Biswal:
I don't want her to retire I love her. She is the Childhood crush of mine. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zainab Jafri
Zainab Jafri:
I don't care honestly if this is true I don't care it's her life and i'm gonna support her no matter what
Directioner Styles
Directioner Styles:
I don't know if she's taking a break or retiring. It's totally upto her . But she'll always be my favourite not just as an actor but also for her personality. Love you Emma ❤
Presley Hanzlik
Presley Hanzlik:
I want nothing but happiness for her but I’ll sure miss her being on tv, she’s a big influence.
Charlene Moore
Charlene Moore:
She should be able to do what she wants, and be with who she wants to be with. I wish the best for Emma.
Sheza Abdul Latheef
Sheza Abdul Latheef:
How tf is Emma Watson not in a relationship she is sooo damn pretty and so damn kind
Anonymous Acc
Anonymous Acc:
She's given us so many great roles from hermoine to belle and a lot other. Gods provide her all the happiness in life.
Ryan Mabone
Ryan Mabone:
I'm very heartbroken to see Emma leaving hollywood but hey she's spending time with her engagement Lol
Bake It!
Bake It!:
I love her, and happy for her, I just wish to see her as soon as possible!
so excited for her and leo :) she deserves all the happiness and love this life will bring!
"it's not 'goodbye', it's 'see you later'."
Debi Dhar Chowdhury
Debi Dhar Chowdhury:
Emma will always be in our hearts until our last moment so it is okay if she wants to retire or take a break. We love her and support her every decision.
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez:
She’s a literal queen she deserves to have a break if that’s what she needs
If I were that rich and being able to pick and choose what you want to do, I would definitely do the same. I mean she knows the most of how acting roles affects your personal life, images and everything. I would absolutely be more careful what jobs that I would be involved. Her actions are very realistic and understandable.
Alima Ameen Mehar
Alima Ameen Mehar:
She is my inspiration.... 😢... So sad that she is going away from the public life
one direction supremacy
one direction supremacy:
She deserves a break, but she isnt retiring, I mean she did a movie a little over a year ago so she isnt done with movies completely, she just needs some relaxation.
Gabriella Granger
Gabriella Granger:
I am so happy for her. Although I am trying so hard not to cry at the moment. But, she'll always be the person that I look up to no matter what. Though my dream of getting to see her personally might now be a castle in the sky. I am still grateful that she has been and always will be my inspiration. In my heart, she will always be Hermione.
Seren Daly
Seren Daly:
I saw the title and HAD to click immediately
Iris Castro
Iris Castro:
I just really want her to be happy, "thats all i want, if that happens, ill be happy too" (🥺remember?) And i also hope Leo deserves her but im sure he does 💗 (and also im very jealous of her future kid, i cant accept its not me 😅🥺🥺💗) I love you Emma with all my heart ❤
Katherine Tusa
Katherine Tusa:
Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Women - 3 major franchises. She’s put in a lot of hard work - if she wants time off for a while - she deserves it
Anonymous Acc
Anonymous Acc:
I don't want her to quit but she's doing what's best for her. And she knows about herself and her situations more than we do. So i support her, but we as fans are at least allowed to express our gratitude towards her. I'll miss her.
Janet Le
Janet Le:
I recently found on Instagram a photo that someone took of Emma it looked like her leg was broken or something 🤔😬 Hopefully she's feeling better 🙂☺️💕🌸
I could be wrong about this, but because of her role in the Harry Potter movies, she's kind of set for life. So, I don't know how much it matters if she acts anymore or not.
Varun Yadav
Varun Yadav:
One of the greatest actor of new generation
I’m sad but I’m proud . Congratulations bAe 🥺🤎
Krishnamurthy Bommineni
Krishnamurthy Bommineni:
I wish a good break for her and her fiancé buit I hope she's not actaully retiring
Anji Craig
Anji Craig:
Emma Watson .. Good for her trusting and following her love and instinct... After all, she was always the cleverest witch of her age ! Wishing her all the blessings she deserves x
Ava shaw
Ava shaw:
Omg I'm really upset she is amazing but I want her to be happy and I am so happy for her she deserves to be happy
Random girl
Random girl:
I'm honestly happy for her she can take a break if she wants :)
Prachi Pranesh
Prachi Pranesh:
She's awesome! I wish the best for her.
Dinah Derouiche
Dinah Derouiche:
She deserves a break I mean we will always love her even if she stops acting it's her choice not ours
Emily Smyly
Emily Smyly:
I didn’t know she was engaged! I wish her and her fiancé all the best! 💛
Your playlist
Your playlist:
Congrats ...
I hope their relationship rlly works out cuz she deserves happiness

The fiancé better treat her right or imma-
Hope it goes well
Caitlin Hehehe
Caitlin Hehehe:
I’m happy for her, she really deserves a break ❤️
I’m happy for her!! I wish her all the best!
I look forward to when / or IF she ever does decide to return!
Jess Corletto
Jess Corletto:
I love Emma she is a perfect human, however I didn't expect her fiance to be working with legal marijuana, that's gold.... Btw let's all congratulate Emma and not worry about the acting it's all about her choice 🎉
Sepideh Esmaeili
Sepideh Esmaeili:
Emma we always love you, rest and come back🙌
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen:
Good luck Emma! You deserve the break
Ri Sa
Ri Sa:
I’m following this channel for a while now, and I have to comment that this is the reporter’s best look and style. This suit her better.
Weston Ding
Weston Ding:
We only wish the best for her! Hope to see what she does in the future!
Chloe Revell
Chloe Revell:
I don't think she'd be able to do any more films anyway due to covid so I'm glad she's taking a break from acting
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana:
omg nooo, shes my fav actress 🥺
Samriddho Banerjee
Samriddho Banerjee:
Guys Calm Down, She is Just taking a break from her acting and it's just a matter of time we'll see her back in the big screens
Sarah Kanam
Sarah Kanam:
Atleast she has a happy life i will always support and pls give update ❤❤❤
No, i like grow up wacking the films she is in, and i just love her i am gonna miss her❤️ but i wish her luck🍀
Sounds like she's just taking a break. Probably an opportune time to focus on her personal life since there's a pandemic going on anyway
Sadia Parveen
Sadia Parveen:
Emma is so cute❤️❤️
{star skies}
{star skies}:
NOOO🥺I miss her💕 but I still respect her Decision 😔
Vishakha Singh
Vishakha Singh:
Pls Emma don't retire. 😭😭😭
Najat Arabia
Najat Arabia:
I love Emma, quite sad but in full support of Emma
Merry kei Calapis
Merry kei Calapis:
Even Emma Watson quit acting does mean she really giving up acting I know she love acting it just her time to feel the love and maybe to start her own family ❤ we love Emma forever.
Tanisha Vasquezbanks
Tanisha Vasquezbanks:
I’m not surprised that she retired. If she decides to come back into the spotlight (and I do mean if here), then that’s her decision. I support Emma Watson in all of this.
Shai'Ann Katia
Shai'Ann Katia:
Omg i love her!!!
Niya Liswin
Niya Liswin:
I thought self partnered but love you Emma uhh I'll always miss you why are you doing this to me
Good on her, she deserves a break!
Harish Kumar Parmar
Harish Kumar Parmar:
so happy for Emma & Leo! ❤️ gonna miss you, Hermione Granger! ❤️
I mean, why are all(some) her fans and supporters sad they should be happy for her. When i found out i was like"Oh ok idc at least she's happy" amd some of yall just keep making a big fuss abt it but i wish she was with Tom not whatever her "Fiance's" name is but i happy that she's actually takeing time oof to focuse on her life and thinking abt starting a family with her fiance. She's a kind person who deserves the world and a family i just hope she doesn't actually quit forever but ik she wont. I can't stop editing this i just have a lot to say abt emma its like she litterly caried my childhood I've watched her grow up.and I've seen all her movies and that's how you know she's an amazing person and were glad she's with us and i hope she always will be. I just hope that one day she will have children that love her.
lexxus Smith
lexxus Smith:
I'm sad that Emma Watson is retiring from acting she been acting when she was a little girl I'm going to miss her in movies but also I'm happy for her engagement harry potter beauty and the beast and little woman wishing you the best luck Emma. Stay strong stay happy and healthy we love you Emma ❤ no matter what you will always be hermione granger and belle
Sofia Riddle
Sofia Riddle:
Stop spreading *She's retiring* news. Her manager have informed that she is just taking a break. Cheer up guys, we haven't lost our dear Hermione (for potterheads) or Emma. I hope her return will be 🔜
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Emma deserves a break and relaxation she such a talented actress she act in so much film like Hermione in Harry Potter and belle in beauty and the beast congratulations emma Wattson on the engagement love you so much❤.
Ÿöü čâñ't špëłł bêšť wîťhöúť BŤŠ
Ÿöü čâñ't špëłł bêšť wîťhöúť BŤŠ:
She deserves a break, I hope she has a happy life.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom:
Emma deserves to rest and relax, she has been working her butt off since she was 9 and she didn't have a chance to rest or do anything with her life, people need to stop blaming her boyfriend because it is not his fault, she decided and it is her decision to decide if she wants to have a break from acting, I wish her and her boyfriend the best
Катерина Таро
Катерина Таро:
I just thought that Harry Potter and the cursed Child would release, but now I am not seeing any chance.
Sreegita Bose
Sreegita Bose:
after seeing the comment section, im feeling hopeful, i hope this isnt a permanent retirement, rather it is a temporary break
Tillou XXX
Tillou XXX:
amy Wrigglesworth
amy Wrigglesworth:
miss gurl
miss gurl:
if she was actually retiring, i would cry.
Owaypon :3
Owaypon :3:
When i saw the word "engaged" : WHA- NOOO I WANT TOM AND EMMA but its ok as long as shes happy...
Heidi Scott
Heidi Scott:
25 is better...having been preg 34/37...I know.
She didn't quit acting. Her manager said her social media is dormant,but not her career. You aren't really informated about this thing 😌🤚
she's having a break-
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt:
She’s rich so why not?
Karen Eckert
Karen Eckert:
😢I want her to be happy but noooo😢
Isabelle Harris
Isabelle Harris:
I will miss her 😞
Tanaya Amar
Tanaya Amar:
1:23 is that how you pronounce Ibiza? 🤔
amy Wrigglesworth
amy Wrigglesworth:
Emma is a human.we all need breaks. Leave her be. We should all be congratulating her instead of putting her down.
Eigelgregoss Weisse
Eigelgregoss Weisse:
truth be told, the harry potter universe is subverted from within. It seems to be that somehow, the lore of the universe could really been expanded more. Alot more. Somehow... it just dropped off.