Emmys 2020 Nominations, Snubs & Predictions

Emmy Nominations 2020 today! Beyond The Trailer reaction to nominations, snubs, predictions! Watchmen! The Mandalorian! HBO!

Emmys 2020 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & predictions of the nominations and snubs! Netflix vs HBO! Succession! The Mandalorian! Watchmen! Disney Plus?! Share your own reaction to the nominations for the Emmys 2020, and your own predictions, before you watch the full show with host Jimmy Kimmel! And make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for entertainment news on YouTube today!


Intro - 00:00
Snubs - 3:24
Star Wars - 4:41
Best Drama Series - 5:42
Best Comedy Series - 7:14
Best Limited Series - 8:09
Best Actor Drama - 9:22
Best Actress Drama - 10:12
Best Actor Comedy - 11:02
Best Actress Comedy - 11:37
Best Actor Limited Series or Movie - 12:31
Best Actress Limited Series or Movie - 13:36
Best Supporting Actor Drama Series - 14:49
Best Supporting Actress Drama Series - 15:46
Best Supporting Actor Comedy Series - 16:45
Best Supporting Actress Comedy Series - 17:37
Best Suppring Actor in a Limited Series - 18:05
Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series - 19:20
Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series - 20:08
Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series - 20:54
Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series - 21:35
Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series - 22:09
Outstanding Character Voice Over Performance - 23:00
Conclusion - 23:33

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Hunter Burke
Hunter Burke:
Biggest snubs are Angelica Ross and MJ Rodriguez for Pose.
Zendaya should get the Emmy, her work on Euphoria was amazing.
D’arcy Carden should win for playing Janet she was amazing and she is continuously ignored for her performance. So proud of the good place
I don't get how Grace is overlooking Better Call Saul so much. That show is as good as Breaking Bad and maybe better in some respects. Rhea Seehorn being snubbed is a damn crime!
Portal 4ever
Portal 4ever:
Ugh finally D’Arcy Carden got a nom for the good place
Jay Rivera
Jay Rivera:
You gave no love to Better Call Saul. That show is genuinely amazing and it’s on Breaking Bad levels of good.
Gyliano Willems
Gyliano Willems:
Grace, you should totally give Euphoria a chance! If only for Zendaya’s performance!!! And I noticed that you didn’t cover the nominations for The Good Place, have you seen the show? It’s really funny in my opinion :)
Harry Hartin
Harry Hartin:
The Good Place needs to win at least one of these awards for its final season
Black Sperm
Black Sperm:
Man she does not know what she’s talking about when it comes to Better Call Saul
The Rhea Seehorn and Tom Pelphrey snubs are tragic.
Chris Sewell
Chris Sewell:
Better Call Saul: “I think it’s kinda the same all the time”. Welp, glad your not on the judging panel lol 😜
Getting a strong feeling Grace doesn't really watch The Good Place. The Good Place also ended and D'Arcy has been snubbed so much despite doing amazing work on the show. She really deserves this win.
I am so HAPPY for Zendaya. She deserves this. 🥳😭
Nishad Nujumudeen
Nishad Nujumudeen:
Latest season of Better call Saul was perfection.
Daniel Montalvo
Daniel Montalvo:
As Moira Rose once said, my favorite season is Awards 🤩🤩🤩
Keelin O’Shea
Keelin O’Shea:
I’m rooting for zendaya she carries euphoria and her speech in ep 3 where she breaksdown outside her dealers house should be recognised it’s amazing and powerful work
Derek Gutierrez
Derek Gutierrez:
Harley Quinn should have been nominated for animated series
Evan Smith
Evan Smith:
Biggest snub was Tom Pelphrey in Ozark, one of the best performances I’ve seen this year.
It is D’Arcy Cardens year hopefully for The Good Place. She’s been snubbed enough!
Jonathan Meisel
Jonathan Meisel:
Biggest snubs for me: Dark, Mr. Robot and Better Call Saul.
Rhea Seahorn as KIM WEXLER is without a doubt my favorite female character in any cinema medium she knocks it out of the park, shes the most badass ponytail blonde in the south west. Better Call Saul IS NOT the same every season. The Cinematography, the writing, the music, the acting, the directing, the character development, the editing is done masterfully. BCS is probably one of the best dramas out there. I strongly DISAGREE with you. Each season gets better and better. Season 5 has been one of the best Television experiences in my life im so emotionally invested in the characters and story. A show like this is rare, its freakin sad it doesn't get as much attention as Breaking Bad. I personally think Better Call Saul is superior to Br Ba. It takes its time but man what a payoff. Its a different flavor of a show, BCS is the red fruit pastal to Breaking Bad's black
Josh Green
Josh Green:
TOM PELPHREY? aka Ben from Ozark, massive snub
Reese whiterspoon had 3 shows not one acting nomination that’s unfortunate especially for little fires everywhere’
Ted Dansons performance on The Good Place is outstanding
Rhea Seehorn being snubbed is the first snub that actually angered me.
Viola Davis (HTGAWM) Reese Witherspoon (Little Fire Everywhere, Big Little Lies and Morning show) and Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul) were all snubbed 🥺
Zendaya SHOULD win she's amazing in euphoria
Mr Robot was the best TV show of 2019, criminally under-watched.
André Napuri
André Napuri:
This video should be called: How much does Grace Randolph hate The Good Place, the answer may surprise u😂😂
Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen:
If fans could vote, Zendaya would win in a landslide
Crossed Roses
Crossed Roses:
Zendaya deserves to win. Her performance in Euphoria was incredible!!!!
Snubbed: Viola Davis - HTGAWM
Her acting in the finale was some of the best acting ive ever seen. It floored me.
David Linares-Plata
David Linares-Plata:
I personally would be so thrilled if Paul Mescal were to win for Normal People, it’s an absolutely amazing show with incredibly fleshed out characters and Mescal’s performance is visceral!
Kpop Leggo
Kpop Leggo:
I'm so bummed that Tom Pelphrey wasn't nominated... tbh he deserved the nomination more than Jason Bateman for Ozark
Kevin Eusebio • ᜃᜒᜊᜒᜈ᜔ ᜌᜓᜐᜒᜊ᜔ᜌᜓ
Kevin Eusebio • ᜃᜒᜊᜒᜈ᜔ ᜌᜓᜐᜒᜊ᜔ᜌᜓ:
Schitts Creek need to win and win big. Best Comedy I’ve seen in a while.
Paul Mescal is my pick for Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series.
D'Arcy Carden should win, Janet is amazing. If she wins i wonder if she'll say "Not an actress." haha
George Woodman
George Woodman:
When will a trans actress/actor receive the same recognition as their cis gender co-stars. I’m angry and upset that yet again the talents of MJ Rodriguez, Angelica Ross, Dominique T.A.R. Jackson and Indya Moore for POSE and Hunter Schafer for EUPHORIA are being ignored for another year. This goes beyond a nomination/award and members of the ATAS need to acknowledge the outstanding work these women produce. Not only because they earn the nomination by matching, if not giving better performances than their cis gender peers (who’re the same faces/names every year might I add) BUT will give trans people the visibility they deserve and let the audience see that trans gender people are valid on and off screen.
Kornelius Bellamy
Kornelius Bellamy:
I really want D’Arcy to win because Janet was the best part of the Good Place, but she’s not going to win 😞
i think there should be a new category of "Best New Drama/Comedy Series" that showcases and recognises the newer shows that were televised...because more often than not these new series who are so so good and amazing like defending jacob and euphoria lose to the long running TV shows and i would like to give both type of shows recognition
defending Jacob was really good, hate that it got snubbed
Rock Zombie
Rock Zombie:
Rhea seahorn has been completely snubbed for the past 5 seasons. Yall should watch better call Saul if u havent UR MISSING OUT
Branden Garcia
Branden Garcia:
Love Zendya but I’m Rooting for Laura Linney in the Actress category. Her performance in season 3 along with Tom Pelphrey was just mind blowing.
Reece Kingston
Reece Kingston:
i really hope zendaya wins!! she deserves it euphoria is amazing
Timothy DeWeese
Timothy DeWeese:
Tom Pelphrey was robbed for Ozark
João Xará
João Xará:
kaitlyn dever was unforgettable in unbelievable on Netflix. She deserved to win and did not get a nomination.
Atticus Ross
Atticus Ross:
I feel like Michelle Dockery got snubbed. She was great in Defending Jacob
Jack Mackenzie
Jack Mackenzie:
Where’s the His Dark Materials love?
Nishad Nujumudeen
Nishad Nujumudeen:
Why won't Emmys even acknowledge the fact that there is a show called Mr. Robot?
One of the Best show produced for television.
Will P
Will P:
I feel like you haven’t watched the Good Place...:
Sahej Grover
Sahej Grover:
I was bummed that Mandy Moore didn’t get a nomination for This Is Us. She was brilliant in season 4 😩
Sam Greenberg Art
Sam Greenberg Art:
I would have loved to have seen Doom Patrol get some love, but I wasn't surprised it didn't.
Tails 18
Tails 18:
Ruth Wilson should've been nominated for his dark materials. She is incredible in that.
Nishad Nujumudeen
Nishad Nujumudeen:
Tom pelphrey wasn't even nominated as a guest actor 😑
al patrickson
al patrickson:
The Mandalorian should win one nomination
Mr. Robot, Better Call Saul, and a lot of great stuff from HBO (The Righteous Gemstones, The Plot Against America, Westworld, High Maintenance, The Outsider, Big Little Lies, I Know This Much Is True, etc.) got snubbed hard.

Meanwhile, decent but unspectacular stuff like Stranger Things & The Mandalorian gets nominated...
Blanton Leigh
Blanton Leigh:
Very disappointed that the final season of Mr. Robot didn’t get a single nomination
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo:
How is nobody else talking about Octavia Spencer’s incredible performance in Self Made? I hope she wins that Emmy!
Reese Witherspoon was robbed...her performance in little fires everywhere was incredible
Steven McCall
Steven McCall:
Grace I can't believe you didn't mention Paul Mescal from Normal People when discussing the Limited Series Best Actor Category. Maybe you haven't seen it but it was amazing, and for an up and coming Irish actor to be nominated in that category is amazing and he deserves as much spotlight as possible.
Gonzalo Escrig Molina
Gonzalo Escrig Molina:
Let’s be honest...THE GOOD FIGHT SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED + Christine Baranski also for best actress Drama series
Karla Pants
Karla Pants:
Jodie Comer needs to win just for that train scene alone, Watchmen should win everything it’s nominated for, would love to see Ozark win as well!
David Cooper
David Cooper:
I wonder Grace, have you watched The Good Place, or is it really not up to the other shows in any of the categories it's been nominated in? (I've not watched many of them, but it's difficult to imagine)
carlos suarez
carlos suarez:
Insecure should win..is such a good show... Like amazing
Mr Robot was so severely snubbed, it was kinda obvious it wouldn't get recognition since it hasn't since season 1, but what was done on that show was masterful. A shame to see it so forgotten about
Babar Suhail
Babar Suhail:
Reese Witherspoon starred in THREE TV shows last year (and of them the Emmy baity type) yet she was still not nominated. Poor her.
Ariana Reese
Ariana Reese:
Would like to see "what we do in the shadows" win for tv comedy. Such an underrated gem
Henry Farmer
Henry Farmer:
I'm SO SO SO happy you made this video!!!!!!
David Medel
David Medel:
EMMYS. 2020: NOMiNtons. By. DAVID. MEDEL
Gran Santo
Gran Santo:
Rhea Seehorn being snubbed is tragic. She put up a one of a kind performance this year.
taylor hardaway
taylor hardaway:
Tom Pelphrey as Wendy’s brother in Ozark didn’t even get nominated? He should be the winner!
Carmen Macias
Carmen Macias:
I believe Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe from Outlander were snubbed
Brogan T
Brogan T:
How can you say Ramy Yousef should win WHEN YOU HAVENT WATCHED THE SHOW!
Sony The Hedgehog
Sony The Hedgehog:
Ozark and Succession are gonna win big. Brian Cox and Laura Linney for lead actors. Succession best Drama series and Ozark win in the writing and directing categories.
Cosmic Radio
Cosmic Radio:
I’m behind on my TV but I hope Seinfeld wins
Bill Whittaker
Bill Whittaker:
I had the impression that the ‘fans’ regarded Watchmen as woke trash, all feedback welcome.

Bab C
Bab C:
Zendaya, Wendy of Ozark, and Kim from BCS .. for best actress
Sandhya Abburi
Sandhya Abburi:
Ahh The Great was snubbed, Elle Fanning was amazing and so was Nicholas Hoult, they deserved a nom but I would say not the win but absolutely deserved a nom
Mark O, Dwyer
Mark O, Dwyer:
Give everything to normal people and watchmen!
sure Scott
sure Scott:
AAHHH i love Schitts Creek , so happy they got 15 nominations for their final season !!!!
Brent Waters
Brent Waters:
I was surprised reese Witherspoon was snubbed
Mofasser Arafat
Mofasser Arafat:
" *Better Call saul remains same all the time* "

*BOOOOOO!!!!!!!! You call yourself a critc? Its one of the few shows that actually cares about character growth the same amount as its plot. And you shame it without having seen it. The no. of snubs it has received is....outrageous. Jonathan Banks SHOULD have teceived Best Supporting Actor for s1 but everyone was busy sucking up to Peter Dinklage (who also admitted that Banks should have won). Same for Michael McKean for s3. He could've WON but WASN'T EVEN NOMINATED!!!*

Even this season, only Giancarlo Esposito was nominated whereas he had nothing to do this season! Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn and tony Dalton were MUCH BETTER!!!! The Emmy's only nominate him because he is a KNOWN great actor having previously been nominated several times for the sane role. This has lead me to believe that most of the voters vote on things without actually seeing all the shows. Only the "popular ones" are given any serious consideration. This year, Ozark boomed in popularity so it will win most likely. But BCS is an under gem of a show that gets BETTER every season so saying that it "rEmAinS SaMe EveRy SeasOn" without having seen it!!!!!!!!....
How can you comment on the quality of BCS when you don't even know whether it's still running? You quite obviously don't watch it!
Shan 211
Shan 211:
I'm so proud of Zendaya and hope she wins🤞🏽😊
I'm so happy with the nominations for Dead to Me! It's such a good show!
John Smith
John Smith:
So glad Normal People (Hulu) got recognised. Such an incredible series!
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward:
So happy to see Watchmen get this level of recognition let’s hope for a season 2!
constantine sarin
constantine sarin:
zendaya I think should rlly win this I love her so much
Heil Hydra
Heil Hydra:
Tom Pelphry deserves a nomination. The scene where he confronts Helen with her Daughter. The acting on that scene is so intense and realistic. And many more scenes he’s in.
Josh Nitkin
Josh Nitkin:
Grace I love watching your channel and all, but did you really say that Better Call Saul is more of “just the same”? You really haven’t watched it then. It literally had some of the most compelling stories and performances in all if television this year. Especially Rhea Seahorn gave one of, if not the best performance on tv out of anyone. Just my opinion of course, but this season was truly brilliant.
Toni Granger
Toni Granger:
Would’ve loved if The Outsider was nominated too - great show and cast.
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin:
Better Call Saul deserves much more.
Joe Sollitto
Joe Sollitto:
"There was a women's convention in the 70's, and I didn't even know about it! And I'm a woman! America has failed."

Yes, Grace, even though you have virtually the entirety of the world's knowledge literally in the palm of your hand, thanks to technology (the internet, smart phones) largely funded by US taxpayers, America is responsible for your lack of knowledge.
firasat mustafa
firasat mustafa:
"kinda the same all the time" ? That's your case? Emmys and critics like you need to go watch it before assuming it. bcs was damn near perfection this season.
Hollywood must think they’re sooooo diverse for showcasing and nominating black stories/ actors, and while those stories are important and great to see, there are a lot of different races and cultures out there that deserve to be showcased. Do better !
Charles Dickey
Charles Dickey:
grace you have to watch normal people, paul mescal will win defo win for best actor in a limited series!!
Robert Hendershot
Robert Hendershot:
I definitely thought Kaitlyn Dever was a snub. She was incredible in Unbelievable.
Crossed Roses
Crossed Roses:
Euphoria should have been nominated for best drama series, but I love that Zendaya was nominated
Master Jedi Merk
Master Jedi Merk:
Was really expecting baby yoda to get nominated, biggest snub yet!!!