Emmys 2020 predictions slugfest: Our contributors' immediate reactions to 'eclectic' nominations

Emmys 2020 predictions slugfest: Our contributors' immediate reactions to these 'different' yet 'eclectic' nominations. Gold Derby contributors Charles Bright, Riley Chow, Luca Giliberti and Matt Noble dissect the 2020 Emmy nominees.

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13 comentarios:

Shm Show
Shm Show:
I feel like for lead actress Zendaya will win but I really hop Jodie will win again
Lu Garofalo
Lu Garofalo:
I hope Laura Linney wins for Best Actress, Julia Garner for Supporting actress. I was surprised that Tom Pelphrey wasn't nominated and was snubbed for best supporting actor, Reese Witherspoon for best actress in a limited series, Rose Bryne for supporting in a limited series. I like Zendaya she is a good actress as well. I was happy for Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini being nominated for Dead to me, and Cate Blanchett for Best Lead actress in a limited series.
Amelia Po
Amelia Po:
Honestly i want Jodie to win again after episode 5 she deserves it the most
This was a very thoughtful chat and really well moderated, Riley.
Julie Roccia
Julie Roccia:
So happy to see Zendaya!! Also so happy to see Unorthodox and Shira Haas! I hope these two underdogs take it home. There's so much content and hard not to be upset by some snubs, but I am looking forward to Schitt's Creek and Succession taking everything!!
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
Everyone laughed at me when I said The Mandalorian is a major contender. Who’s laughing now huh!
Ilaisa Koaneti
Ilaisa Koaneti:
What we do in the shadows is the funniest show I have ever seen on TV, so I'm not mad that it is being nominated guys.
Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch:
This was a big headscratcher.
Jack Mahanes
Jack Mahanes:
Laura Linney is definitely the frontrunner for Lead Actress Drama. However, I think Jason Bateman has a great shot at winning Lead Actor Drama as well. I think there’s a high likelihood the two Succession men split the vote, given that Brian Cox won the Golden Globe without Jeremy Strong in the category and Jeremy Strong won the Critics Choice without Brian Cox in the category. Then the other three nominees’ shows missed Drama Series. So Bateman being the only non-Succession nominee in this category who’s show is up for Drama Series really works in his favor.
Melvin Samudio
Melvin Samudio:
Laura send the best tape but she is going to aplit votes with Jodie and Zendaya are going to split votes leaving Jennifer winning.
Everyone has a fighting chance except sandra oh..jodie was the highlight of this season (specially the finale end scene), laura linney (second season is the one where most drama actress win like julianna marguiles), zendaya (passion vote), Olivia colman (oscar winner and award darling, crown prestige),Jennifer aniston(sag win, overall dominance of morning show in acting races). I will be really shocked if Sandra Oh for this season wins..it will be a sympathy vote
The fallen-one B
The fallen-one B:
So are u saying it’s because the black lives matter movement why there are so much black actors and actresses being nominated this year? When for years there as been alot of mediocre performances by white actors and actresses bt their rewarded?
Jane Choy
Jane Choy:
Killing Eve seriously over performed......... I honestly don't know who still likes this show other than Jodie stans. She's definitely great and her nom is well deserved, but the show is not what it started as in terms of storywriting, and there's a clear favor towards JC as the star of the show.