Emotional Interview with Ben Stiller

Jimmy and Ben have a conversation with each other while adapting to random emotional situations.

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Emotional Interview with Ben Stiller

100+ comentarios:

While Jimmy is trying to act, Ben Stiller is just being himself
Ben Stiller is soo fast. So quick with the wit.
Holy shit Ben comes up with this shit fast. I can barely read the clue and he's already come up with something witty.
Tee Ohbee
Tee Ohbee:
Damn Ben transitioned seamlessly each time, so quick! You can't deny the man is talented
Andrea Diagbouga
Andrea Diagbouga:
Ben Stiller is stupid good at improv it doesn't even make sense
Its so obvious who the real actor is from this. Ben!
Ben transitioned into those like nothing!
"haha yeah, (ding) let me ask you something, do you love your country ._. ?"
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato:
best emotional interview hands down !!!
Jordan Lake
Jordan Lake:
Ben is fucking deadly
Christopher Scotts
Christopher Scotts:
Ben at "Cant remember each other name" was brilliant
Rajith Maligaspe
Rajith Maligaspe:
Ben Stiller is a goddamn genius, he should come back for another emotional interview.. Never get tired of watching this.
That transition between “jealousy” to “extreme sexual tension” of Ben Stiller is goddam smooth
This is so much better than having serious interview or planned stories
bro ben stiller killed it , made jimmy look bad at his own show.
Nina B
Nina B:
Stiller was the quickest with reactions and the funniest by far
Christopher Scotts
Christopher Scotts:
Ben at "Cant remember each other name" was brilliant
marie R
marie R:
jimmy was so out of his depth haha. i love ben stiller :)
Elly Awesome
Elly Awesome:
That was some EXCELLENT improv! I was laughing constantly lol
You Can Call Me Rex
You Can Call Me Rex:
Ben Stiller is amazing in this. He's so funny, and the transitions are seamless.
Shreddie Herger
Shreddie Herger:
Such an amazing actor. It's crazy that the two best were in the same movie.
♛ Huffdaddy™
♛ Huffdaddy™:
Ben is phenomenal at this lol
Sarah Yostie
Sarah Yostie:
Ben is quick! Poor Jimmy can't keep up haha 😂
A Henderson
A Henderson:
Ben Stiller was Awesome.. He just so effortlessly moved from one topic to another... HILARIOUS!!!
The Timing of Ben Stiller is AMAZING!
Neil Delos Santos
Neil Delos Santos:
Ben is a great actor, quick to think on his feet, and he's definitely an improv kind of guy. Makes me wish he'd do more of that, or atleast appear on "Who's Line is it Anyway".
Nikolaj Haun Hansen
Nikolaj Haun Hansen:
This just shows that Ben really has comedic chops.
Focus Addiction
Focus Addiction:
Dude Ben just destroyed in this game, so freakin hilarious!
You gotta love this guy. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
Da Quacksta
Da Quacksta:
ben too sharp, the transitions were on point and character was maintained very well
The best interview he's done to date
Melonie Z
Melonie Z:
The spy one was hilarious

Jimmy's impressions and the way he was laughing kept making me laugh
Loris Scarpa
Loris Scarpa:
Stiller came up with all the improvised jokes; jimmy immediately reused them for a laugh
Abdul Kadar Fruitwala
Abdul Kadar Fruitwala:
anyone else think Ben Stiller did better than Robert Downey Jr?
Jessy Chong
Jessy Chong:
When they got into extreme sexual tension, i was screaming and giggle like crazy penguin..shit!!! Ben really can get into each character in no time, and excel at it.
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato:
Damn Ben stiller is a genius
Stephan Egli
Stephan Egli:
Wow I though Jimmy was the best with being creative, but it looks like Ben Stiller kicked his ass in this game. That was awesome!
Stiller nailed this, holy shit👌🏻
Overly polite is like what is Canadians do. It's feels and looks normal
Ben Stiller is AMAZING..one of the best emotional interviews !!
Prinka Choesin
Prinka Choesin:
I could watch this over and over and still be very impressed with Stiller as how I first watched it
Rim Fattouhi
Rim Fattouhi:
Never gets old 👏🏻 he is so talented
Tony Vega
Tony Vega:
Abby Langin
Abby Langin:
He was definitely in touch with his emotions during his episode on friends when he would blow up over the smallest hing. Lol, love that episode.
Ben Stiller is one of my favorite actors. I could not stop laughing. XD
Sakinah Ibisomi
Sakinah Ibisomi:
Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr were the best in the emotional interviews
Adam Ashton
Adam Ashton:
Stiller is such a talent. I wish he would make a real comeback
fla la
fla la:
These *two* need to do *more* stuff like this 🙌
Ben Stiller was so good at this! He got right into the next emotion without hesitating and hit every single one spot on.
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much
Ben Stiller totally ran circles around Fallon.
By far the best Emotional Interview. Ben is for real.
Mithila Wanigathunge
Mithila Wanigathunge:
The most seamless transitions between phrases. So far the best emotional interviews I have seen. Ben just nailed it.
Ansiella Paramitha
Ansiella Paramitha:
I think that Ben's emotional interview was the best out of all of them! He's sucha great actor ✨
I was shocked jimmy didn't run the show on this one! he tried talking over ben but ben just said no no no and left jim speechless!
wow his improv is impeccable amazing actor
"let me ask you something else do you love your country" I LOST IT!!!
a Kiewhuo
a Kiewhuo:
Ben Stiller being a genius for straight 5 mins
Maya L
Maya L:
Ben stiller is soooo good with this. He nailed it! Haha
Morgan K.
Morgan K.:
This is one of the best Emotional Interviews I have seen from The Tonight Show. LOVED IT!
Abhi U
Abhi U:
You can tell that Fallon deliberately started letting Stiller have the stage in this bit when he saw how good Stiller was at improv. I think that's one of the reasons he's such a good talk show host.
Joakim Envall
Joakim Envall:
Ben Stiller is an amazing and wonderful actor.
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix:
I've never seen improv like this. Stiller is mad fast.
Thomas Chacko
Thomas Chacko:
Ben Stiller’s emotional interview was the best that I’ve watched till now. It’s miles better than any other celebrity emotional interview. I could just watch it repeatedly and laugh aloud every time.
Larry Buenaventura
Larry Buenaventura:
“When people ask me, what does it mean to be funny? Well I say just watch….my friend.”
Had me dying😂😂😂
Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. emotional interviews are the best
Tanmay C Raut
Tanmay C Raut:
What an amazing actor, Ben Stiller!
j ross
j ross:
Ben stiller hands down the best improv emotional interview guest on the show...
Nadira Lghizal
Nadira Lghizal:
he's an amazing actor !
It's 2019 and I still LOVE watching this
This show has the best ideas for a show, and jimmy Fallon is the most sincere and amazing host i ever know. He deserve a title.
😃I agree with EVERYONE, Ben was SO FAST!!!! He is a comedy GENIUS!!!! I’ve never seen such quick wit, and laughed so hard the WHOLE TIME!!! This is my favorite TV interview of anyone ever.❤️ Amazing skills, outstanding job, thank you so much Ben & Jimmy, this was THE BEST!!!!!👏 Now I will go watch it 5 more times!!:)
Jimmy has an awesome Russian accent 😂
Wow, this proves how good Ben is as an actor. I love him ^^
Brandon Riley
Brandon Riley:
Hands down the best improv set I've seen played on the show. More enjoyable than any other game I've seen too.
Renzo Cheesman
Renzo Cheesman:
Ben stiller is such a great actor and cool guy, each time im feeling down i watch one of his movies and the cheer up comes immediately
Іван Козятинський
Іван Козятинський:
Ben Stiller is just killing this, man )) hilarious, true comedian
he's such a good actor lol
Elif Gök
Elif Gök:
I didn't notice that Ben is really good actor until this video
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres:
Bring this back. This is great. Ben Stiller is soo good man I couldn't stop laughing
Watch other Emotional Interviews, Ben Stiller definitely did this the best! I come back every time to watch this and laugh my ass off XD
yewduyou hxh
yewduyou hxh:
Still the best clip on Jimmy Fallon😂
I still laugh for Ben's ridiculous wit
Dave's Archives
Dave's Archives:
Ben Stiller is one of the most intelligent actors in Hollywood. A really amazing person.
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko:
Ben Stiller is an amazing actor, I sure appreciated it today!
Jasmin Pulanco
Jasmin Pulanco:
he is a great actor indeed..he can change his thoughts and emotions quickly!
Ellis Rey
Ellis Rey:
They should really do more emotional interviews
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta:
Ben is seriously amazing. Showed why he was my favorite actor
N A:
Omg he's amazing actor im laughing so hard 😂
Not Asgardian
Not Asgardian:
Omg I love Ben so much he's hilarious LOL
Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc
Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc:
Ben Stiller killed it. Fallon..eh he's done better.
Markos Verdhi
Markos Verdhi:
wow, these actors are so good at keeping a straight face. i cant do it. im laughing too damn hard😂😂😂
wow this was by far the greatest "emotional interview" a guest has done on this show. i had NO IDEA ben stiller was so quick witted. i don't think his movies have done his abilities justice at all.
I just keep thinking of how awesome it would be if Robin Williams was still here and he could've done one of these with Jimmy :)
This would be so much better if it was only Ben that acted out the emotions and Jimmy just acted natural
Ori No Game No Sekai
Ori No Game No Sekai:
he is a really good actor, he must appreciated more

this game was perfect for him
John Keneth
John Keneth:
Ben stiller is one of the most talented , consistant and funniest actor. Has so MANY good Movies and plays his role so damn good with details
"When I told people I'd come on the" 'taps' "..show"
i lost it omg hahahah
Ben is phenomenal at this game! They should have championships with Jimmy's games. Emma Stone with Lip syncing and Ben Stiller for Emotional Interview. Amazing
Death By Cognitive Dissonance
Death By Cognitive Dissonance:
By far the best one. Ben nailed it.
Skerdjan Kroi
Skerdjan Kroi:
still the best emotional interview so far!
" you are ... so frecking hot!" BEST TRANSITION EVER
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis:
I'm sorry but if they were actually competing, Ben won that hands down!!! 
"let me ask you, Do you love your country" 
lol so quick on his feet! Aha hilarious