I travelled from England to see Borussia Dortmund's atmosphere in a Bundesliga match vs Hoffenheim and it turned out to be a 5 goal thriller with an Erling Haaland last minute winner!

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Shout-out to the Borussia Dortmund fans, they were excellent. It's great to see how you develop our English youth like Sancho & Bellingham too. Good luck in Bundesliga & Champions League!
Tommy Hogg
Tommy Hogg:
I swear Theo can teleport to really entertaining games
Come to the Emirates, you’ll be the only home fan left after 60 minutes
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
I love Dortmund!!! My buds and I are holding down the Texas chapter of the Borussia Dortmund supporters!
* Goldkarte
* Goldkarte:
The atmosphere in the Stadium of “Eintracht Frankfurt” is insane too. You should visit a game in the Euro-League. For example against Fenerbace because their fans are crazy too.👌
Muhammad S
Muhammad S:
Went to five BvB games so far as a fan, the atmosphere of the games, simply majestic. I would say one of the best matchday experiences.
Uday Nagar
Uday Nagar:
It was my first time I saw Borussia Dortmund's play and "MY GOD" it was amazing .
Dave Myers
Dave Myers:
Was there 2 years ago. Easily the best atmosphere in the whole league if not world.
Nice Video bro
Schön zu sehen wie das Stadion wieder lebt!!! War beim letzten Heimspiel vor Corona vs Freiburg.... hab die Stimmung echt vermisst
Great to see you on the road again Thogden on your European road trips! How we all missed these.. I have a few match surgestions so here they are it's the Dutch league
1) Ajax
2) PSV
3) Feynord

Till the next one stay safe 👍
Will Secor
Will Secor:
“Look who looks Hungry”
*zooms in immediately on all 3 scorers*
Have you ever considered prop bets?
Being in America, I’m doing my best to save up and pray things lighten up to where I can travel to Dortmund and watch a game. I would love to before Reus retires, but definitely before I die. BVB 09 🖤💛
ove brinkmann
ove brinkmann:
dude you got all your facts straight for the whole squad, mad respect! lovely to see you at Dortmund having a good time, come back soon
T Terminator
T Terminator:
But you can say what you want almost in every German stadium the atmosphere is insane
Darren Cole
Darren Cole:
Absolutely love when you go to German games mate
Rakib Mahmud Ovee
Rakib Mahmud Ovee:
If I had a dollar for everytime Thogden says "As an English Fan", I would be rich by now hahaha...
I went on a trip to Germany back in 2019 just before Covid, watched 2 games: Dortmund v Paderborn and Dusseldorf v Bayern the next day. Actually I would say the atmosphere in Dusseldorf was much better. But that could be due to the fact that BVB was trailing 0-3 at half time :)
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
Great video bro! I have always wanted to go to a Dortmund game and this lets me get a little taste of what it is! This was great game!!!! Haaland is a GOD!
Been there to the game. Looks like i just've been a few rows behind you. What an amazing game it was in the end! Pure ecstasy at the end.
Stash Goczewski
Stash Goczewski:
i watched this match tday as a dortmund fan its mad how quick your emotions can change during a match lmao
i wish the stadiums would be full, would love to see you visit VfB Stuttgart, Great Atmosphere when it is full-house
Aki H.
Aki H.:
You don't want to miss an Eintracht Frankfurt Match in your life. I can tell that they are as good as bvb Fans. A good call may be when they have a big game in the Europe League knockout stages
Chairman Alf
Chairman Alf:
I went on the Dortmund stadium tour about 6 years ago. I was told by the guide that it is the biggest club stadium in Germany with also the highest stands. The tunnel area is also one of the narrowest in Germany, because Klopp, during his days there, wanted the opposition to feel intimidated before matches.

Weissbier has also been my favourite beer, especially the Dünkel version, since I went on a trip to Austria in 2001. Even on holiday in the Mediterranean I look for this beer. Luckily, Erdinger weissbier is now available here in the UK at Tesco’s 😉
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
Thogdan you are a legend for coming to the bundesliga again!
Orange Goat
Orange Goat:
Haaland and Bellingham have world class potential
Bjarte Hjelle
Bjarte Hjelle:
Tnx for sharing. Loved to watch Håland's goal after 90 minutes. Best wishes from a Norwegian Man United supporter:-)
a.wholevibe _k2
a.wholevibe _k2:
It's a Lit day when Thogden uploads!!💯

Fantastic behind the scenes 🖤💛🖤
Jesper Skus
Jesper Skus:
Brilliant content, keep going mate. You will achive big things🙌🏼🙌🏼
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !
Peter Steven Stanford
Peter Steven Stanford:
Go to a dresden or Frankfurt game. The atmosphere is crazy
Xjannik LP
Xjannik LP:
It is always nice to see your Videos as Memories for great games I watched in the stadium! (Paris and now Hoffenheim
Mike Man58
Mike Man58:
Theo absolutely brilliant, your arms must have been hanging off you with the efforts of recording all this and subsequent editing!! Really capture the spirit of the fans and their support and the German customs etc. You could watch this on a sports channel and you would get good coverage but it's nice being at the coal face to see the true fans of Germany 🇩🇪 🇬🇧
I'm a Birmingham City fan and for me I just love watching Bellingham.
Theo you should go see a Ajax game lad 🙌🏼
It's like he knows what games are gonna be amazing before they happen
Not a fan of any particular club but you got to love Dortmund and the passion that comes with it.
What an experience and looking at the age of some of those players (Bellingham, Reyna, Haaland, Moukoko...) you get the impression of looking at the future of football.

And most importantly: Fantastic video Thogden, really enjoyed it! Keep it up , lad!
You should go to a SC Freiburg game there are still 2 games left im the old Stadium before they move into the new one (ideally to the Nordtribüne)
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
Tnx for sharing. Loved to watch Håland's goal after 90 minutes. Best wishes from a Norwegian Man United supporter:-)
Wassim Ladjouzi
Wassim Ladjouzi:
Can't wait to see thogdens reaction to Cristiano at man utd
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts:
Love this, as a secondary BVB fan it was brilliant watching that game. What a game for you to go to too man!
Dortmund - Liverpool must be nice when they all sing "You never walk alone"
Dominik Batistuta
Dominik Batistuta:
You make always a great job. Nice greets from a big Borussia member from Munich 🖤💛
Thogdan you are a legend for coming to the bundesliga again!
Nico Fe
Nico Fe:
The German at 3:33, such a likable guy🤝
Banana Peeling
Banana Peeling:
Plz try going to a Brøndby match! (Team in Denmark) their fans are amazing❤️ Love from Denmark
Apurv Jyotir
Apurv Jyotir:
What an atmosphere what a game 🔥🔥
Juan Falla
Juan Falla:
Best vlog ever this game was legendary!
Ruben H
Ruben H:
5 goal thriller - last minute winner! Erling Haarland. Youre a good commentator! <3
Thogden almost at 700k subs?!! So sick to see keep up the great work man
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov:
I love watching those videos from different European stadium. You can't see this content on TV. Keep doing it
Marius Schedlberger
Marius Schedlberger:
you should definetly go to the Vienna derby at the Allianz Stadion. Atmosphere-wise one of the best games in Europe.
what a crazy game to experience
Qing Hui Er
Qing Hui Er:
Being able to watch huge games are such a privilege.. I'd wish to be able to watch it someday live!
Angel Alvarado
Angel Alvarado:
Good to know that they like bavarian beer in Dortmund. A big surprise for me. The bloke is right, bavarian beer is extremely good and so is Fc Bayern, my team ♥ . Respect and greetings from El Salvador.
Union Berlin sadly have a hard group stage in conference league I’m an England Chelsea fan but Union Berlin have a soft spot in my heart because of the journey they have been on and the player career mode I got very attached to this FIFA I hope Union Berlin can win the conference league
We need Theo back at Watford, we all know what happened last time ;)
Billy Offill
Billy Offill:
big respect from going game to game
Theo Schildbach
Theo Schildbach:
You should come to a Dynamo Dresden home game, such a great atmosphere.
Theo I swear you always see the good Dortmund games lmao
omar Rock
omar Rock:
The Dortmund games are so special 💛💛💛
Chaz Hartwayne
Chaz Hartwayne:
by the way, this video once again proves one thing.

Football is NOTHING without the fans.
djv bbx
djv bbx:
if there were 25 000 fans that stadium was at a third capacity imagine a full one wow
mooncat and beryl
mooncat and beryl:
respect to Borussia Dortmund team n fans, which as an English fan is saying alot, i love watching interviews with Halland, love his honesty, ive worked in Germany, Frankfurt, Erlangen and Giessen.
Éric Fréchette
Éric Fréchette:
Having Dortmunder fans drink (and like) bavarian beer is just perfect... From my FC Bayern's fan point of view ;-)
But got to say, Dortmund's atmosphere is so great we couldn't imagine better rivals!
Cohen’s ART
Cohen’s ART:
I swear thogden has been at more Dortmund matches then Bolton in the last 6 years 😂
There's nothing beats the feeling of being in Signal Iduna Park surrounded by 80,000 passionate supporters. I miss being there terribly...
Oktawian Pietrzyk
Oktawian Pietrzyk:
I am from Poland and you should go watch a game in the Europa league when legia warszawa play as the fans and atmosphere their is amazing
doliio volay
doliio volay:
If I had a dollar for everytime Thogden says "As an English Fan", I would be rich by now hahaha...
Ollie D
Ollie D:
Edits get better every video 😍 love the content
Brian Perez
Brian Perez:
Best game of the Bundesliga so far this season
Jay Cartwright
Jay Cartwright:
Brilliant video thank you Thogden!
Eintracht Frankfurt have mad atmosphere at home games. even with only half the stadium filled they have better fan action than every professional english team could dream of having.
OX Seven Recruitment
OX Seven Recruitment:
These videos are SO good!! 👏👏
Xjannik LP
Xjannik LP:
My last 2 games at Dortmund and your last 2 at Dortmund are the same. And both were incredible. Tell me when you come next to Dortmund. You seem to bring Great games there.
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming:
Incredible vlog Thogden, Haaland a Dortmund Legend and Jude Bellingham incredible talent! I think you should do ac milan/Inter next in serie a
We would love to see you here in cologne again
You brought us luck last time
bro my emotions was like a roller coaster, i was terrible pissed and then i was screaming of happiness
You should go to a Ferencváros vs Újpest game in Hungary! Amazing derby vibes
Sebastian Kehnen
Sebastian Kehnen:
Man, goosebumps all over here. 🙌🔥
Jayden Kennedy
Jayden Kennedy:
im a newcastle fan and i would love to see you watch a newcastle game that would be great. thanks for the vid
Tord Haagenrud
Tord Haagenrud:
Om Norwegian som we freaked out egen Haaldn scored What a good game. To Bayern game next
Toby Hellewell
Toby Hellewell:
Oliver looks like such a cool guy to go to the football with. Would buy you a beer, translate for you and look after you if a fight broke out. Top guy
Go to Legia Warsaw even if it’s a minor game they still have a great atmosphere
Andy Andy
Andy Andy:
You should go to Anfield, when Liverpool are playing AC Milan. It is going to be special, because of the history of these matches, and because it is the first UCL match since the Atletico Madrid match
Michael Leese
Michael Leese:
Going next April to watch them play RB Leipzig. Can't wait!!!
Theo I have a video suggestion you should take a fan of your channel who normally wouldn’t be able to go to a game that would be amazing
Haaland a beast.
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta:
The moment you see BVB stadium from away is love. That Guy holding beer was there in PSG game
Janek Busch
Janek Busch:
I love your videos. I am a big BVB and enjoy every minute. :) your are the best
Christoph Knarr
Christoph Knarr:
if you want to see fan experience watch the berlin derby at the union stadium
Mark Van Elten
Mark Van Elten:
You should go to a Feyenoord Rotterdam game! Crazy atmosphere!
محمد الخزعلي
محمد الخزعلي:
What a fans🔥🔥
Finn G
Finn G:
Keep up the German vids thanks for these recent German vids really enjoying them
i swear if i was there i would enter the camp and celebrate with the players
Seth Grimes
Seth Grimes:
I swear thogden has a every team season ticket
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta:
How come you end up watching all the memorable games at BVB and that to when BVB is on a winning side! You're the lucky charm
Come back please when are allowed to have a full stadium again!
Marvin Weller
Marvin Weller:
As a hoffenheim Fan (yes they exist), the ending hurt, imo a Draw would have Been justified aswell. In the end, it was a great Game, GG to both teams
Tho Henry
Tho Henry:
Leeds stadium the atmosphere is amazing last week I went to a game there was 34,000 in the carobeo cup against a league one team you should go
Scunthorpe United for the memes :') They need a bit of a moral boost. Phenomenal atmosphere in that match it was incredible to hear!