Entertaining Carlos Alcaraz vs Sebastian Korda Highlights | Monte Carlo 2022

Two up and coming stars go head to head on the clay! 馃檶

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100+ comentarios:

2 Favorites gone right away, who saw that coming? Can't be too mad if you're an Alcaraz fan, the guy has been on an insane roll, Korda showing he's a front runner for the next gen as well!
Andre Lus
Andre Lus:
Alcaraz is so good also at accepting a loss by the way..Congrats to Korda, what a performance! Happy to see good youngsters play at these levels!
The Bitter Pill
The Bitter Pill:
These are two great young players who both have a bright future. Alcaraz is already knocking on the door of the top 10 and Korda will get there too.
The future of men鈥檚 tennis is so bright. I can鈥檛 wait to see more legendary matches by these legends in the making! Korda is amazing and shows his full court ability here. Bravo!
Future rivalry in tennis. Alacaraz is amazing but Korda is very complete and still has a lot of potential
Thomas Rebotier
Thomas Rebotier:
Korda's father wasn't so bad on clay either. Ran up to the finals in 1992, loosing to Jim Courier. Looks like proper tactics were passed on.
Cloud 9
Cloud 9:
Korda played very well and proved that he is a great player
Fabian E
Fabian E:
Great Performance.
Korda is getting better and better. Might be the year to reach Top20 for him 馃憤
C.V. V
C.V. V:
ATP (after Miami open): 鈥淭ennis players should fear Alcaraz in the ATP Monte Carlo..鈥

Sebastian: 鈥淎TP should hold my beer..鈥
The two of them are full of talent. I am looking forward to their future activities.
Nunya .Bidness
Nunya .Bidness:
Korda was fearless and went for everything, kudos to him. That.'s a great win against a future legend. Alcaraz will bounce back from this and be even better. Alcaraz will be a #1 rank player in the world soon enough.
Winning Matt
Winning Matt:
Its good for Carlos to lose this match so that he can further learn that to be great in tennis it is not only about beating Nadal or Djokovic alone.. there are so many amazing uprising tennis players around...anticipate the challenges form other young players..like Korda...keep improving Alcaraz, I am rooting for you!
This match is a tactical and mental masterpiece from Korda
OMG, I didn't think Korda would win even though I knew he is good enough to beat anyone... So happy for what Korda has done.
Alcaraz seemed impossible to beat for weeks now. I think all pros should work on their drop shots and take that edge away from Alcaraz.
The future is now. These two kids will do incredibly great things in this sport.
Fantastically entertaining match, we're finally starting to see some 'next-gen' players whose entertainment value lives up to their hype. So excited to see where Alcaraz goes from here, and Korda is on my watch list too now
Jos茅 Basterrica
Jos茅 Basterrica:
Dos grandes jugadores con un gran futuro Veremos muchas veces este partido en esta d茅cada.Alcarsz est谩 en formaci贸n hay que dejarlo crecer y no presionarle su futuro ser谩 espl茅ndido
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Carlos knows how to win and he knows how to lose, showed great respect at handshake, great guy 馃挌馃挮
Korda had some amazing drop shots, when even Alcaraz can鈥檛 reach them, you know they鈥榬e good
Erik Vertriest
Erik Vertriest:
Seb really deserves this victory. He's one of the most talented youngsters of the Next Gen, together with Carlos, F茅lix and Yannik.
John G
John G:
Alzaraz would win the tournament, the only thing I heard whole week from everyone. Korda played really well and deserved this win.
mongo vi
mongo vi:
Korda reminds me of Federer. Massive shots with effortless form.
Alcaraz reminds me of Nadal. Fantastic defense to offense, intensity, movement.
Excited to see more of these guys.
Aiya Zaya
Aiya Zaya:
Korda family impresses me so freaking much. Both of his parents were pro tennis players, both of his sisters are pro golfers, I mean this is just insane
Awesome highlights! Looking forward to the future matches between all the new upcoming players!
Dmitro Yakimovskiy
Dmitro Yakimovskiy:
袝褖褢 芯写懈薪 屑芯屑械薪褌, 褍泻邪蟹褘胁邪褞褖懈泄 薪邪 斜褍写褍褖械械 胁械谢懈褔懈械 袣邪褉谢芯褋邪 - 褉械邪泻褑懈褟 薪邪 锌芯褉邪卸械薪懈械. 校褋锌械褏芯胁, 褔械屑锌懈芯薪 馃弳
Awesome match. Very happy for Korda, he really deserved this win! Carlos, great job and keep the spirit going!
Nick Byrd
Nick Byrd:
An American with superb tactics, finesse, and plays great on clay....it has been a while
Jon Robles
Jon Robles:
That was entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing these two (and the rest of the young players) compete for GS titles. I can see Korda breaking out big-time either this year or next. The future of American tennis is good: Korda, Taylor Fritz, Jenson Brooksby, Reilly Opelka, Tommy Paul, and Frances Tiafoe.
I鈥檓 glad Korda won ,a top 10 player for sure , and a future GS Champion in the making馃幘馃弳
Juan Carlos Portilla
Juan Carlos Portilla:
Don't sleep on Korda

His first title was on clay
When he broke out foe the first time it was at RG 2020 (lost to Nadal)
Robert Hays
Robert Hays:
Love Kordas games. Very free flowing and he makes it looks effortless.
Considering what happened to Korda at Indian Wells, I'm happy he got a win like this. An American that can actually play on clay.
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero:
Sebi is defo getting into the top 20 this year. Let's hope the draws help him a bit but the talent is there
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Congratulations to Korda. A well deserved.
Heartfelt for Alcaraz tho. Looking forward to see how he鈥檒l improve for RG!

All the best to both, Korda, and Alcaraz..
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low:
Tennis TV already expects a Djokovic vs Alcaraz yet they both goes down on their first match welp
Kin Ming Wong
Kin Ming Wong:
Wow! What a battle between two of the ATP鈥檚 young stars!

I sense the beginning of a fantastic rivalry between Korda and Alcaraz. Can鈥檛 wait until they meet up again!
Vincent Sparacio
Vincent Sparacio:
The future of tennis is in good hands. What an outstanding match and highlight reel. I would have been happy with either, but I really want to see sebby succeed with some deep runs!
Wang Gerald
Wang Gerald:
well done Korda, what a match
Raphael Rangel
Raphael Rangel:
Great match by both of them! Exciting for more of this high quality of tennis.
Sel Os
Sel Os:
YES! So happy for Sebi, hope he goes far!!
Roberto de Oliveira
Roberto de Oliveira:
Alcaraz sensa莽茫o no circuito foi envolvido pelo seu maior ( Melhor ) golpe , Drop Shot , foi usado muito pelo Korda na partida ...
ben wadham
ben wadham:
Alcarez is always involved in these super physical matches at 17/18.Interesting to see him in 3 years injury wise.
This is the begining of an incredible rivalry between these two very talented players.
Didn't think Korda would be this good on clay. He hit some great drop-shots. There are so many possible Masters 1000 winners these days. Unlike the 'lost generation' who were stopped by the Big 3 at these events, anyone in the top 20 is a potential winner now.
This was pleaser to watch! Amazing shots from both of them.
脕lvaro Bueno
脕lvaro Bueno:
Orgulloso de Alcaraz siempre cumple pero no siempre se puede ganar...en Madrid va a llegar lejos seguro....y korda muy bien sobretodo en las dejadas es buen铆simo
Konr谩d Kope膷n媒
Konr谩d Kope膷n媒:
Petr Korda won Monte Carlo (doubles) for the first time at exactly the same age and at approximately the same position in the ranking. Let's keep Sebastian doing well.
I love Alcaraz but this game, Korda was brilliant and powerful. These big game is priceless!
cesar fernandez lopez
cesar fernandez lopez:
VAMOOOOOOS CARLOOOOS 馃挭馃徏馃嚜馃嚫馃幘鉂わ笍 , congratulations to Sebastian Korda
American tennis isn't looking so bad as of late.... finally some talent that can pull some titles regularly. To say I am excited to see what's to come is an understatement.
Sebastian Martinez Medina
Sebastian Martinez Medina:
Excelente Sebastian Korda 馃憦馃憦!!
Claudio Brogliato
Claudio Brogliato:
That's a terrific win. Congratulation!
Wow! I was sure no one could beat Alcaraz at the moment. Korda played his ass off.
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
Great match from Korda, this came down to who could grind it out in the difficult playing conditions. Korda proved it was him. Alcaraz was due a loss at some point. Still disappointing nonetheless but we couldn鈥檛 expect him to win all 3 clay masters. Doesn鈥檛 affect his position as the 3rd favourite for Roland Garros tho imo
Damn, didn't expect Korda to perform like that on clay... impressive!
Alcaraz, well.. maybe he just found out that it's a different animal when you're expected to win. He still has vast potential, though, and a great team around him. Anyways, I don't care if he becomes the GOAT of GOATs and pulverizes all records, guy is fun to watch regardless :)
Paul Paffe
Paul Paffe:
Korda played exceptionally. Very smart. Hit some sweet drop shots even the ones he lost they kept Alka-Seltzer thinking.
Grace Soler
Grace Soler:
Carlitos Alcaraz soy tu fan鈾ワ笍
Unas se ganan otras no ese es el deporte nadie es infalibe, sigue trabajando y luchando, tienes mucho talento y tienes un prop贸sito, adelante vamos.
Very tight match but happy to see Korda coming on top of it.
Last week fans were like, Alcaraz is going to be unbeatable, no one can stop him now. Finally, good to see fanboys eating Humble pie. Who would have thought Korda can beat Alcaraz on clay? Great to see two talented youngsters out there.
Two of best perspectives replacing big three for next decade. Good players need rivalry to enhance the game.
Alcaraz is very humble and respectful, great to see in a young player, unlike Kyrgios
Dev Tripathy
Dev Tripathy:
Sebastian Korda and Carlos Alcaraz is a rivalry to look out for.
膼岷璾 Tr岷 Th峄
膼岷璾 Tr岷 Th峄:
Wow 馃槸 I thought Acacaraz is going to win this tournament.

Congrats Korda馃憦
I like Alcaraz very much but i am very happy that he and Djokovic lost their first matches because it is a punch in the face for the ATP for being overexcited for the Quarter Finals and disrespectful to the other Player鈥檚
Omar Mansour
Omar Mansour:
I鈥檓 going to Monte Carlo to watch the final, I wanted to see Alcaraz live, but anyways. I hope we鈥檒l have a good show.
Ray Will
Ray Will:
Welp this is why people need to relax. Let Carlos mature at his own pace.
prasad shetty
prasad shetty:
Two of my Fav next gen stars fighting it out... Great match
Daniel Yung
Daniel Yung:
Bravo korda digne du papa contre Alcatraz. C'茅tait pas gagn茅. Un rock sur le rocher. Belle performance.
Today's Tennis
Today's Tennis:
Alcaraz got a taste of his own medicine with the dropshot.
Congrats to Korda. Surprised he was so effective on clay. Carlos needs a few more tricks as everyone will have studied his game by now. No doubt he could definitely be one of the best He does needs to stop wasting energy and going to his coach for child like acknowledgment and excessive fist pumping after every single point. Fed, Rafa, Novak, Serena, Ash never did this at every turn. Shapo does this excessive pump coach response after every point and he just can鈥檛 quite get to a certain level. Carlos needs a bit more inner confidence and problem solving and to play within his massive ability. His intensity is there for sure. And his sportsmanship even in losing shows he has the heart of a champion.
Ronita Elease Elder
Ronita Elease Elder:
No so easy to go from hard to clay... Future looks bright for both.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Two out of the 3 times alcaraz lost this year were windy conditions !look like It impacts his game a lot
Don De Guzman
Don De Guzman:
These two are gonna be legendary.
Neeka Bubbles
Neeka Bubbles:
I called it early. From that first set he was a step slow.

That flashy, stunning, physical tennis is amazing but to play with that level of intensity and just clobber the ball all day is nearly impossible to do week after week
This has been the long time coming and overdue for korda 鉂
well fought tennis, alcaraz and korda played unreal and learned much from each other. could've been either one's game so a lack of frustration from alcaraz shows his heart is true. looking forward to the rematch.
dudala kalyan chakravarthi
dudala kalyan chakravarthi:
Best of korda. Korda proved that with enough skill and variation in the game one can beat anyone.
Such a high level of tennis, sustained throughout. One wonders if that level is sustainable for 3 of 5 x 7 matches. The shots are there. Is the physical resilience? Time will tell.
Ivy Aguas
Ivy Aguas:
OMG. I've think we've seen the future rivals in the ATP tour.
bruce g
bruce g:
Surely Alcaraz would have been tired after deep runs in the Sunshine double ! This also gives him an time and oppurtunity to compete in his country's Barcelona Open !
Wow. Impressive! Korda has such a clever game.
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje:
Korda outdropped shot Carlos. Tennis fans were in for a treat today between two awesome players
Krishna Ramachandran
Krishna Ramachandran:
May be good for Alcaraz. He has to manage his workload and be fresh for RG and SW19. He has had very deep runs in the sunshine double and so did struggle to deal with the change in surface as well as wind. Korda on the other hand appeared to be more at ease with the surface even if the wind made it difficult
Love both of them. Great fight.
monte carlo already proving why its one of the best and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. the quality of match play here has been the best of the masters 1000s in the past few years imo (along with rome)
it's been enjoyable seeing Korda get better and better with each tournament.
Simon Borko
Simon Borko:
These two are soooo good馃挭
No possible Djokovic - Alcaraz match in the quarters. Congrats to Sebi Korda, great to see that he can play really good tennis on clay,too.
Alcaraz's lobs have been on point since Miami lol
Everyone: I cant wait for Djokovic Vs Alcaraz...

Djokovic and Alcaraz: Lost in 1. round 馃槀馃槀
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez:
So proud!!!!!! Go Korda 馃嚭馃嚫!!!!!
kakugha sumi
kakugha sumi:
Korda is a great talent he lost to Nadal from a winning position and showed today why he can't beat the second best player of 2022.
jan kustra
jan kustra:
The best player to watch these days. Like his father in 90's
Vamos Korda!!!!
stanley 7
stanley 7:
Sebastian korda well played 馃憦馃挭 thought he was going to lose before the match.
Korda plays so clamly. Nice dropshots.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good battle. Once Alcaraz get his footing adjusted to clay he will be back at it.
Brian Brian
Brian Brian:
WOw, beating Alcaraz on clay?! That's a big deal!
Rosa Leite Garc铆a
Rosa Leite Garc铆a:
Congrats, Sebastian Korda!!!
Arnon Jittathai
Arnon Jittathai:
That shot at 3:02 is like Rafa hitting that against Korda in IW