In this Spotlight on Entertainment segment, host John Malos interviews Celebrity Guest Lee Aaker from the classic television show, Rin Tin Tin. Join John and Lee as they discuss Lee's career, growing up as a child star, and more.

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Don Wilson
Don Wilson:
I happened to stumble across this today and it takes me back to my childhood.  Lee's mother was my first Tap dancing teacher & as a young man growing up we all worked together, including his brother, Dee, and his cousin Dolores.  The last time I saw Lee was we were all in his cousins wedding together.  I remain friends with his family to this day and have always felt he needed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
La Penna's Envisioned Video
La Penna's Envisioned Video:
Rin Tin Tin, in my opinion, had the best Christmas episode of any vintage TV series.
Ernesto Concha
Ernesto Concha:
Eccelente actor personificaba al cabo rosti de rin tin tin
Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans:
I am sorry he didn't talk more about his role in Bye Bye Birdie with Ann Margaret and Bobby Rydell 2 of the best movie screen couples out!
Antonio Desena
Antonio Desena:
Incredible !! This guy was Rusty !! Lee, You have a lot of fans here in Brazil !!
Totm Greenish
Totm Greenish:
if only the world had more PREMO PEOPLE like Lee Aaker
I've seen "Hondo" many times. You were great.👍
Ellen Ross
Ellen Ross:
Wish he had taken time to let Lee talk more. Would like to hear more about Rin Tin Tin and Jim Brown and Rand Brooks.
Like the interview, but why wouldn't John Malos let him finish his answers?
Marshall Overton
Marshall Overton:
I remember seeing Aaker in a Sinbad movie as a Genie.
Cloud Dweller
Cloud Dweller:
rambe alien
rambe alien:
beatiful time. thank by the films up
I just came across this on Paul Peterson's Facebook page. Lee passed away on April 1st.

Saying Goodbye to Lee Aaker
You have to be a certain age to remember Rin Tin Tin.
Lee Aaker passed away in Arizona on April 1st, alone and unclaimed...listed as an "indigent decedent."
As an Air Force veteran Lee is entitled to burial benefits. I am working on that.
God knows when a sparrow falls. Paul Petersen
Jazz Cat
Jazz Cat:
$250 in the early '50's was not chump change. Especially when he got those raises.
Allen Moore
Allen Moore:
Too bad he didn't talk more about the filming of Rin Tin Tin.
Rip Lee Aaker.
Project Lighthouse
Project Lighthouse:
I remember Lee as a child actor in the movie The Atomic City. Great movie. I have yet to see the John Wayne movie "Hondo"... which Lee is also in.
D Immortal
D Immortal:
Lee was like... Justin Beiber??? Huh
Pepprina Malt
Pepprina Malt:
Wish the interviewer would stop going on about John Wayne. The guest was Lee Aaker.
Chuck Krafft
Chuck Krafft:
Interviewer was not good. I enjoyed what Lee had to say.
Edinei Muniz mendes
Edinei Muniz mendes:
Rip Lee Aaker
Gazz Mac
Gazz Mac:
What an appalling interviewer, questions so disjointed, should've let Lee just talk
Dylan H
Dylan H:
plz come to brazil
Sandy Miraglia
Sandy Miraglia:
good interview,John Malos
San Francisco Professor
San Francisco Professor:
RIP, he just passed. God, I loved this show, and he did a great job on it. It lasted my whole childhood. He's smart, eloquent-- wish the narrator wouldn't cut him off when he starts talking about advanced film stuff like John Wayne choosing Mexico as a location because of the great monsoon clouds, and what the 3D equipment looked like. The obituaries make him sound as if he had a child star's pathetic adulthood, but teaching underprivileged kids to ski-- we should all have jobs that enjoyable and fulfilling. He must have made the equivalent of 3/4 of a million dollars in 2021 money. I'll bet he had a great time as a rich, still-famous guy during the Sexual Revolution of the Seventies. :> Rest in Peace, Rusty and Rinty.
Worst interviewer ever. Let the guy talk; stop interrupting, stop talking about John Wayne.
He died