Epstein Barr Virus and Infectious Mononucleosis (pathophysiology, investigations and treatment)

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"EBV causes typically an asymptomatic infection or can cause acute tonsillitis as a part of bigger infection called infectious mononucleosis also known as glandular fever. EBV typically occurs in adolescents and young adults and is transmitted orally via saliva. This is the reason EBV infections are also known as the kissing disease. Nearly everyone will become infected with EBV at some point, the good thing is for most of us it is asymptomatic. In this videos we will talk about a primary EBV infection which is asymptomatic and how the infection can evolve to be become infectious mononucleosis which is a symptomatic condition.

The pathophysiology of EBV infection begin with saliva transmission and the EBV virus targeting the tonsils which is a lymphoid tissue made up of T cells and B cells. In the tonsil the EBV target B cells and tonsillar epithelial cells. This is called the EBV primary infection and is usually asymptomatic. Once EBV infects the B cells the EBV has an Incubation period of about 2-6 weeks. During the incubation period a number of things happen:

EBV replicates in B-cell and the virus is shed intermittently into pharyngeal secretions, particularly saliva. Saliva is therefore how EBV is transmitted between people.

The cycle can continue and the person can be completely asymptomatic of course during this incubation and reactivation time the immune system will respond.

EBV Induces an immune response where by b cells capture an antigen of EBV and processes it, The b-cells can mount an immune response locally in the tonsils and the B cells enter circulation and mount an immune response in the lymph node, spleen and liver. Here the B cells stimulate CD8 T cell activity. CD8 t cells also known as cytotoxic t cells are important in the suppression of primary EBV infection. On a side note the CD8+ are thought to be the important players in preventing EBV reactivation and EBV associated lymphoproliferative disease. The B cells also activate CD4+ T cells through costimulation, which means the B cells also become activated. Activated B cells become plasma cells. The plasma cells are the antibody producing cells. The plasma cells will produce EBV specific antibodies which mean antibodies against components of the EBV - firstly the viral capsid antigen with IgM followed by the viral capsid antigen with igG. Plasma cells then eventually produce epstein Barr nuclear antigen igG once infection is resolved. The activation of other immune cells in the lymph nodes, spleen and liver is part of the immune response against EBV.

During the incubation period the EBV can also enter circulation. Here the immune cells in the blood will try to destroy them and also mount an immune response releasing cytokines. This interaction is one of the reasons why people in EBV infection become febrile and feel miserable.

During the incubation period the abnormal infiltrated B cells produce heterophile antibodies which is an important and quick marker for diagnosing EBV"

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LENNY aaron
LENNY aaron:
Can't stop thanking Dr.ademiso  on youtube for helping me defeat genital herpes, i must say not everybody get this opportunity like me
Undoubtedly one of the worst and most painful things I’ve ever experienced. It left me with a physical exhaustion that lasted much beyond the tonsil swelling, pus, and burning throat pain. Worst part was that I caught it during a time that I wasn’t kissing or coming into contact with someone’s saliva. Best I can assume was that it came from eating out while abroad (I started presenting symptoms a bit after coming back from South Korea and Japan. My girlfriend at the time stayed back in America so I obviously hadn’t been kissing anyone and she never ended up catching it.)
Joyce S. E. Jensen
Joyce S. E. Jensen:
Thank you for such a clear explanation of what Epstein Barr virus is and what happens in the body once infected.
Prashant vikram singh
Prashant vikram singh:
The problem isn't that nobody wants to learn but the problem is nobody want to read those lifeless boring book.. just for the sake of remembering things & dump on exam paper & then forget.. instead of understanding.. we don't just study to pass exams we study to get knowledge.. thankk uu so much for these videos.. it's very helpful ❤
Ich habe deutsche Untertitel hinzugefügt. Thanks for the great Video!
Jennylyn Pili
Jennylyn Pili:
Am proud of your service Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube for also helping me defeat herpes deceases
Crystal DB
Crystal DB:
“In summary,” starts 9:40.
Great info, thanks..
Cálin Sorrise
Cálin Sorrise:
i've been sick since april 28 \ 2019 . almost a year of evb and citomegalo virus , life like this is not worth it . you need to find a cure because no one deserved to live like this .
First ! Thanks for t these educational tools. The medium is very good for a recap..especially as a young doctor looking to keep my knowledge fresh.
Joan Tozer
Joan Tozer:
Exceptionally well presented- thank you!
gloria smith
gloria smith:
Had to go for test the second time before i was obviously convinced i am free from herpes all thanks to Dr. Osaoji on you tube
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Mek Holmes:
I really appreciate you Dr. osaze for bringing back happiness to my life again. Thank you so much, friends join me to thank him for what he has actually done for me I pray to you all for a good life and good health, and most especially to you Dr. osaze THANKS.
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Alina Ariana
Alina Ariana:
@Armando Hasudungan Very very excellent video, your presentation is clear and accurate ! Thank you for this good job
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Yasir Abdalla:
Thanks.greeting from somalia 🇸🇴
Douglas Wayne
Douglas Wayne:
I was able to get rid of genital herpes with the herbal medicine i got from Dr.Ahonle, you're really really doing a good work?
Amanda Hamel
Amanda Hamel:
This was incredibly helpful!!
Dwinda Larasati
Dwinda Larasati:
You are literally a med stud life saver.
Bhaumik Gohil
Bhaumik Gohil:
Hello sir, I enjoyed the video
A small request ..... can you make more videos on herpes virus family (herpes simplex; Varicella Zoster and Cytomegalovirus)
Faizal M
Faizal M:
Concise and to the point, thanks!
Great video! I enjoyed watching it!
sourav das
sourav das:
Too much helpful ❤
I had glandular fever back in 2015. For a week i had a lump on my throat, Then followed a cough, fever and vomiting. My neck was the size of a rugby ball, im not joking. I could not drink or eat without vomiting. My throat was BURNING,I was breathless, and my muscles were on fire. I ended up in hospital for 3 or 4 days. Honestly the most horrendous thing i have ever been through. Took my body months to recover.
Patricia Hamilton Kephart
Patricia Hamilton Kephart:
I have developed neuropathy since being diagnosed with mono. Most of the worst symptoms have gone away but I still get Muscle spasms in the abdomen and feet .I don't have the energy I once had and am very weak when I first get out of bed.
Huge help, thank you!
By far the best and most comprehensive explanation of EBV
Gabriel Sth
Gabriel Sth:
Any Song
Any Song:
thank you so much and i got A for microbiology. 😁😁😁
I had mono when I was 18 and it was the SICKEST I’ve ever been in my life. I had a 104 degree fever for several days, EXTREME fatigue for 2 weeks (I could not stand long enough to take a shower), body aches, constant vomiting and strong aversion to food. Just thinking of food made me gag. I had strep throat at the same time. The scariest symptoms I had were jaundice (my eyes were very yellow too) and brown urine. The doctor was very concerned about my liver as it was highly inflamed. I lost a lot of weight and finally recovered at just 95 lbs and I’m 5’5!! Honestly, I would rather have just about any other virus than this again. I really thought I might die.
Honey b.
Honey b.:
lmao i have this currently and the only one who was thinking that was some random nurse, the rest of the doctors thought I have measles because of some allergic reaction to antibiotics lol
Beverly Yeager
Beverly Yeager:
Thanks for the help Dr. Ikpoko, really lived up to my expectations i got rid of genital herpes
Klairrissa Mccall
Klairrissa Mccall:
I was diagnosed with ebv last year and still havent gotten better and I have been trying to understand how I got it and how to treat since liver might be failing
Za S
Za S:
You are awesome! Thank yoooou
Teyana Garry
Teyana Garry:
I quit doing many things because I was having COPD disease but still yet the situation was progressive, I know very well that at the hospital they tried their best but it wasn't enough to cure me. I came across Dr Madida YouTube channel stating that he can cure all diseases, I used his herbal medicine and it reverse my COPD, stopped my excessive cough and many other symptoms I was having-!-
falles lipita
falles lipita:
Es gibt ein tolles Buch über EBV https://amzn.to/37BMnPl das ist toll recherchiert. ISBN Nummer steht bissl weiter unten, wer das in seiner Buchhandlung bestellen mag. Ich fand das sehr aufschlussreich.
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Korotim Souwema:
Dr Ayomede on YouTube is our man, God bless you sir for the great herbal cure
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Lucas de Great:
I was under the challenge of Diverticulitis disease and I after using a herbal medicine from Madidaherbalcenter I knew about on YouTube I got cured. My friend also uses this Dr Madida HSV herbal medicine and he got cured too.
عبدالعزيز الأحمد
عبدالعزيز الأحمد:
you are great maaaaaaaaaaaan
Mark 13
Mark 13:
I sufferd a bad case of mononucleosis... i never was the same as before...
Thnx for the gr8t work you always do dear Armando..
very helpful thanks
Reign Allens
Reign Allens:
Thanks so much Dr.ademiso on youtube for finally providing cure for both herpes simplex virus
Ana Escribano
Ana Escribano:
Thankyou so much. God bless you
Hannah Steger
Hannah Steger:
So I’ve just gotten done having my symptoms how long after I have it am I able to be around people, am I able to be with my boyfriend, or do I need to refrain being around him for months?
Chrissa D
Chrissa D:
Thank you SO much for this video. I understand most of it, You were really taking me back to the beginning of Nursing School. I am currently in a state of a reactivation phase of the EBV. I have luekopenia at 2.2 and my tonsils are currently swollen with fever and headaches, achy joints and severe fatigue. I have had my homocysteine levels checked out elevated as well as my Methymalonic Acid serum at 1062. What's horrible about this is that it's not something you can see. There is no sympathy for a person who is stricken with EBV. I certainly appreciate this video. Maybe I can show it to the naysayers. Thank you for your insights into the life of a person undergoing an reactivation of the EBV and how it affects one's body.
Jennylyn Pili
Jennylyn Pili:
I will keep referring you Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube for the great things you've done in my life most especially for helping me to beat the genital herpes
Regan Brooklyn
Regan Brooklyn:
My Neurologist was surprise at my swift recovery from my Parkinson disease after using a herbal medicine from Dr Madida on YouTube.
Phil i
Phil i:
Very interesting thank you! I got it years ago and had a really bad case, turned chronic 😪 my doctor didn’t really know so first two times I came in I got antibiotics only after 2 weeks she told me it may be ebv.. I was then super sick for a month, then moderately sick for 2 years and now 8 years later still cf and other problems 🥺😭🤯

does this infection impact the way my body responses to COVID-19?

Only later on they did blood work and much later more proper blood work and I had antibodies but also found out I had hepetitis infection on top..
Azul Estrada
Azul Estrada:
Que bien explicas, muchísimas gracias, me ayudó mucho 🙏🙌
Tiffany corrigan
Tiffany corrigan:
Very interesting thank you so much for this video it makes a lot more sense now with all the symptoms I have had since I was a teenager after having mono that has now turned into multiple sclerosis with swollen lymph nodes. 😖it would have been helpful to understand all this a long time ago so that I could be very careful about my health and do everything I could to prevent the EBV virus from reactivating but I had no idea that it could reactivate and that it may have something to do with multiple sclerosis I am understanding now based on several medical investigations.
Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey:
Enjoyed your video in detail. Currently treating recurrent mono from fifteen years ago with positive strep b. Curious as to how.
ela kemec
ela kemec:
Kat Starbuck
Kat Starbuck:
PLEASE TELL ME do you HAVE to have a sore throat and/or fever with this???????........I have the severe fatigue and virus but no throat complications or fever and also I'm 50! Is that all odd? I cant find ANYWHERE on net about that. Thank you
Connor Flynn
Connor Flynn:
TAKE COLD SHOWERS, and PRACTICE WIM HOF BREATHING METHOD. These methods, along with a list of supplements, and proper sleep cured all of the symptoms of the virus in about a week. Take black seed oil, honey, fish oil, coconut oil, echinacea, vitamin C, and advil to cure symptoms fast. Hope this helps and good luck to all of you with mono, you will get through it.
Weini Lim
Weini Lim:
Hi there, can the B cells and macrophage activate the "CD8+ Tell" though? Dendritic cells with all the 3 signals sure can activate the CD8+ T cells but I am not sure if B cells and macrophages can do that too.
Teresa Cullen
Teresa Cullen:
The mineral high stability silver has helped my child she doesn't need antibiotics at on set sore throat spray with silver hope is of some help 💛💫💚
Can you get this desease multiple times? Or you become immune after getting it?
Eoghan O' Keeffe
Eoghan O' Keeffe:
I had this pretty bad but Medical Medium really helped me figure out what foods can help you feel better, wild blueberries are especially effective for anyone experiencing severe fatigue.
Nishat's Biology
Nishat's Biology:
I ask you a question in fb as u tell.But why r u not answering 🙄
Raman Toshniwal
Raman Toshniwal:
Phil i
Phil i:
Very interesting thank you! I got it years ago and had a really bad case, turned chronic 😪 my doctor didn’t really know so first two times I came in I got antibiotics only after 2 weeks she told me it may be ebv.. I was then super sick for a month, then moderately sick for 2 years and now 8 years later still cf and other problems 🥺😭🤯

does this infection impact the way my body responses to COVID-19?

Only later on they did blood work and much later more proper blood work and I had antibodies but also found out I had hepetitis infection on top..
I am screaming internally because this video is my entire presentation...

...That I made a month ago

I’m so sad, I’m not lucky... But no matter what amazing video, thank you!
gloria smith
gloria smith:
Lots of people don't actually recognize Dr.Osaoji on youtube has got the genital herpes cure
If Nuclear antibody is present does that mean I have a reactivated case of EBV?
Blaine Brantley
Blaine Brantley:
This is by far the worst sickness i’ve ever undergone. I had a severe sinus infection on top of it. Couldn’t eat for 7 days lost over a year of work in the gym my body turned to noodles. The sore throat lasted 16 days for me. Coughed up an unbelievable amount blood and mucus. Fever got up to 105.9 degrees and lasted probably half the day anywhere from 101-103 degrees usually. The fever didn’t affect me honestly. The sore throat was unbearable, to the point where my nose closed up becaude of congestion, then i had to breathe through my mouth, my throat completely closed up during sleep and i started choking and forcing water down my throat to frantically try to open it up or my nose and after a few seconds of panic i was able to. I’m only 19 and i was at the height of my health. I am the healthiest in my family. This shit is something other wordly. Covid wasn’t shit compared to this. i was put in the hospital for 13 days because it was so severe. My spleen was so inflamed every time i swallowed anything it was so bad that my whole body jumped and that caused my spleen to hurt every single time. This was created by the devil himself. i’m still trying to get over this shit. God bless anyone who has this right now.
Free Spirit With Nature
Free Spirit With Nature:
I believe it’s also related to herpes virus,because after I went to wedding,a friends ,were shaking hands ,strangers kissing me , ahhh next time 2 days later,they have a huge cold sore . Coincidence? I think not ! I get my first cold sore next month and mono ,I had mono 3-4 times as a kid, and severe tonsillitis, I had to get them out ., but what triggered it back,other than stress ? I know my body,and I think the two have to be related. Again there’s many different types,so I need to dig deeper. We also need to help others because this is related to CFS,and it’s hell..
Thomas Devault
Thomas Devault:
I was referred to Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, who finally help me defeat genital herpes completely
Luana V
Luana V:
Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Mono after being misdiagnosed with bipolar. I don’t get how could a doctor mix these 2.
Me The One G
Me The One G:
Ebv can be transmitted by std?!
Raven Despair
Raven Despair:
Hey so I have a question I want to see if someone can answer. My mom was diagnosed with ebv in 2015. I don't remember her having symptoms. I know I probably did drink from her I'm sure sometime. I never had mono nor have I been diagnosed with ebv. I also have never had the symptoms of ebv so is it possible I have it? If so should I watch out for my spit and blood? I'm washing my hands constantly and I'm always worried about infecting others. Should I be worried or not?
Firdusara Yasmin, 32
Firdusara Yasmin, 32:
What about latent infection caused by EBV. can it give rise to infectious mononucleosis during latent infection.
Currently hospitalise due to mono.
Diane Ibsen
Diane Ibsen:
You mentioned nutrition in this talk what nutrition are you referring to? Also, why would antibiotics be prescribed for a virus?
Oscar Dahmer
Oscar Dahmer:
I was making out with this super sexxy crystal meth user. Im so scared n paranoid i have this😖
luke shaw701
luke shaw701:
Lots of people don't actually recognize Dr.ademiso on youtube has got the genital herpes cure
Has anyone here tried the celery juice for the treatment?? Medical medium claims that celery juice will help kill the virus but there is no scientific proof in that.. Please let me know if anyone has tried it.. Thanks..
Serina Harvey
Serina Harvey:
So you’re saying my constant strep throat could be EBV?
Hi Armando! Are you available to answer a few questions?
When I was 4 yrs old, I had acute tonsillitis and had my it sinks removed. Now as an adult, I have ms, with a low CD8 T cell blood count and an elevated CD4/CD8 ratio. Do I have a lot of CD8 cells sequestered in my CNS doing the damage and that's why they appear low in my peripheral blood? Or do I genetically not reduce enough CD8 cells and that's why my body is unable to fight the EBV, hence the ms? Thank you.
Thank you soooooooo much doctor
Xander Prime
Xander Prime:
When i had it last year, I also had a complication where I got Hepatitis A and E from it, but i didn't hear you speak of it here
Madeline Michael
Madeline Michael:
OMG. I am totally free from Herpes after using Dr Umoru herbal medicine which I ordered.
panosalpha man
panosalpha man:
When can I kiss again?
Heather Z
Heather Z:
Excellent video demonstration. Very informative to clearly understand. I had mono in HS, and since 2009 I’ve had a blood test each year that has come back positive. I suffer daily. I can’t seem to come out of it. I was on a antiviral for a year and didn’t help. I’ve taken every vitamin under the sun it seems. That have given me a good hour here or there or so. Right now my levels are 600. And that was when I could finally feel good enough to make it out of the house and see doctor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Martina Martino bolster
Martina Martino bolster:
Wanna thank Dr Madida on YouTube for helping me cure my herpes virus with herbal medicine
oh great!🙄
oh great!🙄:
My god i kissed many girls
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Dr. Bugs
Dr. Bugs:
Kindred Marvis
Kindred Marvis:
I received a healing herbs from Dr Madida on YouTube that cured me of Human papilomavirus.
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Ararat Qarachatani:
Thank you
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David Wilson:
Dr madida from youtube cured me with his herbal medicines.
luke shaw701
luke shaw701:
Still stunned with the immediate healing i received off the genital herpes after using herbal meds prepared by Dr.ademiso on youtube
Roxanne Bennett
Roxanne Bennett:
tell me why I started getting this on my lips as a 12 year old.... im so worried this will give me cancer :(
Dimitra Zafeiri
Dimitra Zafeiri:
Jokes are on the 'asymptomatics,' who account for the majority of EBV cases (or any herpes virus for that matter). Those that do not know they have it and navigate life carelessly -- while the virus happily spreads about -- are the ones who suffer the after the irreversible damage has been done. Having suffered from fever and terrible infections for years, I finally found the root cause of it all; have I not had the symptoms, I would be blissfully ignorant and my nerve cells would be paying for it. EBV, along with the rest of the herpes strains, are stealth and disastrous. They work from the inside and not only infect cells, but they also cause the immune system to attack the nerve cells and the degeneration commences slowly and steadily. Hence why most Alzheimer patients have been found with some type of the herpes complex in their systems.
Sri ram Bhardwaj
Sri ram Bhardwaj:
Amanda's Tarot Moonlight Messenger
Amanda's Tarot Moonlight Messenger:
Thank you
Fred Firestone
Fred Firestone:
Its the hell. I was 5 years in total fatique because of this shit.
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Jerry West:
I'm so glad i came across Dr. Ahonle on YouTube, he actually helped me defeat herpes simplex virus
, keep saving lives
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Chayni Paul:
Thank you sir
fergani hafsa
fergani hafsa:
I got cancer from ebv it aint no joke
Luci Lanuchi
Luci Lanuchi:
They gave it to us through shots in childhood and want us to believe through kissing,