Euphoria Star "Ashtray" Is Also A Boxing AND Gymnastics PRODIGY | Javon "Wanna" Walton

11 year-old Javon "Wanna" Walton is a beast! There's no doubt that he's going to make it BIG in the boxing world.

COMMENT with how many rounds you think you could last with Javon!

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100+ comentarios:

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Seems like a good fighter, but more importantly, a good kid.
Isaac Drake
Isaac Drake:
When I first clicked on this video I was thinking “oh boy, this kid is gonna be so full of himself and cocky” because of the talents he has. But when I got done with it, I really liked this kid! he is so humble and nice even after all of this fame. Keep up the great work!
Richy Rivera
Richy Rivera:
This kid is something else...such an impressive attitude...I wish him everything he deserves for his hard work ethic..
Wow, he had me at "I'm fighting for you." Parents are doing a great job with their babies ❤
Mind of Zyzz
Mind of Zyzz:
This kid motivates me for real. I look forward to see his future career
ya Boy Jonez
ya Boy Jonez:
Wish I was in sports at 11. This kid has a bright future.
Suicidal Sacrifice
Suicidal Sacrifice:
This is what happens when you teach your child to think and move forward with a strong drive like an adult and also taught to know that he's still just a child and should relax and have fun doing whatever it is he loves. Great parent for not placing any unnecessary burdens on him
Charles Morris
Charles Morris:
Wow I was blown away .This young man is going to be a champion one day. I love his dedication
Silas Pirschel
Silas Pirschel:
Mad respect towards this kid, a good work ethic is everything
Sydney Doeschot
Sydney Doeschot:
Everyone’s first crawl is a army crawl
Mason Scriffs
Mason Scriffs:
his maturity at that age is through the roof
Adopted and Corrupted
Adopted and Corrupted:
Not only are these kids very talented, I love the way they are being raised
Seems like a good kid with supportive parents. Best of luck young man.
John 14:6
John 14:6:
This kid is amazing, I really like his personality which is a tribute to his parents! I like how he cares for other, the way he speaks and his smile! Keep it up young man!
What a gifted, but humble kid. I've thoroughly enjoyed his work on Euphoria and see many great things ahead for him and wish him all the best. 🍀 💐 🏆 🏅
His dad has the face of Randy Orton but the body of Batista
I wish great success to you Javon! Use your energy to ad something good to the world
Doctor Campbell
Doctor Campbell:
I love this kid! Love the whole family. Inspiring
He’s amazing focused and determined, motivated
Paco Ramirez
Paco Ramirez:
Outstanding young man, the parents need to be proud of themselves for such great guidance , and not just for wanna but for the entire family, he is truly blessed. i cant an i will be looking for him on the Olympics here in the near future.
When his mom said “hey babe i think the baby just punched me” she wasn’t kidding
Honestly out of all sports, these two actually work. You get really strong through boxing, so then can focus on flipping in the gym, not conditioning.
Beloved l3mondrop1989
Beloved l3mondrop1989:
He’s going to be an Awsome father married one at that when he gets older you can just tell I love the way he is a protecter at a young age n raised well just shows love that he’s motivated n care about his health n body ! That’s what’s up
Essa Queta
Essa Queta:
I congratulate this mom and dad. I congratulate Javon for his amazing work ethics, his focus.. keep it going!!!
Jake J
Jake J:
Well he's never getting bullied 😂
John Lo
John Lo:
You have the best parents young man!!! All the best throughout your journey and keep up the hard work
Donna Kellman
Donna Kellman:
Forget his athletic achievements what impresses me the most is his attitude..What an amazing young man ♥️
Micky Dub
Micky Dub:
Eddy Ballester
Eddy Ballester:
Tremendously impressed... how can one not be?! Much respect. PARENTS... remarkable job!
I too will be following your amateur careers. Thanks for allowing us to know you and your family and bid you all continued success. Blessings,
Father Leo
Father Leo:
It's always so nice and wholesome to see a father train their child in a sport. Mr. Walton seems like a great father.
Karina V
Karina V:
He’s a sweetheart and a beast at the same time!
Zoe Pardo
Zoe Pardo:
I love how he is humble 😄 unlike some of the other kids on no days off
Me when I was 11y/o

Ringing neighbor's doorbell and running
Ben Stock
Ben Stock:
I’m telling you American kindergarten teachers are always the sweetest.
Nene Vz
Nene Vz:
Good on you young man. Keep up the hard work
This kid's a beast. Being a former gymnast myself I can tell you -He's on point and definitely on a good track. Can't wait to see this kid's future.
my school's staff members would have a heart attack when they see his haircut
Paul Forte
Paul Forte:
What a wonderful kid, and family!
Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt:
Hard work and dedication champ let's go champ show the world who you are aim for the top go to the top
Andrea Bratcher
Andrea Bratcher:
Much RESPECT to 'Wanna'!!!
MFT Outdoors
MFT Outdoors:
You just got to live this kid. Congratulations kid. Well done 👍🏻. Also congrats to your dad and mom.
Daniel Saunders
Daniel Saunders:
Most people’s first crawl looks like an army crawl
Jon Hammer
Jon Hammer:
Humble. All the hard work dedication and family support not to mention a born athlete all adds up to many victory's in all aspects
Ian Appleton
Ian Appleton:
He ain't gonna be just an Olympic boxer he's going all the way
Deborah 888
Deborah 888:
What a precious kid! Tough as nails, but precious!
Janzel's Aquatic
Janzel's Aquatic:
I just knew this kid was destined for greatness. Even in the show he has this Aura
Tartan Boxing Analysis
Tartan Boxing Analysis:
His Dad must be mega proud, what a seriously talented kid, defo going places, great attitude aswell!
Great Hard working parents. Little boy is a Beast 💪
Taj Hayes
Taj Hayes:
It's refreshing 2 C a young child soooo dedicated 2 HIS sports of choice... WELL DONE Wanna!!
Christopher Hutchinson
Christopher Hutchinson:
Amazing person! You can tell he genuinely loves that teacher.
This kid is a beast! If he doesn't become a big time actor he will definitely be a great boxer.
His parents are great. The "we can make it happen" attitude along with not forcing him to take the normal, tedious school route that can destroy kids. Good on em.
i love him he needs to be protected
Real Life
Real Life:
When I thought I couldn’t love him more❤️❤️❤️
Quinten mantez
Quinten mantez:
Amazing kidd and family! He's going to be a name in the future!
"math is my favorite subject"

that will change soon
Just leave me alone
Just leave me alone:
I love his story. But it kills me inside on how I’ve always been interested in gymnastics,boxing,football,basketball. Everything just everything but I’ve never had a chance to use it. On my 12th birthday I got signed up for football and I was HELLA excited and I was AGGRESSIVE my coaches were coach Mendez and my dad we had the dummies and u could here the smack and they saw the potential and effort. When I got into my first game I was rocking out everyone till I got to school football and I was on C team. I couldn’t go to practices bc no one was abled to pick me up and not only that I just didn’t like it anymore. When I was 6 I got into boxing and my older brother would help me with my footwork and how to hold my balance and the way I should hit and we would always practice and his hands were red at the end but my mom always said “ur a girl” “u can’t do boxing ur to small” “You’ll get hurt” so I didn’t practice for anything and my mom dropped me out of gymnastics when I was getting into my back tucks. But now I don’t have my brother to help me out bc he passed away but I punch the air and my mom is putting me in boxing classes and getting my right shoulder checked out since I tore my upper bicep and rotator cuff so I can pass the physical to play football next year and so I can get into boxing more. But javon had made my motivation go way up.
he has PHENOMENAL parents, and he's a PHENOMENAL kid that understands and appreciates that, what a blessing this family is! Excited for their entire success as a family!
And now he’s an actor too apparently. He’s in the show Euphoria. I remember seeing this kid in videos like this and then I saw that show and was like “that’s that boxing kid”
Matt Einstein
Matt Einstein:
He is such a good kid!
Nature Videos
Nature Videos :
This kid does two of the hardest sports in the world and I can't even run the Pacer test for gym class
John Thompson
John Thompson:
What an amazing young boy
boxing is lit 2019
boxing is lit 2019:
Great job I am very super beyond proud at this guy
The Dodger
The Dodger:
Good kid, he'll defo go far!
Rasaq Yinka
Rasaq Yinka:
"when I grow up, I look forward to sparring in the ring with my dad".... That hits differently
When I was his age I was eating candy and watching TV and bouncing on a trampoline, so basically the same thing I’m still doing at 26😂😂😂😂
Alisha Chaulagain
Alisha Chaulagain:
What a sportsmanship 🥊
jackson • 1 year ago
jackson • 1 year ago:
Wow. Such a sweet kid, Hope he gets to grow up to be a next Mayweather.
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo:
The mentality he has is in another level! Reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo, if he keeps it up he will be at the top!
Fuh-Q TV
Fuh-Q TV:
Javon and his sister are a huge inspiration and motivation to me and and my young son. I think this is proof that you are either born with it nor not. They have the drive and work ethic in their genes, talent to match, and sure it helps that dad is the coach, owns his own gym, and they are able to train every day, which is what's needed if you wanna compete on a professional level. These kids will be champions no question.
Frank White
Frank White:
This kid is a star 🌟 and comes from a great family his CV sister is a great athlete
Ray Longoria
Ray Longoria:
Awesome kid! Awesome family!!!
He can reach a lot with this mentality. Keep going
Talon Polach
Talon Polach:
This kid is gonna be one of the greatest fighters of all time in about 15 years. I’m callin it now.
Tristan Kellenberger
Tristan Kellenberger:
0:32 that punch can really hurt your arm
Dwayne Dunlop
Dwayne Dunlop:
The kids a beast well done to him
0:09 those punches on the bag flowed perfectly into a nice sounding sequence
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown:
This kid is so amazing
Lily Vetrugno
Lily Vetrugno:
You don't have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.
Recently, i started boxing. On my first lesson, my coach told my mum i have potential. Ever since that day, ive trained like im GONNA be in the olympics. When training, think of someone or something as long as it gives you the motivation to know that YOU can and YOU will be a champ. We're all champs.
Blake Lycan
Blake Lycan:
this kid motivates me so much to accompilish what i beilive in
Petr Per
Petr Per:
Parents own the gym. Mum and a dad seem to have their heads screwed on. Big future for you kid! Good luck!
Just another Jackleg
Just another Jackleg:
Loved every second of it. BUT please put a helmet and seat belt on those boys. I work in the ER and I see fatal head injuries on machines like this consistently. Bless those kiddos.
Dmitri Ramdhanie
Dmitri Ramdhanie:
No way this kid is in euphoria 😂
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez:
This kid's parents are super stars 🤙 the support and mentorship and time being dedicated to their kid's progress is superb
Man, this kid inspires me. No front, no ego, just pushing himself and running after it. Taking note of that attitude, gonna try and apply it to my own life.
This man first crawl was a army crawl ✊🏾
Jayla Fendii
Jayla Fendii:
Now he’s on euphoria 💗🤧
Chris Benavidez
Chris Benavidez:
13 yrs. Army..... Love the inspiration and drive.... Go hard kid never quit...never back down.... Love ur parents and family with all ur might and put ur trust and power in God and the heavens are the limit!!! God Speed
Dead-Guy 510
Dead-Guy 510:
I want this kid to train me 👍
Joao Portesantava
Joao Portesantava:
This little kid is amazing and humble. If you listen to him speak it’s like your speaking to an adult with strong Christian values. He is one of the brothers in the movie “The Addams Family”
Henos Dawit
Henos Dawit:
You are a champ .I admire you and your dad very much.meep it up man
kastro mide
kastro mide:
He's so mature at that age.
Peter Vasz
Peter Vasz:
Calling it he’s going to a be a champion at one point. Going to return when it happens.
Cassidy green
Cassidy green:
He's adorable and so athletic
Project Owxn
Project Owxn:
Me and this kid are the same age, same size, same weight. I was ranked number 4 in my Taekwondo division out of my whole country. I want to challenge this kid to an MMA fight.
The sister got inspired by him and did boxing and he got inspired by her and did gymnastics
I don’t want to mess with him he is so fast 💨
hydro flask
hydro flask:
I can’t wait to see this kid when he’s grown