European Super League confirmed by 12 founding clubs

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AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid & Tottenham Hotspur have agreed to establish a new European Super League.

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100+ comentarios:

Football is finished, I am so sad to hear about this....
If you have Christmas every month, will it still be so special?
Ivan Juarez
Ivan Juarez:
I guess arteta wasn’t kidding when he said he isn’t planning for another season without European football lmao
I'm a 38 year old United fan. Fan for 35 years. If this happens - I'm done. I'll go support Aston Villa coz I've always loved them as my 2nd team.
As a Man U fan I’m ashamed they’re not making a stand against this
The funniest part is that all the owners got together and said “the fans are gonna go crazy for this one”
Proud of the Bundesliga clubs👍🏻
It really pains me to say this, but I will probably disown Liverpool if things don’t get sorted, will give my support to a club that cares about Football. Genuinely heartbroken.
Huge respect for Bayern, Dortmund and PSG for rejecting this!!
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Once the Super League agree to pay UEFA, FIFA , Premier League and La Liga a certain percentage of the money they earn you'll see that they would stop complaining 💯
Is anyone going to address the elephant in the room....Sky's role in greed and the beautiful game.
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee:
When it all turns sour and they want to return, make them start in League two. Right at the bottom.
It's SOOOOOO touching how concerned the "founding clubs" are about the fans' preferences. I weep for their thoughtfulness!
Edward ll
Edward ll:
Jordan Coupe
Jordan Coupe:
"Open a new chapter"??😂 its the end of the book now😤
Arvind B
Arvind B:
" yeah it is about the money " drops the phone

Drops my heart 💔
 Zhane M
Zhane M:
Liverpool lowkey just said to fans "you will walk alone"
im not lazy
im not lazy:
It's literally turning into the NBA 🤧
I love it. Out with the old. In with the new. Ac Milan will once again be Ac MONEY 😍😍❤️
Official rozay
Official rozay:
Imagine only English clubs,Italian clubs and Spanish clubs are the ones who have actually accepted this silly proposal to destroy football and their fanbase worldwide 💔
James Jim
James Jim:
Shocking. I hope these 12 clubs will be punished.
'Created by the poor, stolen by the rich. ' 😔
This feels like a new beginning
Proud to be a Bayern Fan even more !
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky:
People don't know what they want until you give it to them. Relax and enjoy the entertainment. Life is too short to be worrying about trivials
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas:
RIP Football, I’m going back to Call of Duty, it was nice knowing you lot
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in:
I'm absolutely disguised most of these owners don't care fair play to Bayern and psg for rejecting the offer
Anyone Butme
Anyone Butme:
My great and most successful club in the world Rangers will replace one of these schiesters in the Premier league then?

#55 titles 😁🇬🇧🇬🇧
Lewis Johns
Lewis Johns:
Soon they will start drafting the players across teams just like they do in American football
Ant Dubya
Ant Dubya:
If these so called big six clubs think "it all will be ok once the dust settles" they've got another thing coming. They're actually telling their own supporters to 🖕🏻
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
It’s been a month and I still watch this just to laugh at this farce 😂😂😂
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
" yeah it is about the money " drops the phone Drops my heart 💔
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj:
" yeah it is about the money " drops the phone Drops my heart 💔
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke:
Top teams vs. Top teams, this is exactly what we want to see. You fools talking about you don't want that. Every event is amazing when it's the best v the best or creme de la creme. Let's go !!!
Been a arsenal fan my whole life never felt so ashamed shirts going in the bin will never step foot in the Emirates again
Araf Chowdhury
Araf Chowdhury:
The beauty of football is smaller clubs fighting their way to glory, not the big clubs always being in the spotlight
We've emotions attached with these competitions. As a city fan I've always wanted us to win the UCL and was always heartbroken when we failed to do so. I don't think we can generate those emotions for a new competition made for fixed number of members who have joined just for money. Football is becoming more of a business than a game. Disappointed.
Let's take this time to acknowledge the smart moves of both the Ligue1 and Bundesliga clubs
Andy G
Andy G:
If we are condemning this “greed” and this being “all about the money” can we also go into the trophy cases at Man City and Chelsea and condemn everything they have won in the past 20 years?
I'm a huge Chelsea fan and I hope we will win this season in Champions League.
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia:
Can't believe it but after 20 years following Manchester United I'm actually considering following another team
playing against top teams regularly takes the excitement out of it. We eagerly wait for those big games and now they're going to happen every week?
Moses N
Moses N:
The “super league” will most likely cut a share of the money for the domestic leagues and they’ll be allowed to do whatever.
Louis Gayle
Louis Gayle:
R.I.P to the game it's a sad day & I'm absolutely Disgusted by my club Man Utd for signing up to it
Anyone Butme
Anyone Butme:
The "Kerry packer" cricket scenario now come to football.
Not only have they lost our support, they have lost our respect. Never have I been more disappointed to support Liverpool FC. RIP Football.
Yeah so excited ❤️
Tom W
Tom W:
This is exciting, I'm up for it!
Im predicting that this is just going to be used as some heavy handed bargaining tactics for the biggest teams and how tv rights work.
As an Arsenal fan, how do we expect to compete in a super league when we cant even beat bloody Fulham at home????
Matty Grin
Matty Grin:
Theyre lucky this was announced before fans are allowed to be back in stadiums
Bridget Bridget
Bridget Bridget:
Another sign of last days :” men will be lovers of money, betrayers” 🤦🏾‍♂️
Baby Lama
Baby Lama:
Only yesterday morning, I was saying how my love for my club (Chelsea) is at its highest it’s ever been. What a let down to hear this news. It’s up to the players to refuse to play, and the tv stations to refuse to buy the rights to show any matches
Sam Sorabjee
Sam Sorabjee:
To any Chelsea fan that reads this.

These clubs have made it clear, money is more important then the fans... If you live in West London you’re welcome to watch football at Loftus Road. This is bigger then any rivalry
What is Tottenham doing the "super league" when they havent even won a single champions league title? LMAO
YourAsianComrade 27
YourAsianComrade 27:
Time to take off my Man United kits and support West Ham, Lord Lingardinho 🔥
Mo Okacha
Mo Okacha:
This is an obvious reaction to state owned clubs spending billions “ psg owned by the government of Qatar and city owned by the government of Abu Dhabi .
Gareth Jordan
Gareth Jordan:
If this does go ahead I hope the rest of PL clubs refuse to play any team involved
Tumwesigye Ronald
Tumwesigye Ronald:
Most of the Pundits have made us "fans" hate this. We dont know whether its good or not
Yorel C
Yorel C:
Im almost 30 and never ever would i thought this would happen my last weeks as a United fan are done after 20years im done with Them smh sad days coming 😢
Mark your Calendars, folks.

Sunday, April 18th, 2021: the day football, as we once loved so dearly, died.
Ian blvd
Ian blvd:
It’s the asernal taking part for me😭🤣🤣🤣
Max Payne
Max Payne:
The real football has just begun 😍
Don Din
Don Din:
The superleague!
(AKA The death of football...)
Luke Sheffield
Luke Sheffield:
Fun fact: all of the English teams what are doing this aren't founder clubs of the efl
FF Bear
FF Bear:
Any northerners looking for a new red team to support, Middlesbrough is a great club that actually cares about our fans
Super league is gonna bang, cant wait for that
Joel Patchy
Joel Patchy:
Remember when Gary Neville said they will back out once they see the backlash 🤣
Nischal 1925
Nischal 1925:
what is my total price?
of mouse an keyboard
tony terpine
tony terpine:
Goodbye football...Goodbye everything💀
Kian Fleming
Kian Fleming:
Can’t wait to see arsenal lose every game 😭😭 I’m an arsenal fan btw
Jojo Iyke
Jojo Iyke:
I'm excited by this, I wish EPL will be scrapped as well due to poor officiating
tyler w
tyler w:
I’m a West Ham fan now. Hail Lord Lingardhino
Welp, time to support MLS ✌
Honestly I would say replace the cl with super league
Mas A
Mas A:
Real Madrid 5 - Arsenal 0, Barcelona 5 - Arsenal 0. DT - "When's it gonna end Robbie" 😂😂😂
J C:
This is ridiculous! Even more so is that there’s 12 teams confirmed and 6 are from England? Tottenham and arsenal are not elite clubs, rip football
veikko vuorma
veikko vuorma:
The day it starts is the day I will retire from supporting this sport and Manchester United.
Just imagining the profits for these founding clubs is crazy
Evan Sokolson
Evan Sokolson:
Hello there, I’m new to football and this seems like a great idea to me. Can someone pls explain what the hesitation is all about? Thanks!
No one
No one:
"Our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to the fans' desires"...

I've never seen one football fan ask for a European Super League.
Im just sorry for the fans, the players and the managers
Norberto Hernandez
Norberto Hernandez:
Will they still be playing in the prem and Ucl the rest of this season
Mathis Emoua
Mathis Emoua:

Super League? Without Me! ☺
nico cacci
nico cacci:
Can't wait to see the new league 😊
Grace Lord
Grace Lord:
As a Nottingham Forest fan, I am disappointed that we have not been given a seat at the table, we have won more European cups than 5 of those teams. We deserve a chance to be hated as well surely.
EDIT: Some people really didn’t get the sarcasm did they? Any forest fan knows we’ve been rubbish the past few years. It’s a joke, wouldn’t want to join the super league even if they asked us.
Keshran Chetty
Keshran Chetty:
Those who have made these decisions feel we will all still continue to watch despite what happens. We will still buy season tickets, merchandise etc. We need to make a stand. If you support one of the 12 clubs, boycott the games. Don't watch, unfollow the club pages and sponsors however leave players and managers out of it. I doubt they had a say! We need to unite 🙏
Bigger man Dan
Bigger man Dan:
Can somebody explain to me why everyone is mad about this , it seems like a great idea to me we get elite clubs competing against elite club
Kate White
Kate White:
Bloody hell; Jose’s left spurs !!!
edo: more farmers teams like in UCL, this is the way to go for the future
We have to unite as football fans and mass unfollow all the big teams on all their social media platforms
Kazimali Mawji
Kazimali Mawji:
Even the IPL had resistance from conception. This will transform football to new heights.
sharudin Bin Acob
sharudin Bin Acob:
deduct 50 points from these clubs for each season and see how big they are after that
Tom Roach
Tom Roach:
I want to know what the players in this super league think about this 🤔
Anton Slizzardhands
Anton Slizzardhands:
I love how they call it the Super League. All the other teams will have to be in the Villain Regime to even things out.
Jordan 23
Jordan 23:
“The poor people in England/Scotland made the sport and the rich ruined it” saw someone on tik tok say this and wanted to say it here because it’s true.
Chris CSS
Chris CSS:
i agree with the super league, can't wait to watch
Lawrence bolt
Lawrence bolt:
"Capitalism is only cool when it's done onto others, not on us" -western population
Charles Odinaka
Charles Odinaka:
I dont care i just want to watch my team play, I didnt start supporting my team because of FIFA or UEFA or FA
Mark Hand
Mark Hand:
When i first heard about this i thought it was just the media creating a story. They talked about this many times in the past, but it seems serious this time. Obviously driven by the enormous drop in revenue from covid, but who is financing this? where is the financial backing coming from? and and how is this financial model sustainable without additional interest in this super league.
Angry Rantman
Angry Rantman:
It's a disgrace