European Super League announced by a breakaway group of 12 clubs, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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torai manchester
torai manchester:
Imagine arsenal in a super league getting slapped back to back by Madrid Barca and Liverpool every week
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius:
hugh truly is one of the greatest orators of our time
Poras Srivastava
Poras Srivastava:
I love fulham, crystal palace, Southampton and all these other cultured clubs who've been part of the rich history of the English game for so long, watching my team travel to Southampton, Bournemouth is beautiful and a cultured experience, the fans singing silly chants, the upsets of a small club defeating a "big" One. The growth of small clubs to big clubs like Leicester City, the moments of sheer joy when an underdog is promoted to the prem from the championship, the appreciation when they manage to stay. The long balls of dyche's Burnley, the underscoring brilliance of Potter's Brighton. I would never want any of that to change.
Muhamed Dalagija
Muhamed Dalagija:
This just shows clubs like leicester and atalanta are doing something right
Bang on. This is a microcosm of what is happening in society as a whole. Big money is not only poisoning sport, but also Media, Gaming, Music (the arts in general) and a hell of a lot more. Creativity and passion are being strangled. The warning signs have been there for years.
Tevin Royes
Tevin Royes:
Guys we better keep our Old Fifa discs the future is looking bleak 🤣🤣
Rumaan Razzaq
Rumaan Razzaq:
Klopp will be the first manager to speak out today, as a Liverpool fan I hope he says he walks at the end of this season, he shouldn’t have to deal with this bs
The super league confirms what we already knew. Billionaire owners will do anything for a profit even if it means squeezing the fans and destroying what makes football special. Football needs more fan ownership and a players' union to stand up to these leeches. I pray that the Arsenal I know and love can be saved.
J W:
There are plenty of reasons to be ashamed of for being an Arsenal fan these days. None bigger than this however.
Someone less lazy than me needs to set up a petition for club owners to be legally forced to sell 51% of their shares to the clubs fans. Go...
Matthew D.
Matthew D.:
I’d gladly take the misery I’ve endured as an Arsenal fan again if it meant this wasn’t actually happening
We need Tottenham in this league or who else we gonna beat?
This move is the exact example of selling your soul
Tom Hackett
Tom Hackett:
Hugh is the godfather of football consciousness. I love listening to you bro, your views are so clear and unbiased, I absolutely love it. Thank you.
This was an emotional one Hugh..
Robert Evans
Robert Evans:
Much Respect hugh this was bloody brilliant amazing bro much respect knew you were class from Kick TV nothing but class
Fede Wesley
Fede Wesley:
Should have had a 18+ disclaimer. The hard hitting home truths were hitting really hard....Violence at its finest
Jürgen Klopp was upset that the Liverpool owners threw him under the bus by not telling him what they planned.
Dan Rohn
Dan Rohn:
Who even defines a club as a ‘big club’? Leicester and Atalanta and West Ham and Southampton and Ajax and Porto etc etc etc would miss out because they’re ‘not a big club’ but could easily beat some of these clubs. Absolute Joke
T K:
This has so many layers to it. Covid, no fans, silencing people on socials, etc. crazy times. In the end its ALL about money.
julien Zajac
julien Zajac:
Football created by the poor and stolen by the rich
Like you said this situation is just a microcosm of what has been going on for decades all over society...
aditya28 joshi
aditya28 joshi:
If i wanted to watch something like this i would have woken up at 4 in the morning to watch NBA, football is great because of it's structure, i want Arsenal to be amongst the elite but not like this but by actually being good
jonjo tweddle
jonjo tweddle:
The moments of silence and restraint are so epic I felt every one of them keep the fight going lad
You were looking for 'Bayeux Tapestry', Hugh. ;)
Kc Link
Kc Link:
The T-Rex mascot was fire because they couldn't afford him. But yet they are joining the Super League.
Raja Singh
Raja Singh:
the fact that arsenal and tottenham are included in this says it all
Tim Brown
Tim Brown:
Ultimately they only speak the language of money. If this goes through let your wallet do the talking!
T Amazin
T Amazin:
Jason McCann
Jason McCann:
Football has been gone for the past few years now and this is the straw that has broke the camels back for me. It is a very sad time to be an Arsenal fan!
One thing I worry for is if they leave will the prem tv deal collapse & if it does what will happen to the rest of the prem clubs who will be screwed with wages to pay without the money coming in anymore
D Redondo
D Redondo:
If there is anyone I wanna hear on this it's 🗣Hugh
Callum Woodward
Callum Woodward:
We’re now that little bit closer towards international football being hidden behind a paywall. It’s a real shame.
Ethan Mackenzie
Ethan Mackenzie:
I’ve never been more ashamed to be an Arsenal fan, despite how horrific the lows have been for our club this season. Football is officially dead, soccer is born.
It's a shame that Hugh and Mckola will never be on true Geordie ever again together
Fred Martin
Fred Martin:
Liverpool fan here! Since birth as my father before me! If this goes through, the shirt is being burnt & i'm supporting Crystal Palace (my great grandfather was born and raised by the ground)
Hugh is a comics nerd! He quoted Darkseid! Confirmed.
Elliott Lewis
Elliott Lewis:
On your point about US College sports, the athletes are exploited and there is still a separation in levels, certain Uni's make up their own sort of 'BIG SIX'
Kc Link
Kc Link:
A rare time where Tottenham and Arsenal fans are in agreement against this so called "Super" League.
Striker 4888
Striker 4888:
Knew you’d drop a video on this. Thanks bro
I've been called not a real fan by warning my club fanbase about our owners FSG and how evil they are, how ignorant and arrogant they have been towards fans and the club and been shot down every time called all sorts of names under the sun and by the news last night and now this morning I feel sad and hurt heartbroken 😢💔
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce:
I knew Hugh would be the Don to tell it EXACTLY like it is. 👌🏾 🔥
nik sinton
nik sinton:
Best commentary of this out there.
Tom Law
Tom Law:
Freeing the realness g wizzy
Love you Hugh, keep us going in these corrupted fraudulence times 🥺😪
Pablo A
Pablo A:
Your words still echoing even now
Arsene Wenger has been echoing your words for time now Hugh.
Now I can start supporting Bayern Munich without shame
Sean Kastro
Sean Kastro:
Me: The premiership has ruined football
E.S.L.: Hold my beer
Rami Ben Kemla
Rami Ben Kemla:
Club Africain from Tunisia Tifo shared by Wes Fofana there.
rafael martinez
rafael martinez:
I missed these 💯💯💯
Thom Miall
Thom Miall:
Much love Hugh! Such a decent human with equal parts comedy and integrity.
Thanks Hugh!!
20:21 my favourite line from Hugh. This was an emotional watch.
Chris the Jag
Chris the Jag:
I saw the thumbnail and i thought he was the vocalist of SOAD 🤣🤣
I'm an Arsenal fan but watching Everton, west ham, Aston Villa and Leicester making this season one of the most exciting season in recent history is the reason i love our domestic league. European Super League greedy phucking owners to take the heart, spirit and passion out of the game because they can't handle our culture.
Kay DaHumbleguy
Kay DaHumbleguy:
Well said Hugh, i appreciate your balance on both side of the coin. Love you content from NYC!
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:
No controversy, Hugh. Unilateral rejection. The question is how much power the people dare to wield.
There's always YouTubes very own , hashtag utd if you need a new first team to support !!
Ayush Vikhe
Ayush Vikhe:
Nice to see hugh watches Cricket
James Noel
James Noel:
Late night fraudulence couldn’t be more apt for this subject matter, cheers Hugh ✊
Fergie's Son
Fergie's Son:
They will pull out because of the Backlash and try re-negotiate their cut on d TV rights from Sky & BT TRUST DAT 💯
Big up Hugh we are battling for the fucking souls of our clubs! Let's stand together!
FaZe Chapman
FaZe Chapman:
The day football officially died RIP Football 2021
Dave Lee
Dave Lee:
Leeds vs Liverpool is gonna be interesting having the world supporting us.
And I just can’t get over not being able to play Everton twice a season.
Stuart Morris
Stuart Morris:
Beautiful piece dear. Spot on.
har_ mar
har_ mar:
There was a man city fan on talksport and his first comment was along the lines of man city making a european super lesgue and they havent even won it
Omoi Kumogakure
Omoi Kumogakure:
You sir are a national treasure...
hugh is on fucking fire in this one lads.
James Swinbanks
James Swinbanks:
Don’t think it’s necessarily fair to call out fans willing to leave their favorite clubs behind as being disingenuous in their support. Chances are it’s just as painful a call for them to make as you imagine it to be.
Jonathan Porter
Jonathan Porter:
The fans, the players and managers of the 6 need to issue a joint statement saying they will not be part of the European league so they don't have anything to sell, the PFA needs to do something for once.
Hugh Wizzy keeper of the gate for real football .
Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews:
As a spurs fan I need to find a new football team to support I've heard that Newcastle can bottle it almost with the same efficiency.
Adam Varey
Adam Varey:
Surprised mike Ashley hasn't tried to sneak us in cos this seems to be a way to squeeze the money out of clubs with no regard for football
Erik Lold
Erik Lold:
Done with supporting/watching any club that’s a part of this.
Amazon tv it's all coming mate its coming let's all protest! Utd fan!
What we need is immediate mass cancellation of sport channel subscriptions, top 6 club memberships and season tickets!
MC13ANY Double Deuce
MC13ANY Double Deuce:
Really thought it was just me.

Thank You 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
The only thing that has brought all the TV pundits together. Gives you an idea the kind of $$$ the broadcasters are scared to lose. As much you may agree with them, it's funny seeing them take the moral high ground.
Jonny Techno
Jonny Techno:
"Could you walk away from your club?" I didnt think i could and to some extent I havent but while I do consider myself a fan I did give up my season ticket, no longer pay to watch them and only really follow results in the news ... my logic was that i would no longer invest in the club if management weren't going to
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi:
39:10 is how football owner see the fans as
Jesse Balaban-Feld
Jesse Balaban-Feld:
Well said you get older it becomes more an more obvious how money rules all
Filip Klevmark
Filip Klevmark:
People arguing this would be more competitive, when big teams have been struggling against mid-bottom half of the table clubs all season
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions:
When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die
luke p
luke p:
German clubs aren't included because they are 51% of the club are owned by fans
C B:
Gary Neville shouting about how its disgraceful for Sky Sports, while we have to pay monthly £60 to sky for the sports channels which includes having to buy the entertainment package for £20 because you can't just have sports and then have to go over to BT and pay for them too, which again has to include a base package, because they both only show half the seasons games each.
Oliver Frost
Oliver Frost:
It breaks me to walk away from Arsenal and I won't be able to fully like you say, Hugh. But I refuse to support this anymore. We're not Arsenal anymore. That's why I am.
mo sohail
mo sohail:
Imagine if PL deduct points, west ham or Leicester win the league and arsenal get relegated🤣🤣
Jared Smith
Jared Smith:
Sky sports won't be broadcasting anything, the super league will create its own platform to stream and pocket the money themselves
Tony Yayo
Tony Yayo:
Had to subscribe big up urself
Christopher Roux
Christopher Roux:
Great video. Everyone must keep speaking up against this! The European Super League is a scandal fuelled by the greed of some of the world's richest football club owners. No competition or jeopardy = anti-football. This must be stopped! Football fans across the world must unite against this. Speak up - email clubs, tweet, get on social media. We will be heard. #NoSuperLeague
Anugrah Shrestha
Anugrah Shrestha:
If Arsenal actually get removed from European competitions like Europa and Champions League then us winning it this season has zero purpose. All our struggle has been for no reason.
Liam Sankey
Liam Sankey:
I am 100% willing to walk away from my club. Liverpool fc
bryan ryan
bryan ryan:
You know what every time I’m like I’m going to support another club I can’t do it it’s to many generations of support, but they know us football fans will still support because as a marketing strategy they have taken something that we unconditionally love and said fuck everyone and everything you know it’s heartbreaking
Arsenal finishing near the bottom every year will like being in The Robin Hood Holiday Camp that I went to, as a kid. They had barbed wire around the Holiday Camp....not to stop anyone breaking in but to stop he, inmates/holidaymakers, from escaping......
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues:
It's bad for for the leagues they are leaving . You need to have lower leagues to produce talent
Sure you can buy football kits and wear them as a grown man - when your playing the beautiful game yourself. Play twice a week! Stay connected to the sport apart from just watching...