EUROVISION SONG CONTEST Stars Will Ferrell & Rachel McAdams On Lip Syncing Volcano Man | MTV Movies

Will Ferrell & Rachel McAdams discuss their new Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. They talk lip syncing to Molly Sandén’s voice in the hit song, Volcano Man and co-star Pierce Brosnan reveals if he’s ready to sing again. Pierce also provides an update on Mamma Mia 3.

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100+ comentarios:

MTV International
MTV International:
Are you looking forward to watching the film on Netflix?
Declan McNeil
Declan McNeil:
Youtube needs to make a montage of Will Ferrell insulting the American tourists 😂
Dont go to Iceland, there are knife thowing elves there. 😂
La Bestia Politica
La Bestia Politica:
Corrina Suri
Corrina Suri:
This movie surprised me - it starts off as a satirical comedy and then leaves you with goosebumps and tears! So unexpected. The female singer is the f*cking BOMB !!!
Rossella R
Rossella R:
Play ja ja ding dong!
evv lau
evv lau:
I watched the movie today at Netflix.. so good.
Alejandra Govea Hernández
Alejandra Govea Hernández:
Rachel it's soooooooo beautiful in the movie and in real life
L'affreux Jojo
L'affreux Jojo:
One question : are they brother and sister?
Chris C
Chris C:
I’ll be honest, I tuned in for Rachel, anything shes in is a must see for me. But this movie surprised me. It was SO good, so funny, so heartfelt. And the soundtrack is stellar!! Play jaja ding dong!
Michael C
Michael C:
It's such a feel good movie. Only Will could pull off this movie! The Russian guy was so good too
Random Ads
Random Ads:
Why does Will Farrells voice sound completely not like him?
Danny Doty
Danny Doty:
Did will age 50 years since the recording of the movie?....
Omid Sadeghi
Omid Sadeghi:
It really was a good movie👍🏻
In a depressing and boring corona virus situation it was really refreshing and joyful
Dorothea Linnaeus
Dorothea Linnaeus:
4:34 The singer's named Molly Sandén. For the film, however, she uses her alter ego My Marianne.
ryan ross cordinera
ryan ross cordinera:
Its not a Will ferrell movie without a tantrum scene, and i always love those scenes 😂
Hana Eve
Hana Eve:
“The elves went too far” 😂🤣 such a good film. Needs a better rating on IMDB!
Bella Gelo
Bella Gelo:
Ummm I didn’t know this was a new movie and happened to watch it the day it came it on Netflix, June 26th.... I’ve seen it 7 times in 3 days hahaha! Telling everyone I know to watch it. It’s so refreshing to watch a silly comedy that turned out to have a phenomenal cast and phenomenal music! As an American I’m glad to learn about Eurovision? Why hadn’t I heard about it before is beyond me. Love love this movie! 💗😂💗😂🥰🤩
Fatima Quilestino
Fatima Quilestino:
Can we just appreciate her beauty? She is so gorgeous!
I havent seen a movie this enjoyable in 5 years. Thats the truth, everything on tv is pure garbage i swear. One good movie in 5 years. Good job on the movie. I loved it.🍻 jada jada ding dong ding dong!! Lol
Truth Truth
Truth Truth:
This film is a good watch. The idiot at the BBC who reviewed it with two stars missed the point; what a plank. You can’t trust the BBC.
Will Ferrell got to kiss Rachel McAdams. Lucky bastard
The Crosswalk Today Show
The Crosswalk Today Show:
i swear rachel and will have great chemistry together they should definitely do more movies
"Whose your favourite Eurovision act?" MTV teaching our youth grammar for over 40 years
This is literally just watching Pierce Brosnan talk himself in and out of a singing career for a few minutes
Sketchy Pilot
Sketchy Pilot:
“Jaja ding dong” is my favourite song.
Fionán O'Sullivan
Fionán O'Sullivan:
When did Pierce Brosnan start telling stories like Grandpa Simpson 😄
I love the Finale song My Hometown! It was amazing!
Hector Solis-Ortiz
Hector Solis-Ortiz:
I've watched this movie three times already...I didn't expect to like it THIS MUCH! The music is so good!
Ella B
Ella B:
Loved the movie. Thought it was really funny and has made me want to visit Iceland. Just couldn't believe the fact that the U.K had won the year before to host Eurovision 😂
Khajak Assadourian
Khajak Assadourian:
Finally a good movie. Double Trouble is going to be a huge hit song thank you whoever produced it. Will Ferrell is a legend and this movie put him over over the top. Rachel McAdams best performance ever thank you for the time and serious effort you put into this even though it was a comedy. I just cant believe how this movie went from someone's idea to producing it. It turned out amazing great job to all involved.
David Knight
David Knight:
This film got me catching some serious feels especially near the end wasn't expecting that

A fun film with heart 👍🏻
Kass Risor
Kass Risor:
I'm completely in love with this movie. I've always been a huge Rachel McAdams fan not to mention the wonderful Will Ferrel, Dan Stevens, Pierce Brosnan. I LOVE THEM!!!!
Elena Villalba
Elena Villalba:
I just watched it and I can say two things, this is the first movie after Elf, that I really love from Will and I got goosebumps at the end. Just love it
Paul McDermott
Paul McDermott:
Erin McNamara
Erin McNamara:
Well, the good news is Pierce Bronson isn't singing in this. I was still traumatized from Mama Mia'
Tanieka Harris
Tanieka Harris:
Volcano man is so catchy 😂😂
Will Ferrell is getting old damn
Claire S
Claire S:
This movie is the best moment we've had in months!! It's funny and the music is amazing. My favorite moment was the song Husavik!❤🐋🐋🧡🦋
Halfdanr ᛫ᚺᚨᛚᚠᛞᚨᚾᚱ᛫
Halfdanr ᛫ᚺᚨᛚᚠᛞᚨᚾᚱ᛫:
Stop talking and play Ja ja ding dong! Please let this film win an Oscar 😂
Tyler Neal
Tyler Neal:
It's crazy to see how old Will Ferrell has gotten. He looks older than Pierce Brosnan lol
Ronni K
Ronni K:
This is the funniest & laughable movie that I have seen. All my family & friends agreed. If you ever need to uplift your spirits, this is a movie to watch.
Junno Mars
Junno Mars:
At first, the last song was gonna make you think it was gonna be another love song about Lars and Sigrit's crazy love affair, but it turned out to be about loving and being proud of their own country iceland, and how it is to be icelandic. For me that was the biggest surprise of the movie and made the moment even more captivating. They fought for iceland through the good and the bad, when they were booed by their own countrymen up until they become proud of them. What a surreal feeling for your own people to cheer for you and be actually proud of you no matter what.
Will Ferrell begins to sing:
Me somewhere in the distance:

Boats and hoes...
Hannah Bailey-Thomas
Hannah Bailey-Thomas:
I love Eurovision and usually can't stand Will Ferrell movies so was dreading this, and I was utterly surprised how much I loved it! It really was laughing with, not at eurovision madness, and Rachel Mcadams did such a good job being the straight woman/dramatic lead.
Johnny English
Johnny English:
She’s so gorgeous
Cheryl Gaudette
Cheryl Gaudette:
Wonderful. The Interplay between comedy And realism Is amazing.I'm a musician And the music was great.I cried During the last song.That last note Song Amazing
Samuel Gomes
Samuel Gomes:
Eurovision is a amazing and we got Regina George to be the main character
Ye, this movie was so much better than I expected.
It was such a great movie, I laughed, I cried and enjoyed it from start to the end.
10/10 for me as well! <3
Tanner Ray
Tanner Ray:
Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams were a surprisingly amazing duo. I would LOVE to see a sequel to this movie, even though the story was resolved. Please make something up for a second one.
"The elves went too far" hahahahaha I loved this movie so much!
Octavio DeLaCruz
Octavio DeLaCruz:
This was one of those movies I had low expectations and well it proved me wrong 😂 such an amazing movie
silvia muscas
silvia muscas:
such a funny movie, I loved every minute of it, it made me miss the Eurovision contest so much! I hope to visit Iceland one day, it seems to be a beautiful place
Pierce Brosnan is like that cool neighbor that always strikes up conversations but you don't really mind
Noam Mackmel
Noam Mackmel:
Nice fact for those of you that don’t know, the big stage filmed in Israel✌️🇮🇱
I watched this movie for Rachel, but I stayed for the songs. This movie's unexpectedly amazing. Also, Pierce needs to sing in the sequel. He's very obviously hungry to sing there. lol
Matti LeBlanc
Matti LeBlanc:
I loved it. Its now my favourite movie , it beat Blades of Glory🤗
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell:
This movie was so damn good for real 😂😂 I loved it. The end really went right to my heart 😭
Taryn Tomas
Taryn Tomas:
This is my new favorite movie like the songs are the best thing ever
Miguel Florendo
Miguel Florendo:
A surpisingly great movie. I think this is my favorite movie of summer, took a lot of stress away from this WFH/quarantine/pandemic era.
Stephanie Melendez
Stephanie Melendez:
They ALL did brilliantly with the Nordic accents
Swords Chant
Swords Chant:
I am Norwegian, i do amphetamine once a year and thats during Eurovision. Its allways a blast
The Professor
The Professor:
I've just watched Eurovision on Netflix and that's what brought me here, because I was wondering if Rachel can really sing in real life. Forgive me I really have no idea.
Jose Díaz
Jose Díaz:
Unrealistic movie, Will Ferrel is too hot for Rachel McAdams, he's 100% out of her league
Rita Veronica Elvaker Haande
Rita Veronica Elvaker Haande:
I think this is a bful, awkward, silly, funny, to the point(less), stereotype, lovely homage of the Eurovision

It made me laugh and cry - so Thank you
For making a gem of a movie when this «normality» of Eurovision is missed
Either you love it or hate it...
Erica Fors
Erica Fors:
I loved this movie for so many reasons! The more you know about Eurovision the more you’ll love this movie. For North Americans, it takes some research to figure out what past Eurovision performances are being parodied but putting a few hours in is so worth it. It takes the movie, and your appreciation of it, to a new level. The songwriters and performers are exceptional, especially Molly Sanden as Sigrit and Eric Mjones as Lemtov. Pierce speaking Icelandic and Dan Stevens in a comic role are real treats! The hamster cage from Mariya Yarmechuk’s 2014 performance of Tick Tock reappears in Sigrit and Lars performance and rolls off the stage into the audience... I laughed until I was crying, it was so funny!
Shawn McLaughlin
Shawn McLaughlin:
Rachel McAdams is more beautiful at 41 than she has ever been, IMO.
Rachel’s acting is AMAZING
Lucy Diamond
Lucy Diamond:
Rachel is so beautiful. I loved this movie, stunning songs and heart felt story
Samuel Lima campos
Samuel Lima campos:
Ya Ya Ding Dong 😆👏
kay harrington
kay harrington:
i laughed so hard at this movie. the songs were so funny.. they nailed it
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus:
This made it sound like Mollys contribution to the movie was a happy accident, she just happened to have the same wine in her voices s Rachel?
Veru Caribbean
Veru Caribbean:
Loved the song along scene & their "imagination" performance ❤
Bob C.
Bob C.:
I think this movie is going over people's heads. I love it because it is making fun of how stupid and pathetic music is today.
Michael K.
Michael K.:
Pierce Brosnan looks freakin' amazing.
Best movie in a long time, just what we needed in these uncertain times!!! Shout out to Dan Stevens super funny 😁 JAJA DING DONG LOVE IT!
Ipek Komurcu
Ipek Komurcu:
Rachel McAdams is just gorgeous <3
Michael K.
Michael K.:
This movie was awesome...and that last song was just so epic! Incredible job!
Asmr Gamer
Asmr Gamer:
Juana Maria Gomez
Juana Maria Gomez:
Husavik ....what a beautiful song - makes my tears come out - you can feel the
mountains, the nothern lights in your heart - I can feel my home...what I left behind for looking and wanting the world....
while my heart was in my home...with my girls....where I should have stayed...where the mountains gave me 3 rainbows...where the smell of pure air..where stars shine so bright....where light was simple...where I was so happy.... Will Ferrell gave us the
most beautiful gift with this movie - the views, the topic, etc it is an
inspiration! This is what the world need the most to forget so much
hate, pain, difficulties...Thank you To Will Farrell he got a more than 100 for this movie!!! I did love it! as well the music!! all singers were great!
Paul D. Richardson
Paul D. Richardson:
Why does Will sound so funny in this? Maybe I'm only used to hearing his goofy character voices?
Francis W
Francis W:
This movie was so good and funny and came through with the songs 🔥🔥🔥
Why is Will’s voice so high pitched?
I miss Iceland after watching this movie
Edward Morley
Edward Morley:
Really enjoyed it... Just wanted more that's how good it is xx
Jj W
Jj W:
Love this documentary film, looking forward to seeing Fire Saga on tour live.
I think it's so weird to see Will Ferrell being normal
Belinda Campbell
Belinda Campbell:
About time a different type of movie was made - loved love it. Pierce - you sexy older man you.
Bruna Fernandes
Bruna Fernandes:
Saw it today.. Congrats. Made me laugh... The songs are great and the final god... What a voice!!!
Nathan L
Nathan L:
This movie is so f-ing good! Just watched it for the second time!
Mario Cruz
Mario Cruz:
I,m a simple man, I see Rachel McAdams, I click on the video.
Annelise Coetzee
Annelise Coetzee:
This movie was sooo good! Just watched it
Vivi _
Vivi _:
I saw the movie today, it was really amazing, in the movie Will Ferrell's hair is real or not? because it' s very nice long hair 🤘😎😄
Annette Ljungberg Kjeldsen
Annette Ljungberg Kjeldsen:
I am a Long time dedicated Eurovision fan and I was very amused by the movie, and so Happy about all the actual hints and former Winners in the movie....great job
I also have to say, this film made me once again think I must go to Iceland one day, it’s a stunning place on Earth with the craziest of crazy geology around!
Stephanie Melendez
Stephanie Melendez:
Really enjoyed it! It made me happy during these difficult times..I love both the songs and they ought to enter the charts!
Such a great movie, so funny, i saw it more than once already, obsessed with the songs
Mark03 Justi2603
Mark03 Justi2603:
Will Ferrell: Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!..Volcanooo Maaannn!!!
julie faub
julie faub:
This movie became my favorite! Its truly a master piece
Jesus Christ, MTV! It's *WHO'S . . . .