Ever Banega ● Greatest Interceptions, Dribbling Skills, Passes & Goals 🇦🇷🔥

Ever Banega Argentina, Banega skills & goals, Ever Banega 2019/2020
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100+ comentarios:

Alırsınız babaları o artık bir 🦁🦁🦁🇹🇷 🇹🇷 Galatasaray
Welcom to Alshabab FC 🦁
Has that Santi Cazorla vibe to him
Maestro 19
Maestro 19:
yok galatasaraya gelecek aslan parcasi #come to gala
Alejandro Navarro
Alejandro Navarro:
Seguidores del Arsenal... No flipeis que Ever Banega se queda en el Sevilla :)
Amierul Hakiem
Amierul Hakiem:
Wowww . His skills like cazorla !!!!
AJ Football
AJ Football:
oooo man Great work
eLa Soulphlo
eLa Soulphlo:
He would've been a great signing. A manager's player from Valencia days. Every manager has a player he can trust and usually it always works out. We saw this with Sarri and Jorginho, previously with Mourinho and Guardiola. His ability on the ball would've been more than welcome. Him and Torreira would've been awesome. They have that South American grit too. I see comments like "his too old or his not good enough." This probably comes from people who watch the Barclays Premier League only!
First Time
First Time:
Que partidazo se mando ante nigeria todo lo hizo bien crack este señor
Murat Özer
Murat Özer:
Artık o aslan 💛❤️🦁
MR Andersson
MR Andersson:
Guess Im not the only gunner who youtube Banega and find this 6month old welcoming? :)
Victor Ponce
Victor Ponce:
Welcome to sociedade esportiva Palmeiras!
Probably next time wait for official confirmation before dropping compilation with "Welcome to.." title.
Wissam Ben Yedder
Wissam Ben Yedder:
Welcome to arsenal? Nah
silat terlak
silat terlak:
Eduardo reckon
themastercheif 11
themastercheif 11:
Buen vídeo! :'')
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson:
Arsenal next season
Monreal Sokratis Soyuncu Bellerin
Xhaka/ Ramsey Torreira
Aubameyang Ozil Mkhitaryan
Monreal Sokratis Soyuncu Bellerin
Ozil Banega Torreira Mkhitaryan
Aubameyang Lacazette
Junior JR
Junior JR:
dude please don t play with my emotions
Wow he got Cazorla stile of playing.
Enrique Ribeiro
Enrique Ribeiro:
Julian draxler welcome arsenal please
tomas turbado
tomas turbado:
Guen video guacho
X Phantom 11
X Phantom 11:
done deal ??
Arsenal fans are so used to mediocrity they think Ramsey is better. Banega is miles ahead even at 30. We need players to improve us NOW not young players for the future who could turn out crap.
brian 6891
brian 6891:
Honestly too old
Please God, No!
Welcome to Galatasaray
Julius Kubai
Julius Kubai:
Abduarhman Alrashed
Abduarhman Alrashed:
Welcome to alshabab saudi club
Saqqar Ayed
Saqqar Ayed:
Welcom to Alshabab FC
Peace Maker
Peace Maker:
welcome to galatasaray ever banega the deal is finished he now
is a galatasaray player...
odi alli
odi alli:
you are smart working on transfer target > but great work > i cant find anything for banega before
skillful Ramsey
Anish Antony
Anish Antony:
Need such midfielder at the moment
Conrad Fonkwo
Conrad Fonkwo:
Santi Cazorla replacement
Kagro EU
Kagro EU:
she lovescontrol
she lovescontrol:
Vem pro galo
No wonder why arsenal bought him,he's similar to mikel arteta.
Hazreen Haizi
Hazreen Haizi:
مشعل BBN
مشعل BBN:
ابو خالد العولقي
ابو خالد العولقي:
مبرووك لكل جماهير الشباب.
Wellcome to alshabab 🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤
Jeevan Nathan
Jeevan Nathan:
Seems like an all rounder player... calm on the ball prerequisite for playing from the back... fierce in winning the ball compared to Guendouzi... safety first mentality...long balls better than any players in Arsenal... Banega-Torreira-Xhaka would be an interesting combo...

If Banega is what Emery goes for with the restricted budget, it is sensible..he might opt to construct temporary defensive shield with deep-lying playmakers in front of an ineffective back three CBs.. while attacking duties falls on wingbacks.. and half-space occupying wide players... I personally love if Emery would raid Wolves, Watford and Crystal Palace.. that Wan-Bissaka... I like him..
Ever Banega’s agent is reportedly in London to begin talks with ​Arsenal ahead of a potential transfer move, as Unai Emery looks to continue his squad overhaul at the Emirates. Source: SkySports and Gazzetta dello Sport
Is that a good move for him? Comment below 👇👇
He is belong us. GALATASARAY 💛♥️
نادي الاهلي الملكي
نادي الاهلي الملكي:

رابط الاهلي السعودي
mainnya mirip arteta
andrea lucini
andrea lucini:
Madó che fenomeno
yato kami
yato kami:
It seems arsenal is doing a good job hiding a duplicate Banega cause I can't find him at all at arsenal
Ozkan Kurek
Ozkan Kurek:
Hazır olun beyler. İmparator kızdı ŞAMPİYONLAR LİGİ KUPASINI getirecek. Yeni HAGİ Sİ bu adam işte. ÇOK YAKINDA..... ❤️💛
Georg Friedrich Händel
Georg Friedrich Händel:
What is first song name ???
nikolai vt
nikolai vt:
jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja no
سالم الزبيدي
سالم الزبيدي:
يارب اهلاوي
gujju boy
gujju boy:
wow welcome to Arsenal🔴❤🔥🔥
Fabianno Pongo
Fabianno Pongo:
me deja con la boca abierta
Mohd Isa
Mohd Isa:
we need experience player like him. not good looking and skill only. he's look more agressive more then Ozil. Good player for pressing tacticals
Ale Romero
Ale Romero:
Juega en el arsenal ?
راكان الشمري
راكان الشمري:
مين جاء بعد خبر التوقيع معاه من نادي الشباب السعودي وجاء يشوف مهاراته يحط لايك لاهنتم.
kinene famam
kinene famam:
Hi can play car zola role
sh Gj
sh Gj:
لاعب الشباب الجديد
genial king
genial king:
No way we don't need banega too old
How old is he?
O. Fuentes
O. Fuentes:
People speaking about age or about a player they never saw play. Vanega kicks 100 times Ozil ass right now
Julius Kubai
Julius Kubai:
ندى الدوسري
ندى الدوسري:
ارححببب 🖤🖤🧡🧡
Z A Y N:
boss banega
Julius Kubai
Julius Kubai:
عبوود ٩٩٩
عبوود ٩٩٩:
الهلال رح يتعاقد معه يارب
tenrock gunner
tenrock gunner:
hope its not gonna happen he is old
Θωμάς Ζάχος
Θωμάς Ζάχος:
Tomorrow probably, we'll announce Sokratis
Bruce Trappleton
Bruce Trappleton:
Why is this phenomenon playing in Saudi Arabia instead of the Premiere League?? Why is he not being considered for the Argentinian National side? Together with Lo Celso, Palacios, Lisandro Martinez, Ocampos, etc, they could make an amazing midfield.
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants:
We dont need him
Cai-onn Chambers
Cai-onn Chambers:
banega has quality, its just his age, he has 4 years on jack. id of liked someone a little younger.
جاء الشباب 🖤🧡😎😎😎😎
rolando reyes
rolando reyes:
Falto el pase que le puso a Messi en el mundial, una obra de arte magistral
Get kovacic instead ffs don’t want this old guy
Naz Naz
Naz Naz:
Good video but any player can look good in highlight reels. I’m not taking away that fact that he’s prob real nice bc obviously playing for Argentina’s star studded national side but we need to see highlight against the big boys like Madrid, Barca and athletico in Spain and the big guns he’s faced around Europe. Those are what matter bc we don’t need another player that goes missing in big games, we already have s few of those
Roro Almshrafi
Roro Almshrafi:
كم عمره ذا
Jeff Kizzilah
Jeff Kizzilah:
banega is good
N R:
Who should get no11 ? Seeing that ozil will probaly get 10
Camilo Cuevas
Camilo Cuevas:
Please Not, Banega is an Iceman.
شارع السبيعي
شارع السبيعي:
ياشبابيستا لايك 🖤🧡
Giang Hoang
Giang Hoang:
Why doesn't Ars offerWiliam Carvalho. He is free
Jacob Haraldsson
Jacob Haraldsson:
Great new´s indeed..:) !we need that quality indeed! I want STUPID Özil fan to explain to ME why R.Madrid SOLD the "con-artist Özil" in the year 2013...:) - maybe the reason is SIMPLY because Özil is & has always been a FRAUD - a PASSANGER that hardly shows UP in games at all. I agree with all the critic that Arsenal legend Martin Keown said about the Özil: "He’s not fit to wear the shirt...!" Dietmar Harmann about the FRAUD Özil: "Real Madrid sold Mesut Ozil to Arsenal 2013 because the playmaker doesn’t turn up for the second half of the season, claims Dietmar Hamann. The former Germany international has laid into his compatriot, who has been enduring a rough patch of form recently. The bottom line with Arsenal is they’ve got some players who play in September, October and November but don’t turn up in February and March. That’s when it matters. There’s a reason Real Madrid sold Ozil.’ So I really hope that Unai SELL Özil, because no team can have a passanger like him on payrole..:) - we are paying that con-artist 350.000 each week for hardly showing UP at work! Özil blind fan, explain to me how Özil has improve his game for the last 5 years..:)? He hasn´t - he is just getting worse & worse! More & more people are finding out that Özil can´t make it so he fake´s it - his best days are sadly long gone!!!
Internally Dead
Internally Dead:
He's old tho.......
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh:
All this false. They dont want to invest in the team.
Muhammad Amir Zakee
Muhammad Amir Zakee:
!!!Welcome to Arsenal Banega!!!
Nice video btw
Noooo Banega is a mistake
sohaib ahmed
sohaib ahmed:
Good player but i believe golovin is better
Andrea Durand
Andrea Durand:
Cord Cleque welcome to Arsenal!
Yaponiyada təhsil
Yaponiyada təhsil:
Fake! Fake! Fake! Banega is 🦁 he belongs GALATASARAY
Ibro olaneye
Ibro olaneye:
What song is the intro pls
بمواي pm.y
بمواي pm.y:
يارب يجي مع الهلال ياررررربببب
yaz rulz
yaz rulz:
We need torreira not benega!
Crazy Animal Gaming
Crazy Animal Gaming:
I notice some people have reservations about this guy. Why is that? He has a great career going for him. I just can't see how people could possibly not like this guy and do not see him as a quality player needed for Arsenal.
Fake, he has not signed and he wont!!
Omar Mbarak
Omar Mbarak:
Seri is better young than benega
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan:
jack wilshere is better than him
aa aa
aa aa:
الاعب اهلاويييي