Everton and Man City unite to show support to Ukraine

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Emotional scenes at Goodison Park as Everton and Manchester City unite to show their support to Ukraine.

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100+ comentarios:

Haben Gurung
Haben Gurung:
you can see the love zinchenko has in his eyes for his country. Nothing but respect
Darren Allen
Darren Allen:
As an Everton fan, I'm just so proud. Forget the football, the money and the rivalries. We're all human and have to stand up when we see injustice and look after each other.
Lazy Dukester
Lazy Dukester:
That's class. It's always great to see football unite. Thoughts with everyone in Ukraine 🇺🇦 💜💙
Other News
Other News:
Amazing to see the desire for peace and unity amongst people and the outpouring of love, empathy and support. It's gives great hope. Well done Everton and Man City, you're wonderful examples to the world ☮
Ryan Flood
Ryan Flood:
Zinchenko crying got me all choked up. Love to Ukraine.
DBMikey G
DBMikey G:
Still cant really comprehend whats going on its so surreal... football will always bring people together in the dark times. Thoughts and prays go out to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧
David Morgan
David Morgan:
Zinchenko has got me all teary 😢 can’t be easy for the Ukrainian players abroad my heart goes out to them all
Samuel Stevens
Samuel Stevens:
Fantastic, Liverpool fan here, huge respect to these two teams, and huge respect to the Ukrainians bravery. They will go down as the bravest people in modern history. This bought a me to tears
Adam Brough
Adam Brough:
As an Everton fan, I was at this game. I'm not usually an emotional person but this really brought a tear to my eye. Brilliant tribute. Long live Ukraine! 🇺🇦 🔵🟡
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal:
Nothing but respect. Thoughts and prayers to all those effected. If only people wouldn’t be scared to act sooner instead of waiting to be told what to do just because we are on the verge of a war.
Naughtius Maximus
Naughtius Maximus:
Absolute class, respect to both clubs. Come on Ukraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧
9./JG52 Meyer
9./JG52 Meyer:
Nothing but respect from a Glasgow Rangers fan ... Peace and love wins the game and thats all that matters.. Pray for Ukraine
Jeez, this was a class act. Brings a tear to the eye. 🇺🇦
Total Respect to all, well done Everton and man city Love to Ukraine!!
Thanks a lot our friends from Manchester, and Liverpool. With love from Kherson, Ukraine ❤️ we stand together 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️🇺🇦
David Ryan
David Ryan:
A Big Thank You To Both Everton And Manchester City For Showing Their Support For Ukraine... Respect To Everyone Involved.
Alex Vetrov
Alex Vetrov:
Thank you, brothers! We’ll never forget your support! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Daulet Preke
Daulet Preke:
Huge respect to Everton and Man city !
This was a touch of class from both clubs and what a message to send out. I'm glad football is using its strength of platform to send such a powerful message across Europe
Dutch Painter
Dutch Painter:
Yes to the people of Ukraine! Yes to peace! The world stands behind you!
Oleksandr Khomenko
Oleksandr Khomenko:
Thank you! You don’t even imagine what does it mean to us. 🇺🇦🇬🇧
Marlon Anthony
Marlon Anthony:
That was very moving and a touching, class act from both clubs.
Being a Liverpool fan, what Everton and everyone done in stadium brought tear to my eye, with music he’s my brother.
David Smythe
David Smythe:
How comforting for the Ukrainian boys to see and feel the love being expressed by everyone.. Justice will prevail 🇺🇦
This was the most beautiful and moving moment on a football pitch for ages. Positively therapeutic. Thank you to everyone at _Goodison!_
Crosner Agate
Crosner Agate:
Respect for two teams. We stand with Ukraine. I hope the whole league and their footballers support Ukraine as well.
NO WAR PLEASE. They all have families, both Russian and Ukrainian. Everyday saw news on the Internet about Ukraine's situation is heartbroken.
Keon P
Keon P:
This is just another moment in football that proves not matter what happens in the world around us we are all going to stick together. Respect for both sides.
Noctem In Session
Noctem In Session:
Tears in my eyes. What a world we live in, the best in us reflecting on what the worst in us are capable of. Much love and thoughts going out to any and all affected by this - not least our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.
Malcolm Holmes
Malcolm Holmes:
All my life Ì have been a Liverpool fan. Everton I am proud of you.
Greatest thanks to the entire civilized world from Ukraine, your help in stopping russians have been immense these last days. Yes your actions should have been much harsher before the full scale invasion, we have been asking for actions for years, but finally after everyone saw what russians really are you aswered swiftly and loudly. We are very grateful to everyone.
Glad too see unity in football. These moments are what really reflect on how this game is beautiful.
Kelan B-K
Kelan B-K:
Big respect from both teams. Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏🙏
Marianna Prits
Marianna Prits:
Thank you 💙 💛 you can not imagine how much this support mean for my country. Respect 👍
Дякую вам)))
Luka Trgovac
Luka Trgovac:
They ain't heavy, they are our brothers! 🇭🇷🇺🇦 <3
tango afc
tango afc:
Respect to the Premier league for showcasing this as it should be & well done to Everton & City for putting this together
Spurs fan here... Simply beautiful absuolte class from city and the toffees today. Mad respect 🙏🏻. We're with you Ukraine 🇺🇦
Maximillionares That's Football
Maximillionares That's Football:
Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦 amazing respect from Everton and City
Two Of Substance
Two Of Substance:
Class act from everybody involved. Nothing but respect all round. The beautiful game with beautiful solidarity.
Thanks for the support, guys! With love from Ukraine ❤️
Panda boy
Panda boy:
Love to Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤ they don't deserve what is happening to them with russia
El deporte... Pero en especial el fútbol te hace llegar a estos sentimientos cuando se unen selecciones o clubes de diferentes países por una buena razón.... Ánimo Ucrania 🇺🇦
Scrapbook Sisters
Scrapbook Sisters:
This brings me goosebumps I can’t imagine how scared they both are! Such a kind act from Everton and Manchester City, as a city fan I’m happy to see all the support his teammates are giving him! 💙✊🏻🇺🇦
S S:
I'm Ukrainian, thank you UK. For the past 100 years you've been a pillar of democracy, and you are now.
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell:
Makes me proud to be an Evertonian🇺🇦🇺🇦
Marcus Alford
Marcus Alford:
No war just peace stay strong Ukraine 👏👏👏 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
Imagining these guys have their families over there in Ukraine without knowing what's gonna happen to them is heartbreaking... United we stand against Tyrany!💪🏿
Cedric Auckbaraullee
Cedric Auckbaraullee:
As a Liverpool fans that broke my heart seeing thse tears on Zinchenko face god bless and protect Ukraine❤🇺🇦
Muhammed Abdullah
Muhammed Abdullah:
Good from Everton and City Ukraine we are with you stay safe
Birna Dubh
Birna Dubh:
Just seeing this video now, how beautiful and touching, I'm moved to tears. 🇺🇦🇺🇦
We are with you Ukraine 🇺🇦 👏
Bravo Everton!!!! Much respect
May is mine
May is mine:
God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏
Romeo Resaba
Romeo Resaba:
I cannot stop my feelings while watching and suddenly tears keep filling from my eyes..I will fight for Ukraine .Glory to Ukraine and Glory to God.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gary Pritchett
Gary Pritchett:
Massive respect to both clubs 🇺🇦🙏🇺🇦🙏
Nickolay Kovalenko
Nickolay Kovalenko:
Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes!
Wasley Ramos
Wasley Ramos:
Muito triste... força a Ucrânia 🙏🏾😢🇧🇷 🇺🇦
Darren Smith
Darren Smith:
It's just amazing well done Everton and man city I feel sad to see what's happening my heart goes out to all of Ukraine and families. Everton and man city amazing lots of love from wolverhampton wanderers 😘😘
The world is in awe of Ukraine’s bravery and patriotism🇺🇦 keep fighting.
Omar Scekei
Omar Scekei:
I love this fully honesty. Respect to Ukraine and seeing zinchenko in tears there is soo sad honestly
Aston Swaby
Aston Swaby:
Love and peace to Ukraine from Jamaica supporting you in your times of need one love.
Complimenti a voi! Tutte il mondo dello sport, dovrebbe scendere in campo con i colori 🇺🇦💪👏
Thoughts and prayers for Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏🏻
daren wright
daren wright:
Well done Everton and the Everton fans, pure class, respect from a Man City Supporter.
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma:
Wow the song and everything absolutely amazing show of respect and support to the Ukrainians . We are with you ❤️🙌 no war .
Tom Derbyshire
Tom Derbyshire:
Stand with Ukraine ! I love football and Man City but this is real life much more important. Prayers for Ukraine ! PS get those flags waving at Chelski
Man U fans but still hat off to City and Everton. Football second, humanity first!
Respect to both clubs. Thoughts are with Ukraine from Derby County FC.
☾ That Confused User ☽
☾ That Confused User ☽:
All my prayers go out for all the people impacted by war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏
Jessica Zimmerman
Jessica Zimmerman:
Love this, the solidarity!
Yura Liush
Yura Liush:
Thank you all, beautiful people for the support of our country!! God bless you all!!
Susan Henshaw
Susan Henshaw:
The faces of those two young men is totally heartbreaking. I pray to God with all my might for Ukraine 🇺🇦
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Prayers for Ukraine 🙏🇺🇦
I’m a United fan but huge props to city and Everton top class from both clubs 💙💛
sam hodder
sam hodder:
I'm glad games have shown their support for the ongoing events in Ukraine.
Elwalide Khattabi
Elwalide Khattabi:
No to politics entering football, as it is applied to those players who sympathized with the Gazzza war .Those who have been sanctioned by FI.FA
xQc Is My Juicer
xQc Is My Juicer:
This made me emotional. 😭🙏🏽🇺🇦
simon templar
simon templar:
Top class. Good on Man. City and Everton!
Pakar Ilmu
Pakar Ilmu:
Millions of Ukraine citizen already join to defend their country.
Ukrainians are amazing fighters to defend their homeland.
Bravo Ukrainians, God Bless You. 😁👍
lith1um ;
lith1um ;:
We'll defend our country, we have no choice :💛💙 Thank you a lot, people!
Tess Flores
Tess Flores:
The background music, said it all.
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother".
Sung by the guys from Manchester.
We are brothers of different races.
War is not an option. Unity and love should keep us together.
Heart breaking scene. Can't control my tears. Prayers for Ukraine and its people.
Жибек Джаркимбаева
Жибек Джаркимбаева:
Молодцы одноклубники поддержали человека. Сразу видно что неожиданно но серавно приятно когда тебя, твой народ так уважает во всем мире.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams:
Respect from a Chelsea fan we are all blue and yellow for Ukraine. I may not watch football much anymore but I love how it brings people together like the failed super league and now what's happening in Ukraine no sport like football can have such an effect on the world.
Kevin Beck
Kevin Beck:
Well done Everton Football Club 😇😇
AMAZING! Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦…. Stop Russian war!
Paul Muwadeeb
Paul Muwadeeb:
Well done everyone. We all stand together, we are all Ukrainian.
Respect. This was brilliant. Thank you Everton and Man City players and fans. I’m sure the Ukraine people will see this. 💙💛🇺🇦
Greg UA
Greg UA:
Thank you to ALL who support Ukraine in this VERY DIFFICULT time for Ukraine .. God bless you all.
Ashley Moon
Ashley Moon:
I've gone all goosebumps. God bless everybody in this war x
Lord Waffle
Lord Waffle:
I so want to go over there and help anyway I can, problem is getting there. best of luck to all in Ukraine we stand with you, and eventually hopefully next to you, be safe out there friends
I wish we were doing more to help, slava Ukraine 🇺🇦
Dear friends, thank you for your prayers, support, and help! Ukraine will be strong and free!
Edward Slater
Edward Slater:
Goose bumps. Everton a classy football club.
Jacek Krysiak
Jacek Krysiak:
Slava Ukraini! Pozdrowienia z Polski my z wami :)
Jack Dominus 🇺🇦
Jack Dominus 🇺🇦:
Everton 0-1 Manchester City. Even though Everton lost, both teams decided to show support to Ukraine and unite together
Damien Flowers
Damien Flowers:
Seeing those boys with tears in the eyes is heartbreakin'
Jwjwj Hsjsj
Jwjwj Hsjsj:
This is what I called fully respect! Football is more than just kicking a ball!
iken e
iken e:
I can feel Zinchenko's tears. I was in a far country when the army was gunning down ENDSARS protesters in my country on October 20, 2020. I was unable to sleep for three days and could not shake off the horrors as it played out. No matter where you are, you can never be at rest when your homeland is burning, especially when crazy people pursuing self-serving agenda are ready to waste innocent lives in the process.
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo:
Class act. Respect. No War.
توتنهام كبير لندن
توتنهام كبير لندن:
Prayers for Ukraine from Morocco 🇺🇦❤️🇲🇦