Every Point From EPIC 20-Minute Game Between Rafa Nadal & Daniil Medvedev In Acapulco!

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100+ comentarios:

This man has given the most insane rivalries of all time,1st against Roger,then Novak & now Daniel…insane level at 35 years…the greatest fighter of all time in any sport,PERIOD…!!
Tyler Pedersen
Tyler Pedersen:
Such amazing tennis from both. Too bad Daniil couldn't convert any of the break points, Rafa was too good in these moments. Both these guys are truly elite, some of these rallies were insane.
Baibhav K
Baibhav K:
It's mad how Nadal manages to bring the best out of every player
Christopher Harijanto
Christopher Harijanto:
🤯 That's freaking insane in 6th game of the 2nd set between Meddy vs. Rafa. They're playing at the highest level by far 🔥
Shrijan Buchasia
Shrijan Buchasia:
For those who are saying including Medvedev that he's not having it. He's having it. Those unforced errors are actually forced errors. Acapulco is a slow hard turf with a lot of bounce which gives Nadal all the liberty to unleash the full force of his spin game. Medvedev was not judging the spin correctly and was hitting the net
Nguyen Tuan Vu
Nguyen Tuan Vu:
Medvedev's drop shots in this game is on another level
Vineet Nair
Vineet Nair:
Rafa Nadal is the next Gen !!!
Probably the most entertaining matchup on the men's tour right now. Both players have various weapons in their pockets, and both are known for keeping unforced error low and not giving free points to the opponents.
Justice is an Illusion
Justice is an Illusion:
6-3 6-3 was the result. But how different the outcome could have been if Medvedev had broken back in the second set. Could have been a completely different outcome, had he gotten one of those BP's, that's the beauty of tennis and also why Nadal is so hard to beat. He knows how important every single point is, and will never back down on the big points.
Sathya Narayanan
Sathya Narayanan:
Artificial intelligence is failing every time with rafa vs medvedev matches. Check out pre match win predictor vs the result.

Rafa is beyond comprehension.
True fighter beats all odds and facts against him. Gladiator Rafa...
José Basterrica
José Basterrica:
Dos grandes e hicieron honor a su condición.Lo de Rafa es de quitarse el sombrero
Nandish Siva
Nandish Siva:
Unbelievable volleys from nadal....! On pointt...
Alex Milousis
Alex Milousis:
There's no telling what kind of mental emotional rollercoaster you have been through when you have watched this live ! Living and breathing every shot of every point
Juan Pedro Arevalo
Juan Pedro Arevalo:
Such extremely high level there was in this unbelievable game which both players disputed. A pity for Medvedev who cannot take one of all break points he had to level the match and, who knows it, perhaps to make it longer.
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
Too good! GOAT! 🏅🥇🏆👏
Thib M
Thib M:
Notice how it's almost always on first serve... pure quality from Rafa
Ana Maria
Ana Maria:
Rafa Nadal es un GLADIADOR 👑💪🏆 un ejemplo de superación para cualquier ser humano sea deportista o no Pero su enseñanza va más allá de la disciplina en el deporte sino de valores para la vida Es un campeón de la vida 🙌
After a tough year, it’s amazing to see clutch Rafa come back. His belief and confidence in the big points are back big time!!!
Livello mostruoso, Rafa semplicemente il migliore!
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar:
20 mins!! That's almost set-time territory 😁
Rafa faced 11 BPs, and managed to save them all !
Yes Medvedev is far from the BL but he's still top of the world. He may not have Nadal's number but he has most everyone else's. To adjust and beat Rafa he DOES have to do something different but for most other opponents that style works. Hopefully he adapts as needed.

Also he is deceptive, he stands very far back to return but slowly pushes in (usually).
Piqué Blinders
Piqué Blinders:
The variety here from both players is sooooo good
Tennis In the Park
Tennis In the Park:
Nadal makes tennis the greatest of all time.
Josip Lilić
Josip Lilić:
I'm just praying that his foot endures few more years!Since Messi went to 😈club & Brady kinda retired,for me,Rafa is only GOAT remained,to root for!
nicolas rodriguez
nicolas rodriguez:
Vamos Rafa!👍🇪🇦
Rafa is mental giant. Warrior 🏆🏆
Wow great tennis by both, these two are putting on a show!
the apology hand raise to daniil and fistpump to the crowd after turning back immediately after when he finally holds ☠️
And i thought that Rafa's servis game before this one was long🤣

Final before the final👏👏👏
dixmille 17
dixmille 17:
1:28 That volley!!!!
Greg Baro
Greg Baro:
This level of tennis is a pleasure for everyone's eyes.
Patrick Bouchelloug
Patrick Bouchelloug:
Vraiment trop fort Raphaël Nadal, physique de fou,et un mental je ne trouve pas l'adjectif !
Legend has it they're still on 40-40...
Nadal using drop shots right after Medvedev uses it, hahaha
Nadal was just playing way too well this match. Medvedev did well to create those break points— not much more he could’ve done
Warrior Son
Warrior Son:
If Daniil starts talking to his coach after every mistake then you know his mind and focus is not right for winning...😒
Argiris Moloulis
Argiris Moloulis:
Medvedev's staying too far from the baseline. STEP UP!!! Also, incredible how the 20 minute long game was edited into a 5 minute video. The rest really is just filler.
A magnificent twenty minute battle between these two great players.
I like Medvedev a lot. He has a very impressive game. But he needs to stop the whining to his box EVERY time he misses a shot.
Se-Ra Song
Se-Ra Song:
In the end it's the GOAT who prevailed....Vamos!
Nadal is moving very well like an well restored machine. It's hard for Medvedev or other players to beat him at the moment. Go Nadal!
Manmohan manmohan
Manmohan manmohan:
Rafa has dealt with 3 generations of prime #1. Roger Novak and now Daniil. He still here and winning titles.
Tln S
Tln S:
The most amazing plays the tenis story , drops stop , drives and so on .A tenis the highest level .I see Nadal be able to get evrything I wanted this year if the injuries respect him , why don't think on the Gold Gran Slam.It'd be an awessom year for him and would
Craig Ooi
Craig Ooi:
Very interesting drop shots by both Nadal & Medvedev 👍🏻👍🏻
Scott Eckart
Scott Eckart:
I love how important the drop shot has become again in modern men's tennis. These guys who can just pound from the baseline and keep their opponents off balance because they can always beat them with a drop shot if they are getting too comfortable deep in the court. This is a crude metaphor, but it's like American football where the better your passing game is, you can then exploit the run game better (and vice versa), and the defense has to be ready for both! Roger has always been smooth, but you have see Rafa and Novak increasingly add it to their games with much success...leveling up and winning slams well into their 30s. And we know Daniil is smooth with the drop shots as well 😛😛, he just didn't win those big points today!

In Comparison to Rublev, who almost NEVER plays a drop shot. I really like Andrey, but I feel he won't be able to win a major against players like this who not only can control and dictate with serve, power, spin and horizontal movement, but throw in the weapon of the drop shot to exploit the front to back positioning of their opponent.
Medvedev never settled into his usual flow and Nadal is mixing it up very nicely which doesnt help Meddy. As many have said, not sure Meddy staying so far back is working out for him against Nadal.
Nadal is a master of repulsing break points as well!
Abdallah Riad عبد الله رياض
Abdallah Riad عبد الله رياض:
what a strong mentality from both!!
Jumai Abubakar
Jumai Abubakar:
That was intense tennis from both players
Increíble nivel de tenis
The best player in the world vs. The greatest player of all time
Merxan Torres Grueso
Merxan Torres Grueso:
Rafa nadal está a un nivel muy bueno
juan luna
juan luna:
All matches should been like this one competitive. Tight. close. entertaining fantastic match from both and how many dropshots Medvedev trow I lose count
Peter Tamura
Peter Tamura:
Medvedev is no. 1 in the world, Nadal said, "Hold my beer."
Medvedev unnecesary staying so far away on Nadal's Second serve all the time was the key to the match. Thats not unortodox, thats just stupid
Merxan Torres Grueso
Merxan Torres Grueso:
No tanto nivel como algunos que viven en Twitter, y alguna red social desde el sofá de su casa, pero esta jugando a un gran nivel
Yash Kshirsagar
Yash Kshirsagar:
He might be the #1 now but he's got so much more to learn, especially how to counter serve-volley and more net presence. I hope he'll get there someday!
Love how at 5:00 nadal apologizes for net point then instantly transitions the hand apology to a fist pump lmao
Bolly Classics
Bolly Classics:
Rafa's Reluctance to hit forehand in open court creates all these problems.
Kunal Das
Kunal Das:
Incredible Set and at the end both Rafa and Tennis win 👌🔥👍
Bill Cutlip
Bill Cutlip:
Top level tennis!!
Ricard Perez
Ricard Perez:
Solo Nadal aguanta algo así.
sean lines 💚 team MVG 🎯
sean lines 💚 team MVG 🎯:
Whooped twice in a month he maybe the new world number 1 but theres only one great and thats nadal 💪💪💪💪
Gideon Ram
Gideon Ram:
Medvedev is too far back on the return to be a threat it’s not about just getting returns back. Medvedev also has nothing on his ball that’s heavy enough to be a discomfort only that it keeps coming back. His flat ball against Nadal’s topspin only if he manages to hit a lot of winners and keep Nadal on the run not by going on the run himself. Medvedev will lose the running game with Nadal because he is doing more running than Nadal.
Eduardo Becerra
Eduardo Becerra:
Heart T
Heart T:
Bravo to both players!!!
Ridiculous play from both! Med is clearly a world number 1 and Rafa is simply the goat. Pleasure to see them both play.
Michael Zhuo
Michael Zhuo:
If meddy got any of the 11 BP, the match could go to the other direction. The confidence of rafa is sky high now.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Most players would have crumbled after the first few break points, but not everyone is Nadal. Nadal's fighting spirit is as big as his forehand. Vamos, Nadal. Let's take the Final and on to Indian Wells.
Apostle Desmond Ban
Apostle Desmond Ban:
Aw amazing!!! Simply outstanding!!!!
ed flava
ed flava:
I'd like to know how many first serves Rafa made this game. His percentage for the match was insane.
Sid S
Sid S:
13-11....in a single service game....surreal
Jonathan Luo
Jonathan Luo:
One of the best games in 2022
I am just... insanely jealous of every single person in that stadium!
Adam kalinkowski
Adam kalinkowski:
Vamos Rafa
vee&el vee&el
vee&el vee&el:
Madvedev needs anger management control on court. Nadal has been amazing this year.
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen:
tennis tv making all the right moves
Ahmad Burhan Habibi
Ahmad Burhan Habibi:
I always thought Medvedev was complaining to the umpire, turns out it was his coaching staff?
Commentary Talk
Commentary Talk:
Nadal is the greatest competitor. On his best day he's probably the strongest player ever and then multiply that by X for on Clay also. For Consistency Djokovic and for Innovation Federer.

Medvedev is excellent role model for tennis: He works hard at being intelligent, fair and full of correct respect in everything he does. I hope to see him win more GSs too.
Rafa is looking like he jumped in a time machine to 10 years ago where he is literally grinding opponents back into submission, how much are you willing to hurt yourself to win.
Lê Phương Trường
Lê Phương Trường:
Khủng khiếp Nadal đang đánh vật với đối thủ trẻ hơn 10 tuổi
Rafa Goat
Rafa Goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022..
Denis S.
Denis S.:
This is so strange, the way Daniill kept looking at his camp everytime he lost the point.
Julián junior
Julián junior:
Thanks to tennistv, the summary that I had seen does not do it justice. With all due respect, any tennis player from 40 years ago does not make a game of these players with this inhuman level of tennis.
Way too many missed chances from Medvedev. He was a nervous wreck during break points and the only way he would've won is if Nadal gave him a double fault which was simply not gonna happen.
jason ho
jason ho:
The ao final still didn’t end
I’m subbing back to all my subs
I’m subbing back to all my subs:
Those volleys tho…rafas net skills are insane
Unreal & Surreal👍
Kedar Kulkarni
Kedar Kulkarni:
The drop shot has gotten into Meddy's head
Paul dissosha
Paul dissosha:
Meddy playing really very well.....meddy go ahead we always support for you.....
What I don't like that I'm seeing from Medvedev is he thinks every ball Nadal hit was long and looking for a call.
I'm not seeing a champion which involves more than just winning.
He has a bad attitude and it's kind of anticlimactic to be number one but lose two tournaments in a row.
When Medvedev loses to Djokovic they have an embrace like long lost lovers.
I have a feeling not only does he not really care for Rafa, he doesn't seem to like to play him for obviously reasons.
Led zep
Led zep:
So, Medvedev could talk to his team between every point huh
Jo Senpai
Jo Senpai:
Vaaaaamos😌💪💪. (i think we can all guess what Nadal said at 0:52 😂)
What a game, both are fighters
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido:
Rafa Nadal my champion King of clay GOAT 🐐🐐🐐
Rafa haven't lost a set in the new season. 15-0! The bull has found the fountain of youth!
ff pp
ff pp:
What was medvedev complaining about so many times after loosing a point ?