On another night, those chances would have counted for more. Dominic Calvert-Lewin had us level at 1-1 after Gabriel Jesus' opener, but stunning saves from Ederson allowed the Premier League champions to survive and get the win themselves through Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling.

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39 comentarios:

Stephen Fagan
Stephen Fagan:
Commentator calls Mahrez: Walker, then calls KDB: Mahrez
kacem boucetta
kacem boucetta:
Its all about mahrez
dopar gom
dopar gom:
mahrez is a wonderful player i have to admitt
Light of Islam
Light of Islam:
I am Liverpool fan but always enjoy man city amazing attack.
U fought well bt they have Mahrez & KDB
video clips / مقاطع فيديو
video clips / مقاطع فيديو:
The best player is Riyad Maherz ❤
Jake Devey
Jake Devey:
Fought well, unlucky to get a better result 😕
Laetitia A
Laetitia A:
Mahrez really killed this
Noel McGovern
Noel McGovern:
The commentary is hilarious when City score. 😂
ferik Bawaslu Kab Malang
ferik Bawaslu Kab Malang:
mahrez on fire
Amine Amine
Amine Amine:
Everton need to stop playing just against the top 6,it won’t take them anywhere!!
Gary Dawson
Gary Dawson:
One more match for Silva. When we lose to Burnley, he surely has to go.
James Birkenhead
James Birkenhead:
We genuinely played a really good game apart from the first 10 minutes. We play with this level of passion and be a bit more clinical against Burnley and we'll spank them.
Fatima Dzairia
Fatima Dzairia:
Mahrez woww 😰💯
Ibaadul Haq
Ibaadul Haq:
Ederson mvp
Jo Pearson
Jo Pearson:
Mahrez was good, but Ederson was top notch. Four good saves. Could have been a different result.
dhowie ahmad
dhowie ahmad:
Mahrez wow
Everton de Carvalho
Everton de Carvalho:
One more season out from G6!!
Krax Scofield
Krax Scofield:
the way you commentate when mancity has the ball or scores is kinda sarcastic
Everton played well but came up against Ederson playing a blinder. If they continue like that they'll be fine. Moise Kean needs utilising, he's top drawer.
mpouka nouka
mpouka nouka:
Turned on captions lmao
Worst commentary
good game from the Everton team but keep the spirit greeting CITYZEN
Igor Krstovic
Igor Krstovic:
Destroyed Red Star!!!
Agus Muhyaya
Agus Muhyaya:
Go go go city💙
Arcraft Channel
Arcraft Channel:
O atauqe do City é muito agudo, e Mahrez jogou muito bem esta partida. O Everton precisa de uma partida sem tomar gols, para ver se a defesa recupera a confiança.
nizaar mohammed
nizaar mohammed:
Man city up to now has good players. KDB,B Silva,D Silva ,Rodri, Sane, Sterling, Mahrez and others. Go city Go
lara shlomi
lara shlomi:
*mahrez he plays very well*
Comentator everton fans. Hehehe
Graphic Bars
Graphic Bars:
We only played well because we do alright against sides that attack and give us space to break on them. Against teams that sit deep our system and personnel (Sigurdsson miles from the two CM’s, and near to the CF, and literally no movement) means we can’t penetrate through the middle, so we predictably go wide and the opposition packs the box and head it away. Time and time again.
heheheh heheheh
heheheh heheheh:
Mahrez very wonderful player king of preemer leag😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mejia Stiven
Mejia Stiven:
jerry mina el mejor cental
Charlie Barnicle
Charlie Barnicle:
Good Game guys unlucky
Khelo PES
Khelo PES:
Mahrez 😮😧
GreenTag 9566
GreenTag 9566:
To be fair i could not care about the result because if we had won we won and everyone likes to win but since city won there in the title race 👍🏻
Ley Lã
Ley Lã:
Viva Mahreeeeez
Wet just need to show a bit more patience with Silva so instead of annually sacking managers. He needs to complete this season in the top 8 which will be easier when these players finally gel as a team. Schneidelin shouldn't be anywhere near our first team. Time for Lossl to have a game I think too.
Hanane Nina
Hanane Nina:
the commentator is very pissed off
Best Ever
Best Ever:
Everton relegation HAHAH
Ley Lã
Ley Lã:
I feel that this speaker support Everton ,so 👅👅👅👎👎👎👎