EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 3-2 Aston Villa | ILKAY GUNDOGAN: SUPER SUB! Premier League Champions

Manchester City are Premier League Champions again!

Our fourth title success in the last five seasons was sealed with victory over Aston Villa on the final day of the campaign, a result which saw us finish one point ahead of Liverpool.

City have once again shown remarkable consistency this term, with our squad regularly rotated throughout the season and every player contributing significantly to this success.

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100+ comentarios:

For a team with “no history”, we surely do have a hell of a lot of iconic moments like these
Zedgie 68
Zedgie 68:
I've supported City 53 years, I've been through relegation after relegation, promotion after promotion, all the emotions this club could put you through, Cityitis!!! , typical City!! , here we go again!!!!, laughed at by United supporters, well tides have turned. Well done to my club in my City. CTID.
Atah Carlson
Atah Carlson:
Even after 4 months, i still can't believe this game. Tears and tears. What a game...I am truly lucky to have lived this moment.
Gaston Chi
Gaston Chi:
When Rodri scored the second goal, tears started coming down my eye. I couldn't believe what I was watching. At that point I knew the third was coming for sure.
Respect to all those players.
A month later and I still come here to relive this moment🎉🥰. The goosebumps!!!! What A Club.
Gewoon Luca
Gewoon Luca:
That assist from De Bruyne is insane. Perfectly between the last defender and keeper. It’s worldclass
Gundogan always shows up when you least expect it, and hes phenomenal 💙💙💙💙
This is why we love football 💙
Varun Thomas
Varun Thomas:
Even being an LFC fan, this match is a testament to Man City resilience and fighting spirit. Even though we are heart broken by this, you guys are the reason to push higher. We hate you for this, but with respect.
macca kieren
macca kieren:
Can’t believe I got to be there and witness this game with my own eyes what a team this is
biuor su
biuor su:
When we need, Ilkay will always there! What an underated legend!
Hum Dee
Hum Dee:
Every time I watch Rodrigo's goal, I start tearing up. Also, the passing in this game was crucial for City. Absolutely thrilled for Man City!!!
wisdom emmanuel
wisdom emmanuel:
Still shedding tears after watching this for the 12th time 😭😭😭

Man City For Life
Dylan Fajardo
Dylan Fajardo:
I just remember how emotional I got when gundogan scored that header... I couldn't believe how soon we turned it around! City I have and will forever love you! CHAMPIONS YET AGAIN!
This will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of EPL. 3 GOALS in 20 mins with championship on the line.
A moment i will never forget thanks to gundogan 💙
kevin demoxh devokes
kevin demoxh devokes:
I saw Pep crying, Foden holding his head and Laporte crying deeper. Only De Bruyne was clapping with the determined Zincheko. Thank you Gundogan.
kumar kashyap
kumar kashyap:
"That run of Kevin at the last" He is a freaking Monster💢
Mayur Deshpande
Mayur Deshpande:
Another match that's going to be included in the list as one of the greatest comback ever. 🤯🔥🔥
Trianto Trianto
Trianto Trianto:
I've seen this video so many times and sometimes I still see it again and again.. never get bored
still feel the vibes from the amazing crowd..
thanks city 👏👏👏
Cristant Nguyen
Cristant Nguyen:
When we need, Ilkay will always there! What an underated legend!
For a team with “no history”, we surely do have a hell of a lot of iconic moments like these
Jordan Kayitare
Jordan Kayitare:
That scream in the background when Gundogan scored the third gives me goosebumps🥳🤣
Charlie B
Charlie B:
Evertonian here stunning comeback congratulations City 🤙. Don’t let us down next year! Champions League has your name on it 🤞
It’s been 3 weeks, I will never stop watching this. 💙💙💙
couu alis
couu alis:
When we need, Ilkay will always there! What an underated legend!
Oscar Méndez
Oscar Méndez:
De los mejores partidos que he visto al Manchester city, me dolió verlos perder contra el Real, culpa de Pep por hacer los 5 cambios de una... Pero este partido fue brutal !!!!
let's be honest that first touch from countinho for the second goal was unbelievable, incredible player who did his part with a weaker team.
Ilham Rizaf
Ilham Rizaf:
Epic Come Back..
Gundogan, the real super sub 🔥🔥🔥
William Thiama
William Thiama:
Even the commentator is crying, this is why this team is so important for me , I love you manchester city 💙
Dr Bevhula
Dr Bevhula:
This is the best come back ever, I almost gave up when Villa scored the 2nd goal. City is the best.
What a Comeback all Thanks to Gundogan
i wish this club more success
Maxwell khubone
Maxwell khubone:
This match still gives me goosebumps. I relieve every moment when ever I watch this. One of the greatest comebacks ever for City...
Albert McMullen
Albert McMullen:
I must have witnessed the full game at least six times, the highlights close to thirty, and I still can't believe how City pulled it off.
The Unknown
The Unknown:
Watching this still give me goosebumps especially that Gundogan last goal... Like the commentators said... He should have a statue like D. Silva
It's Madelemo
It's Madelemo:
From Roberto Manchin to pep guardiola
From Kun Aguero to Ilkay Gundogan 🔥
Nuobaar Vitus
Nuobaar Vitus:
What a moment incredible tears started flowing when city score the second goal
Lii Sa
Lii Sa:
I'll hold on to this moment forever, I love this team ❤
Rahim Dobani
Rahim Dobani:
Goosebumps even while watching highlights ❤
Still getting same intensity of goosebumps after almost 2 months. Will probably keep getting for years to come. Viva La City!
وهج الطريق
وهج الطريق:
I still remember this day , I still remember how I felt when Gundogan scored the third Goal for city , Tears and laughs , hope and joy , what a remarkable night
Karma Chameleon
Karma Chameleon:
Rodri's goal was amazing. Had to be inch perfect to squeeze in that corner.
Isaac Apiti
Isaac Apiti:
This moment still gives me goosebumps! What a match:what a comeback:what a dagger to the hearts of haters!!
Zinchenko's performance in this game is 11/10
Mohammed Alammari
Mohammed Alammari:
Almost 3 months later and still gives me goosebumps, Good Luck in today’s first game of the season against West Ham 💙💙💙
kevin macharia
kevin macharia:
This is the best day of my life
Sgt Ted
Sgt Ted:
I am a Man Utd fan, But I have to say I was so glad City won it. If Liverpool had won it it would be a nightmare. Well done City.
Xxoxo Yyoyo
Xxoxo Yyoyo:
Can we stop and talk about the assist from De Bruyne for the final goal?
He gave it to him on a silver platter!
Gary Banana - Man City Fan
Gary Banana - Man City Fan:
I was in the stadium with my daughter watching this match, and it was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed, pure drama and excitement! Thank you City, you are all legends, thank you Pep, we love you!!!!
mahmet ziad
mahmet ziad:
I was privileged to be a city fan in the last 10 years and seeing them wining 6 premier league titles,, absolutely amazing..
Isipho CITY
Isipho CITY:
We fought for our lives here, I'm soo proud of this team 💙💙💙💙
Sound Radio KE
Sound Radio KE:
Look at the passion this team has. Oh my goodness, looks new every time I watch.
Beau-gars LILI
Beau-gars LILI:
I have no words to describe my emotions for city's great performance in this game! Pep and his players are word class! I encourage KDB to win the Golden Ball the next season after winning the UCL of course. Poud to be a citizen!
Aji Prasetyo
Aji Prasetyo:
WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!! Ilkay Gundogan !!!!!!
BEAUTIFUL. I remmeber watching this live like it was a few days ago, even thought it was well over 2 months now. Beautiful moment lads!
Humbulani mufamadi
Humbulani mufamadi:
The moment I will never forget inmy life💙💙💙
andiswa zwane
andiswa zwane:
I will never forget this day in my life 🙌 City City
I literally cried at that third goal.happy moments .
Alb Can
Alb Can:
As a Man City fan I was in tears when Gundogan scored the third goal. Happy for everyone and very happy for Kevin De Bruyne who leaves his heart on the pitch. Next year it's going to be even better with Erling Haaland in the team. Next year I expect Man City to win PL and CHL, please Mr Guardiola make it happen. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU from Canada.
perry luca Perry Luca
perry luca Perry Luca:
This is the 19th time am watching this. Cant just stop and each time i watch it i always share tears😭
tùng lương vũ
tùng lương vũ:
One of the best matches I've ever seen. It brings more value in life than a good match. Man City in my heart
strawberry farmer
strawberry farmer:
This game brought tears to my eyes. Football will always be the most passionate sport on the globe. City deserve everything they've achieved

- Diehard United Fan
Jacob Louis
Jacob Louis:
Literally that assist for the last goal . I don’t know how to express that sharpness . Oh de Bruyne ❤❤❤❤❤
I will never get over this. I love this club.
Mfana Ndhlovu
Mfana Ndhlovu:
The best game of my life... I've watched it like 100times
Beeyella Network
Beeyella Network:
Genuine happiness for a team who suffered for years and years now they are in Jubilee. Arsenal fan
dwight cole
dwight cole:
I can't stop watching this. A brilliant come back breaking a different set of red hearts this time around. Champions of England MANCHESTER CITY. 🏆🏆🏆🏆 in 5 years. I can't complain. Can't wait for next season to start. 👍💪⚡🔥🔹️
Chidiebere Edison
Chidiebere Edison:
Zichenko what a man! He gave his all on the pitch that day. He always does.
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan:
I never thought we would have something like 93:20 ever again, but 10 years later here we are needing three goals in the final minutes.

Ilkay, Rodri, and Zenchenko are club heroes.
awa :
What a send off for fernandinho! A comeback in his final game to win the premier league title! Love this club 💙
Mkhokheli Mazinyani Fuyane
Mkhokheli Mazinyani Fuyane:
Oh what a moment to remember. I was at work driving when my dear ManCity was playing. I had to stop and park because my entire body was burning with stress.

Zincheko was fire, he kept on pushing and pushing.... what can I say about Kevin? He played his heart out. Ohhh by the way Kyle had an injury but his speed when Gundogan scored a winning goal can not be explained 😂😂😂😂.
Man still give me the cold shiver down my back from when we won the league for the first time in 45 years. what a way to recreate the legacy moment! NEVER EVER DO IT THE EASY WAY DO WE CTID. 💙💙💙
tom shuo
tom shuo:
This was the most hilarious game ever.That comeback I'd just impressing.Cityzen till death
Abdelraouf Mustafa
Abdelraouf Mustafa:
This moment will live forever ❤️
Zinchenko's performance is world class but yet hes so underrated
Evan Siegel
Evan Siegel:
The fact that this happened twice to the same team is absolutely insane
I tried to cook a little.
I tried to cook a little.:
I’m a Chelsea fan and was so happy at Villa’s 2nd goal as I didn’t want City over taking Chelsea for Premier Leagues (yes, I know they one two old 1st divisions). Then I remembered them winning would deny Liverpool so I started cheering for them to win.

Really great domestic team but you need Champions League for this team to be truly regarded worldwide. However, with Haaland, you’ll most likely get one.
when you feel sad and hopeless and you’re mancity fans, come back here and watch this match.

Hope you’ll be stronger!
Amazing!!!!! This game was so incredible!!!!!
I'll never forget this moment!!! Forever!!!
Catherine G
Catherine G:
Zinchenko being subbed on this game made the difference, gave the players hope and made essentials plays. Feel like he isn't talked about enough
Adwaid Ps
Adwaid Ps:
I am watching this match more than 10 Times but just amazing
wilson raburu
wilson raburu:
The commentator talking about ikay's unseen runs when he comes on and he actually makes those runs and score 👌👌👌💯💯
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon:
I was there 3-2 in the Etihad stadium with my wife …. Thanks MCFC given me such stunning Fabulous memories, came back from behind and crown champion.
The awesome club & team , awesome fans . Best team in the world ! 👑
I watch it again after 2 month..still feel goosebumps
Uncle Gardener
Uncle Gardener:
Manchester City 0-1 Aston Villa 1:26
Manchester City 0-2 Aston Villa 4:19
Manchester City 1-2 Aston Villa 5:30
Manchester City 2-2 Aston Villa 6:20
Manchester City 3-2 Aston Villa 7:15
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan:
Even after 2 month, every time I look at it, I fight back tears! City don't know to this day that they prevented a big "disaster" for the club from the 75th minute, in a game where they struggled with their nerves for 76 minutes and that's what Pep Guardiola said the week before the game, that the match against Aston Villa could perhaps bring another drama like 2012!
The fighting spirit of our club is never a question. This team and the manager will be remembered for life.
Anytime I feel down, I come here to watch this highlights. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve watched it tho. Thank you City🔵. I know that the UCL trophy will be lifted by CityZens soon🔵🏆.
Moahmud Ahmed Aw-osman
Moahmud Ahmed Aw-osman:
After 3 months i come here to watch again the history we made it, city is a historic team
The Hooch Chronicles
The Hooch Chronicles:
This is just unreal. Nothing compares to a win like this. Gundogan will always be remembered for this.
Исмаил Рагимов
Исмаил Рагимов:
Этот матч можно смотреть бесконечно. Гюндоган МОЛОДЕЦ 👍
Zinchenko was insane 🔥
Rangam creates
Rangam creates:
What a comeback 🔥🔥 always City ❤️.
Cuman Wolf
Cuman Wolf:
The best come back of the year! 👍👍👍 Bravo!!!
Siyanda Magwaza
Siyanda Magwaza:
Every time I feel down/sad I login to watch this video and it cheers me up every time 💙
It was the best match in my life💙
Goal archive
Goal archive:
A moment i will never forget thanks to gundogan 💙
Gîcia (Gichia) wa Ng'ang'a
Gîcia (Gichia) wa Ng'ang'a:
This was one game that'll never forget for the rest of my life
Willy C.
Willy C.:
One of the best days of my life, forever grateful to you cityzens💙
it was glorious, all over again 10 years later!!! What a finish!