Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's first game following the restart of Premier League football - a 1-1 draw against Manchester United featuring a stunning individual strike from Steven Bergwijn.

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Eric Dier's head reminds me of Kronika. 😁
Sicario Frank
Sicario Frank:
Before Pogba was sub in, my friend and I were confident that Spurs can park all the way.

Man U had no creativity until Pogba was sub in and changed the whole rhythm of the game... Gotta admit that he’s still a very tactical midfielder
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
Bergwijn has brilliant movement and positional sense.
Oyasor Victor
Oyasor Victor:
Fernandes teaching the goalkeeper where to go😂😂
Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda:
Everything was going to plan except that one mistake, it’s the first game back so I’ll give Dier the benefit of the doubt plus he was great up until then. We go again Tuesday COYS
Aziz Mamadalimov
Aziz Mamadalimov:
What a beautiful save from Hugo
0:11 wtf i thought this was the FIFA 2020
Raman Sahota
Raman Sahota:
Greenwood should have played instead of James and Bailey for Lindelof
United had more then enough chances to win the game. Spurs had only 1 in son's header. dont even at me.
joshua tl
joshua tl:
Guys go easy on Harry Kane, he hasn’t played for 6 months and remember last year after injury he started bad but after a few games he became our top goal scorer. Just be patient🙄
Omar SON
Omar SON:
We will win on Tuesday 💪
ricky Pinnock
ricky Pinnock:
Anyone noticed that you can actually clearly hear the footballers due to no crowd.....
cory Fulton
cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan Good Luck against west ham on Tuesday i say this with full respect enjoy the rest of the premier league games and see you next season
I'm a spurs' fan, but man united did good job in this match..
Nhựt Trần
Nhựt Trần:
Obviously, Harry Macguire and David De Gea wasnt there at Bergwijn's goal.
Alim H
Alim H:
10:37 oh no😂 martial and Jose 😬
Nicolas Chirchir
Nicolas Chirchir:
Bergwijn is a beast! Pase, physicality and a shot Mourinhos perfect player...
Nice! The Spurs took the goal tune of KAA Gent 😄💙
Leonie Beins
Leonie Beins:
Hugo saved us a few times this game, such a good goal keeper.
let's win against west ham #COYS
Matej 10
Matej 10:
Just win on tuesday 🙏⚪🔵
Lmfaooo. The on field refereeing was a joke 😂😂.
Deku Nut
Deku Nut:
Man i was so excited but then they got the penalty :(
Evan Arnell Sasmita
Evan Arnell Sasmita:
Bergwijn is so good, gonna add him to my FIFA line up
Martin Hjortshøj
Martin Hjortshøj:
전사 boy규빈
전사 boy규빈:
Hello? I'm Korean!
I am a Tottenham fan!!
And please win the next game!
Finally, I am sonny fan
Heung- Min Son is a World Class
Red Blood
Red Blood:
Ref absolutely shocking , for the penalties. Just go down in the penalty area .
Thx for the extended highlights 👏🏽
rilo. if
rilo. if:
In home we win 2 - 1 🔥🔥🔥
Mateusz Karolczak
Mateusz Karolczak:
Dier was playing amazing all game! But his only mistake led to a penalty 😕
Muzie M
Muzie M:
That second penalty attempt😂😂😂😂😂😂 up Manchester😍
Christian AL Tac-an
Christian AL Tac-an:
Thanks for the extended highlights, Tottenham FC!!! :) I don't understand MANUTD's lack of uploading extended highlights for every game. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
잘했는데 pk.... 아쉽다
다이어도 잘했는데 왜그랬냐구
Dancan Mwangemi
Dancan Mwangemi:
Players are hugging each other despite the virus🤣🤣🤣
Cristina Capogrosso
Cristina Capogrosso:
Go Spurs! You're ever the best! 💪👏
Reus_djGaming 57
Reus_djGaming 57:
3:14 look at Maguire’s speed
adfc asdfe11
adfc asdfe11:
아아~~ 그 해딩슛만 들어갔으면 거기서 겜 끝났는데!! 너무 아깝다...
I Hate Google
I Hate Google:
The atmosphere in the stadium is electrifying!
7:58 Aurier got possessed
Shaun Pinto
Shaun Pinto:
How many of you thought you were watching EA fifa in the begining
Tim Huggins
Tim Huggins:
Wheres the crowd noise recording , i thought all clubs matches had this lol ?
Embison Jones
Embison Jones:
😅😅 These muppets sure make me laugh. They talk as if Mourihno found a team of champions. They were 14th without a hope in hell of ever playing in the champions league. Contract issues and players that were running their contracts down and didn’t want to be there. They were embarrassed by Bayern, yet they think that type of football under Poch was going to take them to new levels.

Some people watch football with emotions. Mourinho has already won more away games than Poch managed in the whole of last year. He’s taken them from 14th to 5th within a point of 4th place until injuries destroyed the momentum he’d built. Even now, they’re 8th and still have something to play for.

They keep using United has a way of slagging Mourinho off. They don’t realise he got United in five finals and won three, also came second in the league. All this in a space of two and a half seasons. Klopp needed three and a half seasons to win his first trophy. Pep needed 2 seasons and spending 400 million to win his first trophy. 200 million alone of defenders.

But these keyboard warriors think Mourinho can achieve all that in 7 months. The reason Mourinho is pragmatic is because he doesn’t have a good defence. It was self-evident under Poch. He’s trying to work out he’s best defensive options. Mourinho would rather pick up points than lose them. That’s the difference between him and a Poch.
Ara Akreyi
Ara Akreyi:
We Will Win On Tuesday 💪💙
Eier did well tho. Except for giving utd a pen
Ramadhan Musa
Ramadhan Musa:
Lindlof and mguire one has to sit on the bench
Pathur Ramadan
Pathur Ramadan:
Untung ada pinalty untuk MU, jika tidak dah pasti kalah tu
Pogba the best
shina haryormee
shina haryormee:
Love the boys to be back... 💖💯
Konishi Hyoe
Konishi Hyoe:
Nicholas Wolf
Nicholas Wolf:
That Beegwijn goal shouldn’t have gone in, it was a combo of 4 Utd mistakes.
Love In The House
Love In The House:
Man United were the better team with the better chances. Spurs were lucky to get a point. #ParkTheBus.
Fizzo Dizzo
Fizzo Dizzo:
It feels so weird without the spectators around. Its like training... 😅
Coach Technique
Coach Technique:
im a head coach and inspired by Jose
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
Is it just me or was Daviz Luiz playing for us as CF? :p
ali haydar Hadari
ali haydar Hadari:
Spuds were lucky to get away with a point
제발 라멜라 오리에 제드송 방출 좀 해라ㅡㅡ....
Vidcon Funn
Vidcon Funn:
Lloris Is The Most Underated GK In PL..
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya:
Twice I've seen Daniel James lead a spurs defender into uniteds player currently in possession of the ball .
akmalul abbad
akmalul abbad:
Ada yang tau kane ngapain?
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan:
Positional sense of Maguire was so poor for the Tottenham goal. That's why he got so easily beaten.
라멜라가 템포끊고 패스타이밍 계속 놓친게 크지
Rismas Mahdalena
Rismas Mahdalena:
Cara membuat aquarium
Abdoukarim Jatta
Abdoukarim Jatta:
Spurs did not park the buss they park the tank
7:58 "Break Dance"
aileen khaliqa
aileen khaliqa:
Terus berjuang spurs... Go go go
Murat Abdikulov
Murat Abdikulov:
Jack Reacher 33
Jack Reacher 33:
That's clear diving
Naval Dubey
Naval Dubey:
Please get rid of aurier and sign some quality on the right ... It's heart breaking to see spurs go from walker to trippier to aurier ffs 😭
Keven Han
Keven Han:
I’d love to see Hojbjerg play instead of Lamela in the same line up.....Please SIGN him!!!!!!!!
The Joker
The Joker:
A beautiful dive by pogba..
amb megastore
amb megastore:
team sg ramal main lagi bagus.. nubb menyu
Sony Wibisono
Sony Wibisono:
Baru tahu, ternyata Bruno Fernandes jago diving juga ya.
Dua Lipaa
Dua Lipaa:
Guys Where was Kane?
Man utd 👍
amine bahamou
amine bahamou:
feel sorry for tottenham fans they have one of the best squad in the premier league but unfortunately a bad coach!
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
the first pen was a little bit harsh IMO
rg kristianto
rg kristianto:
good start mou ..
heaven d a
heaven d a:
“They have an incredible record of getting penalties” smh #COYS
Ghenadie Suns
Ghenadie Suns:
It's so dumb to kneel before the game for a movement that destroyed and destabilised lives of normal , working people.
Leo Oliveira
Leo Oliveira:
Lucas off?
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
I CAN'T LAUGH AND I CAN'T SING, I'M FINDING IT HARD TO DO ANYTHING...... Tottenham 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 TOTTENHAM 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 TOTTENHAM......👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
WE Love you Tottenham we do,
We Love you Tottenham we do,
We Love you Tottenham,we do,
nicholas libertyrx
nicholas libertyrx:
blm passes to blm. blm switches the ball to blm, headed by blm and saved by blm,
Xg in favour of Manu 1.8 to 0.55
Hyun Ho Lee
Hyun Ho Lee:
That second penalty was a bs
pleas Tuesday GET WIN
This game would have been a lot more difficult for the #THFC if Son did not drop down and play like a wingback (1:34 3:58 6:18). And, the refereeing was sub-par. Hopefully, Kane will become match fit during the next few matches. Everyone else looked okay.
Vinh Nguyễn
Vinh Nguyễn:
amazing speed from harry maguire:)) i think he 45-50 year old
ferri official
ferri official:
Pogba best the match 👌
3:33 http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-11---offside#:~:text=There%20is%20no%20offside%20offence,a%20goal%20kick
José Pedro Manuel Sardinha Mualubambo
José Pedro Manuel Sardinha Mualubambo:
If wasnt pen on BFernandes, he should take a yello card...
fortune auche
fortune auche:
Son defensive work rate should be the limelight of this game. He really helped out the fullback
Rooney Naulak
Rooney Naulak:
Son's header was sooo closee de gea did well
JK7 Studio
JK7 Studio:
I thought we won the game until the 80th minute...
Mussa Celestino Alves Celestino
Mussa Celestino Alves Celestino:
was that penalty missed?
What I wrong with Fernandes skip move?
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Alcacer villas
Alcacer villas:
Serge Aurier was very poor . We should
Look for a new right back .

Thé referee was also at fault by allowing two easy penalty 😞😞