#EzraMiller has been getting a lot of attention recently for all of the wrong reasons... let's get into it.

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Deranged Quinn
Deranged Quinn:
It always amazed me Ezra was allowed to stay on Fantastic Beasts yet Johnny Depp was fired over allegations.
Sara A
Sara A:
Omg that poor fan getting choked was really scary and disturbing. I don't know that I could keep my hands to myself at that point.
Kristen Nagy
Kristen Nagy:
I don’t think we need to be so defensive over screwing up pronouns. Mistakes happen and as long as you aren’t doing it intentionally or maliciously you’re ok. Our brains are programmed one way reprogramming them takes time.
Katarina T
Katarina T:
it sounds like an undiagnosed mental health problem/substance abuse problem combined. I hope they get the help they need and I hope the people they've harrassed also get the help they need. this is a lose lose situation all around
Jodie L
Jodie L:
The fan was so clearly dancing and happy to see them, followed by pure disbelief and a lack of reaction probably because of the shock! That literally was wild…
Ms Tea
Ms Tea:
This behavior mimics my son's behavior while he was drunk and high. A normally intelligent, beautiful soul, turned into a monster while using. None of his family, his partners, , coworkers could believe that these actions came from him. A trigger quick temper, putting hands on people, all of which he Never remembered. It was black out everytime the last year of his life. Everyone is questioning this but I see Ezra as perhaps having addiction/mental health issues. My son did and I don't know why but it got worse at age 29, then he sadly overdosed last May. I had to physically (I'm 5'1, he was 5'11) out of a store where he went in and thought he could shop lift and tell me to F#$k off. He passed out in the car, and I drove him to the ER. I'm just saying I truly hope someone is looking out for Ezra. I cringe when I think of my son's behavior, so bad he wasn't allowed to what would have been his last Easter dinner. I hate to see others, whether public figures, or private so these things, it's not truly them. It's something else. Just thoughts from a dead boys mom. Gregg33mom 💜
Princess Sheogorath
Princess Sheogorath:
Yes, Ezra needs help. But to those who are downplaying the severity of Ezra's behaviour because they may have substance abuse issues, I don't think you fully comprehend what it is like to be abused by an alcoholic or drug addict. There is no excuse when you are aware of what you do to people when you're high. The end.
Krista Monroe
Krista Monroe:
As an exotic dancer for my ENTIRE adult life - I SO appreciated the last statement “we love our strippers!” Seriously thanks for the subtle little hint at making us feel SEEN & HEARD. That was great. Love You !
It seems like Ezra is really really going through it. holy crap. this is the behavior of an addict
Stephxnie Clxrk
Stephxnie Clxrk:
I love how you address issues with understanding and compassion, but at the same time, you still hold them accountable. Another well done piece! 🤍
Yanaha Kai Dził
Yanaha Kai Dził:
I've met people like this, THEY NEED to TAKE A BREAK from society/socializing to heal & detox at home/in proper hands. If they don't do it, they may continue to cause problems & probably run into a person who won't tollerate their violence/belligerent abuse.
karina quin
karina quin:
The fact that WB kept ezra miller and threw out henry cavill who has a clean ass record and is kind beyond words is BEYOND me
Honestly seems like less of a cry for help, with the resources Ezra has available, and seems more like blatant disregard for the safety of himself and others. Drinking problem or not, if Ezra does conduct illegal activities then like any other person Ezra should face the charges, such as physical assault on that fan - though admittedly we don’t know the exact circumstances by which the situation came into being.
Now I can’t watch aquaman or flash in theaters. I’m sorry I refuse to support Amber or Ezra, both are abusers and both need to face justice. Ezra literally assaulting people on camera without a care in the world. How do celebrities keep getting away with this..?
Calipso Aiuxa
Calipso Aiuxa:
As a woman I can say, for us to actually push someone, specifically a man, the situation needs to be very very problematic.
Dixon, D
Dixon, D:
The footage of "do you want to fight" is where the intervention should have began (and maybe even farther back). It's not cancelling someone to give them options of seeking behavioral health and/or substance abuse help. Instead he was kept in the movie (can't waste that money that was already spent) and the problematic behavior escalated.
Ticks me off that Erza keep doing this stuff and doesn't get taken off movies but Johnny Depp has a couple accusations thrown out and he gets pulled from everything. NOT FAIR
Opal Heart
Opal Heart:
I went to a creative and performance arts summer camp with Ezra in the late 00's. I didn't know them personally, but a friend who did always spoke fondly of them. Ezra is totally different from how we remember them. I don't want to speculate on their current condition, I just really wish them the best and hope they get the help they need.
Dwaal AtticSalt
Dwaal AtticSalt:
I’ve been a huge fan of Ezra Miller since seeing them in We Need to Talk About Kevin. I hate that they have a history of this kind of behavior and think that they need to lay off the sauce. It does definitely seem like there’s some sort of alcohol problems. Hopefully they can see the issues their drinking is causing and decide to get help so they don’t continue assaulting people and making an ass of themself.
Lindsay Brooke
Lindsay Brooke:
There’s gotta be a drinking problem and feeling invincible problem, as well. Ezra isn’t realizing that life isn’t a movie/video game.
Hava Gigi
Hava Gigi:
It angers me that any day of the week we would be arrested for some of this type of behavior. Now, we let celebrities get away with abusing, pushing onto us, hitting like Will Smith etc. it is a disgusting double standard.
Nani Kawaauhau
Nani Kawaauhau:
I’m from Hilo and my son and I were driving and Ezra walked backwards off of the sidewalk and right into the street. Didn’t even look. It happened a couple of cars in front of us and we were like wth? My son said it looked like them, but I was like no way - why would he be here? Then his arrest hit the news and we were shocked. Something is definitely wrong - hopefully someone is checking in on them. Yes - the behavior is problematic but that day it looked like they just didn’t care about their life. Sending aloha.
I’ve worked with addicts for a living and I’d be shocked if Ezra wasn’t struggling with an addiction.

You can hear it in their voice when they speak and of course always being outside of bars, getting into trouble at bars, it’s telling.

Just putting things together.
They need help but should NOT be excused from their abusive behavior.

It’s a shame to see this becoming of anyone.
Natalija the ghost
Natalija the ghost:
I used to be deeply in love with them in my early teens. This is insanely heartbreaking and I hope they get help.
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley:
Hes a human being. He's always had that "Im rich but im going squat in abandoned apartments" ENTITLED hippie hipster "true STRUGGLING artist" personality.😂😂He just needs to be humbled +bootcamp
Stella Crouch
Stella Crouch:
Thank you for respecting their pronouns while also acknowledging the harm they have done and that they need help/support. I have always said that people’s pronouns and identity’s should be respected even if they have have done harmful things.
Sara Croughan
Sara Croughan:
I love you Sloan my gosh you're so kind. The fact that you care so much about facts and having receipts for what you share and still being respectful... It truly is a beautiful thing and I just want to tell you how appreciated you are
Nicky D
Nicky D:
Don’t beat yourself up on the pronouns, it’s new to all of us.

You’re response to the phrase on the cup was hilarious. Love your content Sloan.
It sounds like they have a serious drinking problem. Obviously not an excuse for their behavior but possibly a reason. Maybe the alcohol is also escalating a mental illness. They definitely sound like they are going on a downward spiral and they need to be held accountable and take responsibility for their actions or they’ll only go down a further spiral. I’m glad the couple are okay. Sounds like someone should be paying for their therapy.
Wendy Baxter
Wendy Baxter:
I wonder if they’re having issues with alcohol. Going to bars, aggressive behavior.. seems to fit that or mentally struggling. Or both. I hope they get help soon.
alexis hidde
alexis hidde:
They’ve had multiple instances of harassing people it’s not okay if you Can’t handle yourself when you go out drink at home!
Cindy Sharlena
Cindy Sharlena:
Why did Johnny Depp get dropped and yet Ezra stays! I don’t think that’s fair!
“We all have issues but that doesn’t make it okay to not work on those issues”
Spoken from a wise guy sloan!! I have anger issues and have had them since leaving an abusive relationship, but I work on that shit and never feel it’s okay to lash out on anyone!! I do slip but I hold myself accountable!
Thank you for always being so kindhearted and always giving the facts instead of just a biased opinion. It sounds like Ezra has a lot going on that he isn’t putting out there to public. I hope he gets the help he needs.
I like that you're so honest about getting pronouns mixed up. I feel the exact same way and its not like I'm being rude on purpose, but its just a natural instinct I'm trying to get out of. Stay true<3
The Icey Hawtt Stunna
The Icey Hawtt Stunna:
I hope Ezra gets the professional help that they need. In the meantime, if I ever see Ezra in public, I will NOT approach them.
Alice Moral Denis
Alice Moral Denis:
Sadly, this reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse’s during the months leading up to her passing away. If you recall she was “living” or on a never ending vacation on an island in the Caribbean (I forget which island right now), and she was acting really bizarre and stealing drinks from people’s tables at restaurants, etc. She seemed intoxicated more often than not and simply acting really bizarre. That said, I didn’t don’t remember any issues with her acting violent towards others. Very sad to see people like this. I hope Ezra gets whatever help “they” needs.
EDIT: Corrected spelling of Amy’s last name
sage moon
sage moon:
Ezra’s behavior could actually be the result or current display of a mental health emergency or substance abuse. Hopefully, people stop to consider that, although it doesn’t discredit how traumatizing or scary interactions with them may have been. Completely agree that their actions could be a cry for help, or a sign that careful and genuine intervention may be needed. Villainizing or sensationalizing someone’s mental health crisis is exactly what landed Britney Spears in a 13-year, abusive conservatorship. So hopefully, Ezra gets safe and reputable help soon.
Is sad to see them like this, hope they get better soon and seek the help that they need
As a Hawaiian, I can tell you they must've REALLY upset the local bar employee because I've never personally seen a bar fight like ever, not even in Chinatown. We just aren't like that generally. I think Ezra may be dealing with a lot of inner turmoil. Maybe some mental illness mixed with alcohol abuse? Either way I think they need some serious professional help.
You are so compassionate and sweet. You are one of the only YouTubers I really love. I love how you have such a big heart and compassion for everyone..and I love how much you've defended us s3x workers lately, xoxo
Maj Lördag
Maj Lördag:
This doesn't surprise me a lot since I always got the vibes from them that they're not very grounded. I hope they get help though
Lil Q
Lil Q:
Having family that went through it, it seems like their behavior is definitely partially due to alcohol consumption. This is honestly really sad and I hope they get help. I really loved Ezra in perks and a few other smaller movies. I never knew about this side of them. This just shows you really can be famous and have a lot in life but are still human with normal problems
I'm so glad that Sloan laughed at the saying on the cup. Jokes are meant as jokes even if different people find different things funny. Ty
Really hope Ezra gets help before they derail their whole life and career. And it's sad because they seemed so grounded and genuinely gentle/kind before the drinking got so frequent and with such a promising career. I feel so bad for that fan that got choked because that incident got so swept under the rug that people couldn't even tell if it was a joke or not.
Sv Vr
Sv Vr:
his behavior is just weird. looks like a manic episode or substance abuse issues
Yeah I’ve been wondering if it was addiction or mental illness, potentially a combination of the two
this is not a defense for their actions
Eva Marie
Eva Marie:
This seems like a manic episode, he might need an adjustment in his medications if that’s the case. I have a friend who went through something similar, and it is so hard to help someone who doesn’t want help. Hopefully they can snap out of it soon. Also assaulting people is illegal so if they break the law again they should be forced into a facility.
Ezra strikes me as someone identifying as they/them to try to stay relevant and seem quirky first and foremost. But also so he can get away with assaulting women and calling them misogynist slurs without having to be reported on as a male. 🤷🏽‍♀️😑😑😑🙄
Pattie Pizzato
Pattie Pizzato:
It seems deep down Ezra feels entitled to behave any way he wants. If no one stopped his bad behavior as a child and adolescent then society will have to in the form of arrest and mandatory psychiatric help.
I just want you to know that your channel is the ONLY place I go for celebrity news! Absolute quality content, thank you so much 🙏🏼
Bethany Wesley
Bethany Wesley:
I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Ezra. I truly hope they seek help and are connected with someone who can help them find a peaceful place in life again.

BTW is it just me or did that choking video seem like they were playing with her and she was aware of it? I could be wrong, but I just didn't see a change in her face to indicate that she was shocked or afraid.
I find it interesting how Will Smith slapped another man and everyone lost their shit, but Ezra can choke slam a woman to the ground and people are just like 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ meh. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ White makes right, I guess. I just hate how Black men are treated when they make a mistake but White mens wrongdoings are always defended and downplayed.

Ezra needs "help," but Will Smith needs jail. As a Black woman that is extremely frustrating.
I’ve always adored them as an actor. Extremely talented, however, something is for sure off and I feel so bad for those people + fans. To me, it seems like a serious addiction going on. I’ve seen addiction first hand several times and it truly changes everything about a person - it’s heartbreaking and affects so many people other than just the addict. I hope they get the help they need - addiction or not. Something isn’t right and them being held accountable for this is necessary for the victims, for humanity and for their own good. Thanks for covering this and your kindness 💋
Pink Portrait
Pink Portrait:
I think simplifying this to a drug or drinking issue is mistaken. I think there's at least 1 other factor be it an undiagnosed personality disorder or some type of trauma.
Their violent behavior is very concerning.
Jude Dude
Jude Dude:
Oh my god!! This person is so scary and unhinged! I am actually experiencing secondhand nervousness for everyone who’s had the displeasure of encountering this person whilst they are in the midst of whatever the hell this is.
Tiffany McNeley
Tiffany McNeley:
My favorite thing is when you say “Oh I can’t say this word” and then you whisper it. It cracks me up every single time. You’re so dang cute! Never change Sloan ❤
Nicole Lynch
Nicole Lynch:
Great video, Sloan! And thank you for bringing up the point of Ezra's situation being like Amber Heard's, I completely agree. It's baffling that Johnny Depp can be blacklisted from Warner Brothers for something Amber was doing to him but they're able to keep Ezra over multiple proven offenses (and they kept Amber to continue Aquaman). Johnny's blacklist seemed targeted while Ezra's actions seemed buried for a long time. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I can't help to think there's something suspicious about the whole ordeal.

Growing up loving the Harry Potter series, part of me is also disappointed with Fantastic Beasts. I thoroughly enjoyed Johnny and Ezra in the series. But now after everything that's happened, the series kind of has a bad taste in my mouth.

Before I get off track, I also agree that Ezra's actions seem like a cry for help. No matter if it's rehab, a mental health screening, or even therapy, I hope they can get help and get back on their feet. Because if this is a cry for help, it would be a shame to lose them so young.

I know I emailed a while ago, but if you're looking for new video ideas, I would love to see your perspective on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's history. Your videos are so thorough and you always stay faithful to the receipts, I have no doubt you'd be able to do that topic justice :) I understand if there's not much time to do a video like that. But I do appreciate you briefly bringing up its unjust absurdity in this video. And if you're still reading, thank you for reading this long comment, I hope you have a wonderful day :)
lexi antoncich
lexi antoncich:
I used to work at a venue and a few years ago their band played there. They were pretty rude to me after I rejected their advances toward me. It was really cringey and embarrassing.
Your videos are so interesting informative and the way you bring news is empathetic. Love you Sloan 💕
K Bux
K Bux:
I’ve known people that get like this when they’re drunk. Completely out of control. Ugh. I have some stories. Some people’s drinking problem is not that they drink everyday but simply that they drink at all and become a monster. Like dr jekyll and mr hyde.
Ambs Spence
Ambs Spence:
The thing about using the wrong pronouns; you're trying. The clearest sign to me that somebody is a good person is that they're always trying to better themselves.
Nothing ruins my day quite like seeing somebody I liked as a title on your channel,,,
Jokes aside I am really happy you cover these people and topics! Even your faves need to be called out sometimes
Cristina Santos
Cristina Santos:
I hope they get the help they need, I really feel like Ezra is going through something painful maybe a traumatic experience and has spiraled into a drinking problem. Its getting more and more dangerous. i do support that they called out the white supremacists
Sabrina Williams
Sabrina Williams:
"So why can Ezra get away with this bad behaviour?" They have the funds and haven't been held accountable yet. Even IF Ezra is going through it, acting out like that isn't okay.
I am you
I am you:
I love how you ask us which topics we’d like to you to cover and actually cover them. 🙌
Heather Agar
Heather Agar:
I think Ezra is really going through stuff atm, they need help and support from people around them, I hope they can be happy again soon ❤️
this is so bizarre and scary! I hope everyone they harassed will be protected and taken care of. And I hope ezra gets help!
You're always very careful with pronouns, and if you mess them up you always correct yourself :) I think that's very professional of you and it makes me like your channel even more! <3
Someone said "evil they/them willy wonka"💀
Amber Garland
Amber Garland:
Hey your doing great I love your videos you always make sure to use correct pronouns. These videos must be time consuming and stressful to make we understand.I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say we can see you put your soul into everything you do.. keep going you’ll only get better and better and I’m here for it !!
Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson:
Hoping you read my email suggesting this idea the other day! It’s just so wild. I agree it is all probably a cry for help. They just might not realize it yet.
I appreciate you Sloan!
You said it perfectly SLOAN, "like Amber Heard" because it's Warner Brothers helping them get away with it all!! You should do a video on WB and their sketchiness
Danni Charles
Danni Charles:
He’s so young, hope he gets the help he needs ❤️ always loved him
Christina O'Donnell
Christina O'Donnell:
Defiantly a cry for help/needs help for sure. Exra's behavior reminds me of other people, not just celebrities who have issues with substance or even mental illness. And the more people condone it and let them get away with it, the worse it will be. It is never easy to see someone behaving this way and we live in a time where things like this are talked about so much and people have so much access to help, that now is the point where we should support Ezra and try to get them help.
Angela Cuthbert
Angela Cuthbert:
SLO4N I don't often comment but I've just gota say I think your great and I love listening to your stories ❤
Bar scenes seem to be the common denominator in regards to Ezra. No doubt alcohol is their trigger. I agree…they definitely need help. I’m not sure why they keep getting away with things like this. Sure, they’re very attractive (at least in my eyes) but where are their friends/family? Where are their support system?
Priscilla Velador
Priscilla Velador:
I always appreciate your videos Sloan ❤️ you always seem so genuine and I love that.
Bryn Oliver
Bryn Oliver:
Most likely undiagnosed bi polar or manic depressive mode. I've known many young people my age who had manic outbreaks like this, becoming agitated and very aggressive over simple confrontations, being reckless with their health and taking random drugs, drinking everyday. It can be so difficult especially if you're being enabled by your environment and money abusing drugs and alcohol. He should recieve help before it becomes deadly or someone is severely hurt or arrested. You think it's all fun and games until you've ruined lives and are behind bars.
Leanne Rose 🥰
Leanne Rose 🥰:
I don't know them but I really really hope help can go their way. There is no doubt that they need some sort of support. I hope they can find that support and I hope that the other people involved are doing okay today. Thank you for the video Sloan.💗
Rhoda Ferrantino
Rhoda Ferrantino:
This video was hard to watch because I love Perks of Being a Wallflower and Ezra’s character in that film. It’s a good lesson that a role someone plays for a movie is not their true self— there’s a real person behind that role who needs to get help 🥺 I hope they get it
Ashlee Nicole
Ashlee Nicole:
Don’t feel bad about making mistakes on the pronouns my brain literally thinks you’re talking about multiple people at times in the discussion, it’s is what it is at least it is in no harm or intent 🤷🏻‍♀️
pink butterfly
pink butterfly:
i’ve lost respect for ezra and i’m not supporting him anymore, i understand he may need help but that’s NOT an excuse to keep attacking people for no reason. I don’t understand why ppl are talking about his disturbing behavior.
Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina
Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina:
Someone being calm in a video doesn't mean a thing. Everyone has a moment of being calm until they're not. Lmao.
I really hope they're able to get some help, thanks for this update!
Nicole Ross
Nicole Ross:
It sounds like he’s really struggling with drinking right now. It’s really scary how alcohol can affect you. I hope he can come to a realization that he needs help.
April Rogers
April Rogers:
SLOAN!!! You did SOOO good with the pronouns. don't beat yourself up, we know you're one of the real ones!
Bad Bi*ch In Red
Bad Bi*ch In Red:
It’s all so new with the pronouns, don’t beat yourself up. At least you’re trying. Some people don’t even bother. Or purposely use the wrong pronouns. You’re doing great ❤️
Always been a fan of them. I hope they get the help they need.
Ribby The Party Frog
Ribby The Party Frog:
*The choke slam just randomly went away as if it never happened. Don’t think he can outrun all this.*
Sarah Bleu
Sarah Bleu:
No boundaries. Yet bounded with thoughts of making one believe this is okay
Totally agree with your final assessment. I truly hope they get help, I'm a huge fan of Ezra, and everything lately has been really alarming. I've also been very mentally sick in the past, far back and recent, and I understand how difficult it is to get out of it by yourself. And the first few years of it, you probably aren't even aware of how far down you're plunging - until you're in the dark and you can't see the light anymore, and you HAVE to get help because you've hit rock bottom. But I don't want them to come close to hitting rock bottom, and they still do have a chance to succeed, especially now if they get help. I can't imagine people not forgiving them if they work on this with professionals. I had to do it myself, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on it over the years, but it was necessary for me to get better.
Ezra is playing a risky game. I live on Oahu but lived on Big Island for a year prior to moving to this Island, and if you make the wrong local mad, you can get attacked with machetes, or thrown in a Lava tube. It is NEVER okay to come here and disrespect the locals or our other guests to the islands.
Janny hawkins
Janny hawkins:
Great job. Love the way you ended this! Also, I’m in same boat w/pronouns.
Projection v. Accountability
Projection v. Accountability:
I cracked up at you pondering over the "ugly stripper" cup 😂 Your vids have gotten me through TONS of yardwork!
I changed my name for YouTube
I changed my name for YouTube:
He desperately needs help. It’s sad and he’s only going to get worse.
Mania causes people to break from reality. I hope they get help ASAP because it is not possible to think rationally at that point. Assault is NOT excusable.
Lucía Aria Monasterio
Lucía Aria Monasterio:
You have these people hurting other people and they are walking free and people rooting for them and then in the other hand you have Britney who don't hurt a flie, and called crazy and taked to a mental institution, this is the world in we all live in.
Celine ElKhatib
Celine ElKhatib:
I really hope they get help. Thanks for the important story!
Geniee B
Geniee B:
When I saw we need to talk about Kevin I thought to myself wow he played that character really well and it never left my mind that he actually might be THAT PERSON