F2 Feature Race Highlights | 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Formula 2 delivered another dramatic race as championship rivals Callum Ilott, Robert Shwartzman and Mick Schumacher went head-to-head...

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Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton:
Schumacher winning for an Italian team at Monza. Sounds familiar.
Edm C
Edm C:
At least one Italian car didn’t let us down this weekend. Edit what a win for Pierre and alpha Tauri one Italian team delivered
It sucks to see that Mick has so many "he is here because of his name" haters. He really seems like a nice guy and clearly has skills. Hope he will do well in F1 one day!
Patrick7022 77
Patrick7022 77:
This f2 season is mad, Ilott, Schwarzman, Schumacher and Tsunoda all competing for the championship. 3 drivers competing for an Alfa Romeo seat, Tsunoda looking likely to be the next Japanese f1 driver. Lundgaard, Zhou and Mazepin can also win the championship. Mad.
Schumacher's Prema is faster than Ferrari
Chadric Baksh
Chadric Baksh:
Damn mick really is the master of starts in f2 at the moment.
Samar Hedaoo
Samar Hedaoo:
This F2 race had more overtakes than the entire F1 season till now!
Avinash Venkatesan
Avinash Venkatesan:
F2 is better than F1 in terms of competition
The best start I've seen of the season. Schumacher went off like a rocket! Guanyu Zhou deserves a mention. P17 to P5? A pretty good race I thought for him!
Grogg 22
Grogg 22:
Ideal scenario:
Mick at Alfa
Shwartzman at Haas
Tsunoda at Alpha Tauri
And Williams buy out Latifis contract and put Ilott in the car instead.

Last one won’t happen but it would be cool
Z Aviation
Z Aviation:
Who want Mick to switch with Giovinazzi?
Anderer Name
Anderer Name:
I hope his father was able to watch this fantastic race on TV. 💪🏻
Matthias Borremans
Matthias Borremans:
Now : Hamilton braking all Schumacher records
Future : Schumacher braking all Hamilton records
Pratish Shetty
Pratish Shetty:
I wish micheal Schumacher will make his first public appearance to see his mick win the F2 championship in Bahrain.
kais Yaya
kais Yaya:
on his seventh podium, there's a pattern here that i surely like.
rhys mcgovan
rhys mcgovan:
mick wants that alfa seat💪🏿
Schumacher for the F2 title.
Leclerc16 Ferrari
Leclerc16 Ferrari:
F2 this year>>>>>F1 this year
Schumacher wins at Monza, big Schumi Fan ! Happy to see his son win and it shwartsman didn’t crash into Schumacher and if he didn’t had the fire extinguishers exident he would lead the championship by a bit now so hate on me now xD
Clicked faster than the 2020 Ferrari
You know F1 is sh**, when F2 is 10 times more interesting 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edit: The Italian GP (Monza) is an exception. This race was crazy 🔥🔥
What a start from Mick, that was a wonderful drive!
Schumacher was in the last 6 races 5 times in the top 3, 6 times in the top 6.
Roy M
Roy M:
A Schumacher wins at Monza in a red car with an Italian in P2, imagine the scenes if the Tifosi were there...
That was probably the most explosive start I’ve ever seen in racing
Mick drove just like his dad back in the day.
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards:
F1 should race on Saturday and F2 on Sunday!
Mr Random Guy
Mr Random Guy:
Really impressed with Mick. I wasn't expecting him to vie for the championship after the start Shwartzman earlier in the season but Mick's been consistently improving and is now right there with Shwartzman and Illott. I knew there was the possibility for this as I remember he didn't look in contention for the first half of his sophomore F3 season but then quickly shot up towards the top. Pretty much the same thing seems like to be happening here.
Nafiz Imtiaz
Nafiz Imtiaz:
MSC name, again on the top of the Podium! It's a different feeling.
bandi scam
bandi scam:
When Mick wins, yet three people come here to say they are first
Aaron Canese
Aaron Canese:
It's always a beautiful day when you see the Schumacher name back on the top step of the podium
Monza is the temple of the speed, F2 is the temple of action.
Federico Bravin
Federico Bravin:
From 7th to 2nd in T1, wonderful start by Schumi.
Pats kats
Pats kats:
Even if you don't like Mick. Even if you think he won by luck, he is racing because of his name you have to admit ONE thing. His starts are AWESOME
Michi W
Michi W:
Like father like son
What a race by Schumacher. Runs in the family.
Nopparuj Pooh
Nopparuj Pooh:
This win is for Michael!!!
Zhewen Teh
Zhewen Teh:
proved the haters wrong. well done mick, keep it up and the alfa seat will be yours
Prince of the Underground
Prince of the Underground:
Say what you want about Mick, but just look at those starts. Absolutely amazing
Mick Schumacher winning at Monza driving a mostly red car... by God, the memories are rushing in...
Cool at least Italians can enjoy a Schumacher + italian car win Monza :)
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri:
That start from Schumacher reminded me of Alonso's starts with Ferrari in those days
That podium consistency in the past races helped him to get to a title contention after this race win
SebastianVettel LeDieuDeLaFormule1
SebastianVettel LeDieuDeLaFormule1:
Grande mick !
Lalo Soria
Lalo Soria:
Schumacher can be champion this year.
bandi scam
bandi scam:
Prediction about F1 2021's grid
*Mercedes:* _Hamilton_ - Bottas
*Ferrari:* Leclerc - Sainz
*Red Bull:* Verstappen - _Albon_
*McLaren:* Norris - Ricciardo
*Renault:* Ocon - Alonso
*AlphaTauri:* _Gasly - Tsunoda_
*Aston Martin:* _Vettel - Stroll_
*Alfa Romeo:* _Schumacher - Hulkenberg_
*Haas:* _Shwartzman - Perez_
*Williams:* Russell - Latifi

Without seat:
Raikkonen (returns to Rally)
Giovinazzi (regains his Ferrari test driver role)
Grosjean (retires)
Magnussen (don't know)
Kvyat (don't know, leaves Red Bull orbit)
Ilott (becomes Alfa Romeo and Ferrari third driver)
Enzo 5165
Enzo 5165:
finally a win for mick schumacher hope more wins are coming :D
I had a feeling 'Schumacher' would win here. He's a quiet guy (unlike the forceful personality of his father), and, he minds his own business. From interviews with people in the paddock they say he's very respected and prefers to work from the shadows probably, due to the expectation attached with the name.
2:26 Ferrari mechanics helping vettel improve his straight line speed, 2020 colorized
Yandz The man
Yandz The man:
I don't care how hyped Mick is, but to recover from yesterday's qualifying and start in 6th but reach the 1st corner in 3rd is just scary and a testament to his talent
Joel Kristensson
Joel Kristensson:
So happy for schumacher. Lets win this title
Tommy -tude
Tommy -tude:
So glad mick won
Am Naah
Am Naah:
This is insane, especially compared to last year, where Nyck just started pulling away from Ghiotto and Latifi.
The top 7 is so close and all still in for the title, and when you consider how say how Schumacher, Mazepin and Zhou have been quite unlucky and are still in it and Schwartzman, Tsnoda and Luungard are all rookies and Illott also been quite unlucky, like here but still pleasantly surprising everyone.

It's a shame F1 may likely have enough seats as tbh, this is a very talented pool of drivers. Like even the drivers not in the fight like Ticktum, Drugovich and I hope Vips gets a seat next season because if this is his only shot in F2 it would be extremely unfair and he seems like a right good driver, just the most inexperienced driver on grid since he has raced only 3 races, and he is already pushing the edge of points which is better than say, Sato, Samaia at end of grid
Julian Höke
Julian Höke:
Atleast F2 does not let us down :D
Kimi Laüda Rintaroü
Kimi Laüda Rintaroü:
Grande Mick Schumascher 🇩🇪 demostrando que su talento y que no es sólo un acomodado por su apellido . Gran nivel de los pilotos de la academia Ferrari 🇮🇹
What a start and race from Mick, very well done
mezar kabul
mezar kabul:
Wish your dad able to see this 😢😢😢
SammyInABox 1
SammyInABox 1:
Schumacher wins at Monza! Reminds me of Michael!
Asm Hsn
Asm Hsn:
After having multiple races in a weekend and extra points for pole and fastest laps, only 3 points separate the top 2. Whats the difference in Formula 1? Sad, it’s just sad that the pinnacle of racing is becoming so dull compared to others. Heck even MotoGP is soooo much more entertaining this year!
Ilott & Schumacher would be a very strong line-up for Alfa
That Start😳
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh:
dont know about mick's overall skill set... but his starts 😍😍 ... i have seen them more then once,twice or dont know how many times.
Good lord, that start. Sounds like someone's been learning from Uncle Hakkinen.
Ujo ojU
Ujo ojU:
It's great that first 3 in the championship are from ferrari academy and are fighting for that Alfa seat. It adds even more tension to it.
In Monza
In a red car with Ferrari branding
In a Formula race

...Except it's Mick in F2 with Prema, which in fact is still absolutely amazing to even say
And now with just one win, he's 3 points behind the two championship leaders!
I like that the f2 car shoot fire when downshifting
Riky Oh
Riky Oh:
This would be amazing if we had tifosi in here, we still love Schumacher
Also, this season F2 it's amazing... far better than F1. I know that F1 is not about cars being the same but there is not fight for the win at the moment
So happy for _Mick!_ Single-handedly sparing the _Scuderia's_ blushes on home soil!
Mick‘s gotta Turn Up AI Difficulty here man! 🤭Disgusting Fast start! 😱🔥
In some years we will hear crofty say
And mick sumacher wins the italin grand prix
Amazing start from Schumacher!
miles cortez
miles cortez:
"just his name" needs to stop. Dude is one of the best in the starts and in terms of pace is always up there with the top drivers (proving it with the most podiums this season). His qualifying is iffy but has pace. mich Schumacher is his own man and look at him based on what he has accomplish and will accomplish without looking at his father.
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha:
Great start by Mick and then taking the lead from ilott after the pit stop to win the race. His future is bright
Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9
Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9:
Glad Mick got one he deserved it
Max Brink
Max Brink:
P1 to P21 to P6 ok that’s pretty decent considering it’s a spec series
Smiler Entertainment
Smiler Entertainment:
Thirty seconds in, no first comments.
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
F2 standing are so close, love it.
3 FDA drivers in top 3 in F2. I think that is quite ironic considering Ferrari's current state
EW Car Racing
EW Car Racing:
That consistency will get Mick the title
Senpai Zac
Senpai Zac:
Let's go Mick!
When *NOT* to Change Camera Angles
jejj kess
jejj kess:
Ghiotto is very underrated by the way
Eli Yang
Eli Yang:
This highlights video is wayyyy too short. You guys missed out on Illot's and Guanyu Joe's amazing charge through the field.
Wish fans were allowed at the track, imagine the reception mick would’ve got from the tifosi
Minas Pap
Minas Pap:
Go Mick! Awesome Start and well managed race!
just by watching these highlihts this season- Schumacher seems to allways have a good start. Real good reaction from the kid. this time picking up 5 places into 1st corner.
Jimmy King
Jimmy King:
2:40 he's being playing too much Gran Turismo Sport with that filth of a move. Chap in the gravel would be given a penalty if it was the game 😂
Gabor Szalai
Gabor Szalai:
wow...one of the best starts ever imo. and all in all it was his 7th podium this season and only 3 points behind from the championship leaders. this guy is fuckin talented, and not just a surname
Dim Gk
Dim Gk:
Schumi bossed it hands down
That's so amazing!!! He's delivering with such consistency, what an improvement from last year
SonGoku San
SonGoku San:
F2 start with AlphaNovax:
B0ss: pronto Schumacher?
*BELGIUM 2012* Without S🅱️INNALA or crash
C B:
F2 cars sound so good like god damn
devansh tulsiyan
devansh tulsiyan:
This is so much more interesting than f1, damnn
Leandro Hoeltz
Leandro Hoeltz:
Mick Schumacher has been so regular so far, however, his race start was quite astonishing to understand
SonGoku San
SonGoku San:
Schumacher Great start! From 7th to 2nd
Zhou had a great recovery race after starting way down
Gianni Ricotta
Gianni Ricotta:
P10 in the Championship in f2 Is as close as P2 Is in f1😭😂
2:43 Mazepin and Mazepin again
why he didnt give up and let Nissany first, and then retook position
it was very clear that Nissany would be wide