F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Race of the season?! We'll leave you to judge that as the championship lead changes in dramatic style...

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Alessandro Petrucci
Alessandro Petrucci:
F3 and F2 are getting better and better than F1
+ More action than F1
+ More drivers than in F1
+ More fights between drivers than in F1
+ More than 1 competitive team than in F1

- not so much laps than in F1 :(
Lucas Chiodi
Lucas Chiodi:
21 overtakes by Fittipaldi and cameraman don't get even one :D
SammyInABox 1
SammyInABox 1:
Nice to see peroni back at Monza, crazy there’s a sausage kerb at parabolica
Lucas Cavalcante Costa
Lucas Cavalcante Costa:
Fittipaldi was last after the start and finished P9, still he wasn't in the video
Polish Motorsport
Polish Motorsport:
Damn i wanted pourchaire or whatever his name to win
Will's Epic Channel
Will's Epic Channel:
3:08 This about summarizes Fernandez' season so far.
IRC Marcel
IRC Marcel:
Who is also hyped for the feature race f2?
Guillaume Couture-Lévesque
Guillaume Couture-Lévesque:
The marshal posts seem REALLY exposed at Monza.
Astro Sleep
Astro Sleep:
3 people first? Must be Jerez 1997 quali
Aden Schreck
Aden Schreck:
What a race from Oscar Piastri! 15th to 3rd. I really hope he can make a good performance tomorrow and hopefully get the championship by the end of next weekend
Varun N
Varun N:
*3:44** nearly hit the marshall who's behind the barrier lol! STAY SAFE MARSHALLS*
João Diguê
João Diguê:
What a race for Fittipaldi, what a drive
planes 4 me
planes 4 me:
Let’s go Oscar
Go for the championship mate
Find A Job
Find A Job:
When 5 minutes of F3 highligts gave you more emotions, that whole Formula 1 season...
Wins0n L13m
Wins0n L13m:
3:42 "Hello Marshalls"
3:10 thats a sick drift if he made it
Captain_ Nesquik
Captain_ Nesquik:
When you are 22 in a long lane !!!!
It's wonderful
Midhun Mohan
Midhun Mohan:
Why do people with the name "Sebastian" always spin? :D
Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt
Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt:
Alex Brundle deserves a gift from the main sponsor for building in the “socialise responsibly” phrase into his commentary :D
I just love Formula 3! Pure chaos!
Midgetbar maid
Midgetbar maid:
This is so much more exciting than F1!
Captain Ravioli
Captain Ravioli:
Enjoying seeing potential F1 drivers on their way to the top
Fernando Francisco Casilla
Fernando Francisco Casilla:
Esto es espectáculo, haber si F1 se acerca al 10% de lo q brindan la F3
Venom Outcast
Venom Outcast:
That moment when ''poorshare'' didn't win and has to share 🤣🤣🤣
Kimi Laüda Rintaroü
Kimi Laüda Rintaroü:
Great Race Vesti🇩🇰, Theo 🇨🇵, Piastri 🇦🇺 and most Enzo 🇧🇷
Alex Bi
Alex Bi:
Go Porchaire you're my love ❤
This is real racing. Kudos for Igor Fraga. Did it great - shame he lost performance midrace.
Just Broof
Just Broof:
The excitement of the entire F1 season rolled up into 1 race.
Lyle Clarke
Lyle Clarke:
Someone remind me when overtaking off track became legal?
Amazing that Vesti didn't get any penalty for his passing i think it was on Lawson. Really odd to me.
Zjebosław Skurwysyński
Zjebosław Skurwysyński:
What happened to Igor Fraga? He was 6th at one point.
Meidiana Sukowati30
Meidiana Sukowati30:
Pourchaire 🇫🇷❤️
Me gustaría ver una competición de un F2 o F3 actual 2020, contra un F1 de 1994.
WTF Tequila
WTF Tequila:
Great exciting racing. Glad to see F3 highlights
Flavio Rosa
Flavio Rosa:
Qual é a próxima PALHAÇADA da Itália em 2021 por Hamilton?

What is Italy's next CLOWN in 2021 by Hamilton?

Qual è il prossimo CLOWN italiano nel 2021 di Hamilton?
Mira Reeves
Mira Reeves:
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
JJ Hidson
JJ Hidson:
Now I wanna know if we can watch the full races
0:32 I could swear that, not long ago, outside of Curva Grande's retaining wall there used to be many tall, bushy trees. Now I can almost see the horizon. Were they all chopped down? If so, why?
joe is pointless
joe is pointless:
2:49 over the sausuge kerbs
James Shoemaker
James Shoemaker:
I wish F1 was even 1/2 this good.
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha:
3.43 Your package has arrived
Famiz J.
Famiz J.:
what Happened to Sar?
ronaldo rodrigues de assis
ronaldo rodrigues de assis:
Isso sim é coisa de assistir que maravilha nossa acaba com f1
Mah Rez
Mah Rez:
Is it me or it looks like Gran Turismo Sport?
GKGameplay CZ
GKGameplay CZ:
at 4:39 we can see Staněk at P10 with his team mate Belov at P13. at 4:50 we can see Belov at P10 and Staněk at P11. Can someone explain this to me?
Way more fun to watch than F1
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique:
Mario kart 64 bits xD
Carolina Jardim
Carolina Jardim:
I've felt
Lilla Gottlieb
Lilla Gottlieb:
Go Oscar!
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
Daniel Solis Rodriguez:
😭😭😭 get the people back 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺
Albino Henriques
Albino Henriques:
what a recovery from fittipaldi
Let's go Enzo!! Fitiforce!
Dave Hicks
Dave Hicks:
Really annoyed I missed this. Sky only replay the race once and that's it - can't see why they can't re-run it a couple of times as they do with the F2 races.
Joe Crutchley
Joe Crutchley:
great race but too much noise from your graphics changing each time, it’d be ok if it wasn’t every few seconds
Magnus Justesen
Magnus Justesen:
Superb drive from Vesti!
F for Jenzer :'(
Esther Esther
Esther Esther:
294th :-P
Zendeli 🇩🇪🇦🇱🔥
Fraser Robertson
Fraser Robertson:
Best race of the season across all the formula

Before you say Austria F1 I said race not chaos
I wish F1 was this fun
Disappointed in David Schumacher's performance
vini p
vini p:
Pietro é bom.
Porém tem um azar do krl
Great drive by Vesti, he climbed up thru the positions dayum, wonderful stuff.
David Beckmann👍
appr oved
appr oved:
the guy that did the lock up pushed the other racer inside !
laucha24 - animations
laucha24 - animations:
Cmon, where are the 21 overtakes by Fittipaldi?
Vicente DeMauro Jr
Vicente DeMauro Jr:
Fittipaldi, go back to school ! weak performance again .
Vivid Karting #19
Vivid Karting #19:
That was mayham
Jammy Jay
Jammy Jay:
Thank god💙 for Formula 1 🏎
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian:
Finally a race without name HAM, BOT on top.
Mark Pellman
Mark Pellman:
What happened to Fraga? He was in sixth early on.
Lucas R
Lucas R:
What happened to Peroni on the last 3 laps?
AfanDianto Ramadhani
AfanDianto Ramadhani:
2:18 this angel remind me to marcus ericsson crach at 2018
Matthew L Robeson
Matthew L Robeson:
Fernandes crashes

*pretends to be shocked
Luca Collins
Luca Collins:
What an unbelievable drive from Piastri, what a driver!
M3lgar 5
M3lgar 5:
How can I watch F3 on ESPN cause if I want to watch it on my computer I have to pay a subscription.
I will be very happy (and surprised) if tomorrow’s F1 race is as good as the F3. Fingers crossed.
Incredible race of fittipaldi
rip logan
ronaldo rodrigues de assis
ronaldo rodrigues de assis:
Isso é corrida não f1 lá só tem 2 carros bom
BORA ENZO 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Fatihul Dhiya Ullail
Fatihul Dhiya Ullail:
fernandez performing s🅱innala
Dirk Strickland
Dirk Strickland:
I am here for my boi Fraga!
No Logan :(
It is more exciting than F1 by levels
But can we see a good race tomorrow ?
botond molnár
botond molnár:
Theo poorchair
Orang Goblok
Orang Goblok:
Why the two jenzer dropped down the order isn't shown in this video?
A Beltran
A Beltran:
Vamos muchachos!
Usama Hanif
Usama Hanif:
Sebastian spins at Ascari? Sounds familiar...
Editors did a really poor job here, we only had highlights of the top 3 while we had a young driver overtake 21 pos to not be mentioned a single time in the vid.
What a race
Jovane Lopes
Jovane Lopes:

Jovane Lopes
Jovane Lopes:
Camilo Andrés Caicedo Buitrago
Camilo Andrés Caicedo Buitrago:
Piastri is just unstoppable!!!
Jarid Shumway
Jarid Shumway:
There’s not even a point in watching F1 now
The Djerry
The Djerry:
F3 > F1
Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait
Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait: