Fabinho Starts | Liverpool vs Leicester City | Team Selector

This is the Liverpool team Jurgen Klopp should pick for today's clash against Leicester City.

Well, according to the Blood Red podcast panel.


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36 comentarios:

Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes:
Neco Fab Matip Robbo
Milner Gini Keita
Mane Bobby Jota
Reus krispinho
Reus krispinho:
2:46 thank god Alisson didn’t play for Brazil or otherwise he also would’ve gotten injured
Moussa Traoré
Moussa Traoré:
You'll Never Walk Alone ✌Come On Lads ❤
Rikki Swift
Rikki Swift:
People keep going on about Vardy but they pose more of a threat than that. They've got some quality players in particular Maddison and Tielemans
MANE the Goat
MANE the Goat:
Yesterday was firmino 1st goal for the club. Since then Firmino 5 season with us 5 good season Should of scored a few more last season. Overall a good player not in form hopefully he gets back into form n has a good season. defo will be remembered as a great LFC player. Jus not enough to be a legend
Jaza457 X
Jaza457 X:
To be fair, injuries & all, we do have a well stocked squad this season. We can still put out a pretty competative team 👌🔥🔥🔥
Mayur Rane
Mayur Rane:
It's like an Ice Cream Sandwich
cool zezo
cool zezo:
Itz the Roblox Cousins
Itz the Roblox Cousins:
Matin,Philips,robbo, 3
Fabinho,Thiago 2
Jota ,mane
HaSsy MiiA L.F.C
HaSsy MiiA L.F.C:
Congrats on 100k subs
Biodun Savage
Biodun Savage:
This is a game Liverpool can't afford to share or drop points because if Liverpool wants to retain the league the winning streak must start today and that's sacrosanct.
ChriS Dix
ChriS Dix:
this time ; best form of defence was attacking-defence :) any way post match ... https://rednet-alien.blogspot.com/2020/11/redgemnet-bootroom-update-after-beating.html (pre match guessing @ https://vimeo.com/482019338 )
Stevie B
Stevie B:
I can see Milner at LB actually. Maybe coming on as a sub for Robbo.
jack Shank
jack Shank:
Time for Carragher, Hansen and Lawrenson to stop messing about with the whole retirement thing and get their boots on.
Miigane Xasan
Miigane Xasan:
Goalkeeper: Alison
Defenders: Robertson, Matip, fabinho, Milner
Mid defender: thiago, kaita, gini,
Attack: sedio manè, firmino, jota
Said Kulané
Said Kulané:
People think hendo wears that arm band for no reason.just know if you ever see liverpool conceding 3 or more goals you'll see hendo is not in that squad.3-0 7-2 2-0 3-2 aggregate(except the city match last season)
Simon Ngatia
Simon Ngatia:
Fabinho and milner to defend,,,,,Thiago should at midfield to replace henderson,,,⚽💯
Shane Ali
Shane Ali:
..........Mane firmino jota
Gini. Fabinho. Thiago -( shaqiri, Curtis)
Robo Matip Philips Milner
Xand Der
Xand Der:
fabinho is wasted at CB, he's the best holding midfielder around he can protect back 4 of Milner, matip, Phillips,Robbo

Fab Gini Kieta

Jota Bobby Mane
derick G
derick G:
Do these guy even keep up to date neco William's was out so milner will be in
Milner Matip Phillip's Robertson
Wijnaldum naby thiago
Jota firmino mane
Sabih al
Sabih al:
bro neco Williams ain't the fastest.
Simon Ngatia
Simon Ngatia:
That defence and midfield is not okey for sure,,,,if it will be like that no win today⚽💯💯💯💯💯
Ankur Tiwari
Ankur Tiwari:
John Uncut
John Uncut:
milner Phillips, matip, Robbo
Fabinho, Tiago, keita
mane Jota
Isn't thiago fit to play?
Champions Liverpool very difficult game
Against Leicester city
Sifa Gertrude la
Sifa Gertrude la:
Timo werner please come to liverpool
Sifa Gertrude la
Sifa Gertrude la:
THIAGO ALCANTARA is Thea best liverpool midtdeler
wtf bonkers
wtf bonkers:
hope every 1s good
wtf bonkers
wtf bonkers:
listen wer winnin YNWA
Ayrton Sports channel
Ayrton Sports channel:
N Williams injured
cool zezo
cool zezo:
cool zezo
cool zezo:
First 😉
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury:
Second comment
Gaetan Paul
Gaetan Paul:
Ali in goal Milly Fab Matip Robo
Shaq Tiago Gini
Mane Roberto jiota
Md. Mushfiqur Rahman
Md. Mushfiqur Rahman:
Millie Fabinho Matip Robbo
Shaq Curtis Gini
Mane Bobby Jota