Fabio Fognini - Federico Delbonis Match Highlights (2021 3rd Round)

Watch the Match Highlights from Fabio Fognini - Federico Delbonis, 06/04/2021
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44 comentarios:

The server gets 30 seconds to begin the point. Delbonis, however, has to be careful to only take 22 seconds. His toss is in the air for eight.
SouthWestCoast Conundrum
SouthWestCoast Conundrum:
Delbonis is playing the best tennis of his career.
That's the weirdest serving preparation motion on the ATP tour. BTW, Fognini always has the rudest handshake manner towards his opponent.
Nechiti Tudor
Nechiti Tudor:
Unbelievable how Fognini can play flawless 1 round then lose his head completely the next.
Fognini has not being himself for a while. Getting some Paire vibes there...
AbOodi CorleoNe
AbOodi CorleoNe:
Fognini goin through nincompoop stages!
John Giorgione
John Giorgione:
Typical Fognini 501 unforced errors. Hang up the racquet.
Nelly Castelblanco
Nelly Castelblanco:
Me ha sorprendido gratamente Delbonis con su excelente tenis. Felicitaciones.
Joshua Green
Joshua Green:
The amount of ppl seeing Delbonis for the first time is stupid.
When he serves Delbonis tosses the ball to the moon, like damn son.
Fantasma Fognini junto a Paire de los mas cagones del circuito👏👏👏👏
Congratulations Delbonis. Beautiful line of ball movement
Kavinsky Axel
Kavinsky Axel:
What can i say, lazy baseliner is fognini original style 😁
Lucio Becker
Lucio Becker:
Hoped Fognini win but Delbonis deserved no doubt. Furthermore i can't deny Fognini is not pleasant player, i often dont like him. Bravo Delbonis, viva Argentina democratica. Greetings from Rome Italy
Alejandro Crespo
Alejandro Crespo:
Go ahead Fede!
Another one of Nadal‘s nemesis fall.
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym:
nice and unique service technique.
Heisenberg Rey
Heisenberg Rey:
Un crack el pibe!
Matteo Sammartano
Matteo Sammartano:
Delbonis reminds me of childhood when I started watching tennis. My third match ever seen was Fognini-Delbonis in Amburgo 2013
Wgeda Rgn
Wgeda Rgn:
Bernardo Barron
Bernardo Barron:
Fuerza Argentina🎾
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري:
Strange day Ruud fognini both lose
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
Delbo slathered him in quit sauce...
The Punisher
The Punisher:
foginin just does not like to move around the court.
Low Roar
Low Roar:
Partidazo vamos Fedee
maybe RG 21 will go down in history with the biggest surprises & upsets...
Is me or Delbonis is more fit? Good victory Delbo ...missed Delpo but welcomed Delbo lol
Miguel Ángel Avila
Miguel Ángel Avila:
Delbonis está jugando como cuando ganó la daives
Thomaz Saboia
Thomaz Saboia:
This Delbonis fella has the weirdest toss the game has ever seen.
Thomaz Saboia
Thomaz Saboia:
This Delbonis fella has the weirdest toss the game has ever seen.
fabio sgroi
fabio sgroi:
Fabio... hai mai pensato di iscriverti ad un torneo TPRA????? Magari un turno lo passi...
Glip Abazza
Glip Abazza:
Poor bitter pirate. He was all grumpy after being given a good lesson.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Well, at least they didn't show the winner in the thumbnail on this one.
Aryo Medianus
Aryo Medianus:
FF in tennis just to make some and not more than that money , he doesn't enjoy it , he doesn't even try , he at best enjoys himself(define enjoying!) at a training court , but even a planned training looks more fun than the way this Italian tanking actor plays . Some tennis players bring only shame to the game .
Sibtay Shaheed
Sibtay Shaheed:
wtf foji...you lose in purpose such a moody player
that is a HIGHHH ball toss
Jiggs Paul
Jiggs Paul:
Perhaps Nadal can't beat Fognini so easily💪
Emilio Arroyo
Emilio Arroyo:
Delbonis serve is so flamboyant
Chris Martin
Chris Martin:
Don't like Delbonis....don't know why....OH YEAH HIS SERVE !
Brandon K
Brandon K:
Fognini is a mess hate it!
GJ Analog
GJ Analog:
Why all the masks in france? Are they still having high covid numbers?
Eric Bana?
Julius Rogers
Julius Rogers:
im sorry but what the hell is this serve haha