Facundo Campazzo ● Welcome to Denver Nuggets ● Career Highlights ● Crazy Assists & Shots ● 2020

Facundo Campazzo ● Welcome to Denver Nuggets ● Career Highlights ● Crazy Assists & Shots ● 2020

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Andreilinho Basketball
Andreilinho Basketball:
Facundo Campazzo ● Welcome to Denver Nuggets ● Career Highlights ● Crazy Assists & Shots ● 2020

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pick and roll with jokic is gonna be crazy
Josh Sands
Josh Sands:
Great signing by the nuggets
Da Guys
Da Guys:
There is something about Real and number 7 ...
Home Sol
Home Sol:
In Denver people isn't aware of this guy. You have heart, mind and skills in such a small package. He is a bomb.
Max Hersey
Max Hersey:
Getting Jason Williams vibes.... would love seeing him and BolBol stomping second units!
Jose A Castillo
Jose A Castillo:
This guy and the joker are gonna be sick
Panagiotis Manologlou
Panagiotis Manologlou:
Now Murray gonna be free to drop 40 every night..:)
Pablito Poxa
Pablito Poxa:
Glenard Coleman
Glenard Coleman:
This guy will be something special.
Pablo Nahuel
Pablo Nahuel:
The best mix of Ginobili and Tony Parker: The Magic Campazzo
Sabrina Delgado
Sabrina Delgado:
Mucha suerte Facu!
Last year after Argentina has beaten us (Serbia) in world cup, i thought in myself it would be so great if Facu came to Denver, him and Jokic would be unstopable, both have great vision, Facu is agile, can shoot, and hes very tricky, add in Murray and u have a pretty serious lineup.
Ignacio Corbalan
Ignacio Corbalan:
He's just so clever.
ahmet eris
ahmet eris:
For me, he was the best guard of euroligue . I wish you luck in NBA
John Sams jr
John Sams jr:
Welcome to the Denver nuggets your going to have fun playing in Denver 🍻🍻
Ellis Jones
Ellis Jones:
He’s nice. Like the way he can finish amongst the trees and make flashy passes. Should be good off the bench for sure.
Mauro PC
Mauro PC:
The new Big 3!
Christian Jaramillo
Christian Jaramillo:
Vamos Facu a romperla en la NBA más que merecido tu ascenso en tu carrera!!! Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Claribel García
Claribel García:
La va a romper Facu 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️
Nice handles, great second option point guard off the bench. Denver looking nice.
David Stadtman
David Stadtman:
What a great player. Been watching him in euroleague for years and already miss him.
Сергей Поляков
Сергей Поляков:
Congrats to Denver.They signed there own Ginobili.
Gonxalo 27
Gonxalo 27:
Gran player Facu campazzo!!🇦🇷👌👏👏
Great! Jokic and Facu, it's gonna be even more poetry of assisting. Very good signing, Facu is real strenght.
Racky Apinar
Racky Apinar:
I love how he plays
Peter Sarellas
Peter Sarellas:
This man is cleeeeeaaaan with it 💯
Proud FREE-loader
Proud FREE-loader:
Biti će to praznik za oči😊🔥
Te amo facu ❤️
leo vlogs
leo vlogs:
Y es argentino💓🇦🇷
gaby zenack
gaby zenack:
Great player
His the Argentine kyrie
Donald Baselisco
Donald Baselisco:
He deserves to be in the NBA.
Nicolás Medone
Nicolás Medone:
Facu The Magician Campazzo
Douglas Chan
Douglas Chan:
Stay healthy. Bring pick and roll back.
Las Sobras de Ayer
Las Sobras de Ayer:
Voy a ver las transmisiones estadounidenses solamente para contar la cantidad de veces por partido que los comentaristas van a gritar “oh, My god! Facundo campazzo! Unbelievable!".
Está loco Facundo. Tiene una forma de jugar muy especial. Ya lo van a ver.
Hala Madrid
Carlos Tiviroli
Carlos Tiviroli:
Unbelievable speed⚡ for euroleague, very good for nba
FACU.....is Manu craaaaaaaaaaaaazy !!!!!!!!!!!!
People don't even talk about his defensive prowess... man gonna be a problem!
Brian Cultice
Brian Cultice:
Teodosic Redux
Ron Lacno
Ron Lacno:
He is great passer point guard like rajon rondo Jason Williams Steve Nash cp3 and the other
Another Ítalo-argentine in the NBA. Good luck.
Nicolas Pannunzio
Nicolas Pannunzio:
facu es un cochinote
Gerard Colt86
Gerard Colt86:
Facu Campazzo UCAM Murcia
there are at least 5 amazing european players who would easily play in the nba. Now, if you make an all star european players (doncic, jokic, porzingis, capela, schroder, kleber, marjanovic, gallinari, vucevic, fournier, bogdanovic, gobert, Antetokounmpo, zubac, sabonis, dragic, gasol, ibaka, rubio) - there is no nba all star to beat them in a 7 matches series.
ToltalDomination x
ToltalDomination x:
He will most likely come off the bench. He doesn't possess the defense that Malone likes. Obviously his IQ for basketball is off the charts and can hit shots and finesse his way to the rim. He would most likely start on a team in more need of a starter at that position. Realistically this dude off the bench is a better choice anyways because his playmaking ability and IQ will give Murray rest during games and vice versa. He will make everyone on the second unit better. Nuggets have made some nice moves but lost some defense. Still a very good looking future.
Nba....is OVERRATED. Facu will...do just fine.
Theo James
Theo James:
i hope he's gonna be good in the nba like in europe, im my opinion he's to small for the nba
Vladimir Paunovic
Vladimir Paunovic:
He is too weak for NBA. Plays no defence and physically very weak. I am affraid that he will face the same destiny as Teodosic with the Clips. One season and out.
Rod Willis
Rod Willis:
He is good, but the talent pool is so deep in the USA and political, it’s ashamed. He is a good shooter but plays no Defense 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Jonas Rivera
Jonas Rivera:
New version of jj barea
Miguel Pérez R.
Miguel Pérez R.:
30 year old = 👴
Welcome to the fakest contenders in the west.
laxus dreyar
laxus dreyar:
he should have gone to a better team nuggets is not o playoff candidate and campazoo is amazing to play for such a bad team