Far Cry 6 - Everything We Know From the Announcement Trailer

Presented by Far Cry 6. The announcement trailer for Far Cry 6 has arrived, and with it comes a ton of new information about where we'll be and who we'll be up against in the latest installment of the long-running series. Let's dive in on what we know and what we THINK we know.


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dang the Los Pollos Hermanos origin story is loco
Did I ever tell you the recipe for best fried chicken?
Helmer Délcito
Helmer Délcito:
* IGN hasn't played the game yet *

IGN : 10/10
Are we gonna play as Walter White?
I hope they have a voiced protag like in 3 and 4. Makes the story and actions feel a lot more real
Ho Daniel
Ho Daniel:
this kind of story should be just cause style, far cry means jungle
There is a speculation about the boy being a young Vaas, because of his scar on face and facial features. Unfortunately, the fact that the game will be set in modern times and name of the boy eliminates that possibility :'(
Niels Vermeulen
Niels Vermeulen:
I think that in the progress of the storyline, you befriend the boy and he sees you as his better father or mother that he never had...
I would love the main character to be Diego, the story would be incredible to see the playable character have an interesting backstory
Netflix Originals: Far Cry 6
iSolvano / Games on OLED
iSolvano / Games on OLED:
I find it odd how Ubisoft is letting us pre-order Far Cry 6 without showing gameplay.

But to everyone wondering how the gameplay is. Close your eyes, imagine Far Cry 5 in Cuba.

Because we all know every Far Cry game after Far Cry 3 had the same gameplay.
Quang Hạ Tăng Trần
Quang Hạ Tăng Trần:
Far Cry 6 inspired by Cuba, right?
Assassin's Creed Black Flag's map: here we go
I need to know the name of that song Diego is listening to... It reminded me so much of Total Overdose's intro theme, Return of the Tres
jbroti 004
jbroti 004:
I’ll stay open minded as the FC series is one of my top 3 favorite franchises, but at the moment, I’m not too thrilled with the expansive urban/cityscape. What’s been refreshing about FC is the game being 90% the wild outdoors. We have plenty of games that take place in cities. I know there will be jungles in this game, but I don’t want FC to transition into games sets in metropolis cities.
Corporate Gunner
Corporate Gunner:
3:17 The video forgot to mention that the enemy faction in the game is named as the Fuerzas Nacionales De Defensa which translates to National Defense Force in Spanish.
Clips you don’t watch
Clips you don’t watch:
“This is the first time we see a father and son villain

Pagan gin: oh really?
Steven Yong
Steven Yong:
Now we can craft a weapon holster from humans 🤷‍♂️
Noob Logado
Noob Logado:
Ubisoft: A Far Cry: Drugs Drugs Drugs Smoke Smoke Smoke
Clifford S
Clifford S:
FarCry 7, "The Fall of CHAZ"
“Note that Diego has a smartphone indicating the game is set in modern day”. Well shit..I guess we’re not going to have smartphones in the near future.
Damn Gus blew up and ready'd his tie just for this upgrade in power.
Juer stillBurns
Juer stillBurns:
I‘m thrilled. Competing with Vaas is hard
some of this are Guessing not literal that you "know"
I really hope Vaas features in this game in some capacity
Whatd they come up with this plot a few months ago? The way it aligns with current events is kinnddaaa scary... systematic desensitization?
Justin Headen
Justin Headen:
I hope this game dosent have the enemy health bars from new dawn
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar:
So wait...does this all grenade thing actually works? I didn't knew that xD
Just when I saw his footsteps I knew it was Gus Fring
Lance Ke
Lance Ke:
FarCry 6 Would Be More Alot Cooler If The Past Protagonist Of The Past Game Would Make An Apearance Or Maybe An NPC That Could Interact And Make Him A Companion
I expected the villain was supposed to be a mad scientist who Made a bunch of Monster so called trigens.
Not SwiftzZ
Not SwiftzZ:
Imagine we are the Far Cry 3 character. That would be lit or Far Cry 4z
glendar jj
glendar jj:
We finally get to see what gus was like in chilli and how he had a great reputation
Uchiha madara
Uchiha madara:
It's gonna be lit 🔥🔥🔥 I am sure🔥🔥🔥
HiTtLeR TErRor eViL
HiTtLeR TErRor eViL:
I hope the main character actually speaks!!!
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United:
Looks awesome can't wait to play it on ps5
ThunderBlaze Studios
ThunderBlaze Studios:
Are we going to forget that there was a nuclear war? Unless this is a different universe or something.
pay it no mind
pay it no mind:
Ooooo this looks interesting
I had no clue that was a boy lmao I thought it was a girl
Ansh4 everrr
Ansh4 everrr:
Can't wait to unlock Walter white as a playable character
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
The dictator is so badass
Derick Mcfail
Derick Mcfail:
We'll have the same guns over again
Espasito was also the dentist in Payday 2
Hyped for this one
Alex Walker
Alex Walker:
Hopefully it will not be as buggy AF as previous games, caused me to lose interest in 4
Elian Segovia
Elian Segovia:
This story is pretty much the representation of modern day Cuba
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol:
I don't know if Yara is a dig at TLOU2 but it's quite hilarious that Anton is a much more intimidating lynchpin than Isaac can ever be.
are they still stuck on the cuphead tutoriel?
T Ryan
T Ryan:
I bet they've "bent the knee" and pandered to the radical left by turning Yara (an obvious Cuba analogue, and an actual communist dictatorship) into a right wing tyranny. So you play as a noble Antifa fighter. No thanks
Any idea on who the composer is for the score in this trailer?
Ian R.
Ian R.:
Do yall still think Diego is Vaas?
Is this dropping for xbox one as well?
Kevin Toms
Kevin Toms:
They better put my four favorite things together old cars reptiles palm trees and Spanish
Jack Luong
Jack Luong:
America Simulator 6
I will wait until this is below $20, and if it never comes to steam I may not buy it at all.
riku riku
riku riku:
I love UBI!!!
Droolius Caesar
Droolius Caesar:
what is this video lol it’s summarizing a trailer wtf
Bandicoot 103
Bandicoot 103:
1:02 true comment about Cuba
pc requirements?
gurleen singh
gurleen singh:
I'm more hyped about Far cry 6 than Ac Valhalla
Major Critic
Major Critic:
Ubisoft and their theatrical trailers. When you see the gameplay you’ll be disappointed 😂
Mr. LittleRedemption
Mr. LittleRedemption:
Diego should've stayed with Dora 😃😂
Blurry Buzzard
Blurry Buzzard:
I am so excited!!!
Blu3 Dreams
Blu3 Dreams:
I've never been excited for a far cry game at all until now
Wait what do they mean final game???
Living Colombia
Living Colombia:
Far Cry 8: Venezuela
Sahsshwathan Segaran
Sahsshwathan Segaran:
Do u guys think Anton can overtake Vaas as the best Far Cry Villain? Bcoz I think so
I think were going to play as Antagonist
Orcane The destroyer
Orcane The destroyer:
So are we just abandoning the post nuclear war theme
Maksudul Shadat Akash
Maksudul Shadat Akash:
Is that possible, that Deago is the hero? We play as Deago ?
Zet How
Zet How:
I thought it was daughter
JJ Classic
JJ Classic:
Why does this look so similar to someone
Is it just me or is every game from now on going to be award winning.
Little Simmer
Little Simmer:
Only waiting for Microsoft flight simulator 2020
I hope this takes out GTA online
James McGill
James McGill:
I just want to play with my classics model cars
Riggamortis _
Riggamortis _:
What if we are Diego?
m and i the zombie gamers
m and i the zombie gamers:
Diego is vaaz his father dies in the end which forces him to leave because the rebels win. becomes psychotic from his fathers teachings and death, starts over in rook island and tries to become how his father wanted him to be.
Ace Phan
Ace Phan:
I think we going to play two different main characters one as the kid and the other is the libertard
Joshua Barker
Joshua Barker:
Dude it ain't his son it's a girl
maverick gAmInG
maverick gAmInG:
Aww 2nd
Slingblade Quis
Slingblade Quis:
Damn to bad it for both consoles
crying cat Productions
crying cat Productions:
"Antion and Deigo is the first father son relation ship"
Me: remembers the 3 children of Joseph seed in farcry 5
Israel Munoz
Israel Munoz:
I still have no idea when does the game take place in.
Does it take place between 4 and 5 or does it take place in a alternate universe where the nukes have never been dropped in far cry 5?
Guess I'll have to wait and see.
dave jon
dave jon:
The Gameplay needs too change , ITS a little bit stale by now.
Ben-Joop Venter
Ben-Joop Venter:
More urban areas?
Parviz Dzhalolov
Parviz Dzhalolov:
2/18/21 🔥 Farcry 6 🚩👏👍🏻
Pakar Bucin
Pakar Bucin:
this will be my favorite far cry
u guys are so quick'
Jordan Ghill
Jordan Ghill:
They should have made it a KFC exclusive.
Jortus Pelatus
Jortus Pelatus:
How is this story going to play out after the ending that happened with Far Cry 5, I wonder?
Aidan Warren
Aidan Warren:
I get the feeling that Anton is a villain a lot like Thanos, he feels that he is right, and is trying to help people the way he sees fit
WT Dinuwan
WT Dinuwan:
Is that a girl or a boy?
Kami Tenchi
Kami Tenchi:
But no gameplay.
So the kid is Vaas ?
Just cause 5
Andrew Orr
Andrew Orr:
"well get a taste of what were up against in the FINAL GAME"

this is the last game?
FC 043
FC 043:
FC has the best villians
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
Diego will be a monster
Its Carnivorous
Its Carnivorous:
Dinosaurs ?