Far Cry 6 Gameplay details and Info!

Far Cry 6 Gameplay details and information went live yesterday as well as an awesome reveal trailer. Let's take a look at everything and get into that Vaas prequel theory! Check out the game here - https://bit.ly/JF-FC6 Sponsored by Ubisoft. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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Comrade Doggo
Comrade Doggo:
Looks like a netflix show
That weed burning song that played in the Farcry 3 mission keeps playing through my head
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins:
I’m just glad we a got a voice for our character again
I hope there isn’t too many “Mad Max” cobbled together style guns. They should keep it grounded in reality. Also, no enemy healthbars please!
Send Nukes
Send Nukes:
Choosing male or female AND voice acting? We’re getting spoiled with this one
TITO :]:
man just by these screenshots, the environments look WAAAAAAAAY more interesting to look at and explore than farcry 5.. farcry 5 was a decent time, but wow the entire map was just bland ass woods in montana. the promise of this being more story driven is a good thing as well in my opinion
Shak Sohail
Shak Sohail:
That trailer really looked like it was from narcos Netflix.
Wasn't a fan of the last one, but this one looks nuts! Looking forward to full gameplay vids.
"Lots of 80s American convertibles" They're actually 50s American convertibles, not to mention that for a period of time in the 80s American manufacturers didn't make convertibles.
Um, Yara is definitely more modern, considering the Solar panel in the shot with the horse on the left and the plane spraying. I'm thinking something like a mix of Cuba and Venezuela...
I really wasn't a huge fan of the "makeshift weapons" from New Dawn. Having to scrounge around for gears and duct tape to craft guns felt menial and kind of dumb.
Plague Doc
Plague Doc:
I hate when games make thes fictional weaponry in games that are supposed to be more serious.
Lion Of Africa Boxing
Lion Of Africa Boxing:
No way Diego could be Vaas, as seen on the trailer there's some modern tech like earphones and smartphones therefore crosses out the theory of the game being a prequel to FC3
Damn Boi
Damn Boi:
If the enemies have healthbars, I'm not interested
bRiNg BaCk VaAs AnD rEtUrN tO kYrAt!!!!!

NO just make a new game. Why is that so hard to accept for some people?
Joe Vargo
Joe Vargo:
Look at the trailer with the kid and the grenade. He has a really nice modern looking cell phone. Definitely not a vaas prequel but maybe he'll come back as an older guy.
Adrian Elinow
Adrian Elinow:
I hope they bring back Longinus! Loved that character. He did mention he might venture to south america.
Dodge V10
Dodge V10:
Just gonna say it, the setting looks fantastic and im very hopeful, with that said, the weapons all look horrible. The FAL had a ton of junk strapped onto the receiver, and none of the other things even look like actual firearms. Sure maybe that works for new dawn, but in a game set in cuba, it totally ruins it for me, the different guns were the best part of farcry 5.
i DeAd NoW
i DeAd NoW:
This game is looking a lot more promising than assassins creed
Omair Bhore
Omair Bhore:
After Breakpoint I'm not falling for the famous actor antagonist trap. Show me proper gameplay first.
7:48 80's american cars? you mean 50's
Extremely excited for this one. Looks like it has 3 and 2 vibes written all over it. Definite day one for me
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz:
Im from Cuba and it does look like it. Cant wait to play it :p
Steven Lowes
Steven Lowes:
Even it diego doesn’t play a big part, after killing the final boss it would be awesome to hear “did I ever tell you the definition of insanity”
80’s convertibles? Nah man, those tail fins scream 50’s.
Dud3 itsj3ff
Dud3 itsj3ff:
everything looks amazing, except the weapons. Im glad its not the same basic set we've had for the past 3 games, but I do like realistic, recognizable weapons much more than some junk guns.
Zander B Tanega
Zander B Tanega:
I wonder if this game will also make me really bored in the first 3 hours of playing
Blaze of the Razgriz squadron
Blaze of the Razgriz squadron:
I feel like fc6 is kind of going for that "Just Cause 3" atmosphere. Mostly because of the whole Dictatorship and You( the player being a native taking on a Rico Rodriguez persona) fighting for the liberty of your people. Idk.. it just feels like a fps version of JC3.
Safwan Ayman
Safwan Ayman:
The smartphone butchered any hope for it being a prequel. A prequel would've been awesome.
Nonetheless, Gus is in the game. Really hopeful for the game. Don't let us down Ubi 🙏
Marcus Manibog
Marcus Manibog:
Farcry new dawn: I thought I was farcry 6
Joseph seed didn't want to see the world burn he knew it was coming
Stephen Van Bellinghen
Stephen Van Bellinghen:
diego looks nothing like vas you crazies. And they are completely different nationalities
David Harrison
David Harrison:
First of all, this looks absolutely stunning! You are so right that it has a TV show vibe and I'm very excited to see how that translates into the gameplay/storytelling throughout the game. Great vid! 💯
F86 Sabre
F86 Sabre:
Looks really interesting. Happy it is back to a "tropical" setting
OK I'm loving everything about this so far
The 1980's
The 1980's:
When it shows him lightning the cigar and smoking it, it looks so realistic i can't believe that
Lenny Ynnel
Lenny Ynnel:
Really looking forward to it 😍
I absolutely LOVE all the FarCry games... I really got into gaming due to this series! They have all been influential in my life for many reasons. I am so excited to be getting another game and I can't wait to play!
Only thing that has me a bit turned off are the weapons. they're a bit TOO outlandish for a game that has up to now been pretty grounded in reality.
I mean I'm all for it if they actually seem to make sense functionally. But the ones in this trailer seem to be random nonsense.
But I'm being pretty nitpicky here. The game otherwise looks fantastic!
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
A. Wilson
A. Wilson:
They've absolutely nailed the aesthetic, looks beautiful.
I'm getting this for the weenie dog on wheels. No other reason 🤣
I thought from the trailer you were gomma play as Diego when he was all eventually grown up lol

I figured he would be a protagonist joining the resistance.
Battlefield Community in 2021: "What Battlefield 6 could have been..."
Battle Time
Battle Time:
Vaas is not going to be in this game. There is a lot of thing about this.
Sector Gaming
Sector Gaming:
Lol , these screenshots remind me of FarCry 2 (some of them)
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson:
"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
- Vaas
Connolly bros production
Connolly bros production:
I'm gonna disagree with you Joseph Seed was Very memorable
Vass is Castillo's older son that rebelled against him...
lucas b UwU
lucas b UwU:
Finally they return to the normal protagonist who speaks. FC5 and FCND were such worse only because we couldnt see and hear our character interact with the villains and its enviorment...
8:03 - That little dog is super cute :)
Kommandant Klaps
Kommandant Klaps:
I swear man if there's health bars in this game. Good vid btw looks interesting
Big Man Muneeb
Big Man Muneeb:
6:41 the FAL is so broken that it's now in Farcry 6
Jackfrags: C H O R I T S O
Neverero the Zero
Neverero the Zero:
When you acquire the game,choose the bois so it's a good inspirational triangle
Eli Yumnik
Eli Yumnik:
I’d like to see some just cause 3 like vehicles and weapons in this game. Some fighter planes, some helicopters, bombers and tanks. 50 cal rifles and RPGS
Max Allen
Max Allen:
Sadly im pretty sure that they confirmed that Farcry 6 takes place present day, after the events of Farcry 3.
8:11 You got to pimp my ride
Skyrim Marvel
Skyrim Marvel:
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity - Vaas.. If this true it will be good story
Kyle Christy
Kyle Christy:
Just so you know, it's pronounced "Es-pos-ito." Surprised the hell out of me, but there you are.
I really hope they bring the weapon jammed mechanic like FC2, still love part of that game.
Rasul Avtorhanov
Rasul Avtorhanov:
That intro.... could just have it as a background sound to everything.. 😍
José Valdés
José Valdés:
Walking Through the jungle*Twig Snaps*
“And therefore, he’s been equipped with some wheels to keep him moving” I don’t know if it’s just me but I find that whole bit super funny
i thought some of the cinematic scenes were real life lol
Moisty Sauce
Moisty Sauce:
I’m just saying that Vaas had a sister so...
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez:
This game looks awesome! I’m so excited. After CyberPunk I had nothing to look forward to, now I do
I was just complaining what tf I'll be playing and I'm so glad you uploaded this video. Thank you 👍
Kevin Mccann
Kevin Mccann:
The question is will Hurk be in fc6
HßS H0NCH02x
HßS H0NCH02x:
Crazy how the villain has my last name 😂
Daniel O
Daniel O:
Hopefully its not like New Dawn with the level systems. Its unrealistic to mag dump in someones head, only for them to take minimal damage because of their level.
Java Bucket
Java Bucket:
The son better be Vaas or I’m not getting this lmao
Theorists: diego dark skin, vaas dark skin = diego is vaas
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Nothing beats killing the Father in FC New Dawn.
that type of scar look effect on the eyebrow is sometimes used as a cosmetic look people do sometimes, that can also be an explanation to why its there
The Fool
The Fool:
I'm gonna try and rrcreate that "reflex sight"

Hope it works
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt:
OMG I always hear "Despacito" instead of "Esposito" Jesus...
Kolt Garber
Kolt Garber:
SOOOOO glad they’re going back to their island roots. I miss those island views. The story seems interesting also.
Can Man
Can Man:
Yeah but where is Mclovin at?
I like how he keeps playing Brian tyler's "I am sorry"in the background.
Only a few legends will notice that!
Yung Mauz
Yung Mauz:
Honestly I'm really excited for trying out these new kind of scrap made guns, they look realistic for a game that is set in a land that has been disconnected from the rest of the
Tobias Fünke
Tobias Fünke:
Can't wait to take that puppy off some sweet jumps.
If he's Vaas, my bet is reboot, I could see Ubi wanting to go back to the "glory days"
First time seeing cities in farcry but damn farcry 2 was huge...
Hitler Daddy Gaming
Hitler Daddy Gaming:
3 things i want in this game . Custom Maps , CoOp, and Multiplayer . ( Just like FC4 )
Noah Hall
Noah Hall:
My favorite franchise since 2012 I'm HYPED
Basant Singh
Basant Singh:
6:54 Parkour!
im soooo glad we are finally getting a character
I like that you included a dislike even though that is not nessecary, because your videos are great
Really love that we have a voice for our character again. Loved Jason from FC3 so it'll be good to have a character to bounce off the villain instead of the villain monologuing until we kill him...
IWL, that whole monologue over the grenade gave me more chills than any antagonist/villain in FC yet. I hated the whole damn Seed family and their ridiculous "a word with you in my acidtrip office please" antics. Let's go back to villains with undeniably painful truths. Either way, I'm sold. Just... damn those jerryrigged weapons. But considering Chorizo, it seems like "makeshift" is a general theme of the game. Oh well, it'll make finding real guns all the sweeter.
Sith Lord Mills
Sith Lord Mills:
I absolutely LOVE the way you said "parkour"! HAHA!!
Mani Mehrdoost
Mani Mehrdoost:
I don't know what there is about farcry that make me love it every time regardless of how disappointing or how good it is
Erik Bouma
Erik Bouma:
When I watched the trailer i actually thought i was on the governments side and had to fight of the rebels with their stupid “fascism” flags.
Sean Dring
Sean Dring:
Og yes, instincts/evolution yes, 2 yes, 3 omg yes. Everything else has been completley recycled and feels like a reskin of 3. If it feels like the latter ones i think ill pass.
4:41 those pictures of Vaas lmao
Derek Ferreira
Derek Ferreira:
I got vibes of Just Cause series seeing the trailer.
Looking forward to skipping cut scenes :)
Jada Colin Hill
Jada Colin Hill:
Anyone else lowkey scared the game is going to be disappointing, and are debating on pre ordering
Bruce James
Bruce James:
I'm wishing my life away, but I can't wait for this game! Personal taste is important, but for me some of the best games ever made. 3 and 4 were incredible and I still go back and play them through every so often cos nothing else comes close (for me!!)