Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

Get the first look at the next entry in the Far Cry series in this dramatic reveal for Far Cry 6.

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Imagine just chilling and making a car then your dad comes and and tells you to hold a grenade
I make my own luck
I make my own luck:
Me: Hey dad can i get some money?
Dad: *The grenade is simple.......*
Janis Daugavietis
Janis Daugavietis:
Trailer: Epic
Game: Climb that tower
Kid: *makes miniature car*
Dad: “Are ya winning son?”
I plagiarized this name
I plagiarized this name:
"How to persuade your son to go out bonding."

Google: Take your time, don't be impatient by his action, take a break and have a sweet moment

Finn Styles
Finn Styles:
Far cry 6
Far cry 6 deluxe edition
Far cry 6 gold edition
Far cry 6: Chicken edition
Far cry 6: Los pollos Hermanos edition
The fact that you can preorder this before we’ve seen any gameplay is the most Ubisoft thing I’ve seen this year
Kelvyn Simao
Kelvyn Simao:
If Farcry 6 doesnt have “Los Pollos Hermanos” i dont want it
Pim Verwoerd
Pim Verwoerd:
I’m a simple man, I see Giancarlo Esposito, I buy the game.
Big Mac-11
Big Mac-11:
This man seriously went from being El Pollo Hermano to El Presidente
The director for that trailer really knows how to make people watch to the end
Mody Arif
Mody Arif:
Far cry 3: did I ever tell you the definition of "insanity"?
Far cry 4: did I ever tell you the definition of "stop the bus"?
Far cry 6: did I ever tell you the definition of "grenade"?
Agent 3.14
Agent 3.14:
That feeling when ubisoft managed to release 4 far cry games in 7 years , and rockstar still show the announcement of gta 5 .
Oliver Orellana
Oliver Orellana:
Hey father, is the bathroom occupied?

*”The grenade is simple...”*
dead channel
dead channel:
This is nothing, my dad throws flashbangs into my room to wake me up for school.
Eric Sedique
Eric Sedique:
All the budget for this Cinematic trailer went to Gus's face
Gabriel Bellinaso
Gabriel Bellinaso:
one question how many times we are going to get kidnapped this time?
Emperor Kayn
Emperor Kayn:
Me buying cosmetics in game:
Me after: Perfect, but useless.
Shudipta Roy Moulick
Shudipta Roy Moulick:
Far cry: where every hype arises a antagonist..not protagonist
vass montango
vass montango:
Looks like Gus hasn't learned his lesson messing with bombs 🤣😂
Deadpool Randoms
Deadpool Randoms:
0:10 That song is an exclusive version of the one I'm going to let inside this comment, you're welcome
Uuw Usuwi
Uuw Usuwi:
*I was so into this I almost thought it was a movie*
bang yolo
bang yolo:
*Lets go of Grenade*


Mister J.
Mister J.:
it's a city this time something far cry never had done
SadXbox Cat
SadXbox Cat:
When being a drug lord Isn’t enough for you so you become El presidente
Gavin Wheeldon
Gavin Wheeldon:
So this is what would have happened if Walt didn't know Gail's home address..
The Roman Birch Channel
The Roman Birch Channel:
Home Schooling: You gotta use what you have at home

El Presidente: **Here is a grenade son**
Belarus: 2020
Rx6no _
Rx6no _:
imagine diego lets go of the grenade and gustavo dies the same way he died on breaking bad lmao
Gamblor G
Gamblor G:
Such a cool looking villain. Can't wait to see him in 3 cutscenes.
Roberts Aleksandrovičs
Roberts Aleksandrovičs:
Diego-"Hey dad, whats for dinner?"
Dad-"The grenade is simple"
Benji 63
Benji 63:
I feel like every single far cry game has a memorable villain.
I'm so excited for Far Cry 3: Part 3
Ukrainian Guy
Ukrainian Guy:
Митинги в Беларуси:
Niño Rata
Niño Rata:
Far Cry 6 : Los pollos hermanos
Fire Snake56
Fire Snake56:
Also as a payday fan It's weird that this guy isn't playing the dentist
Friend: My father is scary!
Migo: hold my grenade!
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson:
You know this game is gonna be badass when gus from breaking bad is in it. Also he got the other half of his face back
This villian better be better than Mr. Seed Boi.
Normal dad : Are ya winning son?

Gus Fring :Son, here's a grenade for you.
Christ Joecille Daruca
Christ Joecille Daruca:
Ubisoft:Create Far cry 6
Rockstar Games: Gta 5 online update
Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin:
All talking about Los pollos hermanos, they forget that he is the payday dentist
PepeFrogger _
PepeFrogger _:
2:18 I want that lighter
Joyal Johnx
Joyal Johnx:
Me: gets B in exam
My dad : *the* *grenade* *is* *simple*
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
This looks badass. Not gonna lie.
Jokery Higher
Jokery Higher:
I want farcry back to farcry 1"3rd Person"
half of India
half of India:
El Presidenti must be the guy who taught him the way of insanity, and so that only means the person who shot him was his own son.
D B:
I can’t decide what group is worse the rioters and looters or I guess the Cartel or Gus and friends.
Oh No No
Oh No No:
Fun fact:
The main villian in Far Cry 6 (Giancarlo Esposito)
And the main villian in Far Cry 3 (Michael Mando) are both in the same show called Better Call Saul!
"Are you wining son?"
"Here's a granade"
Kimly Bornelus
Kimly Bornelus:
Before his meth Business he was a dictator
just by listening to his voice i recognized him

welcome back gus fring
Brian R
Brian R:
Now two breaking bad universe characters have spots as farcry villains
Salatin Glass
Salatin Glass:
Everyone here talking about Gustavo Fring, but who remember his laugh as Yoyo in Night on earth? :P
Hojun Yoon
Hojun Yoon:
Farcry: Escort gone wrong
Farcry 2: Bounty gone wrong
Farcry 3: Vacation gone wrong
Farcry 3 Blood Dragon: 80s Vibe gone wrong
Farcry 4: Funeral gone wrong
Farcry Primal: Hunting gone wrong
Farcry 5: Arrest gone wrong
Farcry New Dawn: Survival gone wrong
Farcry 6: Protest gone wrong
2:24 this looks like a real person... graphics are amazing
TankTastic _T
TankTastic _T:
0:17 "Are ya winning, son?"
Dank MayMays For DayDays
Dank MayMays For DayDays:
Can't wait for ubi to downgrade this one, too.
Raina Lane
Raina Lane:
When Gus finally got his empire
The Martin
The Martin:
Didn’t know that the CEO of “ Los Pollos Hermanos” was El Presidente of some South American Nation...
Keith O’Brien
Keith O’Brien:
I don’t know why but I feel like if Hurk is in this game he’ll sing “Old town road.”
As soon as that kid says "who is it going to be? Them or me? Me or them? "
Ima cry
When Giancarlo says “NOW!” you know he means it.
Watching this to cleanse my eyes from what I saw from that Prince of Persia VR.
Vince Oh Myyy
Vince Oh Myyy:
Far Cry 6 secret ending is in this trailer. If you decided hold the grenade for 10 mins, the game will end with secret ending. If you decided to throw the grenade, welcome to Far Cry 6.
All that money and his dad can’t give his son any air pods 😔😂
player: let goes of grenade

death message "you all went boom"
aight but are you gonna be able to customize your character to look like walter white tho
M Yaqub
M Yaqub:
Ohh man waht is this i m still playing vice city in my computer
ctrl alt phreak
ctrl alt phreak:
*Kid minding his own business*

Dad: Here's a granade
Roger’s PlayStation
Roger’s PlayStation:
We went from wheelchair goes boom to grenades go boom. I LOVE IT!
Nero Pasta
Nero Pasta:
2015: Train go boom
2020: Grenade go boom
I'm never gonna be able to get Gus Fring out of my head while playing this.
Alhassan Watara
Alhassan Watara:
Far 6 leaked ending:
Dad: Son, we practiced with a grenade; what's with the nuke pile up?
Son: There comes a time in a man's life when he realizes, "I'm getting too old for this sh*t"; so he stops giving a damn.
Dad: Welcome to the club.
Error Mackro
Error Mackro:
"Hey dad, you wanna like, hang out or somethin'?"

"The grenade is simple..."
Plasma Glow Music
Plasma Glow Music:
"nice car, son. but it's useless."
**pulls the pin from a grenade**
"let's talk."
This might be the only far cry that has interested me since Blood Dragon.
Enrico Capobianco
Enrico Capobianco:
I was still waiting for the Los pollos hermanos commercial at the end
samar 12
samar 12:
me : i am pro gamer and i know everything
far cry 6: hold my grenade
Pink hair Vulcanus
Pink hair Vulcanus:
Kid: "I'm sorry I dropped the grenade on your troops, dad."

Dad: "Do not be sorry. Be better."
They should have narrated this in Spanish.
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson:
3:08 ak47 confirmed
Kelly Tellyvision
Kelly Tellyvision:
Never played a far cry game before but this looks amazing
The Star Void
The Star Void:
That statue really said when it fell "Boi"
Darius Constantine
Darius Constantine:
I love the idea of him playing a dictator, it actually suits him perfectly, the voice, his composure, the villain he played on breaking bad, he's gonna be a role to remember.
Алдуин Акатоша друг
Алдуин Акатоша друг:
I am just genuinely strucked by how the visuals looks so real. Props to whoever made the models/textures/environnements in 3d
0:03 "What are THOOOOOOSE!"
Bob Simon
Bob Simon:
Can someone tell me if this is real life or game grafics? Serious question
jack lee
jack lee:
This could be a political strategy game for what anyone knows and some people have already preordered it.
Skooled Zone
Skooled Zone:
Now we have to wait a year for release. Can he hold the handle that long?
Aidan Bruce
Aidan Bruce:
Despite Ubisoft’s history for preorder, I still have to admit the animation quality for this is phenomenal
Gaming 45
Gaming 45:
just finished Far Cry New Dawn and i cant wait for this game to be released, i wish the game is like far cry 5 and new dawn
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy:
this actually looks like how the far cry series used to be at its "prime"
Muhammad Almasalma MrZoldiK
Muhammad Almasalma MrZoldiK:
Gustavo stop playing with explosive things, we know what happened last time you played with them...
This stole the whole show for me..esposito is damn fine as a far cry villian
Evolution MAX
Evolution MAX:
Kid watches this trailer as his father walks in:

*The father: **_Perfect but Useless....._*
Val Mid
Val Mid:
“So tell me, are you in?” -Gus Fring
this has to be one of the best trailers i've seen in a while. It's so powerful and really goes out to show and kick off the story for far cry 6. Can't wait to play it.
London Boy
London Boy:
Am I the only one that recognises him from Once upon a time? Cuz everyone else just keep saying Gus.
Damn they already making 2020: the Game