FC Zurich vs Arsenal | Match Day Live

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29 comentarios:

1:44:00 - Goal 3 (Nketiah) 🟥
1:08:00 - Goal 2 (Kryeziu) ⬜️
40:45 - Goal 1 (Marquinhos) 🟥
We were awful not clinical enough and RIP TO THE QUEEN
Sam Ayo
Sam Ayo:
Marquinos had a lot more impact on the game than Fabio
Sports Pancake
Sports Pancake:
1:11:29 for the queen announcement
Imagine finding out the Queen died on a AFTV watch-along
Sam Ayo
Sam Ayo:
19 year-old debutant Man-of-The-Match
Juice WRLD 🐐
Juice WRLD 🐐:
Multiple changes was clear to see, no fluidity tonight but at least we got the win. RIP Queen Elizabeth
Adrian Prasad
Adrian Prasad:
Today was more like being in a fish market than a watch along!!!!
Dominique Zillmer-Stumpe
Dominique Zillmer-Stumpe:
And Marquinhos pretty well
rebel rebel
rebel rebel:
i think marquinhos should start for arsenal in the next match and saka ought to be dropped
Sam A
Sam A:
The debate at the end about whether first teamers should be risked coming on missed an important point, which is whether they should all have been on the bench, let alone come on. It was a chance for one or two youth players to get experience and grow. Moreover, Robbie's frequently argues against planning for the future, in favour of immediate results. 'They're not injured, we won, so what's the problem?". I very much doubt that Robbie operates his business in the same fashion.
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Not a convincing performance but we take the points
Dwayne Anderson
Dwayne Anderson:
RIP To our Queen ❤️🙏🏽
Suraj Abdulrahman
Suraj Abdulrahman:
Seriously Mikel is risking playing Xhaka and Gabriel Matinalli in all game like today's game Eddie Viara and Manqus needed to finished this game instead of of the sub
Ryan Govier
Ryan Govier:
God Save Our Queen! R.I.P 🙏👑💙
Joachim Figga
Joachim Figga:
Marquinhos looks better than Sancho and anthony
I didn't no right sed Fred were arsenal s supporters
Person who said queen isn’t dead fools 😂
Elena Sitanari
Elena Sitanari:
rip queen lizzie❤️❤️❤️
No one on here could get a commentary job your not even talking about the game… Vieira and Marquinhos need to start matches!
Julian is a Spuds fan in disguise - why are you even letting him time on here?! Is this your 'Equal Rights' policy in full effect?
peter dinsey
peter dinsey:
Awful performance against a pub team EMBARRASSING
Michael Myers
Michael Myers:
Rip Queen Elizabeth
Real men cry
apache mimi
apache mimi:
worst fan base ever.! cheer and sing when arsenal scores then it's quiet and boring

everyone who was in the away sector of arsenal weren't fans but just spectators who sang the same weird song when they score
after the score silent like in a library such a shame of plastic fans!!!
look at fc zürich fans
they went off for 90 minutes

if we had fans like that, arsenal would play a thousand times better games for 90 minutes

the away section was crowded only with fashionistas who only sang when arsenal scored a goal.

you are not fans you are just spectators!
a fan would die for their club and support them to the end!!
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall:
RIP Queen Elizabeth II 😢
Bas Alblas
Bas Alblas:
john williams
john williams:
What the fk is this