Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Andy Murray | US Open 2020 Round 2

Felix Auger Aliassime takes on Andy Murray in Round 2 of the US Open 2020.

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Bible Of Bodybuilding
Bible Of Bodybuilding:
Murray first of the old, guard to fade
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph:
this is hard to watch. Murray could not even move. His body was not able to recover. I hope he comes back stronger.
- Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending
- Always has been
Jere Sosa
Jere Sosa:
When Andy won this tournament, Felix was a just 12 yrs old kid. It seems an amazing future awaits this young player, and for Andy, he will keep working for a great 2021. He's a legend
this young has a lot of future. he is very powerful. congratulations
moc 009
moc 009:
Painful to watch Murray as the shadow of his glorious former self
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Man, our young guns are making Canada proud - FAA, Shapo ... even our older guys, Pospisil and Raonic, are still doing pretty well.
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Murray wasn't at his best but I was very impressed by AugerAliassime.
Juan Rios, Jr
Juan Rios, Jr:
I never seen Murray play like that hes playing like a 65 year old outthere.
How is Murrys hip going?
It’s obviously not 100% good shape in his style...
I wish he is coming back to high level
Ahmed haajir
Ahmed haajir:
man this was a clinic from Felix. 24 Aces, 90% first serves won, 0 break points faced. has to be his best performance so far in his career.
Glory 2 Christ
Glory 2 Christ:
I know Murray was exhausted after his previous match, but still a good win for Felix against a three time grand slam champ
Kag Tim
Kag Tim:
Murray is playing like when you start a Tennis video game and you need (lot of) practice and Power to win a match.
black Stone
black Stone:
I think Murray is exhausted...he had a poor match. He served badly and was equally poor on the return. I think he will need to play more and more competitive matches to get back to his previous level.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Murray is going have to rest up, heal up and come back firing like we know he can.
David Zhu
David Zhu:
Yo Murray is standing so far up on that first point
Petr Vácha
Petr Vácha:
there were 3 breaks during the match, you didnt show us even one at the HIGHLIGHT of the match, Im pretty disappointed how you handle these videos, even there are almost every match... miss so much important points....
Austin Catmull
Austin Catmull:
Felix has a bright future. He's explosive and smooth and super fun to watch! I got to see him hit at last year's Indian Wells tournament up close and was super impressed!
Meansy 77
Meansy 77:
A metal hip, and a 4 1/2 hour 5 setter previously, it's a miracle he was able to walk out there at all!.
Scalping Forever
Scalping Forever:
Felix Auger Aliassime can become a great player. i am impressed.
Dragon's Paradise
Dragon's Paradise:
Murray looks exhausted 😭
Felix made Andy look old and slow. It is Andy fault his match against Nishioka went so long. Felix was focused one of the best matches he has played.
exciting night
exciting night:
Instead of making excuses for Murray ..how about we praise a new talented player
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Auger-Aliassime is the Bomb!!! Go Canada, eh!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Never liked Murray. I loved every second of this ass kicking.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
The Scott was outplayed by the enormously gifted young Canadian.
Stefano Traverso
Stefano Traverso:
Auger-Aliassine is a very talented powerful and quickly tennis young player
Nice! Nice?
Nice! Nice?:
The cycle of life, you rise then you fall, then a younger lion takes the throne.
Mariam Haq
Mariam Haq:
Man, it's sad for Andy to go like that .
Hope he recovers well 👍
Roding Entandem
Roding Entandem:
Felix is fun to watch. Maybe he's one of those to replace the big 3?
BIG Dave
BIG Dave:
Credit to Felix, he was lights out with the winners. He'll be dangerous this year.
Don't write Murray off, he has dreams of another slam before he retires and stranger things have happened before.
Sam Gao
Sam Gao:
Andy's running ability in this match was so different from his peak. However, his athleticism deserves people's compliments. Enjoy your time on the court mate!
When you realize that your opponent that's beating you grew up watching you when you were in your prime, that's when you know you should consider retirement.
Some of next gen players are just crazy good - they just go for shots that are considered low percentage and make them more often than not. Andy prefers to set up his points but against someone this hot, what can you do?
40 Love
40 Love:
F A-A vs Thiem - could be the match of the tournament
Using his racquet as a cane.. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 total burn🔥🔥.
Keebler Holley
Keebler Holley:
Win or lose, I’m an Andy Murray fan. I like the way he represents himself on and off the tennis court.
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
Andy Murray clearly is burnt out
during this Match, because y'all know !
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Auger-Aliassime capitalized on his opportunity. We have to see next time when Murray he is at 95% or better.
H H:
Felix, with maintained health, will be a top 5 player very soon. A future #1.
Cully Dieter
Cully Dieter:
wow 15 years of that awesome Felix Game coming up.
T 412
T 412:
It may be time to hang up his hat. He’s older, and is one of the best to ever play. He’s definitely top 10 of all time. Theres no shame in not being able to beat a 20 yo pro.
Precious Ashimole
Precious Ashimole:
Well done Felix youngs player coming out is lovely for the older ones to give a space for them
Octavie Ndengue kadji
Octavie Ndengue kadji:
Congratulations Félix you really deserved it
Jimbo H
Jimbo H:
Life goes on...Andy thanks for all the great games and enjoy yourself as the end nears, you are much appreciated.
Felix you have so many great days ahead, if your are as dedicated and committed as the man you just beat, with your talent, the skies the limit.
Craig Talley - Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio
Craig Talley - Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio:
Murray looked like he wasn’t ready to play!
This is what happens when you’ve been out of the game for 3 years and play with a metal hip. The sport has moved on and so do the upcoming players. Murray sadly is the past, Felix is the future. When you see what Novak, Roger and Rafa are still achieving, then people will realise just how good Murray was up to 2016 before his injuries to keep up with them. 3 Major wins, World number 1, 11 Major finals (only lost to Roger or Novak in them).
divad givin
divad givin:
Commentaor John McEnroe was hoping Murray win and failed to recognize the young talent Murray was up against a stronger version of Murray at Murray's best. It was good to see Murray playing. Many male top players have lost in three straight sets especially to Rafael Nadal on clay 62, 61, 64.😂🤣😆😉😣😥😋😏🤔.
reminds me of when the old lions get pushed out the pride by the younger more powerful lions
Michael Leung
Michael Leung:
Felix looked unplayable, deserves a lot more credit than "Murray wasn't at his best"
Hamlet Hairapetian
Hamlet Hairapetian:
1:57 Murray thinks his racket is a cane 🤣
I paused the video and commented this and after playing it again heard the commentator saying the same thing 😄
I don’t appreciate politics being put into sports. Take down the “pride” banner.
Andrea Ho
Andrea Ho:
Murray is so close to the end of his career.
Murray has a higher win% than Agassi and Sampras. I don't want his record to be ruined.
Lana Olushola
Lana Olushola:
This is one thing that saddens me about tennis.
It lures you in until you love the sport so much, you think you're gonna play it forever.
Then time comes swinging, then you find that tennis isn't partial and doesn't share your sentiments.
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri:
I respect that murray didnt escape ...he could retire from the first set but he countinues ..
Qihao Song
Qihao Song:
Aliassime's hits are so clean and powerful. Wow!
Marvin Landicho
Marvin Landicho:
The power in his serve is lit! Plus his footwork is phenomenal, maybe 2 years o a year from now he can be in the top 5.
Xinyang Guo
Xinyang Guo:
omg you must agree that auger aliassime's returns are very good
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat:
I'm just happy to see andy on a court again
Russell Philippe L. de Peralta
Russell Philippe L. de Peralta:
lousy match..Murray looked like a guy warming up..and when he got a groove going got tired...pizza beer tacos
Rockets all day..Damn!!🤜🏽 🤛🏾
First point was played inch perfect and it didn’t need to be, too nice to watch. The second point was unreal shape off a return
The more losses Murray takes the more he'll learn and improve.
Congratulations to Felix! I hope he continues to do well in the future! I didn’t know Andy was the first player he saw play. I’m glad Murray pushed through and fought his hardest this tournament. Even if he’s gone through a real rough patch, he’s still fighting. Best of luck to both!
dos mon
dos mon:
Young, up and coming big talent, F.A.A.
Ank Bas
Ank Bas:
Very sad to see someone like Murray loose a match this easily ..
Bennett Lee
Bennett Lee:
Murray’s lost that lovin’ feeling...
Hamza A.
Hamza A.:
even when I had a lower back injury, I felt like I am at 10% of myself and was not able to move or hold a racket. Being injured is also psychologically depressing..
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
Wow. I think that's the best I've ever seen Felix play. That forehand was fire
divad givin
divad givin:
Murray could if he wanted to extend his career play doubles or mix.🤔
McPhee &Jesus
McPhee &Jesus:
Congrats, Felix! Well done! Much love and respect for you and Andy Murray.
Rock girl
Rock girl:
This is amazing
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay:
Saulo Ortiz
Saulo Ortiz:
andy's limp makes my hip hurt :/
Reality check for Murray, you are too slow around the court now.
pooja gupta
pooja gupta:
Beef Captain
Beef Captain:
Love to see a promising young Canadian go up, but it's tough to see Murray fall like this
Matthew Dalton
Matthew Dalton:
Sad to see Murray like this. At his best he was such an awesome player
riveritchen michael
riveritchen michael:
I like Andy but his time is up, he will never regain how he was, he does not seem to move walk as he used to he seems to walk as if his legs are too heavy.
Tui Donga
Tui Donga:
Some good words exchanged by Murray at the net ... Felix one of the next gen with potential.
Mighty impressive power from Felix, and great concentration from start to finish. Spare a thought for Murray, he had a tough turnaround from his epic 5-setter two days ago and wasn't in his best shape. His peak days are probably gone now, but the fight was admirable and still great to see him competing.
Jack London
Jack London:
Really like that guy. He is gonna the next number one I suppose. Shapovalov also good...
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
Murray looks exhausted 😭
Look at old Murray fan senior~~wanna cry🤓
Ahmed Hossam
Ahmed Hossam:
Would you please stop putting the winner in the thumbnail? You can put the 2 opponents for example just for our excitement.
Thank you
I really hope he was just exhausted from the first round and that his hip is ok. But from how he is walking between the points here I do not have a good feeling.
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Felix "express "Auger-Alliassime....young, strong. ....💪👍👍👍👍💪
Ricardo Salazar
Ricardo Salazar:
for Andy to lose like that against a player like him says it all...
yeah, time to retire
It will take time for Murray to get into form. Match fit and match sharp. The more matches he plays. This is a slam as well.
Where the clapping come from ?
Love you Murray.... But last night... Well actually morning here in Zambia 🇿🇲 I was team FAA.... All the best FAA Looking forward to a match between you and Thiem..... Now that will be your real test 🎾🎾🎾🎾
Achmad Ali
Achmad Ali:
Omg......auger so great...your future still long and you will be fantastic
Well done Felix!! Upcoming young talent. Andy has a metal hip - which really shouldn't be an exuse for the sluggishness.
Anya S
Anya S:
Thank you Felix!
So, you really sure you want to do this Andy?