Fellow inmate of Nikolas Cruz says Parkland shooting suspect was ‘lost in his mind’

For three days, Andrew Bryant said he watched the Parkland shooting suspect inside his jail cell. Bryant, an inmate at the Broward County Jail, said he saw Nikolas Cruz pacing and staring at the ceiling inside his individual cell in the infirmary wing.

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John Jacobs
John Jacobs:
Why are non-violent drug related offenders in jail with murderers?
RedMfBackpack -
RedMfBackpack -:
Cruz is either going to die by another inmate, or is going to kill himself. There’s no way he’ll survive a lifetime in prison.

Edit: Woah bro, came back to this after two years of not looking at this and this comment exploded! Thank you guys so much for the likes. I greatly appreciate it!!
Jay King
Jay King:
Bruh hes so far from the microphone lmao
g r
g r:
cruz checked on every 15 minutes, epstein “committed suicide”
Nathan Madani
Nathan Madani:
Drugs and killing 17 kids are no where near this kid shouldn’t even have to be around that kid
Bruh it annoys me how they keep saying “accused” and suspect..

Lol people kill 1 person and get death penalty this guy kills 17 people wounding 9 and gets a mental health facility
yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle
yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle:
The reporter is standing way back like this guy is a dirty diaper..
LOL did you notice how far away the news lady is standing from the guy as she interviews him
Non-Binary Eugene
Non-Binary Eugene:
This dude looks like my gta online character.
FlippingTables WithMyDik
FlippingTables WithMyDik:
We all knew he was bullied at the start.
Danielle Byrd
Danielle Byrd:
So they found him on street here lol. Or hey let's meet you in parking lot because we can't have you come in newsroom for a professional looking interview. Lol
robbie pie
robbie pie:
“I think he’s just really scared” yeah so were the students in that school when they heard the echoing gunshots in their halls and the screams of their friends.
no name
no name:
This goof ball really got a thug life tattoo on him. Every 14 year old girls dream
Sue Sterling
Sue Sterling:
Why is he being protected from the other inmates when he's taken so many innocent lives
Why do murderers get so much attention. If they took someone’s life, take their life and move on.
stormin norman
stormin norman:
1:09 "were gonna get a bonus today johnson"
Nathan Baker
Nathan Baker:
Wow. The conspiracy theories in the comment section are off the charts.
Hey It's me Autism
Hey It's me Autism:
The family who took him in just want his inherited money.
dremora kynreeve
dremora kynreeve:
i really thought this guy was feelin bad for him then he says “i dont think he’s crazy, i think he deserves what’s coming to him” LMAOOOO
He asked to read the Bible??

Well it’s never to late to change
Jacob Mackinlay
Jacob Mackinlay:
I like this kid who spoke about it. It's very true. Cruz was definitely trying to play like he was too crazy for guilt
Fern Melg
Fern Melg:
"He's lost in his mind" moments later.... "In my opinion, I don't think he's crazy.
Nicc Nbomb
Nicc Nbomb:
“idk ig i feel strongly about this situation”
We need more mental health therapy in this country, and especially for inmates.
The reason they move inmates is usually to keep them from telling other inmates what really happened
Diane Tomaszewski
Diane Tomaszewski:
So here’s some criminal who saw Cruz through a window and knows he’s guilty🤔
Henry Hill
Henry Hill:
This inmate hits it on the head. "I don't think he's Crazy"...
He wanted a name for himself and he got it. Now he needs to pay for his evil.
For some reason I think he’s gonna escape from prison
Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood:
“Lost in his mind” relatable.
Chad B
Chad B:
0:52 the reporter is practicing social distancing a year or two before the coronavirus ever existed
1:54 lmao how the mic gonna reach
Gianelli Capone
Gianelli Capone:
That's why the electric chair exists, most insanity pleas in high profile cases are done out of desperation. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.
John Cajahuaringa
John Cajahuaringa:
Who decides "ohh this guy is not sick in the head....judge! Kill him?" And how sane is that person!?
james matthew
james matthew:
y'all crack me up haha didn't even notice microphone was so far away
Emma Buttocovla
Emma Buttocovla:
Very good choice to interview neck tattoo that says “Thug Life” very good choice.
1:09 that fist bump lol
Random Rangoon
Random Rangoon:
He only reached out to get some money for his interview
Puppy Soccer
Puppy Soccer:
“the people you want to hate the most, need the most love” & “and when you have lost everything, you can do anything. “
Alejandro Jimenez
Alejandro Jimenez:
1:48 she looked at him
Jacob JMK
Jacob JMK:
“Suspected shooter”
Swish Club
Swish Club:
he look like a gansta klay thompson
"I don't think he's crazy" Wtf
Nyktosdeaad Mc
Nyktosdeaad Mc:
He won't be the last, there will be more!!!
So asked to read the Bible....

I guess that’s one way to change
James Appel
James Appel:
She needs a ten foot mic, to interview him!
Awesome interview.
Z Mauer
Z Mauer:
yeah keep making him famous for money and views, thanks media. really doing america a solid with the "A+" journalism.
Kalei Sherrill
Kalei Sherrill:
If you don’t think this is crazy then what is😂
Gregory Archer
Gregory Archer:
Hmm Project Monarch? Can't say it's a conspiracy since our government apologized for it and then kept doing it!
Choochie Trixie
Choochie Trixie:
He was involuntarily Baker Acted prior to this & FL loves drugging everyone into a stupor. He’s most likely drugged up & destroyed
“if he's a casualty of war, Trust me I got more, you don't want it with my toy soldier” - 50 Cent
"suspected parkland shooter".... suspected
mind control for gun control
The Homeless Advocate
The Homeless Advocate:
The dude reached out for clout and be on TV, duh!
Orion Bliss
Orion Bliss:
He’s evil eyes says it all !
MoonCrest Studios
MoonCrest Studios:
“Suspected parkland shooter”
Nahhh might be a stretch
Jeydon Destiny
Jeydon Destiny:
Lmao the report crew was so scared of the “criminal” telling them the story
Nick Gillie
Nick Gillie:
Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown:
Wow...this is fascinating..u mean he really felt intimidated in jail and spend a lot of time in thought? What a revelation!!🤦‍♂️✌
xxMysticxx 1994
xxMysticxx 1994:
It was hogg all along!
Margin Walker
Margin Walker:
I went and got my neck tattooed for this interview, goddammit...
G G:
This guy seems like a legit source, The neck tattoo that says Thug Life is a good sign
Ol’ prejudice patty is interviewing i see😂😂
Alison Northrup
Alison Northrup:
It hit my mind b4 I started watching it.
Idk. The quiet ones are always the craziest from what I’ve seen.
Dave White
Dave White:
When they zoomed in on his eyes OOF
Lou Deville
Lou Deville:
Put him in general population... then live stream it😥
mattox hutto
mattox hutto:
That fist bump 1:09
Yali Mari
Yali Mari:
stupid viewer Miller
stupid viewer Miller:
Great interview!
Jaymz Ruben
Jaymz Ruben:
Government SETUP 💯
Natalie Haberman
Natalie Haberman:
I have to cover my screen whenever I see Nicholas Cruz he disscuses me so much
Philip Marlow
Philip Marlow:
Tory Dunnan 😍
deceiving title, they trynna make it seem like he was crazy
Cody Bandz
Cody Bandz:
1:09 the officers dap each other up 😂😂😂
Dana Beach
Dana Beach:
He could see him laying down
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez:
“Suspected parkland shooter” SO WHO DID IT THEN?
Jey Theyprey
Jey Theyprey:
WPTV interview me too i saw him in court... on display..
Alouicious Jackson
Alouicious Jackson:
Poor patsy kid. Now they're drugging him out of his mind. Foster mom had the little bro thrown into a mental institution, same will happen to him. She gets to keep their inheritance money, 1.6 million! No conspiracy though.
A P:
Hes evil
Unterreo Edwards
Unterreo Edwards:
Lmao... 😂🎬
He's likely Manchurian candidate/MK-Ultra operative and fall guy.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee:
You know he’s messed up when *fellow inmates* think he’s also a freak show
A Vigilante
A Vigilante:
They are probably trying to prep us for the “he committed suicide scenario “...
R M:
"Thug Life" tattoo on his neck yet he called the news channels to snitch on other people and get his rat face in the news. Nothing but an opportunist. LMAO. Like what did he think? He's going to come out of jail and write a book and get a movie deal about his 3 days in jail with Cruz? Someone he never even talked to?? 😂😂😂😂 Gtfoh. This "story" had no story.
e 2007
e 2007:
Dude this was about a year ago and i still sometimes watch this videos and i still can't get it why did he said that he isn't crazy like dude he killed so much teachers and students and he's not crazy.?!
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry:
"It's Personal." Ya....Your personal 5 minutes of fame..
sen say
sen say:
he was a puppet. used, chosen. its seems like we all know but why dont we stand and do something about it??
Chaz Mandingo
Chaz Mandingo:
Great story!!!!! More like this please!!!!
D 15
D 15:
Off topic but he reminds me a lot of Eminem
I had I feeling that he had a reason to do it like someone was making him do it
Legit thought that was scarce in the thumbnail
Damn, Andrew Bryant, haha. He's an inmate with a strong sense of morals and says "Don't let Cruz out."
Jim Vogiatzis
Jim Vogiatzis:
--he requested a bible---only jesus can save him----pray for his soul folks
Half man Half amazing
Half man Half amazing:
"Manchurian Candidate" read this book I know the movies but they leave out several key details
steven martin
steven martin:
Like, thanks for the,..like, expert, like..evaluation...
its on
its on:
Mk ultra and they are still controlling him
Ernest Kills
Ernest Kills:
Interview with the junkie😂😂😂