Fidel Castro's 'most difficult interview'

It wasn't until 1977 that Castro first spoke to U.S. media, sitting down with American journalist Barbara Walters. Here's a short clip of that exchange.
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47 comentarios:

Commissar_Leon 161
Commissar_Leon 161:
I mean try being a leftist in The US during the first and second red scares and I’ll show you how democratic the US really is.
Dracule Mihawk
Dracule Mihawk:
How many wars did Cuba carry out? How many did the US have
Canada321 Salg
Canada321 Salg:
Everybody is saying he was bad but yet,George Bush sent soldiers to Iraq and many soldiers died there so who is more brutal?
Robert Diaz
Robert Diaz:
America dont really got freedom of press either
Turd Doodlesworth
Turd Doodlesworth:
Look how animated Waters gets. It's as if she doesn't understand that there are people in the world that think differently than Americans.
I find it cute that the US, a country that owns a torture camp in Cuba, has the audacity to lecture Cuba on “human rights abuses.”
The Vega Network
The Vega Network:
“Freedom of the press” is doublespeak what the ruling class really means is there right to buy the press. Yes state media will be biased for the state, but who controls the state in the case of Cuba it’s the working class, because Castro has abolished private property. Viva Comrade Fidel, Viva the revolution.
a dude dies. and you show a 10 clip out hours of possible ones, the one he didn't do well on? seriously that's pathetic
where can i find the full interview?
"it wasn't until 1977 that Castro first spoke to US Media" -- not exactly; he spoke to several media outlets in 1959. CBS Face the Nation being one of them.
FlyingKitesAtNIght X
FlyingKitesAtNIght X:
When was the last time you heard mainstream media in Canada or the US criticizing capitalism? When the media is owned and operated only by those with the financial means to do so, I wouldn't exactly call that free
Hmmm, I wonder why they would only show this 55 seconds clip instead of the whole thing.
The Third Perception
The Third Perception:
"Why?" Its not a hard statement to process, its about the power and he admits it...
Kenny Lee Jackson
Kenny Lee Jackson:
I want to see the interview with Barbara Walters and George Washington
Soy de Cuba
Soy de Cuba:
and He was completely, totally and absolutely CORRECT in his commentary... un gigante entre los grandes!
Btds Gameplay
Btds Gameplay:
This has 66 views
EDIT I meant 666
omg .... he established a value framework in which citizen are allowed to share like here we don't see real murders and war on TV. In my book ruling out anti-socialism is acknowledging humanitatian values . although it's not the best way to do it
The Commander
The Commander:
RIP comrade
It’s so evil that the US picks on countries after they go through a civil war and want to do things for themselves.
Internet Person
Internet Person:
I can only get this part of the interview where he says they do not have the freedom of the press like USA does, but not the part where he can explain and elaborate on what he is saying..
What is he speaking but the guy in the background helps
Daniel Sequeira G
Daniel Sequeira G:
At least he was honest
Cyberpunk 1977
E Bohm
E Bohm:
damn that evil man! how dare he have different opinions and beliefs that are not the same as mine and my country’s.
Alvin Diaz
Alvin Diaz:
He was a great dictator R.I.P
he was evil and all but damn he looked like a baller smoking cigars
megharsha harsha
megharsha harsha:
Not freedom of expression it is freedom of buying medias
Janette Belmar
Janette Belmar:
Esta es la democracia que tanto hablan los comunistas???🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣
We need to end this glitz and glamour view that THE U.S and U.K are the "good guys".
the Italian one
the Italian one:
This guy survived 638 attacks
Jason C.
Jason C.:
"NO decent or opposition is allowed in the public media" <-- That's exactly what Trump is doing.
F Dannn
F Dannn:
A truly legendary man, a friend of Canada forever. Trudeau+Castro forever.
jan-olof johansson
jan-olof johansson:
As very well known. The so called democracy. The so called United States of America. Has Free massmedia. Free to buy for anyone that got enought money to by it. The so called free massmedia is a market place. A market place for propaganda. Fidel Castro understood that like all people do with at least minimal brain capacity.
Raul Suarez
Raul Suarez:
Primeramente un presidente que no se quita el uniforme militar tiende a ser guerrrerista nunca fue ni hablo en tono a La Paz y el entendimiento..solo por que se sentía apoyado por otra potencia el fracaso de hoy en día para la sociedad cubana..
He has a point, Cuba isn't the USA.
Naser Fouad
Naser Fouad:
L' homme qui a fait face au diable (USA), le monstre impérialiste dans les années 60, comme vous le savez, les États-Unis soutiennent toujours les dictateurs du monde entier pour son bénéfice. Fidel Castro a dit non à l'Amérique et elle a tenté de le tuer plus de 600 fois. Il a refusé que ce soit un chiot entre leurs mains, il a dit non à la bourgeoisie et oui au peuple.
Il a commencé par la nationalisation de toutes les entreprises américaines d'une valeur de 1 milliard de dollars.
Elle a essayé de l'attaquer dans l'île cubaine, mais il a appelé au secours du Soviet
et les Soviet ont répondu en mettant les armes nucléaires dans l'île qui était si proche de la Floride.
No name no lastname
No name no lastname:
Adam 94
Adam 94:
He forgot to mention all the Catholics that we re murdered.
Jozef Staline
Jozef Staline:
sabela right
sabela right:
A man dies but his ideas always live forever
Rafael Caro Quintero
Rafael Caro Quintero:
Miss people like this😞👊
L M:
A lunatic genocide
Juan carlos Martinez
Juan carlos Martinez:
Lo dijo claro , soy un dictador , en otros palabras, un tipo muy inteligente carismatico tenia el poder de la palabra, nacio para eso, Un dictador .
Big Bang Attack4561
Big Bang Attack4561:
The amount of people in support of communism is scary
Jason D
Jason D:
The most disgusting man ever existed on earth.