FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

April 9th, 2022 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe from San Antonio.

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Tagoe was all survival mode from round one
For a boxer that was 32-0 before this fight, Tagoe was incredibly underwhelming.
Alumita 🌹𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me ! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶𝗹𝗲
Alumita 🌹𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me ! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶𝗹𝗲:
From what I saw, it looked like Ryan was expressing all his emotions that he has been dealing with for the past year through his punches, causing him to lose his fundamentals and just throw. Hopefully he was able to express all those pent up emotions and shake off the ring rust and look better his next fight.
Madelyn	i am addicted to SAX  𝔽**СК МЕ
Madelyn i am addicted to SAX 𝔽**СК МЕ :
As a Ryan fan, with his new regime in his training with Joe. He looks drastically different here, I now doubt his chances on Tank, Loma, Cruz, or any top elite fighter. I hope he gets back on his track.
Tagoe running as fast as he can the entire time... man what a tough fight this was I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seat the whole time. Dang what a hard test for Garcia idk why no one respects him he obviously testing himself against the best 🤣😂🤣😂😅😅😅😅😂🤣
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson:
Ryan’s lack of movement in the ring is his biggest down fall. Yes he’s moving forward but that’s it. If he could find some head movement and rhythm he would be lethal but he has no faints really because of this he just plants his feet and swings which is cool but he should be in and out with that speed finding his range. Get in touch get out dial it in as the fight progresses. He will learn with the right camp behind him.
Paul Arvin
Paul Arvin:
People expected more from Ryan. But he still got the W.
curtis m
curtis m:
Win tons of fights ... "Hmmm, I'll change trainers." He took 5 steps back before he put 1 foot back in the ring.
vamsi kotte
vamsi kotte:
huge respect to Tagoe for his perseverance
Jonathan Maldonado Lara
Jonathan Maldonado Lara:
I think ever since he left the canelo’s team his fighting technique has changed tremendously…it seems like he was just throwing punches without really thinking!!!!
Daniel Macarini
Daniel Macarini:
32-1 o cara também é uma máquina!
Mas parece ser daqueles que entram na mente do adversário
1st fight back after a long period of inactivity, let's see how he gets on in his next fight. I'm sure Ryan will get his mojo back. Ryan when he's on form is like a surgeon in ring so precise and sharp, hope he watches this and when he gets back to training his camp put him back on course.
1. Tagoe has solid defence
2. A more aggressive and stronger Tagoe can potentially finish Ryan
3. Ryan is very predictable after the 5th round
4. He is nowhere near ready
Observo que cada vez que Ryan recibe un buen golpe, él se queda aturdido se queda parado... Él avanza pero está tocado, es un boxeador que se le puede ganar.
Creería que si el oponente tendría un entrenador o alguien con buen ojo en su esquina, en dónde sepa ver cuándo Ryan está tocado... Lo anime a seguirle pegando.
Otro sería el resultado
Whilst he is very fast, Garcia leaves himself super open to the body and doesn’t have inscrutable timing. I’m surprised the opponent didn’t light his body up early, particularly given that he was the shorter man and Garcia tends to stand so upright
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
As a boxer (specially when young) you know that frustration makes you look bad skillwise. I understand Ryan here, he wants a fight he didnt get it so yeah...
I think he was mad about the knockdown because the ref kept getting way too close. The ref got in the way multiple times preventing him from moving
David S
David S:
I’m surprised he let him go that many rounds with him…
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith:
I like seeing Ryan get aggressive but against a more seasoned fighter in his division I don’t think he gets the win tonight
Marc Alexander
Marc Alexander:
If these are the highlights, I can’t imagine how horrible watching this entire fight was
Cayton Hopson
Cayton Hopson:
Tagoe was a warrior he could’ve easily gave up and got knocked out but he didn’t.
That was an incredible battle between two real pros, Garcia is an amazing fighter, Tagoe is truly a warrior too but that speed is hard to stop when well directed, and frankly imho Garcia with his quick mind, has it down pat.
Other than that, peace and well-being to all in the world eh :)
You have to respect the fact that Tagoe came all the way from Ghana 🇬🇭 to fight a top 10 boxer in his own weight class!
Im Niceisit
Im Niceisit:
8:48 mans accuracy is just crazy
Mr Grandi
Mr Grandi:
Tagoe was all survival mode from round one, hard to KO a guy like that. It was pretty easy to score this fight. Hope Ryan stays consistent and active
Karla Gattshall
Karla Gattshall:
Ryan me impresionó , nos sorprendió con su nueva técnica , calmado y caminando en el ring para no perder energía muy buena pelea la verdad Ryan siempre para enfrente muy buena pelea Ryan 👏🏼👏🏼🥊🥊
Gio B
Gio B:
6:32 its amazing if u can see that he threw around 3-4 punches on 2 seconds!! this kid is something else cant wait to see what he becomes. ITS JUST GETTING STARTED!!
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord:
“Ryan Garcia predicted it would take 2-3 rounds to take Tagoe out” took him 12 lol
Kenny Adedayo
Kenny Adedayo:
That deceptive straight right hand at 11:15, interesting to see him use that. Great shot. Mayweather was known for it. Hopkins as well.
I see why Ryan dodged all those fights vs top opponents!
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez:
He’s fast and that’s all he’s got, not even knockout power, and oh boy when he takes a hand he feels it.
As a Ryan fan, with his new regime in his training with Joe. He looks drastically different here, I now doubt his chances on Tank, Loma, Cruz, or any top elite fighter. I hope he gets back on his track.
Alfredo Santana
Alfredo Santana:
I seen him striking like he holds back from hitting the back of his opponents he has to be careful but I love his furious power .. I'm working a lifetime to get that speed
Manuel Antonio Izquierdo
Manuel Antonio Izquierdo:
El Ryan García pelea igual que yo, y eso que yo llevo como 4 años sin pelear y entreno 2 o 3 veces por semana.
Ya se imaginarán que tan bueno soy en este momento jajaja
Yog Kawg Hajemah
Yog Kawg Hajemah:
This is when age equals wisdom comes into play. Tagoe knew exactly what to do to frustrate the young Garcia. Once he found out Garcia’s attack strategies, he played defense to go the distance. If it was an older Ryan Garcia, Garcia would have improvised and finished the fight early.
unknown 1
unknown 1:
(4:35) was not a legit knockdown by Garcia...
The replay clearly shows that he did land a quick uprct but dude might have saw it coming (doesn't matter really because) he tried to get his head outta way or absorbe hit less by using his torso to throw his head and body back as he spun (and hit connected) which causes him to trip himself briefly enough as he felt ref graze his back/shoulder (rt ft heel hit lft foot upr, to think it may have been ref accidentally as ref passes & grazes back shoulder) or (caused him to not go back far enough to where his head told his leg it wasn't back farenough compared to how far the brain estimated it should have gone due to force of torso used and contact with something behind him)
Not a legit knockdown but very hard to catch... unless ur someone like me 😅
Y’all all critique like y’all been there and done that. Can we just appreciate the fights given without complaining about what may be to come later.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
Tagoe really started that 12th round with a clinch
Awozeke Daniel
Awozeke Daniel:
Just one advice for the kid
To secure his carrier and get back on track he will have to rejoin the canelo team
I wasn’t impressed by his performance,seems he just spent his time throwing punches without thinking I know he can do better with the right entourage
BigEgo Theboxer
BigEgo Theboxer:
Ryan looks like he regressed. I know it was his "comeback fight" but he showed no improvement skill wise. He chased and head hunted wildly, stood upright, and kept his chin up the whole fight. He gets eaten by the other top level opposition 🥊
Martin Juarrz
Martin Juarrz:
Pues le salio dificil este "costal" al Ryan, no pudo knock out y eso que casi no tiro muchos golpes el contrincante ( no vi la pelea completa,me baso en lo que mire aqui) se inmaginan si fuera el "Pitbull" o el "Jorvantha". Ryan aun te falta algo para yo poder decir que puedes contra esos ya mencionados.
Vic Longmire
Vic Longmire:
In this fight, Ryan had an opponent who was small and very fast with excellent defensive skills. His opponent was watching for all of Ryan's super fast punches. Also his opponent was very fast besides being able to avoid a lot of punches.
Treinava com um amigo q parecia o Ryan Garcia , muito rápido os movimentos dele é tanto q peguei o estilo dele de lutar na época em 2010, olhe q eu já tinha 1.90cm me movia como um cara de 1,60cm , todos ficavam impressionados nas apresentações , esquivas impressionantes kkk
Luis Antonio Cartagena Ortiz
Luis Antonio Cartagena Ortiz:
Es verdad lo q dijo Canelo ❤ Ryan lució como un Mayorga.
Elijah Mendoza
Elijah Mendoza:
As a Ryan fan, with his new regime in his training with Joe. He looks drastically different here, I now doubt his chances on Tank, Loma, Cruz, or any top elite fighter. I hope he gets back on his track.
Robert Mckinney
Robert Mckinney:
If these two were actually the same size, I woukd have to question the outcome. Cutting weight and then rehydrating to bully much smaller guys will only last so long before the truly stiff competition comes out to play. Glad Ryan has progressed, but he definitely needs to tighten the fundamentals.
Fernando Vazquez Sr.
Fernando Vazquez Sr.:
Garcia got off his routine and game. He got easily angered and frustrated from the constant hugging and dodging and because of it he wasn't able to get a clean and hard connection. This is going to happen "a lot" because this is what boxers do so he has some maturing to do.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru:
I see why Ryan dodged all those fights vs top opponents!
Holiday Armadillo
Holiday Armadillo:
8:56 sums this up.

The announcer laughs and says “look at Tagoe fighting back for once 😂”

Ryan a whole 🤡 for this fight and saying he gna reestablish himself with this win.
Tf 90ws
Tf 90ws:
I’m guessing his trainer was pretty shocked it went the distance 😂
Kumander Spyke
Kumander Spyke:
What a Fighter, fighting for his life.
Mister Acuff
Mister Acuff:
i just dont think he respected tagoe 4real, so he didn't feel the need to go all out, he just wanted a knockout, I'm not really the biggest fan of him but he would definitely look better against top opponents and I would definitely pay to see him fight everytime
Ousmane Ciss
Ousmane Ciss:
I had some doubts about Ryan up until his last 2 fights, but now I am convinced:
Anyone from the top 5 lightweights (Loma, Tank, Haney, Teofimo, , Kambosos), WOULD EAT HIM ALIVE.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim:
“He looks 8 inches shorter” 🤣🤣
From what I saw, it looked like Ryan was expressing all his emotions that he has been dealing with for the past year through his punches, causing him to lose his fundamentals and just throw. Hopefully he was able to express all those pent up emotions and shake off the ring rust and look better his next fight.
Ryan will improve as he fights. He's young but he was born to do this. He's the future.
13:34 that's the give up hug
what an intense fight!
If these are the highlights, I can’t imagine how horrible watching this entire fight was
Salted Llama
Salted Llama:
Everyone always gets hyper excited for the guys with crazy speed and reflexes, but they very rarely last. Speed and reflexes are the first things to go, and unless they develop the ability to become REALLY crafty, like Pacquiao or Mayweather did, they just won't have very lengthy careers at the highest level.
Randy Hafner
Randy Hafner:
Emmanuel Tagoe only lost once and it was his debut when he was 16.... MAJOR PROPS to King Rye. He shook him twice and chased him down the whole fight similar to a faster Canelo... These haters are trippin, yall are f'n weird! 👏💪✊
Antonio Tamayo
Antonio Tamayo:
Estuvo la pelea entera abrazando a Ryan este boxeado Gracias a eso evitó el KO
A short fighter who fights on the back foot and a tall fighter who wanted to stay in the pocket 😮‍💨
Roon Digo
Roon Digo:
percebo que o que sempre fica indo pra cima tem mais chances de vitória do que o demais de se mantem longe sempre s2
F W:
Tagoe was complaining that the ref actually pushed him off balance, which was part of the knockdown. He was right. In addition, this was a horrible fight, Tagoe was clearly outmatched from start to finish, and Ryan is not going to be able to pull that walking with his chin up and hitting behind the head on one of the top fighters.
This was an OK fight, I'm looking forward to his real come back fight. in 2023
Those hands are dropping way too much he’s gonna get caught🥵..
Respect for Tagoe
Shotgun Diplomat
Shotgun Diplomat:
Tagoe really spent the entire Round 12 clinching...
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
After watching this fight, despite the speed and skills of Garcia, I am convinced, he isn’t exactly ready to fight Tank Davis.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
Ryan Garcia was just playing around with this dude I’m shocked he went over 4 rounds
These was Ryan’s best fight imo
Joel De Guzman
Joel De Guzman:
wow, precision punching!
Loooool Ryan couldn’t even knock out tagoe who’s literally smaller then him 🤣 and he says he wants tank?! Cmon Ryan I like you but just stop 😂😂🤣
Dmitriy Lepihov
Dmitriy Lepihov:
Kudos to Tagoe . I didn't think he would fight till the end!
Jahchuwa 65
Jahchuwa 65:
Man nice action from Garcia but left himself way too open. He ain't waking down any other boxer like that
James Magallanes
James Magallanes:
Sometimes you just gotta fight with the skill that you have. Yes you can improve the craft, but at the end of the day it comes down to heart.
Davis struggled his last fight. Lopez struggled as well. You won’t know until you get into the ring. Styles make fights.
reminds me of delahoya..very workman like. love watching him
Dillon Maduro
Dillon Maduro:
Gracia reminds me of amir khan with the speed but garcia has a little more power. Haven't seen garcia fight a real evenly matched opponent yet .
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó:
Ryan was throwing way more wild hooks than usual. Mans pretty much completely forgot about his jab.

Hope it's just the ring rust and not Joe Goosen's fault.
I just barely noticed, look at how garcia walks in.. tall and back aligned with his back leg just like canelo
Question Mark
Question Mark:
If a guy doesn't want to fight you there is nothing you can do....

Whenever Tagoe really exchanged he got hurt badly.

I don't know what more you want out of Garcia after a long layoff against a guy who didn't come to fight but just to survive.
Egon Dugas
Egon Dugas:
Ryan was trying to knock him out but the other guy was determined Ta-goe the distance! Respect.
The_Unknown_God 23
The_Unknown_God 23:
When is he gonna fight a real opponent
Miguel CD
Miguel CD:
Ryan Garcia se guardo mucho! Tiene la mentalidad para saber que este no es combate donde debe exigir su mejor versión! RYAN GARCIA ES EL CHICO!
Marco Torres
Marco Torres:
Ryan needs to fight the elites, every fight I've seen him in he is winning with ease.
Tagoe circled to his power side the whole fight
Tony Z
Tony Z:
Ryan look mad af from all the hugging 😂😂😂😂
Tagoe was what we all thought he would be. The easiest possible opponent they could find that no one knew. Tagoe showed up just to be on TV.
Juan Figueroa-Serville
Juan Figueroa-Serville:
If Ryan gets in the ring next with a top tier fighter, he might get knocked out. This was a cherry pick for him to annihilate before round 6 and it went the distance. His opponent was in self preservation mode mode from the beginning.
Dawn Keener
Dawn Keener:
I want to know what Ryan said to him at the end of round 10. He definitely said something to him......
Pablo Diablo
Pablo Diablo:
Imagine watching a fight where the announcers weren't selling one of the fighters
bc capone83
bc capone83:
Garcia could of got him out in second round if he added uppercuts
It’s no surprise that Ryan outmatched Tagoe the whole fight everyone expected this already,he had size speed and power over and age on his side but his to inexperienced, everyone judges Tagoe for running but it’s still boxing 🥊 he just showed he respected Ryan’s power to a certain extend, we know a lot of people would have love for Tagoe just to stand in the middle on the ring and let himself get knocked out so they could have celebrate Ryan but we just saw how inexperienced Ryan is even joe says Ryan has to get in the ring right away and train more to get that experience and in away he also said his not ready for tank yet which is true but a lot of people aren’t going to accept it sadly
It seems as if after Campbell starched him, he's never been the same fighter mentally or physically in the ring...
Tagoe ran the whole fight
He moves like canelo sometimes, you could tell he trained with him
He’s so fast 👑
Lord Gonzo
Lord Gonzo:
Garcia brings a lot of natural talent to the game. Unfortunately his lack of commitment has cost him an edge in thr skill development department. A dedicated world class boxer will boil him down to a wet napkin.