First defeat for Nagelsmann | FC Bayern - Frankfurt 1-2 | All Goals | Matchday 7 – Bundesliga 21/22

#FCBSGE | Short Highlights from Matchday 7!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and Eintracht Frankfurt from Matchday 7 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Goretzka (29'), 1-1 Hinteregger (32'), 1-2 Kostic (83')

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100+ comentarios:

This was the best goalkeeper show I've seen in a while. Lewandowski's header was actually pretty good and he still managed to defend it. Amazing reflex!
Simón Vega
Simón Vega:
Trapp’s best performance ever
Leandro Fehn
Leandro Fehn:
Trapp did an amazing job, Bayern didn't win because of him
This weekend matches across all leagues
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Bologna 3-0 Lazio
Rennes 2-0 Psg
Madrid 1 - 2 Español
Ajax 0-1 Utrecht
Munich 1-2 Frankfurt
What a underdog weekend
Thanks Leipzig won this weekend 🙌🤗
Bayern's attempts to score were mostly trapped .
Candied _ Variety
Candied _ Variety:
Bayern looked tired and they seemed to be out of ideas especially in the second half , Trapp was amazing , maybe the best player in the field , as a Bayern fan i find our defeat very undeserved but at the same time i dont blame them, its difficult to handle eintracht, every year. Of course i am upset a bit but i know well that now Nagelsmann will find our few weaknesses and this is can only get better , we still in the first place and at the end of the day this is what matters the most . Congratulations to Eintracht once again . #MiaSanMia
What a phenomenal performance from Kevin trapp !
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
Thank you Frankfurt for making this league exciting and competitive
Blueblackfire97 18
Blueblackfire97 18:
Insane heroics from Trapp 👏
I love it when the one team I know can defeat Bayern actually goes on to prove me right. It's a shame thought, I miss the Haller- Rebic partnership.
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo:
Hinteregger and Kostic scored in a Frankfurt win against Bayern in 19/20. Bayern went on to win the sextuple.

Hinteregger and Kostic just scored in a Frankfurt win against Bayern today.
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert:
I love to see things like these.

At least, it gives other teams a belief that Bayern are not invincible.
Wenger's achievement with Arsenal was underrated by so many people. And he didn't have the resources all these teams have.
Mohammad Shamil
Mohammad Shamil:
Big teams on air 🤣
What a Sunday 😂
Andrew Acra
Andrew Acra:
Sad bayern lost but still we’re gonna catch up 💪💪
Artificial Neuron
Artificial Neuron:
Bayern, PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid all lost. This is why we love football 😃
PerfectKill Bitch
PerfectKill Bitch:
Super performance for Frankfurt. Thank you from BVB fan :)))
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo:
Kevin trapp should be ahead of ter stegen as 2nd German national team keeper after that performance.
Itepu Stefan
Itepu Stefan:
Trapp... What a goalie 💕
What a difference a matchday makes. Bayern went from flying ahead of everyone to being tied on points with Leverkusen and only 1 ahead of Dortmund. Even Leipzig and Gladbach have narrowed the gap to 6 points and are both picking up steam.

Don't get me wrong, Bayern are still the overwhelmingly favorites to win the Bundesliga and are arguably favorites to win the Champions League (the only team that might have better odds is PSG) but I do think their incibility has been somewhat exaggerated. So far they've faced only 3 top half teams in the Bundesliga (Gladbach, Leipzig and Frankfurt) and only managed 1 win (against a Leipzig still trying to find their feet) while in the Champions League their biggest opponent so far has been a struggling Barcelona.

I also think this season is interesting because there are very few teams that are just there to be punching bags. Augsburg, Hertha, Armenia, Bochum and Fürth will be happy with just staying in the Bundesliga but every other team feels like they are at the very least gunning for European competition, even the likes of Freiburg, Mainz and Köln. These teams will make the bigger ones work hard for every point against them. I don't think this'll be the last upset Bayern will see this season.
Valeen 78
Valeen 78:
That goalkeeper is really a keeper. 😂
Eston Kalutwa
Eston Kalutwa:
The goalie 🔥🔥🔥
Brasil Cavalão o profeta!
Brasil Cavalão o profeta!:
O time do Bayern está cançado.
O time precisa descansar e melhorar! Tenho certeza que com muito trabalho, Julian nagelsmann vai fazer um trabalho incrível! Abraços e sexo, do brazil! 03/10/2021
♡ S n a K e ♡
♡ S n a K e ♡:
Bayern after first defeat: “Alright, next season, we’re going to look for another replacement”
Rithik Sebastian
Rithik Sebastian:
Kevin Trapp op. If it was any other keeper, we could've walked away with atleast a point
We were so unlucky and Trapp turned into prime Neuer 😒😞
(N.v.0)Lev De-BLanCO
(N.v.0)Lev De-BLanCO:
"of course trapp was trappin that's why he did impossible saves"😂😂😭😭👏👏
Diego Ubaldo
Diego Ubaldo:
Bayern: I'm inevitable
Kevin Trapp: And I'm Iron Man
jacek michalski
jacek michalski:
Lewandowski and Bayern so incredibly unlucky today, Kevin Trapp with the game of his life.
amazing keeper
Michiko Boris
Michiko Boris:
Trap putting on one of the most individual Performance of the season
Arya Wiguna Angkasa
Arya Wiguna Angkasa:
Wow amazing goalkeeper by Kevin Trapp i still can't believe it that Lewandowski header not go in😲
rohan raju
rohan raju:
Bayern were worn out from playing well in kyiv recently. They should have a B team as well so they can rest their main team from consecutive games
Pizza Sample Text
Pizza Sample Text:
Surprised Bayern dint win, Frankfurt did a amazing job though.
The Owl
The Owl:
Excellent performance by the Frankfurt Goalie. But it was still pure dumb luck for Frankfurt to win today...!!!.And if the outcome was always certain, then not many people would watch the game..!!!
Everton :
Sweet finish by Goretzka.
Badbad ki
Badbad ki:
نحن نشجع البايرن من المغرب We support Bayern from Morocco
Darío Gutierrez
Darío Gutierrez:
Oh Kevin Trapp, the guy who gets the best out of Bayern
Milan Sunder
Milan Sunder:
Unbelievable trapp performance.. nothing to worry about for bayern
Nomad Bikram
Nomad Bikram:
goalkeeper to the rescue for Frankfort
Christian Orozco
Christian Orozco:
This made my day!
Simo Zladkodalić
Simo Zladkodalić:
Www Bayern défaite bravoo Frankfurt 👍👍👍🤣
Come on Bundesliga, we need the goals replay
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony:
What a day across Europe!
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Trapp's best performance
Taza Taziri
Taza Taziri:
Winning against bayern..already impressive.. But at home.. That was icing on the cake
Germany have the best Goalkeepers am I right?
Bayern under flick v nagelsmann
When bayern won 2-8 ,2-7,7-1
Flick : 😐
When bayern lost
Flick : 😁
When bayern won 6-0,5-0,12-0
When bayern lost tonight
Nagelsmann 🙁
That's difference between Flick and Nagelsmann
If Trapp was the Bayern goalkeeper today the game would have been 10:0
Ali Yasin
Ali Yasin:
That header save was out of this world,
C’mon Glasner!🦅🔥
Dimitrije Stevanovic
Dimitrije Stevanovic:
Kostic the wizard on the wing.
pradeep pradhan
pradeep pradhan:
Trapp was amazing
Konadi Mahmiko Gayo
Konadi Mahmiko Gayo:
I love it 😘😘
KOSTIC goal & assist.🇷🇸💪
Papa Pawer
Papa Pawer:
Trapp looked very sharp in this game. It's not every day you see keepers stop Lewandowski.
Jakub C.
Jakub C.:
Bravo Frankfurt 👏🤟👍
Francis Siu
Francis Siu:
I think Frankfurt are underrated for sure. The results don't show it which is a shame!
Fc Bayern Munchen
Fc Bayern Munchen:
Hope we learn from this match...looked like frankfurt had a plan and they executed it
Ibrahim Adam
Ibrahim Adam:
Insane week of football
Finally Trapp trapped Bayern 😭🤣
Lifa Lukhele
Lifa Lukhele:
Feels like Career; dominate just to get caught out by the counter 😂😂
Imagine saying Freiburg is the only unbeaten team so far in Bundesliga this season is going to be Cracking and exciting 👏
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
No one expected this to happen.
Dan Welterweight
Dan Welterweight:
That golie is amazing. He should be Germany's number 1, not Neuer.
KIM fr
KIM fr:
Frankfurt seems to be learning how to beat Bayern
Javier Roman
Javier Roman:
Ningún equipo es invencible
dicky Wisanggeni
dicky Wisanggeni:
First win for frankfurt too 😁
Nnamdi Okore
Nnamdi Okore:
Trapp shows bayern his real meaning 😂😂
King Black
King Black:
Bayern Munich for life
Watch Trapp concede 5 goals in the next game. He always shows up only against Bayern and then flops against every other team. But let's be honest, Bayern didn't deserve to win after wasting so many golden opportunities. Frankfurt gave Bayern a lot of 100% goalscoring chances and Bayern just wasted them all. Did Lewandowski even play? I didn't see him.
Yeah finally, come on leverkusen do your job!
Serenity Khadka
Serenity Khadka:
😭😭 how did we lost 😭😭😭😭😭
Bradley Kpolom
Bradley Kpolom:
We are FCBAYERN and we will continue the battle
W 3 4 K
W 3 4 K:
good game well played kevin trapp
Mr Ivan Hd
Mr Ivan Hd:
am happy we need competition
football vip
football vip:
support Bayern from saudi arabia
Amazing perfomance by Trapp...He's in the top goalkeppers in the world
M P:
Ok we all hail to Kevin but someone tell to Nagelsman that his stubborn attitude on 3 center back formation with Bayern sucks a lot and makes team look awful and messy. That's not tactics man!
Ashaz Zayan Sadeque
Ashaz Zayan Sadeque:
Np fcb fans we have lot to go with i think this match Frankfurt deserves the win but next time we will win for sure
I hope Flick saw this and considers Trapp for future NT call-ups.
Remember the last time when Bayern lost to Frankfurt , Bayern went on to win Sextuple that season. If you know what I mean.................
jhessy Lorena
jhessy Lorena:
Vamo Bayern
Chana Nah
Chana Nah:
invaded the whole game Sometimes it depends on the horoscope.
David Štěpán
David Štěpán:
Now only Freiburg haven’t lost a single game
nelson zaw
nelson zaw:
Good job 😁😁🤣
Jay Sukha
Jay Sukha:
I Hope Some 1 Else Wins The Bundesliga Title This Season Because I'm Sick 2 Death Of Bayern Munich Winning It And I Reckon Liverpool F..C. And Man City F. C. Would Definitely Give Them A Run For There Money!!!
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo:
This is the first time I saw kimmich missing so many passes
pos mo
pos mo:
The way to deal with a parked bus is, don't often lose the ball when dribbling and passing
Iggy FunBrain
Iggy FunBrain:
Trapps good performance but he also had a lot of luck but neuer was great but didnt make as many crucial saves except on thats why neuer is the best
kasia frackowiak
kasia frackowiak:
Flip frankfurt bayern top of the league 👌 no way there going to loose to bayer leverkusen
MKgaspari K
MKgaspari K:
That's why Kevin Trapp is called with the Mannschaft
They thought they will be winning everyday 😆😆
JA 12
JA 12:
Frankfurt normally show up for this fixture 😏
Bayern would of tump Frankfurt, but trapp is a super human
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Love bayern
M andMs mapper
M andMs mapper:
Frankfurt is a curse to Bayern. It's been 3 times in a row Bayern lose to that team.
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Line Up


M. Neuer 1 (GK)
N. Suele 4
D. Upamecano 2
L. Hernandez 21
A. Davies 19
J. Kimmich 6
L. Goretzka 8
S. Gnabry 7
T. Muller 25
L. Sane 10
R. Lewandowski 9


K. Trapp 1 (GK)
Tuta 35
S. Ilsanker 3
M. Hinteregger 13
A. Toure 18
D. Sow 8
K. Jakic 6
T. Chandler 22
J. Lindstrom 29
R. Borre 19
F. Kostic 10
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome: