Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Final Face Off

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If floyd gets knocked out I’m leaving the internet for 5 years straight.
round about midnight
round about midnight:
The boxer who has never lost vs. a man who never won.
Old Finders
Old Finders:
I just want to see pauls face when he will be knocked out in the beggining rounds
Llewellyn James Kinnaird
Llewellyn James Kinnaird:
Mayweather looking like he hasn't even trained for this haha.
The only thing Logan's winning is some brain damage. This fight should be illegal lmao...
This is so dumb, a circus show
Bro this shit kills me. Logan trying to stare him down and Floyd don’t give a fuck 😂
Bas Kroeze
Bas Kroeze:
Logan: this isn’t real it’s all a simulation
Floyd: let me take you into the matrix
I thought they were just memeing at first, but here we are. How did this even happen.
Gmone.y 3553
Gmone.y 3553:
Who else can’t believe this is actually happening?
If Logan Paul wins this fight

That means KSI is one of the greatest boxers of our generation
Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal:
PS5 graphics are looking crazy. Who's create-a-fighter is about to fight Mayweather?
Grymey World
Grymey World:
This dude lost already. Floyd is focused. He’s nervous that’s why he’s smiling. He actually doesn’t know what to expect.
karl pillay
karl pillay:
Humans in an alternate universe: y'know, there's a version of Earth out there where Logan Paul is fighting Floyd Mayweather
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson:
“Height don’t win fights, weight don’t win fights”
That’s a hell of a quote👀💪🏽
K J:
"He's not ready" 😂 I'm far from a Mayweather fan but he's talking about the guy who gave Canelo a boxing lesson for 12 rounds.
A Kind Guy
A Kind Guy:
Mayweather is a clown for taking this fight
Rake ✔
Rake ✔:
Logan VS Floyd is literaly like a baby againts devil, its impossible, u cant do that...
🚜🏧.       🚓  🚓
🚜🏧. 🚓 🚓:
This DMT is lasting longer than it should
Cameron Redenbaugh
Cameron Redenbaugh:
I love how Logan talks about aliens and floyd says ion really give a shit I've been here for 25 years 💀💀💀💀
I love how Floyd just keeps his cool he’s knows what he’s doing logan is going to get shut down
Never thought I’d see Floyd wearing an Ethereum shirt
Omar Dawson
Omar Dawson:
Possibly the lamest fight I've ever watched
Solid Perry
Solid Perry:
Can we all just take a moment to think wtf is happening with humanity atm. Every aspect of life has been polluted.
Karrington Bourgeois
Karrington Bourgeois:
Homeboy lost to *KSI* if Mayweather gets beat the world is freaking ending
0:13 Noticed the girl in green?

I like how happy she waa about the perspective & got instantly mad because the guy next to her pushed her to steal her view xd
How do they hold their laughs in while staring at each other I be dying when ever some 1 even looks @ me for just a sec
Lisa ASMR:
My money is on Mayweather
Finn Wilde
Finn Wilde:
Logan really said that this wasn’t the biggest fight of his life! Dunno if he’s stupid or just has mad respect for JJ lol
Serious69 xx
Serious69 xx:
1:26 when floyd shut one of his team member up
Floyd be like let him enjoy his moment
If Logan wins, there’s gonna be a lot of memes
₭ⱨʉ₴ⱨnøøđ ₭ⱨ₳₦
₭ⱨʉ₴ⱨnøøđ ₭ⱨ₳₦:
But one thing I would say -
" Floyd is a courageous man,"

He is straight confident for this fight.
Faizal Khan
Faizal Khan:
I am thinking that is Mayweather going to say "a hell of a fighter" to logan after this fight?😂😂
Good Hope
Good Hope:
This is so goofy
Bob Zombie
Bob Zombie:
This is about to get very real very quickly for Logan. The difference between a pro and an amatuer will become apparent immediately, anyone can look good on a bag or the pads. Different game in the ring
Jay Quick
Jay Quick:
Floyd - “yo I spent all my damn money again… hook me up with something”
michael e
michael e:
finally, the acid flashback I been waiting for.
triple og
triple og:
if floyd loses imagine all the money that was bet on him gone💀
Logan, just don't sneeze 3 times and you'll win
I actually hope Logan wins, just because of the absolute chaos that’s gonna follow afterwards. If Floyd wins it’s just another day
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes:
Yo this is actually gonna happen 😂😂
Yosef Seifu
Yosef Seifu:
0:26 when you know Mayweather isn't really joking.
daniel ewome
daniel ewome:
This is insane. I'll be laughing at the end of this fight
Ahmad Abraham
Ahmad Abraham:
You know boxing has regressed when it needs to rely on youtubers
I I:
1:23 Floyd telling his bodyguard to stop booing. Floyd is a good man.
Valentin Goujon
Valentin Goujon:
At the start they're sooo close, I've thinked they wanna do a french kiss lmao
“He’s gonna have to change his name to Logan Fall.” 🙃😅
mccoy1303 Returned
mccoy1303 Returned:
Mayweather's Sporting "Ethereum", Now that's interesting. Especially since it's in Consolidation.
Might be Signs of a Breakout.😎🚀
J-R Ball
J-R Ball:
This dude lost to KSI and we expect him to beat Mayweather? Y’all crazy
David Subba
David Subba:
Today’s the match bois i somehow woke up fast today
Mr. Challenge
Mr. Challenge:
if Logan wins, I want to see Logan vs Michael Page 🤣🤣👌
The Chair
The Chair:
When Floyd wakes up on the ground, ohhh
Catrena C
Catrena C:
I love floyd, but he doesn’t look like he even trained for this fight. I hope he didn’t under estimate this guy and ends up getting beat
Jacob Garza
Jacob Garza:
Floyd: height don’t win fights, weight don’t win fights, fighting wins fights, and I know how to fight

Logan: Im GoNnA bReAk ThE sImUlAtIoN
Christian Henson
Christian Henson:
I wonder what he’ll say when he loses. 😂
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez:
I'm laughing so hard. Oh my fucking GOD
Watch Me Do This
Watch Me Do This:
What a weird world, I now wear shoes on my hands as gloves 💯
Mr.Amazing Gaming
Mr.Amazing Gaming:
Holy cow, this is actually happening...
C McDonald
C McDonald:
"Floyd's not ready"
Damn, That line is funnier than anything that Logan has ever done. 🤣🤣🤣
Shotta *
Shotta *:
idk dawg i’m actually looking forward to this
respect to both of em
Jack White
Jack White:
I understand no one is taking this serious. However you have to realize how big of a pay day these guys are getting. I totally get it.
Love how mayweather doesn't take him serious AT ALL hahaha
Damn. Didn’t realize this before… Logan’s huge.

Floyd still gonna’ beat his ass.
chding zuure
chding zuure:
I love how Floyd just keeps his cool he’s knows what he’s doing logan is going to get shut down
Zay K
Zay K:
Floyd looking ready and fit! Paul just hits them weight 💯
Tshepo Blom
Tshepo Blom:
Mad respect Logan has for Floyd and vice versa. Love the energy
Dimi Charitidis
Dimi Charitidis:
Floyd will make some easy money and then will go for shopping! Again! 😂
Young dizz stomach
Young dizz stomach:
“This is proof this is just a simulation the aliens are coming in June”
Is Logan on crack?
Paul Omoteso
Paul Omoteso:
Time to buy more Ethereum. Thanks to Mayweather's T shirt!!!
Maher Garzuzi
Maher Garzuzi:
He’s literally a fan of floyd 😂
Ken Stentiford
Ken Stentiford:
Imagine Floyd getting KOd in the first round 🤣
Dark Name
Dark Name:
I need logan's confidence
Mounisha Lopez
Mounisha Lopez:
Funny how logan is flexing his back while floyd is just chillin
So much respect for Mayweather... His people started clowning Logan and he motioned to them to stop, He doesn't want to stoop to the Paul brothers Bottom of the barrel level
John Pomeroy
John Pomeroy:
Hope he does break the simulation honestly. I'm tired of being in it
LaylaBaby Angel
LaylaBaby Angel:
There is no winner. Y’all haven’t seen the rules!
Warren Omaña
Warren Omaña:
@0:20 when you are focus on doing your job but then someone elbowed you intentionally to get the shit out 😂 savage
fact check
fact check:
Theyre litearlly laughing together bruh im dead
Hamas Ahamed
Hamas Ahamed:
I wanna see Paul’s face after being knocked out from the cage
Ann Moore
Ann Moore:
Bitcoin and Ethereum for the win! Look at his shirt! So glad I got my bags packed!
Noah Barron
Noah Barron:
If Floyd loses I’ll never take a break from working out again
mouno blm
mouno blm:
30 seconds for Mayweather to win 😌💪
Heather Cole
Heather Cole:
Damn!! I can’t wait
Real freak show and a bank for parties involved. Props to them
To think that we would live to see a vine star turned YouTuber/boxer fight against one of if not the biggest name in boxing since Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson.
I love how calm Mayweather is compared to Logan. He is done talking, just wants to get in the ring and work.
Roger Gomes
Roger Gomes:
Oscar de la hoya beat Floyd, Floyd just ran around the ring like a chicken 🐔.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Damn, i wish logan would've said "this is littlest fight of my life"

And Floyd would've said "yeah because i knocked you out in a short of time"
Nathanael McGraw
Nathanael McGraw:
Logan: "Tomorrow I break the simulation and win the fight"
Me watching this: "The only thing that's gonna be broken is your face buddy"
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper:
*Floyd standing there with a whole undefeated record stretching back to when this kid was still in grade school*
“This is the biggest fight of HIS life”
Good Vibes Productions
Good Vibes Productions:
This gonna be a KSI moment again lol
supa luxury
supa luxury:
The greatest fighter in the history of the planet , am I on weed or I heard just that 😂
T S:
Floyd rocking the Ethereum Tee!
Floyd have a huge edge over logan (taking alot of beating for 25 years), this will be a walk in the park for floyd
kelsey stoudemire
kelsey stoudemire:
At the end of the day anything can happen though. There could be a win
Rashley Holder
Rashley Holder:
I guess I'll fight Mayweather next, since this turn into a flex sport
Abdullah Ali
Abdullah Ali:
He's been fighting for 25 years
In other words, he's been fighting since Logan was born
Dr Lecter
Dr Lecter:
Logan: this is the biggest fight of his life
Me: wtf did you say!
Aaron Rozario
Aaron Rozario:
Logan is actually a chill dude when he's not with Jake Paul