Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell arrested

Maxwell, 58, was charged by the Southern District of New York, which did not stop investigating Epstein's associates after his death.

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V I:
I’m sorry to hear she killed herself a week from now
My money is on she dies from Covid-19 in 2 weeks.
She's going to 'mysteriously' die in jail too.
E Begger
E Begger:
How did she kill her self with toilet paper when there still isn’t any...
Lewis Sanders
Lewis Sanders:
Hopefully she lives longer than a gold fish and we finally get some answers.
fly goat
fly goat:
Sorry to hear about her upcoming suicide
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin:
ARE they putting her in the same prison as JEFFERY ??? with the same guards !??
El Chombo Custom Dioramas
El Chombo Custom Dioramas:
She needs to have 24-7 live streaming surveillance just like they did with the giraffe 🦒 giving birth a few years ago.
3 Speed Holster
3 Speed Holster:
Coming soon: "Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself."
R G:
Well she’s dead. I bet they are going to say she died of the COVID hoax in jail.
Took y’all long enough. Make sure you watch this one and don’t let her commit “suicide” in prison.
From 94 to 97? really? did they not commit further crimes between 98 and 2019? holy crap this stinks of corruption.
I am going to say this right now:

In another unrelated news, the government has hired electricians to "upgrade" cameras where Ghislaine is going to be kept.
Don Pfeiffer
Don Pfeiffer:
RIP Ghislaine!!!! I’m sorry your life had to end so soon but your with your dad and Jeffrey now in the burning caves of Hell!!
“Ghislaine Maxwell found dead after accidentally tripping over a knife 16 times”
This word "arrested", not sure if I've heard of it before, is this French or something for "suicided"?!?!?
Old Republic62
Old Republic62:
In a month she'll look like my profile pic.
I'll bet Prince Andrew is sweating 😰 Oh, wait 🧐 Andrew doesn't sweat 🙄
Cathy Trevino
Cathy Trevino:
Their suicide card has already been played. It’ll be something like “natural causes”.
Mike Broadley
Mike Broadley:
I'm guessing peanut allergy or choking on food, possibly slipping in the shower and hitting her head.
Finally! God bless Virginia Roberts and the many unnamed girls. I hope Ghislaine reveals the entire clientele and testifies against Andrew of the illegitimate house of Windsor.
Rick Rouse
Rick Rouse:
Ghislaine Maxwell committed suicide by Tampon

Guards found Maxwell lifeless body hogtied, hanging upside down by the window bars with a Tampon lodged inside her throat. Local coroner immediately declared it a suicide a few hours before he announced his retirement. The Guards misplaced the security tapes at their local Chucky Cheeses. A fruitless invegitation is being lunched, tin foil wrappings included.
Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson:
It's about damn time. Why was she in New Hampshire? Who has been protecting her? Arrest them all.
Ian Glenn
Ian Glenn:
‘They’ daren’t murder her. ‘They’ daren’t even let her ‘commit suicide’. Hmmm but she could die of Covid 19 and then ‘they’ could blame China.
its about damn time, now charge all the people on the flight list!
Obsideon 13
Obsideon 13:
So will AG Barr make another midnight visit to a Federal lockup in NYC in the near future?
Max Mozart
Max Mozart:
Many Republican and Democrat government officials are about to take a big fall watch how crazy things get now
LumabeeLumabop 4321
LumabeeLumabop 4321:
Leave your obligatory "she killed herself" comments here
Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross:
ABC reluctantly covering this haha... if she doesn't die in a week, their party elites will be revealed
John Lopez
John Lopez:
Hey Check the cameras, make sure they work and hire good guards with no bladder control issues, oh boy here we go again.
*AG W. Barr stay away from her!!!!!!*
Advait Patel
Advait Patel:
She's gonna name some semi important names and call them the masterminds, while the big names like Wexner, Andrew, Clinton and many others will get away with it.
Bernard Buskey
Bernard Buskey:
I wonder how this one will turn up dead...
Trev Channel
Trev Channel:
This is how it ends soon: the cameras in her jail cell will stop working. Her guards will fall asleep after a cup of coffee. She will be found hanging in her cell. Case closed. Prince Andrew is safe too.
This is happening so soon after US Attorney Berman was fired. Hmmm....
Anyone open for a bet how long it will take before she got suicided? I say this time they will make it quick. Not longer then 10 days.
The Los Show
The Los Show:
Looks like one more thing added to the list of worries for bunker boy.
quinn hendley
quinn hendley:
*and one year to the day - of epstein's arrest: who was helped on his path by donald barr which then ended - under his son william barr - who works to protect yet another donald. **#fullcircle**. interesting. wonder how long william barr will let her live. i wanna know who was aiding and abetting this woman in new hampshire. she didn't evade arrest this long - all on her own.*
co ol
co ol:
We need to see videos of her being taken into jail and court!
Michael Plummer
Michael Plummer:
There’s about to be another “suicide”
Trolly Trollsteen
Trolly Trollsteen:
Oh, they gonna kill her in custody for sure
Nathan spot
Nathan spot:
i think she sould be live streamed from her cell, 24/7
Prince Andrew playing hide and seek by now
Bill Roland
Bill Roland:
Wasn’t she Melania‘s friend?
literally the other day i was thinking to myself where she could be and reading some fake idiotic comments about how she’s in israel etc... good to know she was still in america and is caught.
Thomas Paine 1789
Thomas Paine 1789:
Ghislane: "I'll be coming to see you soon, Daddy!!"
Realist 1801
Realist 1801:
Let’s get it out the way now “she died after contracting covid 19 whilst in custody”, even though only 0.02% of healthy people who contract it actually get ill from it.
I really hope she is still around for the next few months so we actually get some real answers this time.. and doesn’t “commit suicide”
Ted Graham
Ted Graham:
This is just the start ..... a lot of celebrities and fiery important ppl will be next
Alex H
Alex H:
American government: "oh look she is ded she did this to herself all her fault she commited suuizide"
Kathy Vargyas
Kathy Vargyas:
I’m delighted for the victims who will finally see some sort of justice ! Two down and how many others to go?
Eddie G
Eddie G:
She’s got less than a week to live, and I bet if we do get to see her.... she will be walking with a cane
"Jeffrey Epstein's death wasn't a SUICIDE, it was a HOMICIDE."
— Dr. Michael Biden, Forensic Examiner
Finally got the woman who knows too much, eh?
Let’s see how long she lives. Dead women tell no tales.
How long till she "takes herself out"?
Dwayne Dalton
Dwayne Dalton:
Suicide hotline - "How can I help you?"
Hillary - "I'd like to place an order!"
Tiffany I.
Tiffany I.:
She even had e nerve to do a TED talk? 🤔
NOMATIC 1 Lordnomad
NOMATIC 1 Lordnomad:
Don’t let the FBI anywhere near this women, let the local boys take care of her! I repeat the FBI works for Ghislane Maxwell!
P J:
Coincidentally, this also happened today: Prince Andrew regained his ability to sweat.
family matters
family matters:
does my heart good, i hope these young girls at the time get to speak in court, they have the voice, say what you will its called grooming what those two did, and i hope other names get called out, i hope they can get her to talk, god bless and help anyone that is groomed and sexually abused few have the courage to speak, its fear driven by predators, paul.
How the hell did she choke on dust while in prison ..
Raven Rav
Raven Rav:
get all of these evil people out of our government, so we can trust them again.
your mommais
your mommais:
Jerome Paul
Jerome Paul:
Don't worry, it won't come out that others were involved 🙄. What a joke
This took so long they must have worked out an interesting compromise
Mike S
Mike S:
Ghizzlane didn’t kill herself
She was running and hiding all these months because she’s completely innocent and did nothing wrong.
You know how innocent people behave.
CCTV cameras are about to malfunction again.
J. Ward
J. Ward:
Whelp! She won’t be alive for long 😂
Fortunato 9
Fortunato 9:
A real-life "House of Cards"!
She’s going to die 😭
Justin Cox
Justin Cox:
Perfect timing! BIDEN NEEDS a Running Mate!
Josh Clark
Josh Clark:
They are holding her in same prison with malfunctioned cameras for epstien🤔
vc lucky
vc lucky:
Yes!! Arrest them all!! Lets see if the cameras go out on this one
Thomas Paine 1789
Thomas Paine 1789:
I thought MSM would be covering this story 20 years after the fact...SHOCKED! 😘
I'm sure she is going to get Covid 19 real soon..
Sam Huston
Sam Huston:
Save our Children ABC
Will Ganness
Will Ganness:
Why when ever i hear SDNY investigating someone it sounds like the Corrupt investigating their friends in a sham investigation.
dan dan
dan dan:
They brokered a deal months ago to give her time to forge an alternative-parallel and believable narrative that side steps the real agents...
Reesy Man
Reesy Man:
Hello everyone, I’m from a few months into the future.... she committed suicide.
Kacey Lee
Kacey Lee:
IMO, I’d hold this one for awhile and do a long-term study on her brain!
Bettie Page
Bettie Page:
Why did this take a whole a
nother year?
Venita Sheppard
Venita Sheppard:
Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to bring those justice for the crimes against children. Bless you all..💕🤗😘🙏
Daniel Emerson
Daniel Emerson:
Interesting to see, with all the powerful people she can testify about, how long till she mysteriously commits suicide like her boss. Better keep her safe.
Sean Williams
Sean Williams:
Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself! Now I am going to take my Delorian back to the future.
1 John 5:19 We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard:
They found her in New Hampshire? I thought she had long ago left the country for some nice place where she would not be extradited from.
Once again American justice prevails, ... after decades of walking in the dark😂
I will send my apprentice Lord Vader,
"He will take care of you..." 😁
Hayden Lassalle
Hayden Lassalle:
Bill and Hillary to the rescue, ya’ll know Jimmy Kimmel didn’t just go on break for nothing right?
Liz Simon
Liz Simon:
I'll start it now: Maxwell didn't kill herself
Finally, some good news.
My2 Cents
My2 Cents:
“I don’t normally kill myself, but when I do, I didn’t.” — G. Maxwell
Raul Gubert
Raul Gubert:
try to keep her safe as loong as you can so she can confess everything and accuse as many criminals she can.
General Patzer
General Patzer:
Hilary Clinton: "So sad to hear about Ms. Maxwell's suicide next week"
Richie Rich
Richie Rich:
I hope the have the cameras working in her cell.
Also, that they 24 hour coverage of guards.
Love how they are giving us the FAQ on Maxwell even though we've all known about her and her role in this for years. Won't be surprised if she ends up dead or just used to "exonerate" those who've been accused who still hold power in some sort of plea deal.
Fortunato 9
Fortunato 9:
Audrey "NFL" Strauss, if she announces any investigations associated with DT! NFL i.e. Not For Long!!!