Formula 1 is BACK for 2020, but should it be? - State of F1, Ep 1 | Carfection

This Weekend Formula 1 is back for the Austrian Grand Prix. But should it? We all want to see Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari duke it out on track with Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel all out to win this short season. But with the risks involved during the Covid-19 Pandemic is there not a safer way? Terry Saunders explores the possibilities in the first episode of The State of F1.
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Markus A. Jaworski
Markus A. Jaworski:
What I'd like to see is F1 races done with drivers only. No team. Every driver has to do their own pitstop, fueling and changing their own tires. That would be funny.
F. N.
F. N.:
What is Jurgen klopp saying about f1 ????
0:48 Oh yes, those empty stand Middle East Formula 1 races. I have often wondered why they even have them because they certainly do not bring in stadium revenue. I have concluded that for them these are status symbols that oil money can pay for. The average Middle East civilian has other things on their mind.
Keith Whitty
Keith Whitty:
Will drivers be able to take close overtaking manoeuvres if they need to social distance 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Brendan White
Brendan White:
Well done on getting this guy on carfection. He is great! Hilarious! I will be checking out his podcast.
Is that Obi Wan Kenobi?
Jérôme B
Jérôme B:
yeh sure bro, this sport would die if they scrapped the entire year.. thousands of jobs lost.. they are taking very strict precautions in country's where corona is well under control..
David Banes
David Banes:
I've given up with F1, only on pay TV unless you're happy with knowing the result in advance of watching just the highlights. :(
Rhys Tanner
Rhys Tanner:
Really enjoyed that, offbeat and rooted in today’s norm
phill ollard
phill ollard:
Tongue in cheek me thinks 😂
senor trowell
senor trowell:
Terry Mosley... Brilliant!
I love this already. MORE
Nolan Gray
Nolan Gray:
Just have Netflix cover the rest of the season and I’ll watch that .. honestly shows like that and Subaru’s “launch control” are better then actual racing these days
Degan Ellis
Degan Ellis:
Awesome. Podcast sub +1 and another great addition to the already sweet, sweet vids on this channel. Great stuff!
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen:
Stephen Merchant is into f1 now?
Guillaume Lemaigre
Guillaume Lemaigre:
On only clicked on the video, because on the image it looked like the guy from ChainBear.
But it hink i might juste still watch that segment, it seems funny.
Rich McDowell
Rich McDowell:
I'm thinking Karl Pilkington had something to do with this. Lol
We want formula 1 since all sports are canceled! BOOO!!!
1:59 😆😆😆
Agus Caraballo
Agus Caraballo:
Gizzard Fan
Gizzard Fan:
John S
John S:
F1 is black!.... Oops I mean back.
Jacques du Plessis
Jacques du Plessis:
someone hacked the carfection channel. Must be north korea 😬
If anyone was still in doubt about Formula 1 being completely removed from reality, then this season has removed it.
Abbas Backrr
Abbas Backrr:
Totally agree with u
Food on Film
Food on Film:
What is this?
I have the same robe but in dark blue lol. Is yours Christian Dior?
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane:
Lol vettel has spun
José Luís Godinho Gomes
José Luís Godinho Gomes:
john greenwood
john greenwood:
Phil Claffey
Phil Claffey:
That was just a waste of time really... Its likely to be the best season in a decade. 👋😼👌🌻❤️👀👍
Personally, I don't think this season counts - irrespective of what else happens.
There may be a few good races; some fun incidents; quality whining from over-paid-drivers; hilarious lines from Vettel and Kimi - but as a season? Nope.
Brodie Bennett
Brodie Bennett:
There is a subtlety to this video which may not translate well for international viewers, but this format has potential. Keep at it, you might be on to something.
I admire your negativity Sir..!!
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen:
I couldn't care less about the crowds, since I'm not there, I don't care if nobody is there for the race. (other than the people that need to be)
Just brilliant :)))
It's not about sportsmanship, it will never be about equality, only ever about money. Same with football. Leicester is in lock-down but Leicester City players can travel around the country, playing football to empty stadiums.
Ben Walker
Ben Walker:
This is awesome, please keep them coming!
Douglas Ladowski
Douglas Ladowski:
The reality is F1 has evolved to the point where machine and technology wins not people. Lewis Hamilton is an awesome talent but he is wasted in this series. The cars are automatic and so are the results. The only "surprise" results happen when ratings tank. Goodbye F1 you will be missed.
Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor:
More please, this Guys brilliant!
Who's related to Charlie Brooker? Very good, yes more like this.
I want this man to be president
Michaell Tobiass
Michaell Tobiass:
I don't see problem now that every team is kept separate, everyone is tested and the case numbers are way down in Austria while normal life resumes.
Terrible Username Amirite?
Terrible Username Amirite?:
Your life must be miserable with that attitude!
Dan B Cooper
Dan B Cooper:
FP1 & FP2 today did not show any F1 fans outside the fenced track area. Maybe they are staying stealthy ahead of Sunday... If I were in Austria you could bet on me climbing a tree in camo attire. Would be surprised if we don't see a lot of fans outside the fences, up in trees with beer, binoculars, and flags!
Wes Sovis
Wes Sovis:
This is great. Keep them coming.
Philip Minns
Philip Minns:
Always funny to see the number of people who think something has been totally unpolitical until now.
All white grid = not political. One black guy but nobody talking about it = not political. The black guy talking about it = GeT tHiS PoLiTiCaL gArBaGe oUt oF F1!
Stephen Franklin
Stephen Franklin:
Honestly, the FIA would probably want to cancel the championship for the year, but because of contractual obligations, they have to at least attempt to present them. I assure you they are losing money hand over fist atm, with the teams hemorrhaging even more.
I like this guy👌
super seven7
super seven7:
F1 lost its way in the 90s just a boring corporate procession now. Watch motorcycle road.. racing Isle of man tt. Real racers doing it for the love of speed. 60s and 70s grand prix were thrilling and yes dangerous but real racing
Why is this so good?🤔
Peter Gruhn
Peter Gruhn:
Make it stop...
Dream Cars
Dream Cars:
First stop persecute Bernie Ecclestone, and then we will see.
Forget about the infection rate virtually nobody healthy under the age of 65 is dying from this pneumonia is as deadly a killer as this virus but you never hear anything about that people are going out of their minds with all the bullshit we just want our lives back we can clearly see this wasnt the big killer it was made out to be by the media as the so called experts
Josh B
Josh B:
Alright Charlie Brooker 😂😂 this will go right over 90% of YouTube’s heads.... more please.
What the FIA have done to F1 is far worse than what COVID19 has done. Let’s face it was last season or the last 10 exciting? not really. Watching the older V10 cars going up good wood hill is far more interesting and impressive in my opinion.
F1 should go away until it comes back with V10s and V12s, no KERS, and manual boxes.
soren lindberg
soren lindberg:
stay away from politics
Karl Reiver
Karl Reiver:
Man, the amount of people not getting sarcasm is actually scary.
After being an avid F1 fan for over thirty years and never missing a race, I am done with it. It is no longer a sport that I fell in love with, it is just another main stream media platform for social engineering of humanity with the new norms of behaviour and the rest of its politically motivated agendas. Sad but true, RIP Formula 1 :(
Akash Sarma
Akash Sarma:
Sharn du Preez
Sharn du Preez:
Ha ha Brilliant
username taken
username taken:
Anything is better than Curcuit Paul Ricard. Even virtual racing.
LowLands Pete
LowLands Pete:
99,8% doesn't die of corona... MOVE ON.
This is stupid. It's like saying the best way to avoid AIDS is abstinence.
Beni Stingray
Beni Stingray:
Just get rid of this dude!
Mr.Marty McFly
Mr.Marty McFly:
This is fantastic
nick rees
nick rees:
How is this clown?
Fail at being funny
Honestly, I'm confused with this video ....
Doug Mitchell
Doug Mitchell:
Clearly, Carfection has lost the plot. I'm out.
I was exicted for F1 to restart, then all the political garbage reached F1, now im not sure whether to watch it.
Corona virus is a scam.
Fantastic host on this video. Cheers
Who's this nanny?
Totally agree, they should have scrapped the entire sport this year! It’s selfish and putting money first and foremost, greed more important then people’s safety.
Eric Tyle
Eric Tyle:
Data is emerging that if you are a fit, healthy person with a working immune system Con-vid19 is not a risk. Shield the very elderly, infirm and those with underlying health issues and get on with life.
Paul iceman
Paul iceman:
Wow this has got to be the most disliked carfection video clip ever... #oops
Subscribing to Carfection is cancelled
Callum Hallworth
Callum Hallworth:
I think a less comedy angle would have been more conducive to the carfection channel, it's quite hard to find this funny imo
Antonin B
Antonin B:
Not sure i understand your point. Is it that F1 should not happen this year or is it that it should not happen at all? Not clear.
Asian Street Scenes
Asian Street Scenes:
I'll stick to Henry videos
Bill Yates
Bill Yates:
The human immune system is amazing and can easily handle covid 19! It's time to wake up folks! The world economy is intentionally being destroyed! Research the United Nations agenda 21
Brandon Lim
Brandon Lim:
If I wanted to watch something like this I'd watch Drivetribes content from a few years ago. This is trash.
Shutian Wu
Shutian Wu:
If you don't find this funny, as Terry said, it's not for you. You can certainly refuse to like it, but it shouldn't stop Carfection from coming out something I find brilliant like this. This is great light humor and sarcasm, and probably reflecting some interesting aspect of this sport. Just some tasty snacks after Henry driving nice cars.
But should it be? Unsub
If you are afraid of breaking your arm, simply have it amputated and you will never risk breaking your arm. That sound logical to you?

Here's an idea: if you are scared of contracting a virus, stay home. Do not force everybody else to do so.
People are now afraid of being in the same room. If you think the virus is bad, wait 12 months and it will be a true pandemic as people drop like flies from any and all viral infections due to having no immune system at all, from not being exposed to any virus or bacteria.
Good thing there are plenty of car channels on YouTube, cause this made me unsubscribe.
And judging from the Like - Dislike ratio on this video I bet I am not the only one.