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Alex Eire
Alex Eire:
This Bulgarian team was absolutely legendary, true warriors!
90th minute winner away from home to qualify for the world cup ... this is one of the best goals in history
Melanie Wilson
Melanie Wilson:
Great Bulgaria team their golden generation♥️from england
hahaha the french couldn't stop whistling during the bulgarian national anthem, well the team shut them up at the end... ginola will always be haunted by this. My word Kostadinov, what a thunderous shot, amazing
I remember jumping to the ceiling when Emil scored that goal. Greetings from Poland!
Ризван Гаджиев
Ризван Гаджиев:
Даааа,это была сильнейшая сборная Болгарии в то время,на Мундиале-94настал их звездный час!Болел за болгар,сыграли прекрасно в отличии от нашей сборной!
Marin Petkov
Marin Petkov:
The game started with bulleing our anathem and ended with silence
Pluto Planet
Pluto Planet:
I was so happy for BULGARIA !!!

Best regards from Romania !
One of greatest national teams football matches of all time!
As a French I still remember vividly these last seconds... Why did Ginola not just keep the ball? Anyways, it was an amazing Bulgarian team, they deserved to go to the World Cup and did very well there.
Carlos Alberto Valderrama
Carlos Alberto Valderrama:
Поздрав от Македонија 😊
Christian Basantes
Christian Basantes:
That match didn't let us to see Papin and Cantona, in USA 94; however, we saw the great Bulgaria with Stoichkov, Kostadinov, Balakov, Letchkov, Ivanov, and Mikhailov. It was meant to be!
Marek Choma
Marek Choma:
Bulgaria 93-94 ,one of most influential ,greatful,unbelivable unexpected teams in football history
Гари Пискунов
Гари Пискунов:
Супер гол Костадинова,эта Болгария была сильна.
John Neil
John Neil:
I remember this game well, both teams were full of world class players, although you got the feeling that France just thought it would be their night,Bulgaria were brilliant and totally deserved to go through! P.s hi from Scotland.
nicky butt
nicky butt:
At that time , Bulgaria had a great team...Greetings from Romania!!
SP Drone Travel
SP Drone Travel:
The commentator of the game on the Bulgarian National Tv channel began to shout: ''God is Bulgarian'', after Kostadinov's second goal. The phrase became very popular and is still being used occasionally today in football commercials.
Maciej Kowalski
Maciej Kowalski:
On one hand it was heartbreaking for France, but on the other - Bulgaria was really strong back than, which they proved during the final tournament. It was a bit like England who was stunned by Poland in WC 1974 qualification, but then Poland went on to become 3rd. So not only this result enabled Bulgaria to get their best World Cup result ever, but also maybe created perfect circumstances for France to rebuild their team and prepare to the 1998 World Cup in the best way possible.
Unreal Bulgarian generation. What a great players with underrated Ivanov
Дмитрий Латышев
Дмитрий Латышев:
Bulgaria from WC-94 reminds me Russia-2008. Both beating the strong team in the crucial game of qualification (France/England), both reaching the semifinals, both losing the starting match 0-3 (Nigeria/Spain)...
Bulgaria was very powerful with fantastic players and the beautiful skills!
My congratulations to brotherly country from Russia!
Star At The Window
Star At The Window:
One of the most Historical and significant moments in the Football History , ever ...
Iliyan Peev
Iliyan Peev:
After kostadinov’s goal french bench look like a shit😁
Equipazo de Bulgaria!!! Recuerdos memorables de la campaña 92-94 incluyendo el mundial. Un abrazo fuerte desde Perú!

GREAT Bulgarian Team!!! Fond memories from great 92-94 process, including the World Cup. Greatings from Peru!
Chiva UK
Chiva UK:
Bulgaria during WWC 94 was a strong team. How many years will pass to see another Bulgarian team with the same quality?
5:21 Минута нещо са сбъркали резултата 😂
Miguel Pacco mayhuiri
Miguel Pacco mayhuiri:
The best bulgaria team in the history and france suffered it !! 😎
Kostadinov, such a brilliant goal! A huge shocker for the French!
Peter Nakov
Peter Nakov:
I remember this game like it was yesterday.As a bulgarian,I can tell you we lost hope by the end and all in the sudden ........France out from the World Cup!What a team France was back then!?Some of the best players in the world!But I think we did them a big favor.4 years later they won the World Cup and dominated the world of football till now!After that shocker,France won two times the World Cup,lost one final on penalties (could have been 3 times),one European Cup,and lost one EC final!I think they are so over this game :)
Neo Void
Neo Void:
Stoichkov, Balakov, Letchkov etc. Bulgaria had a great team back then
Oğuzhan Güneş
Oğuzhan Güneş:
Bulgaria's legendary times
They were 4th place in USA 94
Thank you Bulgaria😎
clesio brito
clesio brito:
Grande time da Bulgária...

Great Bulgária team
I remember the game of Bulgaria during WC 1994 in USA - it was really really impressive.
Ah, those early ’90s mullets were legendary!
Vincent Billy
Vincent Billy:
Sans cette défaite il n’y aurait pas eu de titre de champion du monde en 98 : comme quoi faut toujours positiver
Ivan Nanić
Ivan Nanić:
The second Bulgarian goal, that whole play, that was something else.
Mark Ruddle
Mark Ruddle:
Delighted for Bulgaria that night. The French as usual thought all they had to do was turn up.
Hồ Thị Triều Minh
Hồ Thị Triều Minh:
At the beggining of the video,you could see Trifon is the right one.Sadly,he's now gone with the wind RIP
Helder Vieira
Helder Vieira:
Bulgária , romania , Suécia s Brasil de 94 foram ótimos
Júlio Cesar Goes
Júlio Cesar Goes:
Nas Eliminatórias para A Copa do Mundo em1993 foi França 1×2 Bulgária em Paris
Na Copa de 1994 nos USA foram Argentina 0×2 Bulgária na Fase Classificatória e depois Alemanha 1×2 Bulgária nas Quartas de Final.
Grande Bulgária de Stoichkov e Lechkov. ⚽🏅🏆👏👏👏👏🖒🖒🖒
Sezgin PINAR
Sezgin PINAR:
Le meilleur équipe Bulgare avec des joueurs inoubliables pour toujours . Българи юнаци
I am French and this last goal makes me laugh, even 27 years after 😂
During the World Cup we were rooting for Bulgaria because some players were playing here in Portugal... Balakov, Kostadinov, Iordanov and Mihailov... Great days! Trifon Ivanov was a beast! RIP
Maria esther Aguilar
Maria esther Aguilar:
And then Bulgaria wins in the world cup vs mexique penaltys im from México and im agree Bulgaria great team ...hasta la vista oua 🇫🇷🇨🇵♥️👍🇲🇽😁🇷🇺
Starmer's Barber
Starmer's Barber:
I remember this so well. It's interesting that Bulgaria went on to perform so well in the world cup in the USA. A similar thing happened in 1973, when Poland nipped in to qualify for the 1974 world cup ahead of England....and were very close to reaching the final.
Leohanks 6-3-3 (Leandro Chaves)
Leohanks 6-3-3 (Leandro Chaves):
Aimé Jacquet 4:26 and Didier Deschamps 5:35
The french were so "into going to WC-94" they showed the incorrect score favoring France.
Veniamin Chira
Veniamin Chira:
Bulgaria was one of the best team in the world, at that time...along România...😉
joe dodic
joe dodic:
They should've put a shirt on the rooster. He was the only one who knew which way to run.
Jacek S
Jacek S:
They only just qualified for that World Cup but made the semi-finals, beating Argentina and Germany along the way.
I cant imagine this happening today . Such a great moment in bulgarian football history . France had a great team but we did have great players too
Marcus Mees
Marcus Mees:
Germany had been beaten by the same Bulgarians. They were simply one of the best teams of the time
Milan Filipov
Milan Filipov:
What a match! Bulgarians showed real class. Greetings from Serbia
Only heard about Ginola's mistake today after Gerard Houlliers death was in the news. Man, Ginola got crucified for this in France. I thought he left for the Premier League but he escaped to it. Houllier shouldn't of said the toxic things he did about him after the game.
Painful day in my life i was 10 years old and could not imagine that france would get knocked out that way !
Daniel Bianchini
Daniel Bianchini:
E fez história na Copa de 1994, grande equipe Búlgara.
Petar Milojevic
Petar Milojevic:
Bulgaria with Stoichkov and Ivanov the best Team. Greating from Serbia
Gams Burazeri
Gams Burazeri:
Best bulgarian tim ever
Movies Пафконе
Movies Пафконе:
Great game ! Nice memories .
respect France !
sam rimi
sam rimi:
A wonderful Bulgarian team. I was a 9 years old boy when I first knew the country of bulgaria thanks to the amazing game bulgaria vs Germany in WC 1994
Милашка-Акося тортик
Милашка-Акося тортик:
Франции на тот момент хватало 1 очка из двух игр,чтоб попасть на чм-94,но оба матча проиграли ,Израилю и Болгарии дома!
Barrabas Nebullah
Barrabas Nebullah:
What a legendary team for Bulgaria !
0:04 wooow trivon ivanov...I can't forget his beautiful eyes 😁
Aleksa Vasić
Aleksa Vasić:
Wow!!! That was so awesome!!! Greetings from Serbia!
classic shocker; this is HISTORY
What a goal by Kostadinov! If Messi or Crissy had scored that goal now the fanboys would be wanking over it for years.
Simão Master system
Simão Master system:
Vamos Bulgária ! ♥♡
Mauk Eks
Mauk Eks:
Bulgaria dulu memang HEBAT.
Salam dari Indonesia 👍👍👍
amin a
amin a:
RIP Trifon Ivanov
J'avais 10 ans. J'ai pleuré toutes les larmes de mon petit corps ce soir-là.
Agustín Robledo
Agustín Robledo:
Ese partido lo jugo zidane y henrry?
François Steens
François Steens:
Nothing changes with France :) scores after a foul, and spectators not giving respect to Bulgarian Anthem ...
Et la sono du stade qui crachait à fond :"l'amérique " de Joe dassin à partir de la 40ème !!!!😥😣
valdy celeste
valdy celeste:
Beautiful kit from both teams
TRIFON IVANOV! I remember, when collecting WC stickers as a child in the 90´s, his sticker was one of the most awaited by us.

Greetings to Bulgaria and France from São Paulo, Brazil.
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG:
LOL French TV getting the score wrong 5:20
Денислав Йорданов
Денислав Йорданов:
3:49-А historyical moment for Bulgarian football.😀
Jin Z
Jin Z:
4:19 - Реакцията на коментаторите е безценна!
Eu Thiago
Eu Thiago:
Great Team Bulgaria
P K:
I remember this game. Great Bulgarian team. Respect from Albania
Gus Martins
Gus Martins:
France’s goal came courtesy of a vicious Deschamp’s two-footed tackle. Should have been a yellow card. Players get thrown out now for those violent tackles.
Gustavo 7227
Gustavo 7227:
Hilarious in 93, still hilarious now.
Markus Persson
Markus Persson:
Strong qualification group. Sweden 3:rd and Bulgaria 4:th place in World Cup 1994.
Andres Felipe
Andres Felipe:
A melhor parte do jogo de futebol , foi o baile do galo 🐓. Rachei de rir 😂

Trifon Ivanov and his classical mullet.

R.I.P. Trifon Ivanov
Wlodek Splawski
Wlodek Splawski:
Balakov, one of the best players in the world at that time, was locked in a gold cage by Stuttgart. They paid him a lot of money and put a barring buying option of 150 million DM (75 million euro), probably highest at that time.
Thiam Mady
Thiam Mady:
On thé french goal, Didier deschamp has commited a bad foul on bulgarian payer.
They deserved to go and ranked 4th in the Worldcup
Eduardo Andrade Costa
Eduardo Andrade Costa:
Melhor seleção da Bulgária que já existiu. Fizeram muito bonito em 94
Nekys Acherontios
Nekys Acherontios:
2:50 is not even a foul....nice times ^^
Ivan Petrov
Ivan Petrov:
GReat Winn for the Eternity for Bulgaria God bless
Medi Medii
Medi Medii:
Deux magnifiques équipes quand même, on a perdu tellement en niveau global en 25ans.....
Ghulam Mohammad
Ghulam Mohammad:
in big matches when big team goes for equalizer this type of thing happens and this game is the best example this is the beauty of any sports
Paolo Merighi
Paolo Merighi:
Bellissimo :)
Mohammad Attiyah
Mohammad Attiyah:
Still remeber this moment !
Mitlancuitl Premier
Mitlancuitl Premier:
What a nightmare this was for me but the start of something great 5 years later. This Bulgarian team was so great and reached the semi in the USA, like Sweden, what a qualification group that was !
Comprendre ce match permet de comprendre l'histoire de l'équipe de France 🇫🇷 avant et après 1993
Tous les protagonistes du football français sont là ⚽
Leonardo Amaral
Leonardo Amaral:
Porem 4 anos mais tarde veio a glória 👍