Francisco Trincao Barcelona DEBUT vs Nàstic 12.09.2020 | Pre-Season 20/21

Francisco Trincao Barcelona DEBUT vs Nàstic 12.09.2020, Francisco Trincao vs Gimnàstic de Tarragona 2020, Francisco Trincao vs Gimnàstic de Tarragona
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100+ comentarios:

Pedri's Barcelona DEBUT vs Nastic here:
Ronaldo, Trincao, Felix, B Fernandes, B Silva

Portugal's attack 😍😍😍😍
Mohamed Deeq
Mohamed Deeq:
I like this guy tall, fast, good skills And good vision hope koman gives him aLot of chances
Siddhant Saraf
Siddhant Saraf:
Things i saw in trincao today : taking risk to take-on defenders, good vision, perfect weight in passes. He's showing a LOT of promise. 🔴🔵
Barca MagicTV
Barca MagicTV:
I am excited for players like Konrad, Pedri, Riqui and De Jong but I'm most excited about Trincao
Rockwildaz Family
Rockwildaz Family:
He is the only one I wanted to see.... he will start off as a super sub most likely, but he is no doubt a star and will bring a totally fresh and dynamic attack upfront. His natural game and style fits a Barça winger.
chawki boualem
chawki boualem:
he is like a combination of Mahrez and Robben
Averos Razaka
Averos Razaka:
He look's like mahrez
fahmi dakhli
fahmi dakhli:
Don't forget riqui puig carles aleña and de jong 😉😉
Trincao alone did what all barça attack needs... going deep, making 1v1, creativity, not stationary.
I imagine:
Fati "9" Dembelè
De Jong Riqui
Angelino Araujo Upame Semedo
Shivam Sawant
Shivam Sawant:
I liked how trincao was dancing down the pitch , there is magic in his feet
Profesor Física y Química
Profesor Física y Química:
¡Qué jugadorazo Trincao! ¡Cómo ha jugado hoy! Va a callar muchas bocas
Grande craque. Boa sorte, Trincão!
Jeremy Nole
Jeremy Nole:
Que jugadorazo. Trincao que pase 1:13 y tiene regate
Sexy Abs
Sexy Abs:
I can see him he has potential. Love those dribbles and tricks by Trincao. 👍
Cyphron Gaming
Cyphron Gaming:
The ball is flowing on his feet! Let’s hope he make it all the way through!
Junior Golden
Junior Golden:
He reminds me of Di Maria.
Gaming Zone with GOD
Gaming Zone with GOD:
2:10 Portugal's Upcoming Messi 🙄
He is so good man....Barca have to give him chances
Que buen fichaje, drible, visión, calidad, técnica, todo lo tiene.. solo hay que explotar sus cualidades tiene para ser unos de los mejores!
maxamed xuseen
maxamed xuseen:
1:07 what a assist
yasin Mohamoud
yasin Mohamoud:
2:11 he doing Messi thinks
Frank Annan
Frank Annan:
Good signing, talented and energetic player.
Caleb Kay Yeboah
Caleb Kay Yeboah:
The cooperation between Trincão and Konrad was saucy..
Trincão's dribbling and good eye for goal is super fantastic.
These are the guys we need not forgetting we needing competent defenders.
JOGA MUITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Odili
Paul Odili:
This Koeman has a lot of work ahead in Barca
John Pereira
John Pereira:
He seems to play the same exact game Messi plays. The Barcelona board is so stupid. They keep buying players and force them to play out of position, which is what he'll most likely be doing. They should've just sold Messi and built a team of young players like Trincao.
Syadzwana Akbar
Syadzwana Akbar:
I belive him will be more confident when playing on la liga
Matheus Vinícius
Matheus Vinícius:
Awesome future🙏🏼🙏🏼
Ruy Alves
Ruy Alves:
Ótimo Jogador, Boah Contratação do BARCELONA, mau chegou mais já mostra Bom Futebol ....
Meme Girukwishaka
Meme Girukwishaka:
rolando perdomo
rolando perdomo:
It reminds me the way Messi played his first clásico against Real Madrid.
Mario Valencia
Mario Valencia:
He will be in Qatar 2022 👌
Bright Days Ahead
Bright Days Ahead:
He was sharper than Pedri, who also is an amazing talent no doubt. Trincao will adapt faster
Barca Daily
Barca Daily:
That dribble where he cut in from the right was messi-esque
really like Trincao style hope he get some minutes this season he seems to be a very good player love from Costa Rica
Solomon Akinwande
Solomon Akinwande:
This guy deserve first team shirt. Very good with the ball.
ThelLoquillo Jr
ThelLoquillo Jr:
Trincao promesa del fútbol 🥅
Anba Arasan
Anba Arasan:
Dnt praised him alot....hahahahahah....for sure he will not active when start la liga...
Carlos Pereira
Carlos Pereira:
É um Crak, melhor que João Félix e daqui a 6 meses verão...
Acee Deuce
Acee Deuce:
Great View and these nutmegs though🔥
o Peixoto
o Peixoto:
Joga muito este miúdo, um verdadeiro craque! Não engana! 30M de € vão parecer muito baratos para o Barca!
Avinash Biradar
Avinash Biradar:
Ítalo Kauã
Ítalo Kauã:
2 months ago : Who the hell is trincao ??
Now : what a great player is trincao!
Basílio Tomé
Basílio Tomé:
That assistance 1:07 will be savage very good. ⚽️🔥🇵🇹 #Trincão
Sloopy Clooka
Sloopy Clooka:
I know him since euro U17 in 2016 je playing with Joao felix and jota
Akash Boss
Akash Boss:
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal:
i feel like im watching james rodriguez
Renato Ferreira
Renato Ferreira:
I used to watch Braga because of Trincao _ if well coached he'll be a star.
Aneesh Paul
Aneesh Paul:
Promising talent🔥🔥
Leonardo Fortunato
Leonardo Fortunato:
Now we have another special player
Incredible, and I think he can make a great trio with Ansu Fati and Myron Boadu if he comes to Barca
he could improve to be like di maria they have the same stile
Anba Arasan
Anba Arasan:
I cn see messi's plays hv to wait he play la liga...tis is just like a training
Charles Dakubo
Charles Dakubo:
They took trancao down and the ref just stood there and watched
Francis Camara
Francis Camara:
yea yea dats a wonderful test game d team is realm really improving plz keep it up guyz trincao iz a wonder super star kid he needs 2 follow d full steps of his elders,messi n d others
CriSTiAnO AnDrAde
CriSTiAnO AnDrAde:
He has some things from Messi
Herla Panji Wahyuda
Herla Panji Wahyuda:
Wow 🔥
joão Gomes
joão Gomes:
Craque! Pena o meu Porto não o ter aproveitado quando cá esteve nas camadas jovens... é um excelente jogador
Daily Life
Daily Life:
Man he is like 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rohit Jobish
Rohit Jobish:
Dang! A star baller in making...
FBombz 1904
FBombz 1904:
Os portugueses andam a jogar muito à bola fodace
Sagar khan
Sagar khan:
His playing style is too good
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal:
Portugal 🇵🇹
Vivek Dhage
Vivek Dhage:
He should be in starting 11
João Silva
João Silva:
Grande Trincão! Força Braga!
ovi singh
ovi singh:
I have commented on 3 different videos today trincao and puig were on fire btw semedo was good too
Haseen Khan
Haseen Khan:
Best Player👏👏👏
Ateek Nadaf
Ateek Nadaf:
Good move by koeman , he wanted to see how players are in Barca and choose his next move
Edson Batista
Edson Batista:
Este trincao fazer muito sucesso no barça, pode escrever!👍👍👍fatoooo
Yashwanth Pagadala
Yashwanth Pagadala:
leonardo db
leonardo db:
Sergi Roberto shouldn't play again after watching this man is the perfect partner for Semedo.
Edgar Ben Joseph
Edgar Ben Joseph:
Very good 👌

Nice dribbles, runs and passes. Great potential to be a really important player 👌
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal:
Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹
Wonder Nine
Wonder Nine:
Trincão product of Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹
jussef jassef
jussef jassef:
He is too good with nice skills defender himself💪💪💪😍😍great beganing
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez:
TRINCAO Muy bueno!!ACTITUD Movimiento !!
lollypop rogue
lollypop rogue:
We need young blood. This guy i see a lot of potential in
renato pereira
renato pereira:
The next Luis Figo but without traitor lol
Jorge Freitas
Jorge Freitas:
Força miúdo
Portugal National team future is Bright!
Takezo Miyamoto
Takezo Miyamoto:
i have high hopes put on this guy
Ahmad Heri
Ahmad Heri:
Untuk debut pertama skill keren sih, moga aja tetap stabil smpai akhir musim dan bisa dapet gelar sama barca, dan jgn smpe d jual atau d pinjem club lain dulu #viscabarca 👍👍👍👍👍
Mad Max
Mad Max:
I woke up in the second half to a different team😍... time for even Messi to go I think
Jerin Jacob
Jerin Jacob:
Such a brilliant player awesome
Asif Arman
Asif Arman:
Neymar type..good
Antoni Garcia Sanz
Antoni Garcia Sanz:
Muy bueno ! Ilusiona !!!
Phokgedi Maja
Phokgedi Maja:
I see kaka in him
Egan Ezra Vorster
Egan Ezra Vorster:
Anabella Lynch
Anabella Lynch:
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
José Castellano rivero
José Castellano rivero:
Riqui puig, semedo y trincao dominaban el lado derecho del campo :)
La Pulga
La Pulga:
Now i have hope about this player skiller dribbler and good passer and very good team play ❤
Bishal Swain
Bishal Swain:
Ansu and Trincao as winger with lautaro striker🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mahamed Salim
Mahamed Salim:
Rene .980
Rene .980:
Da Cruz Samuel
Da Cruz Samuel:
Di Maria .is you ? 🤣
fn ln
fn ln:
The loser Messi replaced.
Jorge Lavalle
Jorge Lavalle:
Bien jugador, esperemos que esta directiva a futuro no lo vaya a vender!
bae Lëy
bae Lëy:
I like the way Trincao plays more than Ansu Fati even though Trincao still needs to adapt to Barcelona's style of play