Frida Kahlo: The woman behind the legend - Iseult Gillespie

Learn about the life and art of Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, who explored disability, relationships and Mexican culture in her work.


In 1925, Frida Kahlo was on her way home from school in Mexico City when the bus she was riding collided with a streetcar. She suffered near-fatal injuries and her disability became a major theme in her paintings. Over the course of her life, she would establish herself as the creator and muse behind extraordinary pieces of art. Iseult Gillespie dives into the life and work of Frida Kahlo.

Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson.

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Hyun Seok Ryu
Hyun Seok Ryu:
Ted Ed has been making educational videos for years, and yet they still amaze me with the animations each time!
Curiosity Culture
Curiosity Culture:
Blows my mind how powerful art can be sometimes.
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez:
It is incredible to see how people around the world value Frida's work while here in Mexico she's so widely diminished as an artist. On many occasions I have heard other Mexicans say that their work has no value at all. I am amazed by the fact that we, the Mexican people, are the ones who judge our artists so negatively, while the rest of the world rejoices with their art.
Thanks Ted-Ed for this and all your amazing videos. Greetings from México
"...Together, they travelled the world, and dedicated themselves to art, communist politics and Mexican nationalism." one does._
What a coincidence, I need to study Frida for an art essay on introspection and this should help!
After this video i studied about her in internet. She suffered more than anybody.. She contracted polio and bus accident done tremendous damage to her body and she was lived dying, experiencing tremendous pain and her childhood was so sad and her mom sometimes very cruel.. Eventhough she had pain, she laid her footmark in history. And today we are learning about her.. Such a brave heart..
Thanks for introducing to us ted-ed.. You are awesome.. I became fan of your channel..👏👏
Star Cherry
Star Cherry:
She’s a reminder that your life doesn’t have to be perfect to be successful
Polar Equatorial
Polar Equatorial:
She definitely raised a few eyebrows.
Danielle Anderson
Danielle Anderson:
My partner is a huge fan of her work, and I can see why.
Julia o.o
Julia o.o:
I KNOW HER ! She was in Coco
I absolutely worship Frida Kahlo! Her magical realism is profound. Like Kahlo, I have also experienced spinal problems and neuropathic pain for most of my adult life. So her work, especially The Broken Column, gives a beautiful voice to the pain I've had. Thank you for featuring her.
Camilo Iribarren
Camilo Iribarren:
I saw her work and visited her house in Mexico, la casa azul
-4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction
-4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction:
We need more artists like her

Many...many more
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric:
Will you guys do Noli Me Tangere yet?
Akshara Umamaheswar
Akshara Umamaheswar:
The animations are SOO GOOD !!!
How do you even make animations like this? :O
Frida Kahlo certainly captures the beauty in everything.
epSos Premium
epSos Premium:
Frida *painted selfies of herself.*
She would have loved mobile phones :-)
Someone asked me who Frida Kahlo was so I told them "she's pretty much the Lady Gaga of art"
Adventure Films_567756
Adventure Films_567756:
Ted-Ed Has always made education fun for me I used to struggle hard in school and you made school interesting and challenging and I liked it without you I would haven’t been like this today
0:02 if you don’t have feet, then how can you land
Very inspiring! That last painting got me feeling all sorts of feels. Very empowering.
i have a public art exam tomorrow and i love you for posting this, it'll help with my writing 😭
Annie West
Annie West:
what a coincidence! yesterday i decided to make presentation about her for my class and this video appeared at the very right time. btw, the visuals are amazing!
Andrzej Urban
Andrzej Urban:
She had strong relationship with Leon Trotsky
Brenton Lee
Brenton Lee:
Me:Sees a TedEd video about Frida Kahlo
tapas Tarafdar
tapas Tarafdar:
Thank you Ted ed for bringing these powerful and undoubtedly influential women and their work to the spotlight.
1 of 8 billion
1 of 8 billion:
3:30 "In the years after her death, she experienced..." wait what
Can you please do Dante's Inferno or Jose Rizal?
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh:
3:00 The subtle track of heartbeat behind the narration adds life to the portraits!
Ammar Rizki
Ammar Rizki:
Selfie before it was cool.
Mr. Red
Mr. Red:
Orgullosamente Mexicano
(Nice video by the way)
I'm torn. Love that Ted Ed covered Frida and really love the idea and effort that went into animating this by reproducing her paintings, albeit it in a bit more simplistic way. But at the same, would loved for people to have seen her actual painting at some point in the video, like maybe fading to the real ones or something. That said, really good job. Love this channel!
rianma 123
rianma 123:
She has wings to fly.
I also have wings but I'm too heavy.
ugly sleepping
ugly sleepping:
When I was a very young girl, I've been so in love with her artwork without knowing the stories behind them. There is something dark, hot, painful in those paintings made my imaginations goes high than ever.
the story is impeccable as the animation and narration! Ted-ed outdone yourself!
Juan Daniel Torres Flores.
Juan Daniel Torres Flores.:
Diego Rivera the best artist of México, AND Frida Kahlo the best simbol of the feminism intelectual of latín América.
Kira Pökelmann
Kira Pökelmann:
I really like Frida, shes so inspiring and brave!
Kesar Dogra J&K
Kesar Dogra J&K:
Legend of unibrow🤣🤣
Saloni Singh
Saloni Singh:
I love how every TED-Ed video I watch instanly captures my attention with the amazing animation...
Never stop inspiring, TED.
jeff Mccutcheon
jeff Mccutcheon:
TED Ed makes so many videos, and yet their animations still amaze me every time!
That was a brilliant exploration of the work of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. It was very clear, informative and it had a great deal of depth. A+
I learned about her a tiny bit in Spanish class
Kent Celicious
Kent Celicious:
Now do me Noli Me Tangere by Rizal
Adam Chen
Adam Chen:
the art is so awesome dude~ this is inspiring me to create something like that!
Nuna A
Nuna A:
I’m here because I had a dream I was Frida Kahlo and wanted to know more O.o
Priya Patel
Priya Patel:
Oh my God you people make the best videos ever, a tribute to Frida ❤️
Hey Ya!
Hey Ya!:
Multiple drops of tears of joy emerges from my eyes every time I see her work
the video started playing at 2:19 when i clicked on it. i forgot about this!
nikhil thottingal
nikhil thottingal:
What is the soundtrack around 3:29? It's just... Divinely Devouring.
“Tehuana” dress is pronounced (teh-wah-nah dress)
AvOcAdO eIlISh
AvOcAdO eIlISh:
Her voice makes me feel it...
Moody Pierat
Moody Pierat:
I first learned about Frieda when I was in the third grade. And just remember being so interested by her art and her story.
Extraordinary woman. It's difficult to get to know someone through a 4 minute video, especially one who is full of stories. For anyone interested, there are movies and books about her life. I learned about her in art school and have seen the movie and recently read a book about her. She certainly has many flaws, but it doesn't stop her from being amazing.
Drawing Donuts
Drawing Donuts:
HMMMM.... I've seen her name in my calendar
Daniela Bravo
Daniela Bravo:
While mine and Frida’s culture may say that Frida is a shame to Mexico; she is my role model. Frida is the epitome of what it means to be a strong Mexican woman
Regulus Arcturus
Regulus Arcturus:
I adore Frida. Despite life seeming so cruel and bleak at times, she was always able to find beauty in ugliness and pour her pain into her art. She remained unapologetically herself in an era where individuality was looked down upon.

Like Frida said, the only ones who truly die are the ones who never lived.
Akshata Suradkar
Akshata Suradkar:
ted ed makes everything so good!!!!
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena:
Looking at the eyes of her self-portrait is like looking unto her soul.
Mollie Svenson
Mollie Svenson:
My mum suggested that I use her for my art homework, and after researching her I absolutely adore her
What if you talk about “Nazaris” The real “Assassins” in history
Musti Chanel
Musti Chanel:
Prismus of 夢世界
Prismus of 夢世界:
I didn’t know this painter until you mentioned.

The Two Fridas.
One bland self disconnected, and one colorful self renewed.
MK Abhilash
MK Abhilash:
Youtube compression doesnt justify the work put out by the animators :(
Fellow Comment Scroller.
Fellow Comment Scroller.:
1:17 welp, there goes their monetization
Virliza Imaniar
Virliza Imaniar:
Thank you for ur work hard, Ted ed. I appreciate a lot. Thank you for the translator especially Indonesia sub, really helpful. Love you guys 😍😍
can u pls do a video on thcaikovsky :(
Le Bro
Le Bro:
Ishita Suryavanshi
Ishita Suryavanshi:
She is one of my favourite artists. Please make a video on Amrita Shergil.
ChVP *
ChVP *:
Beautiful & so informative, thank you !!💕🙌🏻✨
Karina Krahmer
Karina Krahmer:
Yuuup I just had my A-levels last week about her
Thales pro999
Thales pro999:
WTH I clicked the notification straight away and there were 322 views
Raja Arief Danial
Raja Arief Danial:
I was so interested about her after watching Coco!
wasn't this from Coco? (·—· )
I had to replay the video twice, once with the monitor on and once with the monitor off; the animation is too beautiful and distracting to hear the voice of the narrator
Well, I saw this video for the first time, and I thought hmm, I think I saw that name somewhere. And then I realized it was on my English book...
absolutely one of my favourite artists!! amazing and lovely video
Carrot Knight69
Carrot Knight69:
I admire your hard work. You make simplicity look extraordinary. I wish I will work in an indusrty like yours. Congratulations.
Maha Mohamed
Maha Mohamed:
I love how you make the video as I saw Frida from a very different and sweet point of view ✨💜😊
Synthis Bioji
Synthis Bioji:
Is it weird that when you look through the video from the red bar thing, at some point it gets stuck on this 1 frame of two what seems to be couples holding hands?
Hola Sonzo
Hola Sonzo:
Good afternoon, you need to make a video of María Félix !!
V nugget
V nugget:
I love Frida Kahlo and her art <3
She is my favorite. I love her.
Jessica Moores
Jessica Moores:
Thank You Iseult, Rest In Peace Frida💕
Riva Laoreno
Riva Laoreno:
I just find it weird being also an artist and having the same brows as hers. 😂
Bhavya Bhavya
Bhavya Bhavya:
The animation of the heartbeat was just soo beautiful.
I'm so happy you made this video!
Bao Ngo
Bao Ngo:
This reminds me about the movie " coco "
Qashmalsyah H
Qashmalsyah H:
I like how this video use the painting about Frida on the border between Mexico and America on the revolution scene.
Fatima Gonzalez
Fatima Gonzalez:
Please, someone tell me what song this is 🥺🙏🏽
Calvin Brown
Calvin Brown:
I'd never suspect a self-portrait artist to be so talented.
Elle Ramirez
Elle Ramirez:
I.m going to try doing art like this, maybe it will help me understand myself better.
Wow I need a making of of this video!
Soundarya jupudi
Soundarya jupudi:
Ted Ed videos are ART! Love them
Wow, so interesting and inspiring
Pallavi Srivastava
Pallavi Srivastava:
You people at Ted-Ed have made inspiring videos with beautiful animation, gripping content and soothing, yet captivating narrative... I want to thank you for each piece you have made. You're the reason internet is a wonderful place to be.
*Can you please make a video about the Iron Lady of Asia: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. I hope TED-Ed will see this. Thank you and stay safe from COVID-19!*
Char- naé Nicole’s Canvas
Char- naé Nicole’s Canvas:
Love Fridah K. Did my first video on her ! 💕
One of my favorite painters!
A literal raven
A literal raven:
By the thumbnail I thought we were talking of the first drag queen