FULL-TIME THOUGHTS: Tottenham 2-1 Aston Villa: With Legend Graham Roberts


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* Chris Cowlin talks to Spurs legend Graham Roberts
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Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin:
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Son is the man of the match.
Co Ma
Co Ma:
Dean Smith Aston Villa manager, after the game:
We gave it to them and they gave it to us. It was that kind of game. They got their goal in that period. The second half I felt we started well, but they had the outstanding player on the pitch in Son Heung-min. I thought the only difference between the two teams today was Son.
David Greig
David Greig:
How many times does Dier just leave his man to score let's start to play without The same players making mistakes......Deli,winks,Doherty,Dier all great players in the championship 👏
Javier siva
Javier siva:
son save the day, Kane was wasteful but for his standard I will forgive him because he will start scoring again
Thomas K
Thomas K:
How important was that 😄😄Romero looks pure class. Pure!
Ian Pereira
Ian Pereira:
Royal settling in. Played well today. He needs to learn the language
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
When we are down and out, we could count on sonny to bail us out! I just love how he gives 200% every game.
Mike Chase
Mike Chase:
Thanks for that one Chris .... GR was very positive, nice to hear him.
As an "armchair supporter" nowadays, I listened to the game on the radio. Seemed like we were in a positive mood.
Glad to see us now with 2 wins on the bounce. Looking forward to watching MOTD.
Jimmy Fox | My Midlife Coach
Jimmy Fox | My Midlife Coach:
Great to see this Graham here Chris .. I watched him from the terrace's at the Lane
Andy Burrell
Andy Burrell:
Played with heart today. All us fans can ask. Need to keep playing with positive hard working tempo all games.
Francis Chiew
Francis Chiew:
Royal n Romero were class.. Son just a precious model player. Skipp fine Ndombele is just not fit enough. He need to bring his weight down.
Brilliant as always Chris! #COYS!
Darrell Gregory
Darrell Gregory:
Some shoots of recovery in that performance.
When was the last time Spurs scored two goals and Kane & Son didn't get on the score sheet.
mike nayler
mike nayler:
We can’t beat London clubs this season. West Ham are coming up soon.🤭
Richard Bright
Richard Bright:
The defence was solid, son was electric , Ndombele committed.
Without alli spurs looked balanced .
Lo Celso for Ndonbelle and is a wrap. Ndonbelle can go in the second half
jason fitzpatrick
jason fitzpatrick:
Roberts the man !!!! Fantastic!!!
Wonder Ful
Wonder Ful:
Just maintain the starting 11 today for future matches...just ndombele fitness still doubtful...
Graham Roberts 👏
John Murray
John Murray:
A bit of reality from Graham Roberts.
💪🤍Up the Spurs!
Mark Gibbins
Mark Gibbins:
Wish we had a Roberts now
Wolen Wooze
Wolen Wooze:
Salute 👍
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
We just have to go for everything on our path.
Gary Buller
Gary Buller:
Proper footballer..my favourite all time Tottenham player..no-nonsense and knew what he was doing..LOVED THE CLUB!!!!!..went to Chelsea (don't know what that was all about)...and then....LOVES THE CLUB, FOREVER...ALWAYS DID....and no players had to touch each other, when they did things that they should be doing on a football pitch...handy handy...wankers
Abu Maliha
Abu Maliha:
we dont DESERVE CUTI ROMERO! He should be playing in a much better spurs side!
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Son Emerson Romero outstanding
David Bowles
David Bowles:
come on you spurs
Leslie Crawford
Leslie Crawford:
LoSoSlow 1 goal in 50PL games missed a sitter not good enough
Sherub Tenzin
Sherub Tenzin:
Oiieee!! Happy man!
Brian C
Brian C:
Everyone always says Kane will get us 20+ goals but don't realize what it will take. He scored 19 field goals from 137 attempts last season. More missed shots than any forward in Prem. Calvert-Lewyn for example had 16 goals from 63 attempts. Son 16 goals from 65 attempts.
Paul Hill
Paul Hill:
Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar:
2 points off third place isn't exactly a disaster after 7 games. It's probably two or three points below a par score, given the fixtures that have been played. But you could certainly say the same about Utd, West Ham and Arsenal too. Not to mention Leicester's poor start to the season. No reason to be complacent as things could have been a heck of a lot worse. More a reason not to panic, when things can also improve.