Full WrestleMania Saturday 2022 highlights (WWE Network Exclusive)

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100+ comentarios:

Ghostface Cullen
Ghostface Cullen:
The match Austin was able to give us at 57 years old is pretty incredible. So well worked by both. So happy for Austin & Owens! 3 + 16 = 19 and that’s exactly how many years it’s been since Austin last wrestled a match and to end it main eventing Wrestlemania in his home state. Couldn’t write a better ending and that’s the bottom line because I said so! 🍻
I bought a ticket for this the day of with pretty low expectations just wanting to experience a wrestlemania for the first time, and man what a treat it was, some great mania moments
Will Treeby
Will Treeby:
19 years later and Stone Cold Steve Austin has never missed a beat!! What a brilliant match. 👋👋
This Night 1 of Wrestlemania was Awesome! Bianca Belair winning her second Wrestlemania match and having a great match with Becky, American Nightmare Cody Rhodes debuting and putting on a Amazing match with Seth Rollins Incredible and *Stone* *Cold* *Steve* *Austin* and Kevin Owens match was so fun and great to watch! This was my first time seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle!
What a moment for both owens and stone cold. Also, it’s worth noting that this is Owens first mania main event.
Mike H
Mike H:
I went from not caring one bit about this WrestleMania, to this being one of my favorites thus far. Just incredible moments throughout.
People Love... #Shorts
People Love... #Shorts:
Kevin Owens will never be the same. Thank you WWE for bringing back Cody and Stone Cold
I’m so glad I was there to witness so much greatness and especially Stone Cold. After 19 years to come back and still cut promos that pop the crowd and put on a 20 minute match instead of the quick squash job so many people expected. Kudos to Owens also, the heat he drew and the fact he was chosen and trusted to wrestle SCSA to a great match was amazing.
Son Goku
Son Goku:
I think I REALLY REALLY underestimated this year’s wrestlemania
J24 Record Music
J24 Record Music:
Wrestlemania Night 1 was shocking and insane. Hell Yeah!
This was truly such an amazing WrestleMania Saturday. Everything played perfectly the matches were all amazingly performed and the disappointment scale was zero for me, especially since Cody came back, the Miz beat up Logan Paul, and Stone Cold Steve Austin actually had a match with KO. Hopefully WrestleMania Sunday brings the same heat
Reece James' Right Foot
Reece James' Right Foot:
The last match was pretty much one of the Austin's style of matches. We were just waiting for the stunner and beer party but he gave us a whole match. Rock v Austin left a bad taste because we didn't know at that time it was going to be his last match. Finally he got a closure on a high note. Thank you Steve.
Laughing Man
Laughing Man:
It was awesome seeing Austin back in action one last time. Really impressive what good shape Stone Cold still is, it was almost like going back to 1998.
onei jike
onei jike:
It was awesome seeing Austin back in action one last time. Really impressive what good shape Stone Cold still is, it was almost like going back to 1998.
Paul Holt
Paul Holt:
If there's anyone that didn't see Austin in his prime, re-watch Raw from 31st March 1997 - November 1997 then if you have time onwards towards the night after WM 14 in 1998. You will see the organic rise of this man and how he changed the entire industry, eventually leading to WWE going public and making Vince a Billionaire in 1999. If you do this also pay attention to Shawn Michaels, who was the man before Steve's rise. When Austin sold more than $1 million worth of Austin 3:16 t-shirts in the 2nd quarter of 1997 (source: Jim Ross podcast) Vince's attention and the whole WWE machine pivoted from Shawn Michaels to Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can see Shawn's frustration during his interviews and actions during the 1997 Raw episodes because of this. This is worth doing if you want to see how WWE became what it is today.
Omar Riaz
Omar Riaz:
The Stone Cold Kevin Owens match was absolutely perfect.. how they went into an unscheduled slugfest after Stone Cold called for a REF!!😁
Pets First Nationwide
Pets First Nationwide:
I got chills during Cody Rhodes entrance. He definitely evolved and made a name for himself
What a well deserved career for Kevin Owens. Imagine being the person who Steve Austin finally broke his retirement after almost 20 years…
Legendary 30
Legendary 30:
You know when the bell rings and glass shatters it's gonna be a huge stupendous night and crowd goes boom! The return of The UnderTaker for Hall Of Fame 2022 & Stone Cold Steve Austin plus Cody Rhodes! Hell Yeah!
10K Subscriber Challenge By Commenting On YouTube
10K Subscriber Challenge By Commenting On YouTube:
"Crowd is here, about to blow"
The perfect timing in wrestling history.
Dragos Alexandru
Dragos Alexandru:
I loved the performances, the outfits, the atmosphere and the creativity at this WrestleMania. It was the best I've seen in years.
RichFo4 _1745
RichFo4 _1745:
This is by far is the most emotional time in wwe history the send offs the retirements 🤧😔 the new era has begun for sure just need one more ride from my all time favorite, The Rock 💯
Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes was one of the best matches I have watched in a long time! 🔥🔥🔥
Logan Starkey
Logan Starkey:
God Cody’s pop was so good. What a time to be a wrestling fan. Can’t believe I saw the historic rise of Cody on the indies, him starting AEW, and the return to WWE.
Been an amazing wrestlemania so far! Vince really outdid himself this year! Ty Vince
I dont expect anything and they give me emotions, THANKS WWE!
FINALLY Cody Rhodes gets the respect he deserves!!! I love AEW but some patches of their fanbase is a different type of toxic in some ways. If THIS crowd can treat him right, then I'm here for it!!!!
From what I've seen so far, my favorite moments have been Bianca winning the title, Cody Rhodes return, and the double 619 by the Mysterios (also loved Dominik's ring attire which paid homage to Eddie Guerrero/ Los Gringos Locos).
Its Datboyo
Its Datboyo:
WWE will never be the same without The Undertaker
Wrestlemania looked great this year, hopefully I can go next year!
Charlie Chaz
Charlie Chaz:
A very good Mania. Consistent quality matches throughout. I usually end up having a moment where I switch off mentally but I didn't once this time and couldn't take my eyes off it. Congrats to all the performers they put on a great show. And if anything was proved last night it is that Ronda is here to chase the title and not just be given it. Kudos to her for taking the L and putting even more heat and scrutiny on Charlotte. It will pay off long term. Great job.
Wayne Victor
Wayne Victor:
It’s been nearly 3 years since we’ve had the Raw after Mania. This is going to be exciting and interesting.
A good WrestleMania this Year!!!!, Cody Rhodes, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, I'm glad to see them again
Wrestlemania just gets better every year, pure goosebumps!
slida emif
slida emif:
Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes was one of the best matches I have watched in a long time! 🔥🔥🔥
Tom V
Tom V:
This truly felt like the best Wrestle mania we had since 31
Kyle Sylvester
Kyle Sylvester:
Just a short while ago people were saying Owens made the biggest mistake of his career resigning with wwe and now he just main evented a Wrestlemania with stone cold Steve Austin something only the rock and Michaels have done before
Jorge Benitez
Jorge Benitez:
First Wrestlemania experience and wow… amazing is all I can say
Joel Dykman
Joel Dykman:
I will say one thing. Womens wrestling has come a long way in the past 10-15 years. Seriously, watch old matches from the early to mid 00's and you'll be impressed by the drastic difference in skill.
This WM has been amazing so far! Can't wait for tomorrow night.
I was in absolute shock when I saw Cody actually return (despite yeah all the rumors saying he was gonna show up, they're still rumors)
Angels Creed
Angels Creed:
This wrestlemania truly succeeded in every way. And this was just night 1, imagine what's to come tomorrow night. Wwe really put every effort into every match this year. Thank you wwe
Adonis Makes Hits🔥
Adonis Makes Hits🔥:
Easily the best Wrestlemania in the last 10 years and we weren't expecting much and the outfits were all on POINT!
Abishek Bandi
Abishek Bandi:
That EPIC final entrance by the Deadman!
The EPIC and extremely entertaining and super satisfying beating that SCSA gave that ripoff! Hands the BEST moments of the night!!!!! It really was STUPENDOUS!!!! But it was disappointing that Nakamura and Boogs didn’t become champs!!!
Yneszi Đetchra
Yneszi Đetchra:
To grow up as an adult watching undertaker then looking back as a kid. Yes It brought me tears to see The Undertaker retire. I also drew tears for SHAD Stone cold and Triple H. Yall made my childhood special on school nights and I appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart. It's been a long ride 💯
Down-Time Gaming
Down-Time Gaming:
Gotta give props to the Miz, he looked like he caught Dominik on that dive to avoid him face planting into the announcer table
Ivan B
Ivan B:
night 1 was pretty awesome. stone cold and ko had a great match,bianca winning her second title at wrestlemania, ronda and charlotte had an awesome match. cody returning and having a great match with seth what a great moment for everyone can't wait for night 2
Doug Markwith
Doug Markwith:
Austin looks incredible for his age. It's so great seeing him back in the ring! It's like he never left. Love it!
 𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟 𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕡𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕤
𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟 𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕡𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕤:
Stone Cold Steve Austin The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
Pason Pount
Pason Pount:
Round of applause for this crowd they made this event truly stupendous applause 👏
2:35 Miz saves Dominic. he was heading head first for that table
Lenny Lennardson
Lenny Lennardson:
That was just an awesome show last night. Full Fun to watch 👍🏻🤩👌🏻 Best Mania in years
Best WrestleMania since 31. And we still have night 2! Time to Acknowledge our Tribal Chief! ☝️
Adsavage 12
Adsavage 12:
Am I wrong to say this Wrestlemania was absolutely amazing, everything in this show was amazing
Castiel Clouds
Castiel Clouds:
Last night all 4 matches was AMAZING!!! Like 2 Legends returned! Stone Cold Steve Austin & Cody Rhodes won and Drew McIntyre won and Bianca Belair won 2x times WWE Women's Champion!!! They deserved it!!🔥🔥🔥🔥I think I can watch it tonight for Night 2 is the more matches to come!!!
Una locura 😜 baby!
Wrestlemania 38 increíble 🤯
Saifullah Tanoli
Saifullah Tanoli:
That Entrance of Cody 😨 Wow ♥️
Ethan Brake
Ethan Brake:
That pop for Cody was so loud it went over his music you could barely hear his music. Truly a WrestleMania moment
Anthony Faiola 9
Anthony Faiola 9:
I would highly recommend seeing Night 2 at the movies. I had the time of my life!! Congrats WWE
Night 1 was surprisingly amazing! Excited for tonight…
tony sniper
tony sniper:
Impresionante la condición física en la que está Austin
Rob Prator
Rob Prator:
KO carried that entire match from the interview to the finish. He did an amazing job on the bumps. Austin looked bored. He used his one liners but didn't dictate anything like he used to. He barely opened his mouth to dump beer into it
Once again, the Miz was apart of a sleeper hit. Solid Night 1. Can't wait for tonight!
Paul Abi habib
Paul Abi habib:
Wm 38 was truly stupendous🔥
Garrett Somero
Garrett Somero:
As cool as it was to see Cody Rhodes return, I wish it could have been a true surprise return. We all knew he was coming.
Welcome home, Cody!
And I'm happy for Owens for main eventing the night 1 of Wrestlemania.
Wow seemed like a great show, didn’t expect that. Mad props to WWE they still got it
Indigo Uchiha
Indigo Uchiha:
Stone Cold looked great tonight! To think we would see him wrestle in 2022 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Cody vs Seth was the match of the night and a moty candidate for WWE this year
Omar Vazquez
Omar Vazquez:
I've been away from wrestling since the ruthless aggression era but this was a very fun night. Can't wait for tonight!
Luggi MS
Luggi MS:
We all knew that Cody hast been signed by WWE, but what a great Match, with Hommage to His dad 😍
Christian L
Christian L:
It's been a while since I had a smile through my face watching mania
Cooper S
Cooper S:
Shoutout to the crowd for being civil and letting the action unfold inches from their faces.
Wow. Never thought I could say I actually got to watch Stone Cold have a match that wasn't 20 years ago. First time and his last. Beautiful!
Twiztid Jester
Twiztid Jester:
Stone Cold vs KO was in my opinion the match of BOTH nights. 19 years since his last match and Stone Cold still looked amazing, and Owens was the perfect opponent for him, he's a great worker and make Stone Cold look even better. Much respect to both of them and it was a perfect ending to one of the greatest wrestling careers ever.
ee ii
ee ii:
One of the best wrestlemanias ever!
Woz The Scott
Woz The Scott:
Most fun I’ve had with a wwe ppv in years
couu alis
couu alis:
Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes was one of the best matches I have watched in a long time!
Zayn Irfan
Zayn Irfan:
WrestleMania Saturday= Stupendous ❤🥂😍
Venero Vantes_129
Venero Vantes_129:
This is the 1st wrestlemania I've watched fully since undertaker lost and honestly really impressed had me feeling like a kid again!! Amazing performance from everyone 👏
So GLAD that Steve Austin is back!!!
Mider-Span Man
Mider-Span Man:
2:18 End of Days is still such a crazy cool move!
Lexi Carpenter
Lexi Carpenter:
Wrestlemania night 1 was awesome!! Stone Cold really performed great!! Overall the whole show was great!
First WM in attendance and definitely was an amazing experience
Lavell Success wealthy
Lavell Success wealthy:
As a kid my family called me stone cold as my nickname because i was a huge fan 😂😂 I'm 27 years old now in too see this is unreal this go down as one of the best wreslemania in history
Marco Perrone
Marco Perrone:
This is really the most stupendous WrestleMania for me!
Donnie Buie
Donnie Buie:
An edgy show, not over the top, and still in the realm of PG-13, this is what it should be.
Marc Ortega
Marc Ortega:
This was great and awesome ppv last night to watch of my favorite male and female wrestlers...Great and awesome matches last night...I'm glad see Cody and Stone Cold Stevie Austin show up and Hall of famers show up were great too show up...Congratulations all winners last night. 🎉🎉🎉❤💙🖤🤘🤘💀🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻👍👍
Omy Echevarría
Omy Echevarría:
4:35 yes! Cody is back to home 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Earth Prime The Flash
Earth Prime The Flash:
There's not enough words on how awesome the Stone Cold segment was
Lord Dutch
Lord Dutch:
Cody Rhodes entrance though! That was amazing
One of the best Wrestlemanias of all time good job WWE
Karan Liveforever
Karan Liveforever:
Kevin Owens vs Stone cold was one of the match Vince definitely handled perfectly. If they would’ve announced the match 3 weeks before all the focus would’ve been on “stone cold is too old” “older wrestlers are taking after opportunity from the young guys” instead it was a KO show so all the focus fans would be on the story instead of the match genius idea by Vince
xQc Is My Juicer
xQc Is My Juicer:
What a first night! 🔥🔥🔥
Tremarrion mance
Tremarrion mance:
Thank god wwe drops their own highlights now 💯❤️
J - Peeþ
J - Peeþ:
Thanks WWE and thanks Vince for this, you see it's not that difficult to put on a great show of wrestling ! Just listen to the fans and let the wrestlers be themselves. I know, we know, Vincent Kennedy MacMahon, you love money, and that's not always bad. Just instead of doing sponsors like progressive on smackdown, Snickers ect.., promote the Network very often and this type of stuff you know, just focus on the most important, the show, the wrestling. For us the WWE Universe but also for the futures fans and the compagny. With a great show of pure wrestling, you will gaining money you know that.

Now thank you for this first night of Wrestlemania, it was awesome
And please, do the rights decisions 🙏
"Kingdom" is such a dope theme .. man it FEELS GOOD to have Cody Rhodes back.
Kieron k
Kieron k:
Cody Rhodes return was insane and stone cold returning to have a match was great too! Looking forward to tonight
Brian Coveney
Brian Coveney:
Best wrestlemania in the last 15 years 👌
Mujthaba Hassan
Mujthaba Hassan:
WWE delivered big time🔥🔥🔥
Dan Trolli
Dan Trolli:
Undertaker theme just gives you chills even when he is not fighting. He will always be a ledgend!