Gabriel Batistuta - Top 10 Goals Ever

Video Gabriel Batistuta - Top 10 Goals Ever. Hope you enjoy the video!
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76 comentarios:

Why is it when someone makes a video of a great footballer to show on YouTube they always choose terrible music to go with it ?
Ulises Lopez
Ulises Lopez:
If Messi had this guy instead of Higuain :')
Samar Banerjee
Samar Banerjee:
Who came here after getting batistuta in pes 2020 like!!
Faisal Muthireth
Faisal Muthireth:
"ഗബ്രിയേൽ മാലാഖ "❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹
Francisco Widmer
Francisco Widmer:
There are better Batistuta's goals
Manu Pranav
Manu Pranav:
Pes കളിക്കുന്നു വർ like adi💕😜
Rafael Giacobbo
Rafael Giacobbo:
Um dos melhores centro avantes que eu vi jogar.
Milo D. Ace
Milo D. Ace:
For me the Best Striker ever.
Rich Wilhem
Rich Wilhem:
The best striker in Winning eleven PS1 along with R.Carlos
M J:
When football was great
Gugle Yuser
Gugle Yuser:
I remember an amazing volley by him that is the goal I remember him by, and it wasn't here!
It was emphatic and amazing and surely is better than most of these.
Avishek Parui
Avishek Parui:
A true blue legend and a gentleman. What a magnificent ambassador for the beautiful game!
S Swieh
S Swieh:
The most lethal venamous striker ever..
Yeafif Shahe
Yeafif Shahe:
Kicking 🦵 power 🌬🔥🔥💥💥💥
Prem Arakkamparambil
Prem Arakkamparambil: of the greatest strikers of all time🙏🙏
1:13 goooooollllaaaacccccooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Abdul Rahuman Haris
Abdul Rahuman Haris:
He's playing FIFA in real life
Simon Barr
Simon Barr:
What a player!
rafa paz
rafa paz:
not a single goal with the albiceleste among his top 10???
Shubham Vashishtha
Shubham Vashishtha:
Best ever
A.S97 Albalushi
A.S97 Albalushi:
Batigol 😍🔥🔥🔥
JAcob Tan
JAcob Tan:
back in PS1, Batistuta had 9/9 Shoot power and 9/9 Shoot Accuracy
Adriel Peterson
Adriel Peterson:
Lame - you blocked the whole damn screen with links on the #1 goal.
Arassoo Sorijillea
Arassoo Sorijillea:
My stricker Black Ball on PES 19. :')
Doğan Kaya
Doğan Kaya:
Bati gol..
shahal -
shahal -:
Ikha Pratiwi Nugraha
Ikha Pratiwi Nugraha:
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bati Goal
Chengez Hussaini
Chengez Hussaini:
At 2:32 unbelievable.:)
Lilita Records 1880
Lilita Records 1880:
Hunter Farmer
Hunter Farmer:
Most underrated striker
Abdul z Piekła
Abdul z Piekła:
His a amzing striker. WORLD CLASS
ani arittonang
ani arittonang:
perbedaan sepak bola jaman dulu dengan yg sekarang :
Jaman dulu tujuan utama goal
Jaman sekarang tujuan utama judi
Scott Reading
Scott Reading:
Worst editing I’ve ever seen.
PlayStation 1
Eu aqui em 2020 assistindo o gol de bastigol
Adv Shouvo
Adv Shouvo:
Fana Khumalo
Fana Khumalo:
This is poor editing
Andy Chatt
Andy Chatt:
What a player. An absolute banger
Krish Nam
Krish Nam:
Video ruined by atrocious background music. Keep the original commentry and sound of crowds in the future please.
Upde Nacer biglia
Upde Nacer biglia:
Who still watching october 2020
João Emmanuel
João Emmanuel:
Taph_ Le Marseillais
Taph_ Le Marseillais:
Long live humanity
Long live humanity:
He is my best player.
Ryan Ibbeson
Ryan Ibbeson:
Needs an icon card in FIFA.
Luan Alves
Luan Alves:
Eu ja fiz um Golaço de batistuta
Fernando Cardenas
Fernando Cardenas:
Creí que el 1 sería el del sombrerito a Baressi.
Souna Samdy
Souna Samdy:
Ellis Sims
Ellis Sims:
Top 5 strikers ever no questions asked
masih M
masih M:
his number one goal is the same as the one ronaldo scored against united
Upde Nacer biglia
Upde Nacer biglia:
Bati goal
здесь для просмотра
здесь для просмотра:
How football was colourful and charming with these guys
Ervine Okuboh
Ervine Okuboh:
His number one goal was away against Parma in 2001. What a magnificent volley. Zago delivered a pinpoint ball and Batigol simply caressed it into the top corner. This guy was fantastic. His finishing was utterly explosive !! Batistuta was awesome !
Dede Riza
Dede Riza:
Where is the goal to MU? should be no.1
Rudy Raito
Rudy Raito:
one of the best striker in this era, along with christian vieri and david trezeguet...
but this guy is more famous with his canon ball, while vieri and trezeguet is known for their header
mata air
mata air:
better him than higuain
Bati tienen el récord de goles con punterazos en la historia, tal vez dejó muchas uñas enterradas en el balón 🦶🏻⚽ 🤣🤣🤣
Luke Shaw's Daddy
Luke Shaw's Daddy:
The Bill Bailey(English comedian) of football. Bill bailey the batistuta of comedy
Müberra Sürmeli
Müberra Sürmeli:
Gabriele Gagliardi
Gabriele Gagliardi:
Why this horrible amusement park music?
Zuleiman Villalobos
Zuleiman Villalobos:
Mejor y humilde que Maradona y otros mas
Batistuta FIFA 99 Baby!!!
तांत्रिक चंद्रकांत जी
तांत्रिक चंद्रकांत जी:
Better player than Messi.. two times Copa America winner.. big game performer.. and he never blamed team mates for he's failures like messi...

Argentina Coach and Messi before 2014 WC final : I guess we'll loose this match... We can't beat Germans..
Messi : Put Higuain in starting 11.. we'll blame him..
Aditya Pambayun
Aditya Pambayun:
Batigol is the all time best finisher
Grandpa Vince
Grandpa Vince:
Crespo was technically better but bati had the power
santa cruse
santa cruse:
Best number 9 center forward i have ever seen
Haris Beganovic
Haris Beganovic:
Batistuta gabriele za tebe je Dzeko Pele
Beat Goeson
Beat Goeson:
val vincent
val vincent:
Not his best goals. Many better than that.
AlbertVayu Einstein
AlbertVayu Einstein:
he is verygood everthing in striker all the world
Howard Stern
Howard Stern:
Who’s Messi?
Alfashiion Creary
Alfashiion Creary:
This guy was even better at scoring goals than Messi.
Luca Savaré
Luca Savaré:
Better of Ronaldo. CR7 and phenom 🇮🇹
inzaghi Lupin
inzaghi Lupin:
Better than Ronaldo