Gabriel Deck Welcome To Oklahoma City! ● 2020/21 Best Plays & Highlights ● NEXT STAR!

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Gabriel Deck F #14

Full Name: Gabriel Alejandro Deck

Current Team: Oklahoma City

Born: Feb 8, 1995 (26 years old)

Birthplace/Hometown: Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Nationality: Argentina

Height: 6-6 (198cm) Weight: 210 (95kg)

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36 comentarios:

Leon Timberlake
Leon Timberlake:
Okc Thunder is the NBA team to watch! They will win so much in the next couple of years.
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez:
In the last Fiba World Cup, Kobe told Manu Ginobili, that Deck was an amazing player and he wanted him for the Lakers
Shaan Keole
Shaan Keole:
From the first 2 highlights alone I can tell we made the right choice!
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander:
This was random lol. Wait til vit krejci is healthy too. This team gonna be the united nations of basketball
urban structure
urban structure:
Powerful Player!!!
Frank Turman
Frank Turman:
Welcome to Oklahoma City, Mr. Deck! Good Luck, THUNDER UP!
Marco Ayala Soruco
Marco Ayala Soruco:
Finally we have a dude from South America !!! I’m excited
His last steps to the basket are devastating for defenders.
Argentina in the house
de sosa
de sosa:
Who's here after the adrian wojnarowski tweet?
jared slate
jared slate:
He's here to groom the international youngstas.
Welcome back man!!! All the best!
Floyd Young
Floyd Young:
willis stockwell jr
willis stockwell jr:
hola compañero OKC
Felicitaciones Turtle Deck !!
Julito Santillan
Julito Santillan:
Grande Tortu 🐢 Jugador de puro huevo y corazon..
Gonza Romero
Gonza Romero:
Another compatriota in the NBA
Grim Fortune
Grim Fortune:
Been a fan since I started watching basketball hope okc makes a complete 360 we have some bright young pieces
Carlos Pineda
Carlos Pineda:
Real Madrid will be sending great 👍 players to the nba for years to come
Francisco Samir
Francisco Samir:
You have become instantly loved by the Argentinean fans
pepe pepa
pepe pepa:
"The Super Turtle" Deck...
Sergio Iglesias
Sergio Iglesias:
A romperla Gaby. Y nunca te olvides de dónde venís
jacob diehl
jacob diehl:
Shot seems pretty low release point. But man his footwork is good
OKC is building a dynasty
Cameron Weaver
Cameron Weaver:
Presti is on that Luka juice rn
Jay Q
Jay Q:
I doubt he'll get many post up looks in the nba, but I like the pickup by OKC
i still see those teams us a football club
Lester John Talde
Lester John Talde:
i think okc signed him to be trade pieces
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen:
his dunks remind me of kawhi's
Marcus Heath
Marcus Heath:
Low risk, high reward.
Stephan Chan
Stephan Chan:
Hardly seen any shooting highlight...
Maria Martins
Maria Martins:
I've never found him really good. Perhaps i'm missing something.
Nathaniel Ming
Nathaniel Ming:
He has a set shot
deep deep
deep deep:
4 years at 4mil each year??? Why would you limit yourself like that. What is you could make more.
Juan Jose Betz
Juan Jose Betz: