GAME RECAP: Nets 141, Celtics 126

Kevin Durant (42 points, 14-20 FG), Kyrie Irving (39 points, 11 rebounds) and James Harden (23 points, 5 rebounds, Playoff career-high 18 assists) combined for 104 points for the No. 2 seed Nets as they defeated the No. 7 seed Celtics, 141-126, in Game 4. Jayson Tatum tallied 40 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists for the Celtics in the losing effort. The Nets lead this best-of-seven series, 3-1, with Game 5 taking place on Tuesday, June 1

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this is probably the first game where harden kd and irving played seriously togheter in the season
GG Gaming
GG Gaming:
These fans need to accept their team's loss its ok to boo, talk and distract players but avoid throwing stuff at them or any personal altercations. Respect the player's job no matter what team they are on
Chrispack 93
Chrispack 93:
Imagine you get to see your favourite NBA team play in person again for the first time in almost a year, and the only thing that comes to your mind is throwing stuff at the opponents because they played better. That dude must have a sad life.
Imagine throwing a bottle at a player, thinking you’ll get away with it, when your names on the back of your jersey 🤯. Hope that Garnett gets a lengthy ban!
Anthony Jude Aggabao
Anthony Jude Aggabao:
"Brooklyn closes things out"

It's the 4th Quarter with 11mins to go 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roy Bayona
Roy Bayona:
this is amazing as an NBA fan from the philippines. welcome back NBA fans its been good to see back at the live games
Allen Costa
Allen Costa:
Jayson needs a Team !
RC 4592
RC 4592:
18 assists goes to JH🎉🎊
Zarth Furtech
Zarth Furtech:
Nets is an avengers level threat
Daniel Queiroz
Daniel Queiroz:
Nah he was just trying a really hard water bottle flip
Tatum is so good for his team
Bless to all nba teams
dtx 90
dtx 90:
Irving wiped his feet on the Celtics logo after the match 😅😅
Too much fire power for any team to handle, they will definitely win it!!

If they stick together next year LeBron has to join GSW to match them highly unlikely tho
Davide Viale
Davide Viale:
K.D. Un vero fenomeno dalle mille credo sia lui che giochi con LeBron il titolo MVP delle occhio a #77#Doncic #0#Lillard, #21# Embid,mostruoso in season, pochissime assenze e costanza vincente da tutto l'anno!.....
Paul Santos
Paul Santos:
That Celtics fan should try throwing a water bottle at Ron Artest, let's see it.
moza arsenal
moza arsenal:
When the 3 kings are serious.. nobody has a chance against them..their offensive prowess is just mind-blowing. Btw, that dribble by Kyrie..just sick man..crazy ball handling..
Ricardo Neto
Ricardo Neto:
KKKKKKK Nets calou a torcida do Boston
Isaac Annan Jr
Isaac Annan Jr:
Ain't no way that fan would've thrown a water bottle at Ron Artest back in 2004 especially at the Palace Brawl 😂💀💯
Bill B
Bill B:
Freaking all star team. It’s just unfair.
1:13 Is Kyrie walking?😁
George William
George William:
Yes...more of these, we need faces of these bad fans to be exposed
Pascal Yapi
Pascal Yapi:
We really miss Brown
Russisch Roulette
Russisch Roulette:
Never thought I will see Harden dunking again..
How to breathe Pls im new
How to breathe Pls im new:
As a bucks fan, I've lost faith
AB Zee
AB Zee:
Free him he thought there was dehydration going on
Wole Peters
Wole Peters:
Got to an abysmal decimating point where all I see outside the arc are.... Harden.. Kyrie and KD...all potential nukes 💣
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic:
Durant play so good
Hareem Hayes
Hareem Hayes:
Lock him up
Gunners Teoh
Gunners Teoh:
Garnett:I will visit you in Jail
Ng Zhi Xian
Ng Zhi Xian:
Is this nets team more stacked than kd curry and klay?
Weapon LK
Weapon LK:
u guys should watch the movie "Celtic Pride" and you'll understand wth that guy is doin' 😂
Maguire Sam
Maguire Sam:
Embarrassment...not the brains to work out he made Kyrie's point for him.
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist:
I don't miss like kyrie
-Quadeca 2019
Eric Buenviaje
Eric Buenviaje:
One of the best offense team today..i love nets...and also lakers...
hans dampf
hans dampf:
Someone got his 15 minutes of fame
I wonder what it would look like with Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker
Nets goodluck
Liam The Vibe
Liam The Vibe:
Fans need to chill with this throwing stuff !!!
Nets good luck
A A:
Kyrie should of acted like Ron arrest did when the guy throw him the Water bottle 😂
Nathan Joseph Santos
Nathan Joseph Santos:
Garnett was arrested. Shame!
Me !
Me !:
Tatum worked so hard for everyone one of his 40. Brooklyn’s big3 is just too much? 59 points in first half 🤯.
Who’s better The Miami big3 (Lebron, Wade,Bosh) or (KD, KI, JH)??
How can u be frustrated enough to throw stuff at the players, if u rly think a mediocre Celtics team (and we’re missing brown) had any chance of winning against a favourite to win a ring then your delusional, I’m happy with taking a game from them even
No one is winning a series against these Nets
The guy said he didn't throw any bottle, so why you taking him like that !?
yanetsys crespo
yanetsys crespo:
Kyrries handling is just in the limit of carrying... if they dont win the championship they can all go retire...just saying..
Jail garnett no mask
Devin Blake
Devin Blake:
that fan should honestly get smacked 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Justin Rod Sicat
Justin Rod Sicat:
Couldve been a better series if Jalen Brown is here
Ary Apriland
Ary Apriland:
So many three pointer in the Nets
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
nets will be champions?
mark Escario
mark Escario:
What's going on with the fans now' Utah, MSG, Boston, Philly. SMH...
Daily Vibez
Daily Vibez:
Kyrie was heated
Joel Gc
Joel Gc:
Back to reality
Carlo Dela Peña
Carlo Dela Peña:
Grant will looks like Jared sullinger, I hope he will not gone soon
Robson Nascimento
Robson Nascimento:
Deve ser brasileiro! 😂😂
Airball by Garnett.
Ryan Bang
Ryan Bang:
Someone threw that bottle
Noel De Chavez
Noel De Chavez:
1st. SIXERS FAN give WESTBROOK a popcorn shower

2nd. KNCKS FAN spit TRAE YOUNG in inbound

and now

"CELTICS FAN throw an empty bottled water to IRVING (luckily he missed)"

WHAT HAPPEN TO THE FANS now during playoffs
net mainin makanan
Abrah Ryu
Abrah Ryu:
Fan's Definitely has no Values...
edgar araneta
edgar araneta:
ilovegod telekeneses
Pee Noise
Pee Noise:
team usa 🤣
You now how fans are
im telling you if thats a black fan he getting his ass beat! and then handcuffed lol
andry A
andry A:
There's always stupid fan
Celtics fans being arrested: God damn bar fight! you ever been in a bar fight! today was a bar fight man!
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
Jake Llano
Jake Llano:
im a celtic fan..but that guys behaviour is totaly unacceptable..just accept the fact that its not our time yet..
Andree Pacheco
Andree Pacheco:
Watch attack on titan
Tim C
Tim C:
0:52 is it a travel??
chelly blossoms
chelly blossoms:
l 好
Gemma Hallig
Gemma Hallig:
Yao Gu
Yao Gu:
If Celtics trade Brown and other pieces for Harden, they would not be in this situations now, they must be deeply regretted.
Jairus Aguila
Jairus Aguila: