Game Recap: Nuggets 139, Grizzlies 137

Nikola Jokic recorded 47 points (20-31 FG), along with 15 rebounds and eight assists for the Nuggets as they defeated the Grizzlies, 139-137, in double overtime. Additionally for the Nuggets, Will Barton added 28 points, six rebounds and seven assists in the victory, while Ja Morant tallied 36 points, eight rebounds and 12 assists for the Grizzlies in the losing effort. The Nuggets improve to 37-20 on the season, while the Grizzlies fall to 29-27.

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Nikola-Tesla-Jokic, reinventing electricity all over again ⚡
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams:
Nice game from jokic
Theodorious 84
Theodorious 84:
MVP no doubt about it!
Aleksandar Stefanovic
Aleksandar Stefanovic:
Bravo Jokiću legendo! Najjači!!! Srbija
Tole Knez
Tole Knez:
Last week : Luka Dončić
This week : Nikola Jokić
Poor Grizzlies...
15 8 49
Good game jokic
Kelvin Rucks
Kelvin Rucks:
Give Morant 1 more year and this guy will be taking the grizzlies in the upper half of the west, minus all the injuries..
Asımcan Çalışkan
Asımcan Çalışkan:
What a play from joka
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic:
Bravo Jokeru
John Papastathopoulos
John Papastathopoulos:
Nice performance by Ja and Jokic
mark Ortiz
mark Ortiz:
Nicola Joker is on 🔥🃏
Larllock Man
Larllock Man:
Bruh if ja finished that play...
Calvin Dookharan
Calvin Dookharan:
morant always tries that dunk
jovan jovan
jovan jovan:
NBJ league!
Çağatay Çetinkol
Çağatay Çetinkol:
What a game !🏀
Nikola for M.V.P
Tole Knez
Tole Knez:
1:48 Just let him wide open... and you will see the basket...
congrats onece again nugget
wanna nice playe by my ldol jokic
just cafe safe. ...
Tole Knez
Tole Knez:
Importance of being Nikola.
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer:
Fantastic game
Илья Волошин
Илья Волошин:
Another night with horrible defence from Memphis. Another night with lost clutches (3 at game).
juan zebastian pipot
juan zebastian pipot:
almost a dunk again.. morant
Miss de Leon
Miss de Leon:
Go denver!
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim:
Мартин Бранков
Мартин Бранков:
🤩 night of OT games! Can’t wait for the playoffs!
Truth makes you free.
Truth makes you free.:
Marko Ilic
Marko Ilic:
Vladan Nikodijevic
Vladan Nikodijevic:
Patri Carmona esteve
Patri Carmona esteve:
Curry MVP
Stefan Zlatanović
Stefan Zlatanović:
And they dare to mention Curry and Embiid here? Yes, Curry is balling, but he did not play the whole season. Embiid also. So no MVP chants unless they are for Nikola.
Beyazıt Ulaşoğlu
Beyazıt Ulaşoğlu:
JoKiÇ 👏🏿✅ from 🇹🇷
akeme rofako
akeme rofako:
Jamorant is a bust
A A:
Was watching this game. Denver played awful they really miss Jamal Murray. If it wasn’t for the refs they would of lost this game. I don’t see them making it far this year