Game Recap: Suns 140, Nuggets 130

Led by Devin Booker’s season-high 49 points, along with 4 rebounds and 10 assists, the Suns defeated the Nuggets, 140-130. Chris Paul added 17 points and 13 assists for the Suns in his return from injury, while Nikola Jokic tallied 28 points (9-10 FG), 6 rebounds and 6 assists for the Nuggets in the losing effort. The Suns improve to 60-14 on the season, while the Nuggets fall to 43-31.

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Pedro Augusto Costa
Pedro Augusto Costa:
Man, I've watched the game and it shouldn't be that close, Denver came to the game looking like 2015 Golden State, everyone (except green) shooting the fuck out from three, that game was fun as hell to watch.
Мартин Бранков
Мартин Бранков:
I thought this game had a double overtime 😳
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki:
Suns are a wonderful team and Booker is an incredible player but the Nuggets defence is laughable.
Suns deserve this year's championship....want it for them!!!
Eddie Lau
Eddie Lau:
Suns, pls stay healthy and its the key to be champion
Hope Nyavor
Hope Nyavor:
Bruh the Suns deserve more respect!!!🔥
david baraka
david baraka:
They are actually better than last year
Deandre Francis
Deandre Francis:
As a newly lakers fan I think the suns shud win
R Teodoro
R Teodoro:
Looks like a championship team.
Bernard Paton
Bernard Paton:
Booker 🌋
impressive Suns 🔥
Milo D. Ace
Milo D. Ace:
The real MVP D Book !
Gracy Vuna
Gracy Vuna:
Devin Booker strikes again!!!😍
maikeljfc bcn
maikeljfc bcn:
Booker is the best , Booker MVP!!!
Freeze_the_ seconds
Freeze_the_ seconds:
0:36 I can't tell if he traveled
Suns are winning the championship
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler:
Suns are not gonna win this year... not even the next year... not at all 🙃🙂😂
okocha emeka
okocha emeka:
I want to start making nba highlights like this, but I don't know how
Michel Nascimento
Michel Nascimento:
D. Booker 🔥🏀
Jokic MVP.
50 and 10??? Woowww
Terry Liu
Terry Liu:
The kardashian curse didn’t break on booker?
Festus Aniemeka
Festus Aniemeka:
Denver can't stop anybody
Kendall watching the match???🥶🥶🥶
I like this commentator, what's his name?
Pin Mojo
Pin Mojo:
NBA 2000- 2022 soft game zero defence, hahahahaha
Hillary Gbana
Hillary Gbana:
Booker IS something
Andrew Samuels
Andrew Samuels:
Sun's won't win the chip. They are a season team. Wanna bet?
We just ignoring Booker in the MVP race this season then?
Stefano Conti
Stefano Conti:
Devin Booker Mvp