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Creeper! Aw, Man!
Creeper! Aw, Man!:
The types of Guineas
Guinea Bissau=Portuguese
Equatorial Guinea=Spanish
Papua New Guinea=English/British
Raye Navar
Raye Navar:
I really appreciate how you position every country as one with inherent worth and value, so unlike reading about other places in the news where they are often portrayed in the worst light possible. I'm proud to be human -- this is a real gem of a planet.
Nikita Nikolayev
Nikita Nikolayev:
That soviet dialogue part is hilarious!
Khushwant Singh
Khushwant Singh:
Excited for Zimbabwe in 2027!
Luís Ribeiro
Luís Ribeiro:
Angola, Brasil, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Moçambique, Portugal, São Tomé e Príncipe e Timor-Leste! TamoJunto!!!
C Rill
C Rill:
I think I am the only one here from Guinea Bissau
Marcus Davey
Marcus Davey:
Ahh yes, that morning ritual...
Breakfast and Geography Now!
This channel should have millions of subscribers.
I'll admit I know nothing about Guinea-Bissau that's why I'm watching this video.
Fanny Wright
Fanny Wright:
i'm from Cape Verde, but my mom is from Guinea Bissau! i would like to visit some day.
Lauren 341
Lauren 341:
I'm from Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼
Jessica Sebastião
Jessica Sebastião:
I do know a lot about this country, but that's because I'm Angolan and I have friends from here 😅
Harrison Shone
Harrison Shone:
The Chinese are just pissed that they never got a chance to colonize Africa in the 1800's, so they're trying it now.
Alvin Buj
Alvin Buj:
thank you, you said Football instead of soccer.
Ibrahim Bah
Ibrahim Bah:
My parents are from Sierra leone(mum), Guinea Conakry(dad) and i was born in Guinea Bissau, currently living in The Gambia.
Sérgio Freire
Sérgio Freire:
your portuguese is like my english just bad
Carlos Eduardo Aguiar
Carlos Eduardo Aguiar:
Hi from one of from your Portuguese brother in the other side the ocean (Brasil).
Yer Mano with the hair From down the Road
Yer Mano with the hair From down the Road:
I know Eder(the guy who scored the winning goal for Portugal in the euro 2016 final) in Guinea Bissau
the 12 points
the 12 points:
Olá do Azerbaijão! Eu amo a Guiné-Bissau! Porque nós temos a mesma religião. Nós somos muçulmanos. Amores do Azerbaijão!🇦🇿❤🇬🇼
I'm in the Middle of learning for my finale....ooh Barby has a new vid....*drops everything*
Vanessa Pereira
Vanessa Pereira:
This was fun to watch. Great information! 👍 My parents are from Bissau. I was born in Portugal but never been to Africa. I wud love to go to Guiné Bissau some day. ♥
Chef Rafi's Awesome World
Chef Rafi's Awesome World:
Anyone here from Guinea Bissau? Tell me about the food!! Quero saber mais! 👨‍🍳👍😊
Omar Alshammari
Omar Alshammari:
1:42 fun fact
: Formosa was actually also the the old name for Taiwan
Alguem de Guine Bbissau por aqui?
Alex G.
Alex G.:
You forgot EDÉR
Geography Now
Geography Now:
CARROT CAKE CREAM PIE!! And Guess which guest stars are now married? Find out!

Guinea's passionate Portuguese speaking twin sister is here! Enjoy this episode! #GuineaBissau Also forgot to tell you all, GN now has a snapchat! Follow at "GeoNowBarby "
writing an important email.
*video notification pops up*
Rafael Melo
Rafael Melo:
What about Eder?!! The guy that marked that goal for Portugal on the final of the euro and humiliated France!!!!
Speaking of Portugese countries, congrats to Portugal for winning the Eurovision :D
Michelle and Enzo's Adventures
Michelle and Enzo's Adventures:
3:21 So cute!!!❤
Lusitani Mendes
Lusitani Mendes:
<3 Guiné-Bissau <3 Portugal <3
Ndjibury Reece
Ndjibury Reece:
so uma correção a minha amada pátria Guiné-Bissau não é um país muçulmano mais sim laico onde tudos são livres de praticar a sua religião e a única parte do país onde encontrarás uma mistura de todos os grupos étnicos vivendo basicamente juntos é a capital Bissau
E as oito região que compõe a Guiné-Bissau cada região tem o seu grupo étnico tendo como a capital da região onde podes encontrar alguns pertencentes de outras etnias na qual o foram ali por questão de negócios mas não são dali o que implica que sempre voltam para a sua cidade de origem. Concluo que o único lugar é que encontrará a religião muçulmana em abundância é a província leste( região de Gabu e Bafata) e algumas zonas no sul do país tornando assim a província norte( região de Biombo, Cacheu e Oio)e província sul(Bolama Tombali, Quinara) são regiões meramente animista tendo os seus régulos e seguem as normas das suas etnias
Schrödinger's Cat
Schrödinger's Cat:
Who are the Carrot Cake Cream Pie couple?!?! Barby, you need to do a video with the entire cast & crew of this channel, man.
How could you forget Eder? :D
Imma start selling carrot cake cream pies.
Jon Sousa
Jon Sousa:
q pena os nomes portugueses pronunciados como em espanhol
Hey do you think you could do an episode where you look at your analytics map to see what countries are viewing your videos? I'm interested!
Nina Cubana
Nina Cubana:
i know about this place ! its my besties country 😍❤
Chloe Creative Channel
Chloe Creative Channel:
I'm here standing for my country Guinea Bissau with pride, loads of trouble but I believe one day will come out of the mess we're on...🇬🇼🇬🇼🇬🇼
awww the Guinea brothers😄
Jay Williams
Jay Williams:
can't wait for uk

anytime now
Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, in 50 years i will watch a Zimbabwe video :-)
C Gomes
C Gomes:
Oof the way he says “Gomes”
Moofarm Blam
Moofarm Blam:
"that is okay, I am happy wit just'd weapons" Spot on haha
Vanessa Sanhá
Vanessa Sanhá:
9:36 this is so true, that they are married Atleast 50%of Bissau Guineans have Cape Verdean decent.
Alex leo
Alex leo:
Guinea-Bissau's flag is like a messed up flag of Guinea lol
I loved the 3D effect on the ethnic regions, I hope you keep doing that.
Corinne Nandré
Corinne Nandré:
Everytime I hear him say Ivory Coast 🇨🇮, I get so excited... I've been patiently waiting for my country..
Steve Von Doom
Steve Von Doom:
"oooh , is that guns??" :)
Rob D
Rob D:
Patrice evra was born in Senegal
0:00 I know about the country, and all the others. I just watch your vids to see how much you got right. And learn some things. Lol
Georgia Grainger
Georgia Grainger:
This is really weird timing! I'm in the middle of transcribing an interview and Guinea Bissau was mentioned and I thought "huh, I don't know anything about there", took a break, went on youtube and this video had just been uploaded! Thank you!
In Famous Guineans you missed the LORD EDÉRZITO
Lucas Abreu
Lucas Abreu:
what about Éder ?
Jereime Lucius
Jereime Lucius:
can't wait for my country Guyana! finally 😂😂 then I'll have to wait another 5 years for St Kitts nevis my other country
Elvia Batista
Elvia Batista:
Very funny!!! I liked a lot. I do speak Portuguese too. So it is always nice to know other part of the words where Portuguese is spoken :)
Benjamin Cederberg
Benjamin Cederberg:
Huh, pretty sure you fit almost as much information into this 10 minute video as the 30 minute Senegal video...
Cvban Szn
Cvban Szn:
notification squad 🔥💪🏼
Guyana! where all my west Indian people dey!!!!
Adriano Uriel S dos Santos
Adriano Uriel S dos Santos:
E aí, cade os cota que falam Português?
Abraços do Brasil ^^
I was so shocked by the intro that my phone fell out of my hands. Thanks.
Dude I just got a call from guinea Bissau today and I’m just watching this video for more information
Dara Gomes
Dara Gomes:
2:02 the palace in Bissau has been rebuilt since 2015
Hannah B
Hannah B:
Come on, Geograpeeps! You don't want to Biss-au on this episode!
Equatorial Guinea and Papua New Guinea: Are we a joke to you?
Mike de Jong
Mike de Jong:
0:03 well I know it used to be a Portugese colony that became independent in 1974. Take that Barby.
Condy Shares
Condy Shares:
LMAO! You had me at your very first line, truly hilarious! I subscribed right away :)
Tii Ferreira
Tii Ferreira:
My parents are from Guinea-Bissau🇬🇼❤
Max S.
Max S.:
Uhm...Luis Cabral has served 7 years, so he HAS served a full 5-year-term.
Same (with even more years) goes for Joano Bernardo Vieira.
Wesley Jean-Pierre
Wesley Jean-Pierre:
Barby I love how you take the time to mention the Pre-colonial history of these African nations. Just showing some appreciation, keep up the good work!
Marcela Severo
Marcela Severo:
Every time Barby pronouce some portuguese word or name so wrong, I suffer a little bit more. I should make this a drinking game
Margaux Deroubaix
Margaux Deroubaix:
Love to Guinea Bissau 🇬🇼 from Belgium 🇧🇪
Used your videos to help with the National Geographic Geography Bee, got to state championships!
"It's time to learn geography...NOW!"
What a bop.
Nikola Budiša
Nikola Budiša:
“No thenks im happy with just de weapons„Mwahahahaha that was realy funny
Robert Watkins
Robert Watkins:
Just discovered this channel thank you for the content it's great.
cheikh diaw
cheikh diaw:
My adoptive country, born in Senegal, grew up in Guinnee Bissau. This video mean a lot for me watching from NY
I can't wait for the Iceland episode :D
Ognjen Garić
Ognjen Garić:
That slap tho...
awesome models
awesome models:
6:14 was so funny !!
5:34 hahaI! love this.
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong:
Greetings from Croatia <3
Ami Sora
Ami Sora:
My father's country I need to visit ❤
Nixon Dixon
Nixon Dixon:
xD loved the commie bit, make more of those in every video!
I actually thought this was Estonia because they almost have the same shape!
Great episode, as always!
Ron Altman
Ron Altman:
Bob Saget, he was never relevant
Well he is on Geography Now?..
Umaro Seide
Umaro Seide:
What a great job !
Keep the great work, I really appreciate this episode, thanks.
Love from Guinea-Bissau.
Rachel Ellebye
Rachel Ellebye:
Fun fact: the island has the same name as my city and province in Argentina! (Formosa). And it was also the old name for Taiwan, which has an antipode with Formosa province in Argentina!
Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann:
that gun part was one of the best skits I've ever seen haha thank you
love the new animations!
Sea&me - Marine stuff with Maria
Sea&me - Marine stuff with Maria:
You pretended to know very well ;) Good job!
Sir Redbeard
Sir Redbeard:
You pronounced Vieira soooooo wrong in that airport's name. xD
Guage Henthorn
Guage Henthorn:
Love guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 from America! 🇺🇸
Yeiiii Nha terra amada!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!😊🙌
6:13 My favourite part :D
Hey, love your videos. Just a friendly tip: referencing memes puts quite a heavy timestamp on your videos, which can be unfortunate given that these probably will be watched for years and years to come. Your humor is of course a big part of the show, but given how quickly memes, in particular, get dated, they are probably not the smartest to reference. :)
I guess I need to wait for my country for 5 years
Gameguy589 - Clash Royale
Gameguy589 - Clash Royale:
love from greece :D
Lorenzo Saguatti
Lorenzo Saguatti:
What is the name of the music that plays in the background? I just love it