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Le meilleur !
Rogue Bystander
Rogue Bystander:
that moment when an american doubt's whether he should continue asking question, cause he will get HONEST answers to them...
Depardieu vient de détruire le générateur de sous-titres de YouTube 👌
Cee Mer
Cee Mer:
Gégé avec la stache post-Cyrano qui plante le drapeau de la francitude sur le territoire US, sans pression.
"I never go the jail, enfin juste 3 weeks like that". C'est le meilleur, le plus grand. Je pleure de rire. Ne change rien Gégé
Laura Streit
Laura Streit:
" yes ... hein comment " XDDDD le gars
Marie Adames
Marie Adames:
Letterman: " You say DE PAR DIEUU?"
Depardieu: "yes yes, ouai comme tu veux" MDR
N H:
C'est là que tu te rends compte qu'il n'y avait pas de meilleur acteur pour joueur Obélix. ahah
Michael Haller
Michael Haller:
That guy has a stage presence unbelievable. As soon as he is on the screen you have to watch him. He even dowplayed de Niro in 1900.
Navy Poppa
Navy Poppa:
"yes Depar... Yes, comme tu veux" excellent!
He’s naturally good-looking, not in a Hollywood style.
Letterman was talking so fast I had trouble understanding him, let alone someone where English is not their native language like Depardieu. Letterman was a total jackass and Depardieu still charmed the audience.
Trop fort, dans la plupart des interviews les invités se la racontent sur leur passé, leur enfance heureuse ou misérable etc., lui il s'en fout royal.
Morgan et son ciné
Morgan et son ciné:
"Steal, yes of course" putain Gégé nous régale ^^
You guys in the US need to know how much we love him here in France. He's a really special dude, immense talent and yet so authentic. Gégé on t'aime putain :')
Brendan Berney
Brendan Berney:
I like how he sprinkles in those frenchisms like saying comment? when he didn’t understand , fin... or bon when correcting himself, saying comme tu veux to mean as you like, and those bahs
I predict a catastrophe
I predict a catastrophe:
Barely speaks English. Charming and hilarious as hell regardless
Zapan Zalem
Zapan Zalem:
I think he wanted to say "My dad couldn't sign" the paper to let him go out of jail, it's why ha has to stay more than a couple of day and he stay a couple of week ^^
Did you steal?!?

Steal, yes,of course,yeah. lol. 😂
Bruce Joyner
Bruce Joyner:
GERARD DEPARDIEU..Is a personal hero of mine,,,He is one of the best actors that has ever lived on this planet.Bless him and may he stay safe during these times...
Batu Khan
Batu Khan:
"My father was dead drunk all day"

Audience: HAHAHAHA
This laugh in his younger age was so apparent and so part of his identity, an epicurian, and great
Monarquista Rebelde
Monarquista Rebelde:
"she was always pregnant" 😂😂😂
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere:
De part Dieu, cannot have another name than "from God himself"
Did you steal...yes of course. A perfectly good man in all his fault.
Ein Mensch
Ein Mensch:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Gerar-d Depardü.
Carol Ogihara
Carol Ogihara:
What a strange interview, Letterman racing through 20 questions like his guest has to leave in 5 minutes or something... This is Gerard Depardieu! How embarrassing.
Delbecques Pierre
Delbecques Pierre:
Notre Gérard..... Un immense acteur... Immense !!!!
Gollum de Maison
Gollum de Maison:
"Because I like wine"

Ahh notre cher Gégé😂😂
Henry Quenin
Henry Quenin:
I've loved his serious work like Cyrano, Martin Guerre, Jean de Florette. But I've also loved his comedies with Pierre Richard which were hilarious like Les Comperes, La Chevre, and Les Fugitives. What an actor.
Eric Bd
Eric Bd:
La définition du Charisme . Tout simplement. Même sans parler la langue On ne voit que lui !
The best actor in the world.
Mary Parent
Mary Parent:
Unpretentious, hilarious ,genuine and just so unpredictably funny. Thanks Gerard for your totally unforgettable scene playing the piano in Green Card ,I still laugh thinking about it !
he looks like the perfect gaul or celt :D
Quel accent! Un vrai petit français!💖
Kevin Morley
Kevin Morley:
Gerard had a natural charm and was very handsome!
Just love Depardieu craziness
Prank ultras
Prank ultras:
Meilleur acteur Français de tout les temps le monsieur joue tout.. mechant, gentil, pervers, sociopathe, heros, bon flic mauvais flic, de la comedie, prof, obelix !! Mdr il te joue cyrano et Cyrano devient Depardieu
Zylar Adama
Zylar Adama:
I LOVE his laugh, i would be cracking up all the time around him! "HUU HUU, HEE HEE!" :D
Fibre Washer
Fibre Washer:
What a wonderful actor & entertainer. A big guy with a big heart👍
Moby Dike
Moby Dike:
Le mec aura u’ une vie bien remplie quand même, chapeau l artiste je t adore depuis bien longtemps 👍🏻🇫🇷
He's had an amazing career, such a talented actor. the French Jack Nicholson!
Jean Llup
Jean Llup:
He has some much energy, it's glowing. Like some warrior coming from the old times...
We are not laughing at Gerard, we are laughing with him. When we are lost in translation, who can be too serious. Take it all lightly!
00:09 "Please welcome jérardépardou" Avec ses "yes yes" il ma tué ça se voit il est tout concentré pour comprendre ce que le mec lui dit et en même temps il délire à cause de son accent de bon français
M. B.
M. B.:
This man was in every French film ever made
Nasser Daifallah
Nasser Daifallah:
english is actually his third language after french and italian... and to think he could speak it probably in that time is pretty cool and amazing
Que dieu préserve notre Gérard Depardieu national le plus longtemps possible ! parceque putain comment il remonte le moral quand tu l'entends parler 😍🥃💪🏽
Pierre Maillet
Pierre Maillet:
Ce mec est entier il transpire la joie de vivre. Comme dans bon nombre de ses rôles. Quand j'ai le cafard je regarde un film avec Gégé ; La chèvre, Les valseuses , Les anges gardiens etc et ça va bien. Les duos comiques avec Richard et Clavier sont hilarants même après les avoir vu et revu la mayonnaise prend toujours.
Ezyo l'inculte
Ezyo l'inculte:
His laugh is so contagious
Mohamed O.B
Mohamed O.B:
Pour ceux qui connaissent son enfance,elle etait pas si drôle que ça mais bon la il y a la barrière de la langue.respect gg
One of few "stars" who deserves respect, great actor, his movies were always histerical!
Florian Brestat
Florian Brestat:
C'est magnifique à quel point il est Français ! Ce mec incarne organiquement ce qu'est la France 🇫🇷
red ibis
red ibis:
C'est clair, ce mec est un authentique personnage de roman !
What a goof! :) Love this guy.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop:
« Did you steal? Yes of course « 😂. « Is it Depardiou? Yes enfin comme tu veux! » J’adore!
Sailing Sam
Sailing Sam:
One of my all time favorite actor
Pravesh Alva
Pravesh Alva:
I lost it when he said, "My mom was always pregnant, you see?"
Lock Down Society
Lock Down Society:
A truly great actor, I wish I saw him in more movies
nathalie j
nathalie j:
Depardieu 's laugh : wonderful !
Harald Pettersen
Harald Pettersen:
Gerard is a really nice guy, and strong like an ox.
Oblivious Maximus
Oblivious Maximus:
If i was a director, every role in every film I made would be played by Gerard Depardieu. Even the women roles.
Louise MC
Louise MC:
I think he's laughing a bit at the beginning when Dave asks him if he enjoys coming to America because obviously the women at that time were WELL into him and his accent is very, very SEXY!!!! :D
J S:
Un trésor national ce Gerard👍😉
Quand il etait jeune il ressemblait a Vercingetorix et en vieillissant il est devenu Obélix
S M:
This is great! To this day he still speaks English like that, haha
He obviously meant that he was lucky that his dad sometimes was sober enough to sign the release form! Not that he left a note for the police to arrest his son haha
tony banks
tony banks:
"My mom was always pregnant" - Gerard Depardieu
Galaxia 3D
Galaxia 3D:
Amazing man , best actor in the world .
who is with me ✋
Seth Brundle
Seth Brundle:
Quel immense acteur. Mon préféré sans aucun doute. Dans mon top 3 Français
Patrick Boulanger
Patrick Boulanger:
I love that guy, one of the best French actor
Liam Hemmings
Liam Hemmings:
What a wonderful film Cyrano is. GD is on fire in that film.
Jason Beebe
Jason Beebe:
One of my favorite actors....
Belga rion
Belga rion:
He has been an incredible actor, the best for historic characters, but great in comic films, too.
E M:
Love Cyrano De Bergerac. One of my favorite plays. My favorite French film. His is my favorite adaptation.
Johan Dale
Johan Dale:
He looks like a Gallic chieftain.
Nas 94
Nas 94:
Bubu Marimba
Bubu Marimba:
Adorable! So young and even shy sometimes. Almost as young as in "Les valseuses"...
7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo
7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo:
he looked very nervous at the end lol, I can't imagine myself doing an interview in my native language let alone in English
Matt Newman
Matt Newman:
I get the feeling this sneaky one knows more English than he's mostly the American style which makes him kind of off balance
Great actor who seems like a pleasant man as well...
Myk McGrane
Myk McGrane:
THis is an interview, this is a real interview, this isn't driving towards two talking points of preparedness on the guest's part, this is just raw talking, on a talk show, and I'm staggered I have to explain this.
Klax Cuy
Klax Cuy:
j'adore comment il en impose quand même juste par son charisme et sa décontraction totale. mustache rules my friend 😂
Wallace Cleaver
Wallace Cleaver:
It is really outrageous that youtube always cuts out every time a film clip from a movie is shown on a TV show
Tuco Maria Ramirez
Tuco Maria Ramirez:
The scene when he played one of the musketeers (prolly not the way you spell it) and then he wants to end his life and tries to hang himself (and fails) is one of the funniest scenes ever. My brother and I rolled over the couch laughing.
Best actor ever. Very, very funny.
Arlene Hill
Arlene Hill:
"Is there an interpreter in the house?!" Dave seemed a but rambling and nervous, perhaps because of the language barrier, but it's a bit hard to watch this.

Love Depardieu. Sexy beast.
"I want to give Jeffrey Katzenberg a big wet kiss" - Robin Williams imitating Gerard Depardieu at Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award Show :D <3
Gottes Geschenk
Gottes Geschenk:
Anton Ivanov
Anton Ivanov:
He's great :-D
heekyung Kim
heekyung Kim:
my god. how young Gerald and david... love them both.
Gégé tu es le meilleur.
Daveyboy _
Daveyboy _:
Never seen anyone shake Dave's hand with a grip like that
Andre Meinert
Andre Meinert:
Such a great Actor !
What he's trying to say is that his Dad signed his thing right before he passed out, and that he was lucky because he caught he Dad and got him to sign it before he passed out. That 'comme tu veux' part is hilarious!
Esma Jin
Esma Jin:
Gérarde Dai Par Diou
Louis Foglia
Louis Foglia:
“Gerarde depardü”
Pierre-Luc Forgues
Pierre-Luc Forgues:
At the end of 2019 she had 280 entries on the Internet movie database most of them is the lead actor in the movie. That is a mind boggling Six entries per year on average catch up.
Xavier Foisse
Xavier Foisse:
Father always drunk, mother always pregnant ^^
" d'gérard depardioou "💕 !!