Get Ready for Cobra Kai Season 3! Official Cast Recap of Season 1 & 2 | Netflix

New year. New season. Still badass. Season 3 of Cobra Kai premieres this January only on Netflix. And remember, Cobra Kai Never Dies.

Season 1 Recap: 0:00
Season 2 Recap: 9:05


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Get Ready for Cobra Kai Season 3! Official Cast Recap | Netflix

With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die.

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Season 1: 0:00
Season 2: 9:05
Jack Murray
Jack Murray:
The only bad part of season 3 is having to wait for season 4.
Cow Lemin
Cow Lemin:
Who do you like more
Comment: Robby
Like: Miguel
Mario Faker
Mario Faker:
Season 3 was immediately better than 2 because Demetri was a lot less annoying!
Dom Tallent
Dom Tallent:
“That’s the worst thing about tournaments. They have so many rules.”
- Peyton, 2020
Shahriar Ahmed
Shahriar Ahmed:
I love how they all are still in character when doing this interview.
Macam TV
Macam TV:
Can't wait for season 4! If you are a fan, tune in this Friday, I will release Cobra kai season 4 fan trailer 👊
"That's the worst thing about tournaments, they have rules"
- Peyton List
GmanVan Lol
GmanVan Lol:
I’m sorry but I didn’t think Miguel looked like that irl
"Grown Ups Punching Kids..."
Syed Rameen
Syed Rameen:
Let’s be honest we didn’t need the recap we just watched it for the cast
yimmy Woodward war winner
yimmy Woodward war winner:
Let’s have a moment of silence for mr Miagi
Lovely Bob
Lovely Bob:
Has anyone noticed after johnny smacks Miguel’s asthma thingy out of his hand we never see him use it again
Lucy Fitz
Lucy Fitz:
Peyton: Are there no responsible adults in the valley?

A B:
The character who plays Hawk is way hotter than, Hawk. LMAO.
I love that lmao kids punching Teachers, Teachers punching kids . . . Jacob: Everyone punching everyone LMAO
Brody The Brick Builder
Brody The Brick Builder:
Forgot to mention: Tory starts the fight with Sam because she saw her kissing Miguel at the party
iya gonzales-camacho
iya gonzales-camacho:
Other Actors: *talking abt recap*

Peyton: *talking abt adult supervision*
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic:
For the 1000 people who disliked the video, “Shame on you”
Jason Chen
Jason Chen:
1984: Mr. Miyagi beats up teenagers and nothing happens
2018: Johnny beats up some teenagers and gets pepper sprayed
Jaden Hernandez
Jaden Hernandez:
i love how peyton is the only person thats all dolled up like shes going to a photoshoot 🤣
Miko Duterte
Miko Duterte:
“Are there no responsible adults in the valley?”
Short answer: yes
“Hey dad back off” shut up robby we all know you didn’t even pay for the dojo so stop talking you freaking peasant
Jforoelf Jfiroele
Jforoelf Jfiroele:
Honestly? Since Hawk's redemption, I kinda want Moon back in the picture with Hawk. I feel like it would be an interesting couple. And Moon is such an underrated character. GIVE HER MORE SCREENTIME
Lizzie Kilburn
Lizzie Kilburn:
I love how peyton was like, "where are these kids parents."
Husky rider
Husky rider:
I cracked up when Tory said she has some anger issues
Xolo: basically what every parent would do.
Tanner: kick the crap out of those teenagers.
Even his actor doesn't like Demetri, lol.
Although he was fine in season 3.

Also, please Netflix, do the Karate Highschool with Zabka as the pricipal, just do it!
Hockey bois
Hockey bois:
U could see the pain in Williams eyes talking bout Tommy
Jumana Creations
Jumana Creations:
Remember guys this whole show started because Miguel’s grandma had diarrhea-
I see Johnny is high tech now with his airpods
Alonso Guti
Alonso Guti:
I like that they did this literally 2 before the 3rd season
Maddisyn Peneguy
Maddisyn Peneguy:
It should be Strike First, Strike Hard, Low Mercy
All the seasons are BADASS. Best actors for the one could play their roles better🥺❤️
They give a recap, as if we haven't watched the show on loop until season 3.
Edwin PRZ
Edwin PRZ:
Dealer:Have you seriously never owned a computer before.
Johnny:yEa Am NoT a NeRd
Poisonous Jinx
Poisonous Jinx:
This is an extremely attractive cast!
Lisa Helene
Lisa Helene:
I literally have a crush on every man in this cast
Kipp Reinhardt
Kipp Reinhardt:
Sam gets thrown on the ground at the beach just like Daniel Did in the first movie. Could this be an Easter egg or just a random thing?
Why is nobody talking about how Miguel looks like a completely different person?
This show started because miguels granny had diarrhea
Philip Allocco
Philip Allocco:
Nobody is going to notice how they said “ so he did the only logical thing to do, beat the hell out of them”
Swag HighFan
Swag HighFan:
It funny how Dimitri is arguing and literally says he not dissing but then literally explain dissing
The funny thing is i wanna see a season 4 trailer :(
"Seriously, are there *no* responsible adults in the Valley??"

Heath plays Mincraft
Heath plays Mincraft:
Dude I swear to god if they choose new characters for season 4 I’m litterally not watching it
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming:
16:53 I love how he called him sensei
i like how this show can make you love then hate all of the characters and make so they are the good guys then bad guys ect
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer:
We didn’t need the recap. I just wanted to be with my favorite cast
Cobra Kai1209
Cobra Kai1209:
These actors are what every actor should be: familiar with their franchise
james man
james man:
"kinda perfect children"
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson:
Should have almost 7 seasons I love this a lot! I don’t want this to end also Payton list in the show made me want to have a crush LOL thank you guys for giving this to me. I wanted to have some Kung fu shows or karate shows this thing has changed my life.
Lorenia Rodriguez
Lorenia Rodriguez:
Did Jonny friend actually died? Rip rest in peace buddy I'm sorry for your lost😔
9:14 so they kick each other’s ass
Sarah Shah
Sarah Shah:
Kreese : we were all kids once
Johnny: okay... that’s pretty creepy
Violeta Manasterliu
Violeta Manasterliu:
When LaRusso was young he was a kinda bullied guy but now he's rich and has a good job.
When Lawrence was young he was a bully, but now he's a little bit poor
Tobias Tjøstheim
Tobias Tjøstheim:
When is season 4 comming out
3j Tv
3j Tv:
*This just makes highschool more scary*
I love how self-aware the actors are about how ridiculous and campy all this sounds on-paper. The tone of this series is pulled off exactly as it needs to be.
T.J. Ferguson Project
T.J. Ferguson Project:
I believe Daniel & Johnny are both heroes in my book.
Anna Thieme
Anna Thieme:
"And he sees his neighbor Miguel getting picked on by this bully named Kyler, so be does what any adult would do in this situation and kicks the crap out of a bunch of teenagers."😂
I pretty much HATE Sam.
I miss Aisha too.
Amy Cook
Amy Cook:
I love hawk he's the best plus spoiler go watch season three it's out
Lets talk abt how tory cant fight without dirty moves 🤭
Jacob Bertrand is such a good actor that I didn't even realize he's Hawk. He has a way different personality than Hawk too. Including how he talks and his mannerisms. Underrated reason why the show is this good
Rahim Barry
Rahim Barry:
I like how robby said that he beated up his mom new "Boy Toy"
Macious’ Universe
Macious’ Universe:
That “again where are these kids’ parents” got me 😂😂😂
7:40 LMAO that was so not like Peyton
Brian Mackall
Brian Mackall:
I love how they're playing their characters during the recap ha This show's awesome I can't even remember the last time I bench a show
Who else already finished the entire 10 episodes in one day ?????
Aprils Flowers
Aprils Flowers:
Who else thought when he went in hospital cried like me and thinks he’s fit 🥵
Marlene Hernandez
Marlene Hernandez:
I like this movie and my favorite is Miguel smatha and Tory and Johny
Fredbear and the fucken noobmastres
Fredbear and the fucken noobmastres:
Wait where is with out him there’s is no cobra kai
Will .M
Will .M:
I love this show so much, i don’t know how to describe how amazing it is!!! My favorite character is Eli “hawk” Moskowitz, I still don’t know if he does have autism, I have autism and it’s always cool to have people like me in TV shows/movies😍❤️✨
Phong Lê
Phong Lê:
Johnny and Miguel legit reminds me of Rock Lee and Might Guy.
E X098
E X098:
They seriously didn’t mention the front wedgie in season 1 ICONIC!
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar:
I miss stingray in season 3
Nitereeper 7
Nitereeper 7:
It’s so refreshing to see my favourite characters of my favourite show getting along while talking about the greatest show of all time 😌😌
Gen Warper
Gen Warper:
who else remembers all of this but still watched it for their reactions
Zakaraya Henry
Zakaraya Henry:
BTW I don’t hate her but in season three Kreese says that Sam started the fight but Tory actually did
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Federal Bureau Of Investigation:
It’s all fun and games until Daniel Larusso flexes the AirPods
10:49 "again where are these kids parents
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen:
Like: Eagle fang/Miyago
Comment: Cobra kai
Magikz trix
Magikz trix:
That scene where Johnny and miguel are talking in the burger shop gets me everytime 😢
C B:
I just realised the Tory with a Y part is a reference to the Ali with I part back in the first movie
Kane Smith
Kane Smith:
Finally Johnny Lauren has something that’s cool AirPods
Sports Land
Sports Land:
Funny how he said 2 kind of perfect children trust me LaRusso Samantha isn’t close to perfect 😂
Friendly Zodiac
Friendly Zodiac:
I finished season 3 in less then a day and I've waited for it for 2 years.
Battle Beast PvP
Battle Beast PvP:
Seeing Johnny with AirPods is something nice to see hopefully he doesn’t start flexing them
There saying it like they actually don’t like each other in real life
Yuan-Miguel Borro
Yuan-Miguel Borro:
Have you realized that everyone is using airpods
Khaliah Gorham
Khaliah Gorham:
Let’s all agree that they did Peyton terribly wrong with that wig on the show 😭
Bro I watched All three seasons in the space of 4 days and now I feel empty 😭
Felix Barboza
Felix Barboza:
Lmao she said “then the show really begins” 😆😆
Unstable Danger
Unstable Danger:
Literally I think everyone believes knows that Demetri is just part of the comedic relief
Sienna Lord
Sienna Lord:
Who else is practising crane kicks when they are supposed to be on their Zoom Call
Chosen Vader Mod /Silver Slytherin Mod
Chosen Vader Mod /Silver Slytherin Mod:
Peyton List: ugh that's the worst thing about tournaments, they have rules.

Tory: This isn't a tournament, there are no rules.
am i the only person that thinks that the drama and everything started again because of yasmine because if she didnt hit hiss car they wouldnt of met again
Taste_de_ Rainbow
Taste_de_ Rainbow:
Why do the people that play Johnny and Daniel actually look like they hate each other? They are saying the opposite things.😂
Rashid Eid
Rashid Eid:
When is season 4 coming out